Clues for: Organizations

Question Answer Value Airdate
Katie Couric is one of the founders of this, SU2C for short; it aired its first telethon in 2008 Stand Up to Cancer 200 November 10, 2022
2020 marked the 100th birthday of this organization, premier defender of our constitutional rights & freedoms the ACLU 400 November 10, 2022
Here are the Carters helping out this organization in 2003 Habitat for Humanity 600 November 10, 2022
This organization that seeks to free political prisoners won the 1977 Nobel Peace Prize for its "worldwide respect for human rights" Amnesty International 800 November 10, 2022
Once nearly wiped out for its feathers, the great egret is the logo of this organization the Audubon Society November 10, 2022
Working to end hunger, the Food & Agriculture Organization is the oldest specialized agency founded by this body the United Nations 200 November 2, 2021
Mercosur seeks to integrate the economies of its member countries on this continent South America 400 November 2, 2021
FIFA organizes this quadrennial contest first held in 1930 the World Cup 600 November 2, 2021
In 1887 several Denver charities combined efforts to form the Charity Organizations Society, today known as this the United Way 800 November 2, 2021
Increased U.S. inflation was one result in 1973 when members of this organization quadrupled oil prices OPEC 1000 November 2, 2021
A 1908 race riot in Springfield, Illinois helped lead to the founding of this civil rights organization the following year NAACP 200 September 15, 2021
Troops of younger kids in this organization include Daisies & Brownies the Girl Scouts 400 September 15, 2021
In 2019 David R. Malpass became the president of this global finance organization that's affiliated with the United Nations the World Bank 600 September 15, 2021
Here's the logo of this organization AHA (the American Heart Association) 800 September 15, 2021
Prince Philip was mentored in bird-watching by Peter Scott, the first chairman of the WWF, short for this group World Wildlife Fund 1000 September 15, 2021
The ABA for short, it has a standing committee on legal aid & indigent defendants the American Bar Association 200 November 8, 2019
Representing more than 6,000 schools, this organization had "Entrance Examination" in its name when it started in 1900 College Board 400 November 8, 2019
At, read about the union of these workers, pushing for aviation safety as well as bargaining pilots 600 November 8, 2019
Mark Cuban & Subway Sandwiches founder Fred DeLuca are among alumni of this org. formed to teach business savvy to the "junior" set JA (Junior Achievement) 800 November 8, 2019
The Georgia Warm Springs Foundation eventually became this organization in 1938 the March of Dimes 1000 November 8, 2019
Alexandra Scott's stand selling this drink turned into a nonprofit that's raised over $150 million to fight childhood cancer lemonade 200 July 15, 2019
Protecting the public from unfair practices & unreliable companies, the BBB is this organization the Better Business Bureau 400 July 15, 2019
Carrie Chapman Catt founded this league in 1920 during the convention of the National American Woman Suffrage Association the League of Women Voters 800 July 15, 2019
FA for short, this nationwide network of food banks is the largest domestic hunger-relief organization in the United States Feeding America 1000 July 15, 2019
It was founded by 6 cardiologists in 1924 the American Heart Association July 15, 2019
Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia & Venezuela are the founding members of this group that was established in 1960 OPEC 400 November 28, 2016
(I'm Michael Steele.) As chairperson of the RNC, this group, from 2009 to 2011, I helped raise nearly $200 million for political causes & candidates the Republican National Committee 600 November 28, 2016
This organization named for a pollster who died in 1984 has a web-based archive of opinion polls Gallup 1000 November 28, 2016
This organization began with a 1971 protest against offshore nuclear testing Greenpeace November 28, 2016
In 1949 the Dutch co-founded this defensive organization headquartered in Brussels NATO 200 June 21, 2016
Global prosperity is the goal of the Milken Institute, a nonprofit one of these that sounds like a container for contemplation a think tank 400 June 21, 2016
FDR founded the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, better known as this group the March of Dimes 600 June 21, 2016
The ACSR, the assn. for this type of reconstruction, can hook you up with courses in bloodstain pattern analysis crime scene 800 June 21, 2016
Founded in 1958 this public opinion research organization is named after pollster George Gallup 1000 June 21, 2016
After her daughter was killed by an inebriated motorist, Candy Lightner founded this organization M.A.D.D. 200 February 21, 2013
The national association for this board game operates an online catalog at Scrabble 400 February 21, 2013
We salute you if you know the woman seen here was the first female head of this organization The Salvation Army 800 February 21, 2013
The voice for youngsters who "cannot vote, lobby or speak for themselves", the CDF is short for this Children\'s Defense Fund 1000 February 21, 2013
The March of Dimes was established by FDR in 1938 to put an end to this disease polio February 21, 2013
Started in 1971, it's also known by its French name, Medecins sans Frontieres Doctors Without Borders 200 November 12, 2012
Though there's not a lot of oil in Austria, this international organization has been based in Vienna since 1965 OPEC 400 November 12, 2012
OLPC is a learning organization standing for "One" of these computers "Per Child" a laptop 600 November 12, 2012
You are getting sleepy as we tell you the Intl. Association of Youth these offers tips on suggestibility Hypnotists 800 November 12, 2012
There's a Comoros Islands-based association for the preservation of this fish, once thought extinct a coelacanth 1000 November 12, 2012
In 2010 the organization formerly known by these 4 letters simply became The Y the YMCA 200 April 25, 2012
It was founded in 1878 by 100 lawyers from 21 states the American Bar Association 400 April 25, 2012
If your kids are into sports, you probably know that AYSO is the American Youth this Organization Soccer 600 April 25, 2012
Franz Boas & Margaret Mead were presidents of the American this 15-letter Association Anthropological 800 April 25, 2012
This international society for smarties was founded in Oxford, England in 1946 Mensa April 25, 2012
A 325,000-member fraternal order of these professionals was founded by 2 Pittsburgh boys in blue in 1915 police 200 March 8, 2012
These 2 groups named for elder siblings, both formed to mentor youth, joined up in 1977 Big Brothers and Big Sisters 400 March 8, 2012
The logo of this club depicts Half Dome & a giant sequoia you just want to hug Sierra Club 600 March 8, 2012
This former campaign manager for George W. Bush is the co-founder of American Crossroads (Karl) Rove 800 March 8, 2012
WADA, the World Anti-this Activity agency, tries to keep sports free of banned drugs Doping 1000 March 8, 2012
This "Union" was formed in 1920 because the Supreme Court wasn't upholding free speech claims the ACLU 200 November 24, 2010
(Former President Bill Clinton presents the clue.) My work with the first President Bush helps groups that create & carry out their own projects; a 2005 effort focused on the U.S. Gulf Coast in the wake of these 2 hurricanes Katrina & Rita 400 November 24, 2010
Started in 1961 to stop human rights abuses around the globe, this organization lit its first candle the same year Amnesty International 600 November 24, 2010
This service "Club" has a 4-way test of things they think, say & do, including "Will it be beneficial to all concerned?" the Rotary Club 800 November 24, 2010
Julian Bond was the first president of this "Law Center" that works for civil rights & tolerance education the Southern Poverty Law Center 1000 November 24, 2010
This American organization undertook its first disaster relief in 1881, aiding victims of a forest fire the Red Cross 200 July 11, 2008
Bill Novelli is the CEO of this organization for those 50 & older AARP 400 July 11, 2008
George H.W. Bush, a "big shot" in this organization, resigned from it in May 1995 the NRA (National Rifle Association) 600 July 11, 2008
(Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Abu Simbel in Egypt.) In the 1960s this U.N. organization raised the temples of Abu Simbel up out of the way of flooding caused when the Aswan High Dam was built UNESCO 800 July 11, 2008
Founded in 1913, this organization fights the USA's second-leading cause of death the American Cancer Society 1000 July 11, 2008
The name of this 111-year-old association means it's for moms & dads & educators the PTA (Parent-Teacher\'s Association) 200 April 4, 2008
The president of Gallaudet helped found the AAPD, American Association of People with these Disabilities 400 April 4, 2008
As an old man in 1787, Ben Franklin took on the presidency of a "Society for Promoting the Abolition of" this Slavery 600 April 4, 2008
The Society Islands in French Polynesia got their name from a visit by Captain Cook & this society the Royal Society of London 800 April 4, 2008
In 1957 Tom Hayden went off to college in Ann Arbor, where he would co-found this 1960s student organization Students for a Democratic Society 1000 April 4, 2008
Women 18 or older who can prove lineal descent from a patriot of this event can join a group founded Oct. 1890 the American Revolution 200 September 25, 2006
The BPOE is the Benevolent & Protective Order of these Elks 400 September 25, 2006
Hebrew for "Sons of the Covenant", this service organization was founded in New York in 1843 B\'nai B\'rith 600 September 25, 2006
This group, MSF, was founded by French doctors & journalists--to bear witness as well as provide medical help Doctors Without Borders 800 September 25, 2006
The logo of this international group that campaigns for human rights is seen here Amnesty International 1000 September 25, 2006
If writing to this board game's association in Greenport, N.Y., send them a double letter (it scores more) <i>Scrabble</i> 200 February 21, 2006
Horrified at the treatment of horses, Henry Bergh founded the American version of this humane society the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 400 February 21, 2006
Tin Can Sailors is the name of a group of sailors who served on these ships that defend warships from attack destroyers 800 February 21, 2006
Founded by Father Michael J. McGivney in 1881, it's the world's largest Catholic family fraternal service organization the Knights of Columbus 1000 February 21, 2006
Founded as the Christian Mission, it changed its name to this in 1878 the Salvation Army February 21, 2006
The national assn. devoted to this board game has a website where you can learn the "Word of the Day" <i>Scrabble</i> 200 March 8, 2005
The Gov. Bradford Compact held its annual meeting in this Mass. town from 1946 to 2003; it now alternates with Kingston Plymouth 400 March 8, 2005
"For God and Country" is the motto of this "World's Largest Veterans Organization" the American Legion 600 March 8, 2005
Founded in 1912, it's the Women's Zionist Organization of America Hadassah 800 March 8, 2005
In 1952, the lily became the official logo of this organization that helps people with special needs & disabilities Easter Seals March 8, 2005
Golden Key is this type of "society" as in the bumper stickers that say "my child is" this type of "student" an honor society 200 January 3, 2005
The Norwalk, Ohio one represents 360 business; the U.S. one represents 3 million the Chamber of Commerce 400 January 3, 2005
It was founded in 1924 by 6 cardiologists fighting what one called "almost unbelievable ignorance" the American Heart Association 600 January 3, 2005
The National Association of Water Companies is on this Washington, D.C. street associated with lobbyists K Street 800 January 3, 2005
Like the U.N., this law-enforcement group with 181 member nations has a general assembly & a secretary general Interpol January 3, 2005
Explorer Scouts form units; Boy Scouts form troops & Cub Scouts form these packs 200 November 9, 2004
Founded in 1881, it serves veterans of the armed forces, helps disaster victims & runs blood centers in the U.S. the American Red Cross 400 November 9, 2004
Group founded in 1868 whose full name includes the adjectives benevolent & protective the Elks 600 November 9, 2004
Since 1851, it's helped people get where they're going Travelers Aid 800 November 9, 2004
The UN's WHO, World Health Org., deals with medicine; its WMO, short for this, deals with weather World Meteorological Organization 1000 November 9, 2004
This over 100-year-old group sells the "From My Cold Dead Hands" bumper sticker NRA (National Rifle Association) 200 March 28, 2003
Founded in 1980, it has helped more than 90,000 ailing kids fulfill desires like meeting a favorite celebrity Make-A-Wish Foundation 400 March 28, 2003
Founded in 1933, the alliance of these Chinese businesses became a major NYC civil rights group laundries 600 March 28, 2003
(I'm Kevin Carter of the NFL) The FCA stands for this ministry originally supported by Branch Rickey Fellowship of Christian Athletes 800 March 28, 2003
The Association of American Medical Colleges administers this, on which would-be doctors need to score high MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) 1000 March 28, 2003
The largest travel organization, it offers trip planning & roadside assistance to over 44 million members AAA 200 January 21, 2002
It was founded in 1878 by 100 lawyers from 21 states the American Bar Association 400 January 21, 2002
This int'l relief organization has a museum right across from the U.N.'s European headquarters in Geneva Red Cross 600 January 21, 2002
A society is named for this Army captain who was killed by Chinese Communists in 1945 John Birch Society 1000 January 21, 2002
Established in 1961, the John Muir Award is the highest honor given by the organization the Sierra Club January 21, 2002
As you might guess, the Country Music Association is based in this city Nashville 100 March 2, 2001
This group for persons 50 & over is the largest private nonprofit organization in the world AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) 200 March 2, 2001
This group also known as ZPG has used slogans like "Stop Heir Pollution" & "The Pill in Time Saves Nine" Zero Population Growth 300 March 2, 2001
Founded in 1913, it's the organization whose symbol is seen here American Cancer Society 400 March 2, 2001
This group, LLLI for short, provides support for nursing mothers & babies in over 60 countries La Leche League International March 2, 2001
It advertises itself as "Helping Consumers and Businesses to Maintain an Ethical Marketplace" Better Business Bureau 100 June 26, 2000
Devotees of this pungent member of the lily family have their own organization, Lovers of the Stinking Rose garlic 200 June 26, 2000
The Greenport, New York-based National Association for this board game develops its official dictionary Scrabble 300 June 26, 2000
Once known as the National Society for Crippled Children, it began issuing these fund-raising stamps in 1934 Easter Seals 400 June 26, 2000
In 1923 this service club adopted its emblem, a gear wheel with 24 cogs & 6 spokes Rotary Club 500 June 26, 2000
The American Legion is headquartered in this city known for its Memorial Weekend auto race Indianapolis 100 June 22, 2000
You're no dummy if you know the American League for this card game was founded in 1927 Bridge 200 June 22, 2000
This organization known for its packages helped train the first Peace Corps volunteers in Latin America CARE 300 June 22, 2000
Charitable organization whose logo is seen here: The United Way 400 June 22, 2000
Founded in 1958, if it were a person, it couldn't join itself until 2008 -- that's when it turns 50 AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) June 22, 2000
In 1969 Al-Fatah leader Yasir Arafat became chairman of this group PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) 100 November 26, 1999
It was founded in 1888 "for the increase and diffusion of geographic knowledge" National Geographic Society 200 November 26, 1999
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1912 at the suggestion of this president William Howard Taft 400 November 26, 1999
Organization whose symbol is seen here:(lighted candle wrapped in barbed wire) Amnesty International November 26, 1999
Jean Nidetch founded this organization in 1963 after she lost 72 pounds Weight Watchers 100 December 24, 1997
Alexander Graham Bell's son-in-law, Gilbert Grosvenor was president of this scientific society from 1920 to 1954 National Geographic Society 200 December 24, 1997
It was formed in 1960 by Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia & Venezuela OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) 300 December 24, 1997
In 1996 Adam Werbach, at 23, became the youngest pres. of this S.F.-based conservation group Sierra Club 400 December 24, 1997
Founded by William Booth, this charitable Christian group operates in nearly 100 countries The Salvation Army 500 December 24, 1997
This organization publishes a bimonthly magazine titled "American Birds" National Audubon Society 100 December 19, 1997
A California board maintained by producers of these dried plums has "regular" meetings prunes 200 December 19, 1997
This third U.S. president was the third president of the American Philosophical Society Thomas Jefferson 300 December 19, 1997
The Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society is a legal agency of this religious group Jehovah\'s Witnesses 400 December 19, 1997
"Blue Hawaiians" & the "Teddy Bear Patrol" are fan clubs of this rock star Elvis Presley 500 December 19, 1997
Members of the DAR are descended from men & women who participated in this event The Revolutionary War 100 March 12, 1997
This organization abbreviated OA is dedicated to helping those who constantly binge on food Overeaters Anonymous 200 March 12, 1997
You don't have to be a genius to know its name is Latin for "table", but you do have to be one to belong Mensa 400 March 12, 1997
The Max Planck Society is one of this country's chief organizations for scientific research Germany 500 March 12, 1997
Act it out if you wish; it's the organization sung about in the following: [audio clue: "Young man, there's a place you can go, I say young man, when you're short on your dough..."] <i>Y.M.C.A</i> March 12, 1997
The Baker Street Irregulars is one of many groups for fans of this fictional detective Sherlock Holmes 100 July 9, 1996
This organization was founded in 1884 to establish uniform rules for holding dog shows American Kennel Club 200 July 9, 1996
The 4 H's in the 4-H Club stand for head, heart, hands & this health 300 July 9, 1996
In 1878 the Christian Mission became this organization & William Booth became its first general The Salvation Army 400 July 9, 1996
1996 marks the 35th anniversary of this volunteer organization first headed by Sargent Shriver Peace Corps 500 July 9, 1996
Since 1908 this group has distributed over 26 million Bibles to hotels & other institutions Gideon 100 July 7, 1995
It's what the R stands for in AARP retired 200 July 7, 1995
Not surprisingly, this organization, founded in 1884, maintains one of the world's finest reference libraries on dogs the American Kennel Club 300 July 7, 1995
Members of this volunteer crime-fighting organization are famous for wearing red berets the Guardian Angels 400 July 7, 1995
During Egypt's suspension from this group, 1979-1989, its headquarters was located in Tunisia the Arab League July 7, 1995
"American Birds" is a publication of this organization National Audubon Society 100 November 14, 1994
In 1986 Red Crescent became part of its official name International Red Cross 200 November 14, 1994
This organization sponsors the Great American Smokeout the third Thursday in November American Cancer Society 300 November 14, 1994
General Ambrose Burnside was one of the early leaders of this organization, abbreviated GAR Grand Army of the Republic 400 November 14, 1994
"We Build" is the club motto of this civic organization with an Indian name Kiwanis International 500 November 14, 1994
The Ninety-Nines, an organization of women pilots, was co-founded by this famous flier, also its first president Amelia Earhart 100 July 20, 1994
Members of the North American Association for this game receive a publication called "Newswink" Tiddlywinks 200 July 20, 1994
In the 1960s freedom rides in the South were organized by CORE, the Congress of this Racial Equality 300 July 20, 1994
Founded in 1905, this organization was instrumental in getting the Migratory Bird Treaty Act passed the Audubon Society 400 July 20, 1994
Formerly called Harmony International, it's a group for women who sing barbershop harmony the Sweet Adelines 500 July 20, 1994
In 1920 this youth organization held its first world jamboree Boy Scouts 100 November 24, 1993
(Clue temporarily missing due to technical glitch) American Heart Association 200 November 24, 1993
In 1986 Eva Burrows became this organization's second woman general; Evangeline Booth was first The Salvation Army 300 November 24, 1993
This organization was involved in the defense of Sacco & Vanzetti & in the Scottsboro case ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) 400 November 24, 1993
In 1920, after the 19th Amendment passed, Carrie Chapman Catt founded this organization League of Women Voters November 24, 1993
Girls 12-14 years of age who belong to this organization are called Cadettes the Girl Scouts 100 February 18, 1993
VISTA was launched in 1964 as the domestic counterpart of this program the Peace Corps 200 February 18, 1993
This organization was founded in 1941 to provide American military personnel with social clubs the USO 300 February 18, 1993
In 1990 this organization changed its name back to U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce J.C. 400 February 18, 1993
The order of de Molay, for young men 13-21, is sponsored by this fraternal organization the Masons 500 February 18, 1993
70% of the world's known oil reserves is controlled by the 13 countries that make up this organization OPEC 100 December 14, 1992
"Barrister" & "Business Lawyer" are publications of this legal organization American Bar Association (or ABA) 200 December 14, 1992
Each year in mid-November, this organization kicks off its Christmas Seal Campaign the American Lung Association 300 December 14, 1992
Nearly 115,000 single parents belong to this nonprofit organization abbreviated PWP Parents without Partners 400 December 14, 1992
Key clubs in high schools & Circle K clubs in colleges are sponsored by this worldwide service organization Kiwanis 500 December 14, 1992
It's the acronym for the United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization UNESCO 100 July 9, 1992
In 1948 the Organization of American States was founded in this Colombian city Bogotá 200 July 9, 1992
Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the NCSC is the National Council of these people Senior Citizens 300 July 9, 1992
When these people take part in a PTA, the group can be called a PTSA students 400 July 9, 1992
ASCAP is the American Society of Composers, Authors & these Publishers 500 July 9, 1992
Records on the breeding of over 21 million dogs are kept by this U.S. organization American Kennel Club 100 November 6, 1991
In 1871 Ambrose Burnside became the first president of this group that promotes firearm safety National Rifle Association 200 November 6, 1991
Founded in 1770, the Hasty Pudding Club is famed for its theatricals at this university Harvard 300 November 6, 1991
In 1985 its ship, the Rainbow Warrior, was sunk by French agents in New Zealand Greenpeace 400 November 6, 1991
This group sponsored both presidential debates between Walter Mondale & Ronald Reagan in 1984 League of Women Voters November 6, 1991
For 40 years Jerry Lewis has been chairman of & a spokesman for this association Muscular Dystrophy Association 100 March 28, 1991
If you're a Brownie or Daisy, you belong to this organization Girl Scouts 200 March 28, 1991
The oldest humane society in the U.S. is the ASPCA which stands for this American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 300 March 28, 1991
National records for shooting competitions are kept by this organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. National Rifle Association (NRA) 400 March 28, 1991
The 1977 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to this organization, devoted to helping prisoners of conscience Amnesty International 500 March 28, 1991
The rank above Life Scout, it's as high as you can fly in the U.S. Boy Scouts an Eagle Scout 100 September 16, 1987
The United Service Organizations, or USO, was founded during this war the Second World War 200 September 16, 1987
According to their name, ZPG advocates this for world survival zero population growth 300 September 16, 1987
Environmental group whose new director called the $23 million operation "a gutsy grassroots organization" the Sierra Club 400 September 16, 1987
Some PTA groups have expanded into PTSAs, adding this group to their name & membership body students September 16, 1987
The "E" in the BPOE the Elks 100 April 6, 1987
After the League of Nations dissolved in 1946, their Geneva headquarters went to this group the United Nations 200 April 6, 1987
This group's headquarters is at 1 Columbus Plaza, New Haven, CT the Knights of Columbus 300 April 6, 1987
It's the Women's Zionist Organization of America Hadassah 400 April 6, 1987
The main office for the NAACP is in this New York City borough Brooklyn 500 April 6, 1987
Each year this auto maker's foundation awards more money than any other in the U.S. Ford 100 October 8, 1985
It was formed in 1935 when Bill W., a stockbroker, & Dr. Bob S. helped each other stay sober the Double A (Alcoholics Anonymous) 200 October 8, 1985
Youth group founded by Curtis Sliwa in 1979 to patrol NYC's most dangerous subway lines the Guardian Angels 300 October 8, 1985
It was formed on Lincoln's birthday in 1909 to improve living conditions of Black Americans NAACP 400 October 8, 1985
Prince & Stevie Wonder won awards from this org. March 25, 1985 the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences 500 October 8, 1985