Clues for: Sports Trivia

Question Answer Value Airdate
While men use foils, epees & sabres in this Olympic event, women use only foils fencing 100 May 21, 1991
The team that wins the Super Bowl is awarded the trophy named for him the Vince Lombardi Trophy 200 May 21, 1991
Baseball's Western League disbanded in 1900 & reformed as this league the American League 300 May 21, 1991
In 1938 Don Budge became the first player to achieve the Grand Slam in this sport tennis 400 May 21, 1991
He's the only boxer to have won the World Heavyweight Title three separate times Muhammad Ali 500 May 21, 1991
In case you want to book your flights now, this will be played in Tampa in 1991 & Minneapolis in 1992 The Super Bowl 100 March 5, 1990
In 1989 Emerson Fittipaldi knocked Al Unser Jr. out of this race on lap 199 & won The Indianapolis 500 200 March 5, 1990
The French Open tennis tournament is played on courts of this color clay Red 300 March 5, 1990
The Orangemen of Syracuse were NCAA champs in '88 & '89 in this Native American sport Lacrosse 400 March 5, 1990
In 1989 this Canadian team won its 1st Stanley Cup Calgary Flames 500 March 5, 1990
The NFL team with the worst overall record gets 1st choice in this the next year the draft 100 October 12, 1989
For an ABC special, this U.S. 1988 Olympic gold medalist skated on a glacier Brian Boitano 200 October 12, 1989
Soviet teams that play U.S. teams in this winter sport include the Soviet Red Army & Dynamo Riga ice hockey 300 October 12, 1989
For every Belmont, Preakness & Kentucky Derby jockey since 1930, it's been 126 their weight 400 October 12, 1989
A modified version of baseball was given this name in 1926 by a YMCA official softball 100 March 3, 1989
In the 1979-80 season, the NBA began giving this many points for long-shot baskets 3 200 March 3, 1989
In the '60s pitcher Juan Marichal won 20 or more games 6 different seasons for this team San Francisco Giants 300 March 3, 1989
At age 18, he was youngest ever to defend a Wimbledon singles title Boris Becker 400 March 3, 1989
The only woman to compete in the Indy 500, she finished 9th in 1978 Janet Guthrie 500 March 3, 1989
The tournament held here each summer is considered the unofficial world championship of tennis Wimbledon 100 January 25, 1989
In this track & field event, the upper hand cannot move or climb after takeoff pole vault 200 January 25, 1989
Heisman Trophy winners Tim Brown, Marcus Allen & Bo Jackson all play for this team L.A. Raiders 300 January 25, 1989
Once in 1934, he told each Dodger exactly how he'd pitch to them, & the Cardinals still won 13-0 Dizzy Dean 400 January 25, 1989
He's the only jockey to have ridden 2 triple crown winners--"Whirlaway" in '41 & "Citation" in '48 Eddie Arcaro 500 January 25, 1989
The 1988 winner of this April marathon beat the 2nd place finisher by only 1 second Boston Marathon 100 January 5, 1989
She's the only white to win "Sports Star of the Year" award from Bona, a black S. African magazine Zola Budd 200 January 5, 1989
Near the end of a round in this Apr. '88 NFL event, some people began humming the Jeopardy! "Think" music NFL Draft 300 January 5, 1989
Nearby Carnegie-Mellon University is now a part owner of this Major League Baseball team (Pittsburgh) Pirates 400 January 5, 1989
This Detroit Pistons star once proposed a "No Crime Day" to the city's mayor Isiah Thomas 500 January 5, 1989
The head official in soccer, hockey, football & boxing referee 100 October 27, 1988
This great Baltimore QB was originally drafted but released by the Pittsburgh Steelers Johnny Unitas 200 October 27, 1988
Retiring in 1955, he became the only heavyweight champion who never lost a fight in his career Rocky Marciano 300 October 27, 1988
He succeeded Joe DiMaggio as the Yankees' regular centerfielder Mickey Mantle 400 October 27, 1988
This school took the 1988 NCAA men's basketball title despite 11 losses, most ever for a winning team Kansas 500 October 27, 1988
A Cornell University study indicates teams wearing this color are most likely to be penalized black 100 June 22, 1988
On March 14, 1969, Barbara Jo Rubin became the 1st woman to do these 2 things at NYC's Aqueduct race track ride in a race & win a race 200 June 22, 1988
George Raft groomed him for the ring & Damon Runyon gave Max Rosenbloom this nickname Slapsie Maxie 300 June 22, 1988
Individual who holds the record for most Olympic medals won--11 including 9 gold Mark Spitz 400 June 22, 1988
Only NFL team that's publicly owned, they've won most NFL championships--11 in 65 years (Green Bay) Packers 500 June 22, 1988
It's said Edson Arantes do Nascimento got this nickname from pelada, a street form of Brazilian soccer Pele 100 June 8, 1988
Aptly, this company famous for its oversized tennis racquets is headquartered in Princeton, N.J. Prince 200 June 8, 1988
At the 1984 Winter Olympics, Bill Johnson became 1st U.S. gold medalist in this fast event the downhill (in skiing) 300 June 8, 1988
In rodeo, a standard ride in bronco busting lasts this many seconds 8, 9 or 10 400 June 8, 1988
As of October 1987, she had won 91% of all her singles matches, more than any other current pro Chris Evert-Lloyd 500 June 8, 1988
Rogers Hornsby favored baseball over this sport, saying, "When I hit a ball I want somebody else to go chase it" golf 100 January 15, 1988
The College & Pro Football Halls of Fame are in different towns in this state Ohio 200 January 15, 1988
While in football the Jets represent New York, in hockey they represent this Canadian city Winnipeg 300 January 15, 1988
In July 1987, this wife of baseball star Ray Knight was inducted in the LPGA Hall of Fame Nancy Lopez 400 January 15, 1988
Though the Mets got one, the NFL champion Giants weren't initially offered NYC ticker tape parade due to this they played out of state, they played in Meadow Lands, New Jersey 500 January 15, 1988
In golf it's the term for a score of 2 under par on any hole an eagle 100 September 16, 1987
Sport in which you might do a "gelandesprung", a jump made from a crouch using both poles skiing 200 September 16, 1987
After 1064 games in 1985, Pete Weber had an average of 213.64 in this sport bowling 300 September 16, 1987
Professional name of wrestling star Andre Rousimoff Andre the Giant 400 September 16, 1987
Relying on this erratic pitch, Carl Hubbell struck out Ruth & Gehrig in the 1934 All-Star Game the screwball 500 September 16, 1987
L.A. Times says more NBA coaches were born in this N.Y. borough than any other U.S. city Brooklyn 100 January 13, 1987
Born in Panama, this former Angels 1st baseman considers himself Jewish Rod Carew 200 January 13, 1987
Of calfskin, goatskin, or horsehide, covering used on jai alai balls goatskin 300 January 13, 1987
Surprisingly, Encyclopedia International says Aussies took up this sport 30 years before the Swiss skiing 400 January 13, 1987
Number worn by Sandy Koufax, O.J. Simpson, & Magic Johnson 32 500 January 13, 1987
This city of his birth provided Charles Dillon Stengel with his nickname, Casey Kansas City 100 December 17, 1986
In 1986, this ABC show celebrated the thrill of its 25th anniversary <i>The Wide World of Sports</i> 200 December 17, 1986
Since "S" stands for "sacrifice", this letter has been used to symbolize "strikeout" since the 1860s K 300 December 17, 1986
Native country of tennis stars Hana Mandlikova & Martina Navratilova Czechoslovakia 100 November 12, 1986
This golfer's followers are known as "Lee's fleas" Lee Trevino 100 March 25, 1986
In archery, one kind is the flu-flu with high fletching an arrow 200 March 25, 1986
Japan's leading college sport baseball 300 March 25, 1986
Originally, this court sport was considered a gentle alternative to croquet tennis 400 March 25, 1986
Tommy Kono went from a U.S. internment camp to gold medalist in this hefty sport weightlifting 500 March 25, 1986
So it will slide on ice with more control, this is frozen before a hockey game the puck 100 March 14, 1986
In 1969, the Baseball Writers Assn. voted him the greatest player of all time Babe Ruth 200 March 14, 1986
In 1984 & '85 this "high-flying" Celtic became only non-center to win consecutive MVP titles Larry Bird 300 March 14, 1986
His 1984 Olympic victory in the 800m made Joaquim Cruz this country's 1st runner to win the gold Brazil 400 March 14, 1986
Their 1965 heavyweight championship rematch in Lewiston, Maine drew only 4,280 spectators Cassius Clay & Sonny Liston 500 March 14, 1986
The goals were 1 mi. apart for 1st recorded football match in this land Down Under Australia 100 January 16, 1986
At Yankee Stadium, the "life-span" for this base is a full season home plate 200 January 16, 1986
1st royal member of Int'l Tennis Hall of Fame, King Gustav V brought the game to this country Sweden 300 January 16, 1986
Ann Meyers was the 1st woman to sign a contract with this pro league the National Basketball Association 400 January 16, 1986
The 1st pro hockey league was formed in this country the United States January 16, 1986
Winner of more major golf tournaments than anyone else, he's known as "Slammin' Sam" Snead 100 April 9, 1985
Oldest marathon race run in America the Boston Marathon 200 April 9, 1985
Having coached "The 4 Horsemen", he wrote novel, "The 4 Winners" Rockne 300 April 9, 1985
At age 71, he was hired to manage the Mets Stengel 400 April 9, 1985
The 2 Maxes who faced each other in a celebrated 1933 heavyweight bout Baer and Schmeling 500 April 9, 1985
"Fowl" name for three strikes in bowling a turkey 100 September 17, 1984
President who was known to telephone advice to NFL coaches President Nixon 200 September 17, 1984
In '31, Pope Pius XI was an audience of 1 for this performing basketball team the Harlem Globetrotters 300 September 17, 1984
Joey Jay was the first Major Leaguer who played in it as a child Little League 400 September 17, 1984
In '24 this Norwegian introduced the miniskirt to figure skating Sonja Henie 500 September 17, 1984