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Question Answer Value Airdate
Kyle Chandler is the coach of a small-town high school football team on this critically acclaimed TV show <i>Friday Night Lights</i> 200 July 16, 2008
Just when Wentworth Miller thought he was out, they pull him back--into jail--on this Fox drama <i>Prison Break</i> 400 July 16, 2008
Starbuck is a woman on the Sci-Fi Channel's version of this series <i>Battlestar Galactica</i> 600 July 16, 2008
This perky actress plays Olive Snook, a waitress at the Pie Hole on "Pushing Daisies" Kristin Chenoweth 800 July 16, 2008
Mick St. John is a P.I. who sucks--blood, that is--on this vampirific CBS show <i>Moonlight</i> 1000 July 16, 2008
Ellen Pompeo plays one of the healers in training on this drama <i>Grey\'s Anatomy</i> 200 May 16, 2008
Kyle MacLachlan moved onto Wisteria Lane as Orson Hodge, Bree's new husband, on this soapy series <i>Desperate Housewives</i> 400 May 16, 2008
Jorge Garcia keeps the humor alive as Hugo "Hurley" Reyes on this enigmatic show <i>Lost</i> 600 May 16, 2008
Who can resist John Krasinski as prankster Jim Halpert on this sitcom? <i>The Office</i> 800 May 16, 2008
Jack Coleman, who plays the mysterious H.R.G. on this show, is a descendant of Benjamin Franklin <i>Heroes</i> 1000 May 16, 2008
Ben Gould & Samantha Becker roam the halls of Bayside High as part of "The New Class" on this show <i>Saved By the Bell</i> 100 October 3, 2000
The series finale of this Fox drama aired on May 17, 2000, 2 weeks after the last "Party of Five" <i>Beverly Hills, 90210</i> 200 October 3, 2000
This wallaby's "Modern Life" takes place in O Town with his dog Spunky & his pal Heffer Rocko 300 October 3, 2000
Alice is the housekeeper on this classic sitcom; Sam the butcher is her boyfriend <i>The Brady Bunch</i> 400 October 3, 2000
On this NBC sci-fi drama, genius Jarod was played by Michael T. Weiss as a man & by Ryan Merriman as a boy <i>The Pretender</i> 500 October 3, 2000
Jack, Chrissy & Janet shared a Santa Monica apartment on this sitcom <i>Three\'s Company</i> 100 September 5, 2000
On "The Naked Truth", she was Nora Wilde, a photographer, later a reporter, for the National Inquisitor Tea Leoni 200 September 5, 2000
In the '60s this character's ooky maiden name was Frump Morticia Addams 300 September 5, 2000
[Hi, I'm Wendie Malick from "Just Shoot Me"] I played Brian Benben's ex-wife Judith on this HBO comedy series that featured clips from old movies <i>Dream On</i> 400 September 5, 2000
He served as the anchor of CBS' "Public Eye" & as the host of HBO's "Real Sports" Bryant Gumbel 500 September 5, 2000
Before she was Will's Grace, Debra Messing was Gail O'Grady's sister Dana Abandando on this cop drama <i>NYPD Blue</i> 100 May 18, 2000
"(Hi, I'm A Martinez) Before joining "General Hospital", I won an Emmy playing Cruz on this California-based soap" <i>Santa Barbara</i> 200 May 18, 2000
This gritty drama focuses on the police, paramedics & firefighters who work the 3-11 P.M. shift <i>Third Watch</i> 300 May 18, 2000
Frankie Muniz is the title kid on this quirky family sitcom that premiered on FOX in 2000 <i>Malcolm In The Middle</i> 400 May 18, 2000
On "The Simpsons", the chief executive of Springfield is this corrupt mayor nicknamed Diamond Joe Mayor Quimby 500 May 18, 2000
Roz Doyle, a character on this sitcom, is named for a late producer of the NBC sitcom "Wings" <i>Frasier</i> 100 December 17, 1999
This Emmy-winning drama series features the opening heard here:("In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate & equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime, & the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.") <i>Law & Order</i> 200 December 17, 1999
Robert Pastorelli was the star of "Cracker", but he's best-known for playing Eldin the Painter on this sitcom <i>Murphy Brown</i> 300 December 17, 1999
Diane Keaton directed an episode of this David Lynch series about a strange town in the Northwest <i>Twin Peaks</i> 400 December 17, 1999
In the mid-'80s Barbara Bel Geddes left this series & Donna Reed stepped in briefly as Miss Ellie <i>Dallas</i> 500 December 17, 1999
Susan Sullivan & Mitchell Ryan once played doctors on "Julie Farr, M.D."; now they're Greg's parents on this sitcom <i>Dharma & Greg</i> 100 September 23, 1999
Cordell is the first name of this crimefighter played by Chuck Norris <i>Walker, Texas Ranger</i> 200 September 23, 1999
Delta Burke played Dixie Carter's ex-mother-in-law on "Filthy Rich" before playing her sister on this sitcom <i>Designing Women</i> 300 September 23, 1999
John Ritter appeared as the minister who married Ted & Georgette on this classic sitcom <i>The Mary Tyler Moore Show</i> 400 September 23, 1999
(Hi, I'm Kathy Kinney of The Drew Carey Show.) I played the town librarian of Stratford, Vermont on this '80s sitcom set mainly at the Stratford Inn <i>Newhart</i> 500 September 23, 1999
In 1997, TV Guide's No. 2 pick for the 100 greatest episodes of all time was her stint selling Vitameatavegamin Lucille Ball 100 February 25, 1999
On this sitcom, the character Joey landed a part on "Days of Our Lives" <i>Friends</i> 200 February 25, 1999
Jenna Elfman & Thomas Gibson play this title pair, a kooky yoga teacher & an uptight U.S. attorney <i>Dharma & Greg</i> 300 February 25, 1999
John Cleese guest-starred as a wacky professor who was John Lithgow's rival on this show <i>3rd Rock from the Sun</i> 400 February 25, 1999
For sister witches Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano & Holly Marie Combs, 3 is a magic number on this show <i>Charmed</i> 500 February 25, 1999
The 2 "North And South" miniseries featured this "Dirty Dancing" star Patrick Swayze 100 February 19, 1999
Like "Picket Fences", "Step By Step" was set in this state Wisconsin 200 February 19, 1999
In 1981 she stepped out of "Three's Company" Suzanne Somers 300 February 19, 1999
Belinda Montgomery was Patrick Duffy's Dr. on "The Man From Atlantis" & Neil Patrick Harris' mom on this show <i>Doogie Howser, M.D.</i> 400 February 19, 1999
(VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):"(Hi, I'm Patrick Duffy) In the fall 1986 "Dallas" opener, Pamela woke up & saw me doing this, making the last season a dream" Taking a shower February 19, 1999
Michael Richards won 3 Emmys for playing this "Seinfeld" character Cosmo Kramer 100 February 1, 1999
The producers found the name of this first mate of the S.S. Minnow in a telephone book Gilligan 200 February 1, 1999
On an April 10, 1957 episode of his parents' sitcom, he sang "I'm Walkin' ", his first record Ricky Nelson 300 February 1, 1999
In 1992 Paul Sorvino, who played detective Phil Cerreta, left this series to sing opera <i>Law & Order</i> 500 February 1, 1999
(VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):"(Hi, I'm Regis Philbin) On February 26, 1998, I was accused of killing Kathie Lee Gifford in an episode of this Dick Van Dyke series" <i>Diagnosis Murder</i> February 1, 1999
She gained mass exposure on "The Tonight Show" in 1966 but had a falling-out with Johnny Carson 20 years later Joan Rivers 100 October 23, 1998
1997 ads for ABC used slogans like "Scientists say we use 10% of" this; "that's way too much" Our brains 300 October 23, 1998
In 1951 Milton Berle signed a 30-year contract with this network at $200,000 per annun NBC 400 October 23, 1998
Elizabeth Taylor voiced the first word spoken by this young Simpson: "Daddy" Maggie 500 October 23, 1998
(VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):"(Hi, I'm Dan Cortese) In 1993 I filled Martin Milner's shoes in a new version of this show about 2 guys & a Corvette" "Route 66" October 23, 1998
The apartment complex located at 4616 on this title L.A. street is home to some "FOX"y ladies <i>Melrose Place</i> 100 June 18, 1998
"Promised Land" with Gerald McRaney is a spinoff of this heavenly CBS series <i>Touched by an Angel</i> 200 June 18, 1998
He's played Pete Ryan, Alexander Mundy & Jonathan Hart Robert Wagner 300 June 18, 1998
After NBC canceled this Sam Waterston series in 1993, PBS produced a movie to wrap up its loose ends <i>I\'ll Fly Away</i> 500 June 18, 1998
(Hi, I'm Julie Pinson) "Port Charles" is a spin-off from this soap that's also set in Port Charles <i>General Hospital</i> June 18, 1998
This sitcom was well into its first season when Jaleel White joined it as Steve Urkel <i>Family Matters</i> 100 April 7, 1998
In 1997 TV Guide described this Bob Newhart-Judd Hirsch comedy as "More Grumpier Old Men" <i>George & Leo</i> 200 April 7, 1998
This man, seen here, now does his presiding on television: Mayor Koch 300 April 7, 1998
After a 10-year absence, this series returned in 1997 with Stacy Keach reprising the title role <i>Mike Hammer</i> 400 April 7, 1998
In the early '60s Martin Milner & George Maharis got their kicks riding around on this series <i>Route 66</i> 500 April 7, 1998
In October 1996 Superman got married in his own comic book & on this TV show <i>Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman</i> 100 December 24, 1997
This former White House correspondent co-anchors "Primetime Live" with Diane Sawyer Sam Donaldson 200 December 24, 1997
MTV's 1997 spin-off "Daria" features a character from this moronic animated series <i>Beavis and Butt-Head</i> 300 December 24, 1997
NBC refused to let this CBS talk show host use its clips on his 1997 prime-time special David Letterman 400 December 24, 1997
Peter Boyle & Doris Roberts play the parents & neighbors of Ray Romano on this CBS sitcom <i>Everybody Loves Raymond</i> 500 December 24, 1997
In the pilot of "Seinfeld", Jerry lived across the hall from Hoffman, not this Michael Richards character Cosmo Kramer 100 December 15, 1997
This character & his friends brew Buzz Beer in his garage -- "It's the Beer That Throws Up Smooth" Drew Carey 200 December 15, 1997
In 1997 this show's season premiere drew 43 million viewers to NBC <i>ER</i> (they did it live) 300 December 15, 1997
In February 1997 TV sleuths Joe Mannix & Ben Matlock made guest appearances on this Dick Van Dyke series <i>Diagnosis Murder</i> 400 December 15, 1997
During 27 years of "On The Road" reports, he had 5 motor homes; the last is now in the Henry Ford Museum Charles Kuralt 500 December 15, 1997
In January 1997 he bid a tearful farewell after almost 15 years as "Today" Show co-host Bryant Gumbel 100 December 4, 1997
Formerly Rhoda's sister Brenda, Julie Kavner now provides the voice of this Simpson matriarch Marge Simpson 200 December 4, 1997
In 1996 Anthony Edwards & Eric Roberts starred in a TV adaptation of this Truman Capote tale <i>In Cold Blood</i> 300 December 4, 1997
Premiering in 1997 & set in a California coastal community, it's Aaron Spelling's first daytime soap <i>Sunset Beach</i> 400 December 4, 1997
From 1985 to 1992 Richard Dean Anderson played this resourceful agent for the Phoenix Foundation <i>MacGyver</i> 500 December 4, 1997
In 1996 Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy & other actors from this series reunited for a TV movie "Dallas" 100 September 24, 1997
On a 1995 episode of this sitcom, JFK Jr. dropped by the offices of "FYI" "Murphy Brown" 200 September 24, 1997
Carol Burnett & Carroll O'Connor have appeared as Jamie's parents on this sitcom "Mad About You" 300 September 24, 1997
This British comedy troupe's "Flying Circus" landed on American TV in 1974 Monty Python 400 September 24, 1997
"Dragnet"'s Jack Webb also developed this police series starring Martin Milner & Kent McCord "Adam-12" 500 September 24, 1997
The owner of the stud farm where this "talking" horse was bred is seeking landmark status for the site Mr. Ed 100 September 4, 1997
"Men Are Pigs", Tim Allen's Showtime special about men's love for hardware, inspired this series "Home Improvement" 200 September 4, 1997
"Laverne & Shirley" was the top show of 1977-78; this series from which it was spun off was No. 2 "Happy Days" 400 September 4, 1997
In "Newhart"'s final episode, Bob Newhart woke up with this former TV wife by his side Suzanne Pleshette 500 September 4, 1997
(Hi, I'm Chris Hardwick.) In 1985 MTV launched this sister channel to play adult contemporary & soft-rock videos for an older generation VH1 September 4, 1997
On June 10, 1996 her syndicated talk show debuted with George Clooney & Susan Lucci as guests Rosie O\'Donnell 100 June 25, 1997
The theme song to this Tim Daly sitcom is based on the fourth movement of Schubert's Piano Sonata in A Major "Wings" 200 June 25, 1997
This Phil Silvers character was master sergeant of the motor pool at Fort Baxter, Kansas Sgt. Bilko 300 June 25, 1997
In 1996 he won the first acting Emmy for a cable TV series for playing Artie on "The Larry Sanders Show" Rip Torn 400 June 25, 1997
In this 1950s sitcom Theodore's classmates at Grant Ave. School included Larry Mondello, Gilbert Bates & Whitey "Leave It To Beaver" 500 June 25, 1997
"Mama's Family", which starred Vicki Lawrence, was based on sketches first seen on this show "The Carol Burnett Show" 100 June 13, 1997
This Aaron Spelling sizzler set in Georgia centers on 3 sultry women: Lane, Peyton & Reese "Savannah" 200 June 13, 1997
On the cartoon series "Ren & Stimpy", Ren is this breed of dog Chihuahua 300 June 13, 1997
Jonathan Silverman plays the title bachelor on this sitcom "The Single Guy" 400 June 13, 1997
Once a Brat Packer, now he's Brooke Shields' publisher on "Suddenly Susan" Judd Nelson 500 June 13, 1997
This series features a fox & a wolf, Matthew Fox & Scott Wolf <i>Party of Five</i> 100 May 21, 1997
This actress who played Mallory on "Family Ties" now stars on "Men Behaving Badly" Justine Bateman 200 May 21, 1997
When they premiered in 1994, "ER" & this medical drama aired opposite each other <i>Chicago Hope</i> 300 May 21, 1997
It's the first name shared by Frasier Crane's brother & the butler on "The Nanny" Niles 400 May 21, 1997
This comedian hosts TV's "Politically Incorrect" Bill Maher 500 May 21, 1997
The top show of 1976-77 was "Happy Days"; the following season it was this "Happy Days" spin-off <i>Laverne & Shirley</i> 100 April 10, 1997
In 1996 shows, Steve Harvey, Mitch Mullany & Tom Rhodes all starred as characters with this profession Teaching 200 April 10, 1997
She plays Dr. Michaela Quinn Jane Seymour 300 April 10, 1997
In a classic episode of this show, Chuckles the Clown, dressed as a peanut, is killed by an elephant <i>The Mary Tyler Moore Show</i> 400 April 10, 1997
Frances Lear, considered the inspiration for this TV title character, passed away in 1996 <i>Maude</i> 500 April 10, 1997
This comedian's TV roles have included Alexander Scott, Dr. Cliff Huxtable & Hilton Lucas Bill Cosby 100 February 17, 1997
In a 1981 TV movie, the castaways from this series met the Harlem Globetrotters <i>Gilligan\'s Island</i> 200 February 17, 1997
For 3 months in 1950, this red-haired entertainer had a series on which he gave ukulele lessons Arthur Godfrey 300 February 17, 1997
On "The Dick Van Dyke Show", Rob Petrie was a comedy writer for this series <i>The Alan Brady Show</i> 400 February 17, 1997
On "The Munsters", it was Eddie Munster's middle name Wolfgang 500 February 17, 1997
His sitcom is admittedly about "nothing", just little things people experience but never see on TV Seinfeld 100 January 30, 1997
This Will Smith sitcom ended its 6-year run in 1996 <i>The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air</i> 200 January 30, 1997
This sitcom ended the 1995-96 season with Jamie discovering she's finally pregnant <i>Mad About You</i> 300 January 30, 1997
When it returned in June of '96 with Raquel Welch & Gerald McRaney, it was retitled "CPW" <i>Central Park West</i> 400 January 30, 1997
Late '60s undercover police unit made up of Pete Cochrane, Linc Hayes & Julie Barnes <i>The Mod Squad</i> 500 January 30, 1997
After 12 seasons, Angela Lansbury closed the book on this series in 1996 "Murder, She Wrote" 100 January 24, 1997
Erika Slezak has played the role of Victoria Lord on this daytime soap since 1971 "One Life To Live" 200 January 24, 1997
This cable network's "Biography" won a 1995 Cableace Award for best documentary series A&E (Arts & Entertainment Network) 300 January 24, 1997
He spent 8 years on "Saturday Night Live" before starring as anchorman Bill McNeal on "NewsRadio" Phil Hartman 400 January 24, 1997
This sitcom is set at Tom Nevers Field "Wings" January 24, 1997
This Candice Bergen character gave up drinking after a stay at the Betty Ford Clinic Murphy Brown 100 December 30, 1996
On this series, Sgt. Phil Esterhaus ended roll call with "And, hey -- let's be careful out there" "Hill Street Blues" 200 December 30, 1996
The silver for his bullets came from a mine owned by himself & his late brother The Lone Ranger 300 December 30, 1996
On "Rocky And His Friends", Charlie Ruggles voiced the role of this "fabled" old philosopher Aesop 400 December 30, 1996
Airline navigator Howard Borden was Dr. Robert Hartley's neighbor on this show "The Bob Newhart Show" 500 December 30, 1996
After the May 30, 1996 telecast, he left "Entertainment Tonight" to pursue his musical career John Tesh 100 December 19, 1996
This "Lois & Clark" star wrote the April 28, 1996 episode, her first script for the series Teri Hatcher 200 December 19, 1996
Earl Hindman plays Wilson, Tim Taylor's partially-seen neighbor, on this series "Home Improvement" 300 December 19, 1996
Mendocino, California was used to represent Cabot Cove on this CBS series "Murder, She Wrote" 400 December 19, 1996
He starred in "Gabriel's Fire" & performs the opening voice-over of "3rd Rock From The Sun" James Earl Jones 500 December 19, 1996
On Dec. 3, 1995 Marc Kudisch starred as Conrad Birdie in a remake of this musical <i>Bye Bye Birdie</i> 100 December 12, 1996
In a 1995 episode of this Fox animated series, Glenn Close played Homer's long-lost mother <i>The Simpsons</i> 200 December 12, 1996
The most frequent sketch on this series was "Mr. Bill" with 24 appearances "Saturday Night Live" 300 December 12, 1996
On this cartoon series, you'll find such characters as Plucky Duck, Dizzy Devil & Buster Bunny <i>Tiny Toon Adventures</i> 500 December 12, 1996
In 1985 he replaced Coach behind the bar at "Cheers" Woody Harrelson (the character\'s name was Woody Boyd) December 12, 1996
This Sunday night series is subtitled "The New Adventures of Superman" <i>Lois & Clark</i> 100 December 6, 1996
"Freddy's Nightmares", a horror anthology that debuted in 1988, was based on this movie series <i>Nightmare on Elm Street</i> 200 December 6, 1996
This crime drama with Robert Wagner & Stefanie Powers was created by Sidney Sheldon <i>Hart to Hart</i> 300 December 6, 1996
Jack Wagner, formerly of "General Hospital", now plays Dr. Peter Burns on this Fox drama <i>Melrose Place</i> 500 December 6, 1996
Character seen here, his action-packed journeys are legendary: Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) December 6, 1996
This executive producer of "Beverly Hills, 90210" was the producer of "The Smothers Brothers Show" Aaron Spelling 100 May 27, 1996
This "Today" show co-host initially gave sports reports on the show 3 times a week Bryant Gumbel 200 May 27, 1996
This "Let's Make A Deal" host began his career on the game show "Who Am I?" in Canada Monty Hall 300 May 27, 1996
Brooke Shields, Jean-Claude Van Damme & Julia Roberts appeared on this sitcom on Super Bowl Sunday 1996 <i>Friends</i> 400 May 27, 1996
In 1986 he limited his involvement in "The 700 Club" to run for president Pat Robertson 500 May 27, 1996
After "Perry Mason" was canceled, Raymond Burr returned as this wheelchair-bound detective "Ironside" 100 April 12, 1996
In the 1995 miniseries "Buffalo Girls", Anjelica Huston played this notorious frontierswoman Calamity Jane 200 April 12, 1996
Before heading a "Dynasty", he played professor Mike Endicott on "To Rome With Love" John Forsythe 300 April 12, 1996
From 1982 to 1985 Julia Louis-Dreyfus was one of the regulars on this comedy show "Saturday Night Live" 400 April 12, 1996
In 1995 Kristy McNichol, who flew the coop from this sitcom, returned for the final episode "Empty Nest" 500 April 12, 1996
People with new shows of this type in 1995 included Danny Bonaduce & Tempestt Bledsoe talk show 100 February 23, 1996
Last name of the 3 real brothers who star on "Brotherly Love" Lawrence 300 February 23, 1996
On this series Tea Leoni stars as Nora Wilde, tabloid photographer <i>The Naked Truth</i> 400 February 23, 1996
On Tuesday nights ABC advises "viewer discretion" before this Steven Bochco cop show <i>NYPD Blue</i> 500 February 23, 1996
[audio -- music]He played the title role in the series with the following theme: Scott Baio February 23, 1996
On the November 16, 1968 episode of "Get Smart", Maxwell Smart married her Agent 99 100 January 18, 1996
In 1990 Jimmy Smits won a Best Supporting Actor Emmy for his work on this NBC drama <i>L.A. Law</i> 200 January 18, 1996
This series' Flub-A-Dub had the head of a duck & the body of a dachshund <i>Howdy Doody</i> 300 January 18, 1996
This Jane Wyman series was set in the fictitious Tuscany Valley in California <i>Falcon Crest</i> 400 January 18, 1996
In 1966 Alice Pearce won a posthumous Emmy for her role as neighbor Gladys Kravitz on this ABC sitcom <i>Bewitched</i> 500 January 18, 1996
On May 22, 1995 USA Today reported she "weighs anchor, no longer eye-to-eye with CBS News" Connie Chung 100 November 14, 1995
ABC's comedy "Hudson Street" stars Lori Loughlin & this former "Who's the Boss?" housekeeper Tony Danza 200 November 14, 1995
This company had a "Television Theater" in 1947; its "Music Hall" didn't premiere until 1958 Kraft 300 November 14, 1995
Both "Happy Days" & "Laverne & Shirley" were set in this city Milwaukee 400 November 14, 1995
Among her TV roles were Jill Danko, Sabrina Duncan & Amanda King Kate Jackson 500 November 14, 1995
Michael, Jackie, Marlon, Jermaine & Tito did their own voices on the '70s cartoon show about these brothers the Jacksons 100 July 5, 1995
From 1952-54 "The Adventures of" this husband & wife played both on TV and radio Ozzie & Harriet 200 July 5, 1995
This John Ritter series that debuted in 1977 was based on the British TV series "Man About the House" <i>Three\'s Company</i> 300 July 5, 1995
This actor refused his Oscar in 1971 but accepted an Emmy one month later for "The Price" George C. Scott 400 July 5, 1995
At the end of each "Mork & Mindy" episode, Mork reported to this Orkan superior Orson 500 July 5, 1995
"It's Howdy Doody time, it's Howdy Doody time, Bob Smith and Howdy too say" this "to you" howdy do 100 October 27, 1994
Nancy Marchand won a 1978 Emmy for playing publisher Margaret Pynchon on this Ed Asner series <i>Lou Grant</i> 200 October 27, 1994
Owners of this animal included Jeff Miller, Timmy Martin & forest ranger Corey Stuart Lassie 300 October 27, 1994
Rod Serling's "Requiem for a Heavyweight" aired live Oct. 11, 1956 on this 90-minute anthology <i>Playhouse 90</i> 400 October 27, 1994
For this "Mary Tyler Moore" newsman "It all started in a 5,000 watt radio station in Fresno, California..." Ted Baxter 500 October 27, 1994
Jack Jones sang this series' theme song from 1977 to 1985; Dionne Warwick sang it the last season <i>The Love Boat</i> 100 May 21, 1992
This 600-pound American black bear lived in the Florida Everglades with the Wedloes Gentle Ben 200 May 21, 1992
On December 2, 1969 astronaut Tony Nelson married her Jeannie 300 May 21, 1992
A 1976 Writing Emmy was awarded for the "Chuckles Bites the Dust" episode of this series <i>The Mary Tyler Moore Show</i> 400 May 21, 1992
In "The Dick Van Dyke Show", it was the series for which Rob Petrie was head writer <i>The Alan Brady Show</i> 500 May 21, 1992
This city was the first in the U.S. to have more than 1 TV station in operation New York 100 November 13, 1990
Gary David Goldberg & Alan Uger won 1987 Emmys for writing this series' "My Name Is Alex" episode <i>Family Ties</i> 200 November 13, 1990
This skinflint comedian played Ralph & Alice Kramden's landlord on 1 episode of "The Honeymooners" Jack Benny 300 November 13, 1990
From 1947 to 1975, Lawrence Spivak was a panelist or moderator on this NBC public affairs program <i>Meet the Press</i> 400 November 13, 1990
The announcer called it "The crossword game you've played all your life, but never quite like this" <i>Scrabble</i> 500 November 13, 1990
This NBC sitcom ended its 7-season run with Alex going to Wall Street <i>Family Ties</i> 100 May 16, 1990
Stephanie nixed Michael's plan to videotape the birth of their baby on this series' Jan. 8, 1990 episode <i>Newhart</i> 200 May 16, 1990
Before playing general practitioner Mike Stratford in "Doctor, Doctor", he was Max Headroom Matt Frewer 300 May 16, 1990
This goggle-eyed cartoon family from "The Tracey Ullman Show" now has its own series on the FOX network The Simpsons 400 May 16, 1990
30 years ago she was Mary Stone on "The Donna Reed Show"; today she's Christine on "Coach" Shelley Fabares 500 May 16, 1990
He placed 6th in the U.S. Olympic decathlon trials in 1948 before limping into TV's "Gunsmoke" Dennis Weaver 100 January 29, 1990
Dan Rather hosts this documentary series that condenses 2 days of coverage into a single hour "48 Hours" 200 January 29, 1990
In 1966 this ex-producer of "ABC's Wide World of Sports" received the 1st of his more than 40 Emmy nominations Roone Arledge 300 January 29, 1990
Carroll O' Connor stars as chief Bill Gillespie in this NBC series based on 1967's "Best Picture" "In The Heat Of The Night" 400 January 29, 1990
He played sheriff Sam Cade in the early 1970s drama "Cade's County" Glenn Ford 500 January 29, 1990
This $104 million sequel to "The Winds of War" had 358 speaking parts & used 41,720 extras <i>War and Rememberance</i> 100 November 14, 1989
Of "Rhoda", "Riptide", or "Remington Steele", the one that starred the daughter of a famous actor <i>Remington Steele</i> 200 November 14, 1989
Sgt. John Bunnell & Officer Harry Jackson are 2 of the "stars" of this real-life police show on Fox <i>Cops</i> 300 November 14, 1989
The Robinsons, Don West, the Robot, & this cowardly doctor were "Lost in Space" Dr. Zachary Smith 400 November 14, 1989
A year before "Matt Houston", he was Archie Goodwin on "Nero Wolfe" Lee Horsley 500 November 14, 1989
"Fantasy Island" character known for the immortal line "The plane! The plane!" Tattoo 100 February 2, 1989
John Ireland played a drover & Clint Eastwood a ramrod on this series <i>Rawhide</i> 200 February 2, 1989
In a 1984 TV movie about Ernie Kovacs, this singer, Kovacs' widow, played Mae West Edie Adams 300 February 2, 1989
This early '70s series "raised Caine" from his youth in 19th c. China to manhood in the wild west <i>Kung Fu</i> 400 February 2, 1989
[Audio Daily Double] This miniseries won Emmys for R. Kiley, J. Simmons & B. Stanwyck & featured the following theme: <i>The Thorn Birds</i> February 2, 1989
Ray Walston was the Martian while the "my" in "My Favorite Martian" referred to him Bill Bixby 100 November 2, 1988
Before playing the principal at "The Bronx Zoo", he played the city editor of the L.A. Tribune Ed Asner 200 November 2, 1988
In 1977 her own show aired on CBS just before "Maude"; now she's a "Golden Girl" with Bea Arthur Betty White 300 November 2, 1988
The pilot of this show, set in North Carolina, played as part of "The Danny Thomas Show" in 1960 <i>The Andy Griffith Show</i> 400 November 2, 1988
He was a regular on Danny Kaye's, Carol Burnett's & Tim Conway's variety shows Harvey Korman 500 November 2, 1988
A famous mini-series, or what blondes have to keep bleaching <i>Roots</i> 100 February 6, 1986
'60s Emmy winner that was Rowan & Martin's answer to a sit-in <i>Laugh-In</i> 200 February 6, 1986
On this show, Michael's "armor" is K.I.T.T. <i>Knight Rider</i> 300 February 6, 1986
This series sounds like a show about kinfolk's cravats <i>Family Ties</i> 400 February 6, 1986
At various times, regulars on his comedy variety show included Gene Rayburn, Buck Henry, & Louis Nye Steve Allen 500 February 6, 1986
Television served in up "American Style", "on a Rooftop", & on a "Boat" Love 100 January 14, 1986
Though it's a feminist favorite, this cop show supposedly dropped Meg Foster for being "too tough" <i>Cagney & Lacey</i> 200 January 14, 1986
Of Captain Midnight, Captain Gallant, & Captain Video, the one played by ex-Olympian Buster Crabbe Captain Gallant 300 January 14, 1986
"Old Stone Face" who became "The Toast of the Town" Ed Sullivan 400 January 14, 1986
Supporting characters of this, TV's longest-running sitcom, included Wally Plumstead & his girl, Ginger <i>Ozzie & Harriet</i> 500 January 14, 1986
Tom Selleck was a bachelor who didn't win on this Chuck Barris show <i>The Dating Game</i> 100 November 26, 1985
By 1954, 5,000 science clubs had been formed in the U.S. & Canada because of this Don Herbert show <i>Ask Mr. Wizard</i> 200 November 26, 1985
Art Clokey's little green guy, he started out as a Howdy Doody guest Gumby 300 November 26, 1985
Cinerama western that came to the small screen starring James Arness in 1978 <i>How the West was Won</i> 400 November 26, 1985
Once Babe Didrickson & Amelia Earhart in TV movies, she's now "Webster's" mom Susan Clark 500 November 26, 1985
They got married in the final episode of "Happy Days" Joanie and Chachi 100 November 27, 1984
Editor Billie Newman & Joe Rossi worked for Lou Grant 200 November 27, 1984
She shot J.R. Mary Crosby 300 November 27, 1984
Played WJM's man-hunting "happy homemaker" Sue Ann Nivens Betty White 400 November 27, 1984
Marketing has begun on a line of nursewear from this TV medical show <i>Trapper John, M.D.</i> 500 November 27, 1984