Clues for: Cooking

Question Answer Value Airdate
Butterball advises putting the thermometer in this part of the turkey that provides dark meat the thigh 200 July 17, 2008
From the Latin for "flat wood", it's one of a fry cook's tools a spatula 400 July 17, 2008
Hungarian goulash recipes measure salt & pepper in teaspoons or tablespoons, but this spice in cups paprika 600 July 17, 2008
Craig Claiborne's recipe for this French soup reminds you to chill thoroughly & pronounce the final "S" vichyssoise 800 July 17, 2008
Also sometimes done to harbors, it means to coat food with a dry ingredient like flour dredge 1000 July 17, 2008
This mesh-bottomed cup is used to break up large pieces in confectioner's sugar or flour sifter 100 March 18, 1998
People normally top off a bowl of goulash with a dollop of this dairy product sour cream 200 March 18, 1998
This herb's name comes from the latin "salvus" meaning "safe", not "wise" sage 300 March 18, 1998
Ricotta isn't a cheese, it's a cheese by-product made from this liquid drained from cheeses whey 400 March 18, 1998
Term for boiling a sauce to lessen the volume by evaporation, causing it to thicken to reduce 500 March 18, 1998
In a family of flat noodles, these are wider than fettuccelle but narrower than fettucce fettuccine 100 November 27, 1997
This substance, sugar browned by heating, is used in dishes from soup to nut brittle caramel 200 November 27, 1997
Pour beaten eggs slowly into simmering broth to make this Chinese dish egg drop soup 300 November 27, 1997
Baking & this oven-cooking method are basically the same process, at the same temperature roasting 400 November 27, 1997
In novels it means to pale, as with fear; in cooking, to place food in boiling, then in cold water blanche 500 November 27, 1997
The device for doing this to flour is basically a cup with a mesh screen sifting 100 May 8, 1997
The soup of these split vegetables is popular in the Middle East as well as in colder areas peas/beans 200 May 8, 1997
If you don't want to break this dish used to make aspic or pudding, use one of metal, not ceramic mold/bowl 300 May 8, 1997
The name of these tiny dumplings served as a side dish means "little sparrow" in German spaetzle 400 May 8, 1997
The name of this consomme flavored with tomato juice comes from "Madrid" madrilene 500 May 8, 1997
This device reads 234-240 degrees F. when your candy reaches the soft ball stage Thermometer 100 April 24, 1997
Before baking the peanut butter type of these, Heloise flattens them with a potato masher Cookies 200 April 24, 1997
The "bulb" type of this utensil moistens meat while it's cooking Baster 300 April 24, 1997
As a verb, it means to insert strips of fat into meat; as a noun, it's rendered pork fat itself Lard 400 April 24, 1997
These onion relatives found in vichyssoise must be washed carefully to remove dirt from the leaves Leeks 500 April 24, 1997
Before you knead bread dough, sprinkle this on your board to prevent sticking flour 100 October 21, 1996
This spice from ground sweet red peppers is sprinkled on deviled eggs paprika 200 October 21, 1996
The arborio type of this grain is used in Italian risotto dishes rice 300 October 21, 1996
When you select button ones at the market, the gills should not be showing mushrooms 400 October 21, 1996
This spice made from the dried stigmas of a crocus comes in thread or powder form saffron 500 October 21, 1996
Croutons may be substituted for breadcrumbs in this traditional Thanksgiving side dish stuffing 100 June 17, 1996
Joy of Cooking suggests serving slices of this guacamole ingredient with chutney as an hors d'oeuvre avocado 200 June 17, 1996
Sugar or molasses may be added to this salt & water solution used in pickling brine 300 June 17, 1996
Craig Claiborne uses yellow tomatoes to make a "golden" type of this cold Spanish soup gazpacho 400 June 17, 1996
Grated for flavoring, it's the thin outer layer of a citrus fruit, or a synonym for gusto zest 500 June 17, 1996
3 tbsp. of carob powder plus 2 tbsp. of liquid may be substituted for 1 unsweetened ounce of this Chocolate 100 March 26, 1996
This word can refer to a sauce served on a salad or a mixture used to stuff poultry Dressing 200 March 26, 1996
This classic kind of clam chowder contains tomatoes; New England clam chowder doesn't Manhattan 300 March 26, 1996
Some recipes for these southern pecan patties call for granulated sugar & brown sugar Pralines 400 March 26, 1996
Diced ham & vegetables often go into a frittata, an Italian type of this egg dish Omelet 500 March 26, 1996
"The Fannie Farmer Cookbook" says only fish of this color should be used to make fish stock white 100 September 7, 1995
Potato flour is usually added to sauces & gravies to do this, not to flavor them to thicken them 200 September 7, 1995
You'll need both the juice and the grated rind of this citrus fruit to make Sauce Maltaise orange 300 September 7, 1995
Some cooks use the "leaf" type of this rendered pork fat to make flaky biscuits lard 400 September 7, 1995
When making this taro root paste, ferment it for several days to give it that distinctive sour taste poi 500 September 7, 1995
This spice that flavors a special toast comes from the bark of an evergreen tree cinnamon 100 July 11, 1995
The juices that collect in the bottom of a roasting pan are given this term from how they got there pan drippings 200 July 11, 1995
It's put on a fruit tart to give it a sheen & to keep the fruit from drying out glaze 300 July 11, 1995
In Greek cooking these leaves are blanched, then stuffed with rice, currants, raisins, mint, dill, pine nuts & spices grape leaves 400 July 11, 1995
To make this beverage, a Turk gets the contents of his ibrik boiling coffee 500 July 11, 1995
Mushrooms & pimientos go into the rich cream sauce for chicken a la this king 100 January 4, 1995
To make hard sauce, start by beating sugar & this bread spread together until smooth & creamy margarine (butter) 200 January 4, 1995
This "colorful Massachusetts" bread can be steamed in a coffee can covered with aluminum foil (Boston) brown bread 300 January 4, 1995
This grated cheese is the traditional topping for veal Orloff Parmesan 400 January 4, 1995
This popover-like British pudding is made with flour, eggs & milk & baked in beef drippings Yorkshire pudding 500 January 4, 1995
When you bake these in their jackets, puncture them with a fork when they're half done potatoes 100 May 6, 1994
This, which the French call moutarde, is a popular ingredient in sauces mustard 200 May 6, 1994
Lemon curd is a mixture of lemon juice, butter, sugar & these breakfast items eggs 300 May 6, 1994
In general the giblets of a fowl are the heart, liver & this organ a gizzard 400 May 6, 1994
One recipe for this pie filling calls for 4 pounds of beef, 2 pounds of suet & 3 pounds of dark brown sugar a mince(meat) pie 500 May 6, 1994
This step in making cheese is a sign of spoilage in milk curdling 100 December 31, 1993
To make chocolate ruffles, spread the chocolate on a chilled piece of this stone marble 200 December 31, 1993
These soft-dough quick breads may be baking powder, drop or buttermilk types biscuits 300 December 31, 1993
Use a little lemon juice on your freshly cut apples to stop this browning 400 December 31, 1993
Traditional orange marmalade is made from these slightly bitter Spanish oranges Sevilles 500 December 31, 1993
When this fruit is added, a sundae becomes a royale or a split Banana 100 November 24, 1993
A zester cuts threads of this from an orange, lemon or lime Rind 200 November 24, 1993
Taking a few days, it's among the oldest methods of preserving food; today, it's considered chic for tomatoes Sun-drying 300 November 24, 1993
They're added to cakes to give off a sweet, pungent aroma & stuck in fruit to make pomanders Cloves 400 November 24, 1993
"Cooking A to Z" recommends you choose one with a full or rat-tail tang & full rivets Knife 500 November 24, 1993
To make a Charlotte Russe, line your mold with these cakes named for "feminine digits" ladyfingers 100 November 6, 1992
A dish described as a la nicoise is prepared in the style of this city Nice 200 November 6, 1992
If a recipe tells you to cook potatoes in these, it means in their skins, not in little coats jackets 300 November 6, 1992
These peas with a "wintry" name are often found in Chinese dishes snow peas 400 November 6, 1992
This expensive yellow spice is a key ingredient in risotto alla Milanese saffron 500 November 6, 1992
You do this to taffy to give it body & gloss, or to an oar to propel a boat forward pull 100 February 6, 1992
These round dumplings used in Jewish cooking are also known as knaidlach matzah (balls) 200 February 6, 1992
This instrument tells you when your candy has reached the hard ball or hard crack stage thermometer 300 February 6, 1992
The redeye type of this is made from the drippings of fried ham gravy 400 February 6, 1992
A tamale is a Mexican dish, but a tomalley is the liver of this crustacean lobster 500 February 6, 1992
Though popularly associated with clams, it's any thick, rich soup containing bite-size chunks chowder 100 January 16, 1992
Recipes for Caesar salad dressing often call for fillets or a paste of this fish anchovies 200 January 16, 1992
It's a coating for fried chicken or shrimp, or a mixture for making pancakes batter 300 January 16, 1992
From the noise it makes when cooking, it's what the British call a sausage a banger 400 January 16, 1992
This individual stuffed pizza in the form of a turnover is popular fare in Italian delis a calzone 500 January 16, 1992
This is the vegetable most often cooked "O'Brien" potatoes 100 December 9, 1991
Coeur a la creme should be made in a mold or a wicker basket shaped like this heart 200 December 9, 1991
The Boston brown type of this, which is steamed, often accompanies Boston baked beans bread 300 December 9, 1991
This Scandinavian country's limpa bread is a rye bread sometimes flavored with fennel Sweden 400 December 9, 1991
The "chess" type of this dessert is popular in the South pie 500 December 9, 1991
New Englanders make traditional red flannel hash with this meat corned beef 100 July 18, 1991
A special tool known as a "larding" one of these is used to thread strips of fat into meat a needle 200 July 18, 1991
Andalouse sauce is made with tomato puree & this sandwich spread mayonnaise 300 July 18, 1991
Term for the top crust of a pie when it's "woven" in a crisscross pattern a lattice 400 July 18, 1991
A langue-de-chat is a confection shaped like one of these, which is what its name means in French a cat\'s tongue 500 July 18, 1991
Recipes for souffles often tell you to beat these until stuff but not dry egg whites 100 June 5, 1991
Mix ginger, coriander, cardamom, cayenne & turmeric for a simple version of this powder curry 200 June 5, 1991
An entree served a la Florentine contains this vegetable, but Florentine cookies don't spinach 300 June 5, 1991
The liquid left after cooking meat, greens or other vegetables is known as this kind of liquor pop liquor 400 June 5, 1991
All you need to make a basic fondant is sugar, water & cream of this tartar 500 June 5, 1991
For a fancy breakfast, you can cook these popular items Benedict or Sardou Eggs 100 May 15, 1991
These "nautical" legumes are often used to make soup Navy Beans 200 May 15, 1991
Potato chips are cooked this way Deep-Fried 300 May 15, 1991
This member of the nightshade family is often prepared Parmigiana Eggplant 400 May 15, 1991
Bechamel sauce is also called this color sauce White 500 May 15, 1991
You should whip this ingredient before you top your Chantilly potatoes with it cream 100 April 1, 1991
A classic plum pudding contains this kind of fat suet 200 April 1, 1991
A type of shell that holds creamed meat dishes, or a nickname for Patricia patty 300 April 1, 1991
If you want to be veddy British, sprinkle your fish & chips with the malt type of this vinegar 400 April 1, 1991
A genoise is a butter-rich one of these a sponge cake 500 April 1, 1991
Sauce Robert is made with onions, white wine & this; you can use the Dijon type if you prefer mustard 100 October 9, 1990
Chicken breasts are rolled up with butter then breaded & fried to make this dish named for a Ukrainian city chicken Kiev 200 October 9, 1990
Gamblers might like this oyster dish made with green onions or shallots & bacon oysters casino 300 October 9, 1990
Some folks don't add a potent potable to Welsh rarebit but many chefs add this one beer 400 October 9, 1990
This dwelling pudding is traditionally served with a sweet sauce cottage pudding 500 October 9, 1990
"Joy of Cooking"s recipe for this calls for 1 lb. of turtle meat, 3 cups of brown stock, thyme & onions turtle soup 100 July 11, 1990
1 of the green ingredients in green goddess salad dressing (1 of) green onions (chives or parsley) 200 July 11, 1990
Color that precedes "Betty" in the name of a fruit dessert brown 300 July 11, 1990
These, also known as grissini, can be sprinkled with sesame seeds before baking breadsticks 400 July 11, 1990
Chitterlings, which can be boiled or sauteed, are this part of a pig the intestines 500 July 11, 1990
This beef stroganoff ingredient can be "sour" or "whipping" Cream 100 May 11, 1990
This ground beef dish was named for J. Salisbury, a physician who advocated dietary reform Salisbury steak 200 May 11, 1990
To make chicken a la this, you usually need mushrooms & pimientos Chicken a la king 300 May 11, 1990
Quite simply, this is melted butter with the sediment removed Clarified butter 400 May 11, 1990
The name of this French dish means "pot on the fire" Pot-au-feu 500 May 11, 1990
A cooking device equipped with a rotating spit on which meat is roasted rotisserie 100 February 5, 1990
If you don't have the energy to "pull" this type of candy, you can buy a candy hook taffy 200 February 5, 1990
Please pronounce the final "Z" sound when you give us the name of this potato & leek soup vichyssoise 300 February 5, 1990
From Japanese for "fire bowl", it's a portable charcoal-burning brazier with a grill hibachi 400 February 5, 1990
A traditional New England seafood picnic where bivalves are cooked over hot stones & under seaweed clam bake 500 February 5, 1990
Cooking method used to make Japanese tempura or Italian fritto misto frying 100 November 22, 1989
"Joy of Cooking" says 1 ounce of this will raise 4 cups of flour in 1 1/2 to 2 hours yeast 200 November 22, 1989
Literally "blue ribbon", this French cooking school is one of the most renowned in the world Cordon Bleu 300 November 22, 1989
Pots & pans made of this metal don't conduct heat all that well but are the easiest to clean stainless steel 500 November 22, 1989
The Marseilles version of this stew is made with "rascasse", a Mediterranean rockfish bouillabaisse November 22, 1989
Colcannon, a dish of potatoes, leeks, cabbage & cream, is associated with this country's cuisine Ireland 100 November 9, 1989
The 3 ingredients needed to make this sweet treat are concord grape juice, sugar & pectin grape jelly 200 November 9, 1989
Craig Claiborne says you can substitute this type of cheese for the ricotta when making lasagna cottage cheese 300 November 9, 1989
If you order Coquilles St. Jacques in a restaurant, this is what you will be served scallops 400 November 9, 1989
The method you would use to cook shirred eggs baked 500 November 9, 1989
If you're cooking "Suwannee Chicken", you're preparing this shelled reptile turtle 100 May 1, 1989
"Joy of Cooking" says this spicy avocado dip is a great celery stuffer guacamole 200 May 1, 1989
French for "half cup", it's a small cup of strong, black coffee usually served after dinner demitasse 300 May 1, 1989
Vinaigrette sauce often contains this juice & no vinegar at all lemon 400 May 1, 1989
A specialty of Genoa, this simple sauce features basil, garlic, cheese, olive oil & pine nuts pesto 500 May 1, 1989
French for "kitchen" or "cookery", it's a general term applied to cooking cuisine 100 March 27, 1989
To cook the country version of this meat, begin by soaking it in cold water for 24 to 36 hours ham 200 March 27, 1989
As a topping for quick creamed broccoli, "Joy of Cooking" says to crush this breakfast cereal corn flakes 300 March 27, 1989
French spread made from goose livers marinated in cognac pate de foie gras 400 March 27, 1989
Closely related to marjoram, this common green spice is used in Italian cooking oregano 500 March 27, 1989
If you're allergic to chocolate, you can substitute this, which comes from a leathery pod carob 100 February 27, 1989
Wild game is aged for several days or weeks, not to tenderize it but to do this in order to make the flavor come out more 200 February 27, 1989
This tropical fruit dessert is correctly prepared "wrong side up" pineapple upside-down cake 300 February 27, 1989
This cereal used to make party mix comes in rice, corn, wheat, bran & honey graham varieties Chex 400 February 27, 1989
The difference between veloute & bechamel sauce is that veloute doesn't contain this cream/milk 500 February 27, 1989
This part of an egg is one of the best thickeners for soup the yolk 100 February 16, 1989
"Joy of Cooking" says when baking white bread you should do this to your flour before you measure it sift it 200 February 16, 1989
As its name indicates, this pulled candy was originally made with H2O from the ocean saltwater taffy 300 February 16, 1989
The Bermuda & sweet Spanish varieties of these are so mild they can be used raw in salads onions 400 February 16, 1989
This meat is traditionally served with mint sauce or mint jelly lamb 500 February 16, 1989
Cooks made this condiment from grapes, walnuts or mushrooms back when the tomato was considered toxic ketchup 100 October 13, 1988
Heavenly Hash candy is made with chocolate, nuts & these marshmallow 200 October 13, 1988
"Joy of Cooking" says floating a paper towel on top of soup is a good way to do this degrease it (remove the fat) 300 October 13, 1988
This powder made from sassafras leaves is traditionally used in gumbo file 400 October 13, 1988
Fortunately, the main ingredient in hush puppies isn't puppies or shoes, it's this corn meal 500 October 13, 1988
Term for dipping food in beaten eggs, then in crumbs breading 100 May 19, 1987
Grain used to make hominy grits & hush puppies corn 200 May 19, 1987
"Hase" in hasenpfeffer is the meat of this animal hare (rabbit) 300 May 19, 1987
Jelly, honey, milk or butter can be used for this, which gives a dish a smooth, glasslike finish glaze 400 May 19, 1987
"Coeur a la creme" is a dessert of whipped cream cheese molded into this shape heart 500 May 19, 1987
Fungus which makes bread rise to the occasion yeast 100 April 9, 1985
What you should shop for if a recipe calls for venison deer 200 April 9, 1985
Large metal pan with a round bottom that makes short work of stir-frying foods wok 300 April 9, 1985
What happens to gravy when you add a little arrowroot it thickens 400 April 9, 1985
For this French chowder you'll need around a half dozen kinds of fish bouillabaisse 500 April 9, 1985