Clues for: First Ladies

Question Answer Value Airdate
Before she passed away in 2018, she told son Jeb she believed she was going to a "beautiful place" Barbara Bush 200 September 18, 2018
Melania Trump, the first First Lady born abroad since Louisa Adams, hails from this country next door to Croatia Slovenia 400 September 18, 2018
In 2006 this former First Lady was ordained a deacon at a Baptist church in Plains, Georgia (Rosalynn) Carter 600 September 18, 2018
At 80, she was still a beloved member of Washington society, when Mathew Brady made this daguerreotype of her Dolley Madison 800 September 18, 2018
It was the occupation of Abigail Fillmore, the first First Lady to hold a paying job after marriage a schoolteacher 1000 September 18, 2018
She volunteered as a nurse at Union hospitals & toured Union army camps with her husband Mary Todd Lincoln 200 April 11, 2018
During the 1960 presidential campaign, she wrote a weekly newspaper column called "Campaign Wife" Jackie Kennedy 400 April 11, 2018
Her uncle Teddy walked her down the aisle when she married a future president in 1905 Eleanor Roosevelt 600 April 11, 2018
This wife of Rutherford B. Hayes came from a slave-owning family but she & her parents were abolitionists Lucy Hayes 800 April 11, 2018
This First Lady's final acting role was in "The Sam Darland Story", a 1962 episode of the TV series "Wagon Train" Nancy Reagan 1000 April 11, 2018
This First Lady got a 2-year degree from Georgia Southwestern College Rosalynn Carter 200 November 24, 2016
In 1814 she wrote she filled a wagon with "the most valuable portable articles belonging to" the White House Dolley Madison 400 November 24, 2016
Her first marriage was to furniture salesman William Warren of Grand Rapids, Michigan Betty Ford 600 November 24, 2016
While still dating, she & her future husband attended Eisenhower's first inaugural ball Jacqueline Kennedy 800 November 24, 2016
This New Englander's first glimpse of her husband made her laugh--he was wearing his hat while shaving Grace Coolidge 1000 November 24, 2016
(Hi, I'm Bellamy Young, and I play First Lady Mellie Grant on Scandal.) In 1962 millions of Americans tuned in as this First Lady took viewers on a televised "Tour of the White House" Jackie Kennedy 200 October 20, 2015
She was born in Chicago, Illinois on October 26, 1947 Hillary Rodham Clinton 400 October 20, 2015
In 1800 she complained that she could find no one willing to chop firewood for the White House Abigail Adams 600 October 20, 2015
After graduating from high school, she completed a 2-year secretarial course at Georgia Southwestern College Rosalynn Carter 800 October 20, 2015
The Woman's Christian Temperance Union funded her official portrait that was presented to the White House in 1881 Lucy Hayes 1000 October 20, 2015
The first "Second Lady" & the second First Lady Abigail Adams 200 December 9, 2011
(Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from a presidential library.) In letters from 1840, she wrote both ways on the page to save paper & money; ironically, she was pilloried by the press for spending too much as First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln 400 December 9, 2011
She prevented the British from burning Gilbert Stuart's painting of Washington, which still hangs in the East Room Dolley Madison 600 December 9, 2011
After meeting her future husband in Sunday school, she enrolled in a Kansas City, Missouri finishing school Bess Truman 800 December 9, 2011
Appropriately, this First Lady was "full of grace" Grace Coolidge 1000 December 9, 2011
She was valedictorian of Plains High School, class of 1944 (Rosalynn) Carter 200 March 19, 2009
While she was First Lady, her half brother Samuel was killed at the Battle of Shiloh Mary Lincoln 400 March 19, 2009
Her father was David W, Wallace, a public official in Independence, Missouri Bess Truman 600 March 19, 2009
Born Letitia Christian, she was the first to become First Lady upon the death of the previous president (Letitia) Tyler 800 March 19, 2009
An 1877 reception for the Grand Duke of Russia was the only time she permitted alcohol at a state function Lucy Hayes ("Lemonade Lucy") 1000 March 19, 2009
When she married the future president in 1759, she was said to be the richest marriageable woman in Virginia Martha Washington 200 February 2, 2006
Her father was John V. Bouvier III, a New York stockbroker Jackie Kennedy 400 February 2, 2006
What a shopper! In the 1860s she reportedly bought 300 pairs of gloves during one 4-month period Mary Todd Lincoln 600 February 2, 2006
An institute for caregiving is named for her at Georgia Southwestern State, her alma mater Rosalynn Carter 800 February 2, 2006
She attended Barstow, a finishing school for girls, in Kansas City near her hometown of Independence Mrs. Truman 1000 February 2, 2006
She met the future president at a backyard barbecue in Midland, Texas in 1977 Laura Bush 200 May 5, 2003
In December 2002 she turned 90 Lady Bird Johnson 400 May 5, 2003
Quite the party girl, she's the celebrated First Lady seen here Dolley Madison 600 May 5, 2003
She graduated from the University of Vermont in 1902 Grace Coolidge 1000 May 5, 2003
She was 5 foot 2, eyes of blue, & a member of Kentucky's high society Mary Todd Lincoln May 5, 2003
Born in Massachusetts, she was descended from the Quincy family on her mother's side Abigail Adams 200 November 11, 2002
Seen here, she was one of the wealthiest women in Virginia in 1757 Martha Washington 400 November 11, 2002
Her uncle lived in the White House when this future first lady got married in 1905 Eleanor Roosevelt 600 November 11, 2002
Marvin Pierce, the father of this first lady, was the publisher of McCall's magazine Barbara Bush 800 November 11, 2002
She was a hostess at the White House for the widowed Thomas Jefferson before becoming first lady in 1809 Dolley Madison 1000 November 11, 2002
This first lady's hairstyle, including the famous "Mamie's bangs", became one of her trademarks Mamie Eisenhower 200 May 31, 2002
She served as first lady both in New York City & Philadelphia Martha Washington 400 May 31, 2002
In 1991 the National Law Journal cited her as "one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America" Hillary Clinton 600 May 31, 2002
At this first lady's 1962 death, JFK ordered all U.S. flags flown at half-staff Eleanor Roosevelt 800 May 31, 2002
During her time in the White House--Nov. 1800 to March 1801--she hung the family wash to dry in the East Room Abigail Adams 1000 May 31, 2002
A former school librarian, she helped organize the Texas Book Festival to raise money for local libraries Laura Bush 100 October 25, 2001
This first lady was all smiles in the photo seen here, taken at her surprise birthday party in 1954 Mamie Eisenhower 200 October 25, 2001
Born Elizabeth Bloomer, she sprang up in Chicago in 1918 Betty Ford 300 October 25, 2001
Largely an invalid, Eliza, wife of this "Tennessee Tailor", made only 2 public appearances as first lady Andrew Johnson 500 October 25, 2001
Her feelings about thespians might have been improved when Sarah Bernhardt reportedly saved her life in 1880 Mary Todd Lincoln October 25, 2001
She once said that of all her sorrows, the death of her son Tad, at 18, hurt the most Mary Todd Lincoln 100 December 5, 2000
A widow when she wed the future president in 1759, she had been married to Daniel Parke Custis Martha Washington 200 December 5, 2000
In 1987 she & the former president published "Everything to Gain: Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life" Rosalynn Carter 300 December 5, 2000
2 of the 3 first ladies seen in the photo here: Eleanor Roosevelt, Bess Truman &/or Edith Wilson 400 December 5, 2000
This first lady whose maiden name is Pierce is a distant relative of President Franklin Pierce Barbara Bush (nee Barbara Pierce) 500 December 5, 2000
In 1969 she graduated from Wellesley College where she was president of the student government Hillary Clinton 100 February 4, 2000
In the late 1930s, she taught typing & shorthand at Whittier High School in California Pat Nixon 200 February 4, 2000
She's buried in Abilene, Kansas beside her husband Mamie Eisenhower 300 February 4, 2000
In November 1800 she wrote to her daughter that "The principal stairs are not up" in the White House Abigail Adams 400 February 4, 2000
In 1992 she became the 1st first lady to deliver a major address at a national political convention Barbara Bush 500 February 4, 2000
She married husband Ronnie in 1952 when he was president of the Screen Actors Guild Nancy (Davis) Reagan 100 October 8, 1999
She served as a regent of the University of Texas & as a member of the National Parks Advisory Board Lady Bird Johnson 200 October 8, 1999
In January 1991 this first lady broke her left leg while sledding at Camp David Barbara Bush 300 October 8, 1999
Her stepfather was Hugh Auchincloss Jackie Kennedy 400 October 8, 1999
The only first lady whose married name was the same as her maiden name Eleanor Roosevelt October 8, 1999
She was the second first lady Abigail Adams 100 December 25, 1998
In her memoirs, Julia Grant talked about the black Friday when Fisk & Gould tried to corner the market in this Gold 200 December 25, 1998
His ailing wife Anna sent her daughter-in-law Jane with him to Washington, but he only served a month William Henry Harrison 300 December 25, 1998
These 2 Roosevelt first ladies were known for their strong personalities Edith & Eleanor 500 December 25, 1998
The widow Sarah Polk was linked for a while in the press to this bachelor president James Buchanan December 25, 1998
First Lady for most of the 1950s, she was a big fan of "As The World Turns" Mamie Eisenhower 100 June 29, 1998
A little bird told us some folks call her "Bird" for short Lady Bird Johnson 200 June 29, 1998
In 1972 this First Lady reportedly said, "Being the First Lady is the hardest unpaid job in the world" Pat Nixon 300 June 29, 1998
Originally named Elizabeth Ann, she said, "I always wanted to be called Elizabeth, but it didn't happen" Betty Ford 400 June 29, 1998
Mary Todd Lincoln was born in this state, as was her husband Kentucky 500 June 29, 1998
She was First Lady for 12 years & 39 days Eleanor Roosevelt 100 June 17, 1998
She acted as a cover for her husband while the 1978 Camp David Peace Talks went on longer than expected Rosalynn Carter 200 June 17, 1998
Her first marriage was to William Warren of Grand Rapids, Michigan Betty Ford 300 June 17, 1998
Julia Tyler began the custom of having this song played as a presidential greeting "Hail To The Chief" 400 June 17, 1998
Ida went with this man, her husband, to Buffalo, but wasn't present at the exposition where he was shot William McKinley June 17, 1998
In her book "My Turn", she points out that Eleanor Roosevelt was criticized for ordering new china, too Nancy Reagan 100 November 21, 1997
She donated the net proceeds of her dog Millie's book to her Foundation for Family Literacy Barbara Bush 200 November 21, 1997
This Texas-born conservationist headed the First Lady's Committee for A More Beautiful Capital Lady Bird Johnson 400 November 21, 1997
She started wearing those famous bangs while living in the Panama Canal Zone with her military husband Mamie Eisenhower 500 November 21, 1997
First Lady seen here when she was a young girl: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis November 21, 1997
Lady Bird Johnson was the 1st first lady born in this state; she's from Karnack Texas 100 June 10, 1997
In 1964 she wrote of her husband, "So now he is a legend when he would have preferred to be a man" Jacqueline Kennedy 200 June 10, 1997
This Missourian known for her "independence" referred to the White House as "The Great White Jail" Bess Truman 300 June 10, 1997
Sadly, she was declared insane on May 19, 1875 & tried to commit suicide that evening Mary Todd Lincoln 400 June 10, 1997
This outspoken first lady once told "60 Minutes" she wouldn't be surprised if her daughter Susan had an affair Betty Ford 500 June 10, 1997
She was 26 when she joined the faculty of the University of Arkansas School of Law in 1974 Hillary Clinton 100 November 12, 1996
This first lady born in 1768 was a real "cupcake" who liked to wear turbans & low-cut dresses Dolley Madison 200 November 12, 1996
"The World Almanac of First Ladies" says this "Silver Fox" loves mystery novels & tacos Barbara Bush 300 November 12, 1996
Her sister Lee was maid of honor at her 1953 wedding in Newport, Rhode Island Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy 400 November 12, 1996
She did some modeling at Bullock's Wilshire in the 1930s while she was a student at USC Pat Nixon November 12, 1996
She was named for her mother's friend Bessie Madge Andrews Bess Truman 100 May 21, 1996
Rosalynn Carter called her 1984 autobiography "First Lady from" this Georgia Town Plains 200 May 21, 1996
In 1941 she began writing a monthly column called "If You Ask Me" for the Ladies' Home Journal Eleanor Roosevelt 300 May 21, 1996
Nancy Reagan said this Soviet first lady "lectured" her "on the failings of the American political system" Raisa Gorbachev 400 May 21, 1996
In 1947 she made her society debut at the Clambake Club in Newport, R.I. & was dubbed "Queen Deb of the Year" Jacqueline Onassis 500 May 21, 1996
Born in 1731, she was nicknamed the "Mother of Our Country" Martha Washington 100 February 15, 1996
When she was a child, her classmates called her Buddy but she's best remembered as Pat Nixon 200 February 15, 1996
She watched the Battle of Bunker Hill from a hill near her home with her 7-year-old-son John Quincy Abigail Adams 300 February 15, 1996
In 1839 she moved to Springfield, Illinois to live with her sister Elizabeth Mary Todd Lincoln 400 February 15, 1996
She was Georgia's first lady 1971-75, before she became First Lady of the United States Carter 500 February 15, 1996
On Oct. 20, 1968 this former first lady married Aristotle Onassis on Skorpios, Greece Jackie Kennedy 100 July 21, 1995
While a U.S. senator, Harry Truman put her on his staff Bess Truman 200 July 21, 1995
You can visit the birthplace of this 1950s first lady in Boone, Iowa Mamie Eisenhower 300 July 21, 1995
She was a delegate to the U.N. twice, 1945-1952 & 1961-1962 Eleanor Roosevelt 400 July 21, 1995
This first lady was the only woman Geology major in Stanford's Class of '98 Mrs. Hoover July 21, 1995
Hillary Rodham graduated from this law school, where she met Bill Clinton Yale 100 May 8, 1995
John Adams' & Millard Fillmore's wives shared this first name Abigail 200 May 8, 1995
In 1961 she said, "I feel as though I have just become a piece of public property" Jackie Kennedy 300 May 8, 1995
She sat in on cabinet sessions & participated in the Camp David meetings between Sadat & Begin Rosalynn Carter 400 May 8, 1995
She got angry if old friends treated her differently after she became first lady in 1945 Bess Truman 500 May 8, 1995
Nancy Reagan chose the design for this, ivory edged in red; it was donated to the White House China 100 November 24, 1994
Surprisingly, she was head of the campus Young Republicans while a student at Wellesley in the 1960s Hillary Clinton 200 November 24, 1994
Robert Kennedy said it was this woman, not her husband, who carried Texas for the Democrats in the 1960 election Lady Bird Johnson 300 November 24, 1994
His childhood friend, Edith Kermit Carow, became his 2nd wife in 1886 Theodore Roosevelt 400 November 24, 1994
This 19th century first lady was a fashion trendsetter who made Turkish-style turbans all the rage Dolley Madison 500 November 24, 1994
Sarah Phillips designed the stunning violet gown this first lady wore to the 1993 inaugural balls Hillary Clinton 100 September 20, 1994
She said, "There'll be great presidents again...but there'll never be another Camelot again" Jacqueline Kennedy 200 September 20, 1994
She said 1944 "was the year I fell in love with Jimmy's picture"; she was a close friend of his sister Ruth Rosalynn Carter 300 September 20, 1994
She was the oldest of Colonel John Dandridge's 8 children Martha Washington 400 September 20, 1994
In 1875 a jury decided this former first lady was insane; in 1876 another jury declared her sane Mary Todd Lincoln 500 September 20, 1994
This first first lady was an accomplished knitter Martha Washington 100 May 10, 1994
After graduating from USC, she taught typing, bookkeeping & stenography at Whittier Union High School Pat Nixon 200 May 10, 1994
In 1993 LHJ devoted a special issue to her, saying she's still "the most intriguing woman in the world" Jackie Kennedy Onassis 300 May 10, 1994
A last-minute shopper, she didn't buy a bridal gown until the day before her 1975 wedding Hillary Clinton 500 May 10, 1994
In 1946 she appeared in the Broadway musical "Lute Song" with Mary Martin & Yul Brynner Nancy Reagan May 10, 1994
Alphabetically, she's first on the list of First Ladies Abigail Adams 100 November 24, 1993
In the spring of 1891, Caroline Harrison had the White House wired for this Electricity 200 November 24, 1993
When her fiance forgot to buy a ring for their quickie San Antonio wedding, a friend was sent to Sears Lady Bird Johnson 300 November 24, 1993
To save the cost of cutting the White House lawn during World War I, Edith Wilson put these animals on it Sheep 400 November 24, 1993
She spent her first years of marriage in China during the Boxer Rebellion Lou Henry Hoover 500 November 24, 1993
In 1992 Mount Vernon started a tradition of free admittance to women named Martha on her birthday Martha Washington 100 November 9, 1993
She confessed, "My life didn't really begin until I met Ronnie" Nancy Reagan 200 November 9, 1993
She was married at the Plains Methodist Church in 1946 Rosalynn Carter 300 November 9, 1993
Theodore Roosevelt said at her wedding, "There's nothing like keeping the name in the family" Eleanor Roosevelt 400 November 9, 1993
Appropriately, her White House portrait hangs in the bedroom named for her husband Mrs. (Mary Todd) Lincoln 500 November 9, 1993
She was born Anne Frances Robbins & nicknamed Nancy in infancy Nancy Reagan 100 May 13, 1993
For her strong will, this first lady from Georgia is sometimes called the Steel Magnolia Rosalynn Carter 200 May 13, 1993
Under her prodding, Congress passed the Highway Beautification Act in 1965 Lady Bird Johnson 300 May 13, 1993
Harry Truman said it was love at first sight when he spotted Bess at Sunday school in this Missouri town Independence, Missouri 400 May 13, 1993
After her husband's 1901 assassination, she returned to Canton, Ohio, where she died 6 years later Mrs. McKinley 500 May 13, 1993
Raised as a Methodist, she adopted Jimmy's Baptist faith when they married Rosalynn Carter 100 February 25, 1993
Thelma Catherine Ryan Nixon was born on the eve of this holiday, hence she's known as Pat St. Patrick\'s Day 200 February 25, 1993
She was in the top 10 of her graduating class at the University of Texas in 1933 Lady Bird Johnson 300 February 25, 1993
She was attending a charity function in Washington when her husband died in Warm Springs, Georgia in 1945 Eleanor Roosevelt 400 February 25, 1993
The mansion where she lived with her first husband, Daniel Parke Custis, was called the "White House" Martha Washington 500 February 25, 1993
Sadly, she was committed to an asylum in 1875 Mary Todd Lincoln 100 November 26, 1992
She called her husband "Ulys" Mrs. Grant 200 November 26, 1992
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent", she wrote in 1937 Eleanor Roosevelt 300 November 26, 1992
Her first husband, Daniel Parke Custis, was a wealthy planter twice her age Martha Washington 400 November 26, 1992
Lucy Hayes was the 1st first lady born in this state; her husband was the 2nd president born there Ohio 500 November 26, 1992
When she met Abe, he said he wanted to dance with her "in the worst way", &, she said later' "He did" Mary Todd Lincoln 100 October 14, 1992
Lovely Julia Tyler was a native of this state where she was known as "The Rose of Long Island" New York 200 October 14, 1992
This "Silver Fox" is proud of her white hair & refuses to dye it Barbara Bush 300 October 14, 1992
Mrs. Benjamin Harrison was the 1st president-general of this group of descendants of Rev. War figures the Daughters of the American Revolution 400 October 14, 1992
She attended Miss Porter's School in Farmington, Connecticut from 1944-47 Jackie Onassis (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis) October 14, 1992
Lafayette said of this "doll" "Nowhere have I encountered a lady who is lovelier or more steadfast" Dolley Madison 100 February 26, 1992
She has 3 sons; Amy is her only daughter Mrs. Carter 200 February 26, 1992
She signed a 7-year contract with MGM in 1949 Mrs. Reagan 300 February 26, 1992
Her husband's brother Bobby was the best man at her 1953 wedding Mrs. (Jackie) Kennedy 400 February 26, 1992
She was nicknamed "The Independent Lady from Independence" Mrs. Truman February 26, 1992
Her husband used to accompany their daughter, Margaret, on the piano Mrs. (Bess) Truman 100 July 8, 1991
Martha Washington spent most of her term as first lady in this city Philadelphia 200 July 8, 1991
Of her husband, her childhood nurse or her mother, the one who nicknamed Claudia "Lady Bird" her childhood nurse 300 July 8, 1991
In 1898 she became the first woman to graduate as a geology major at Stanford Lou Henry Hoover 500 July 8, 1991
After Wilson's term ended, she reopened the White House to the public & began entertaining Mrs. (Florence) Harding July 8, 1991
Lady Bird Johnson was the 1st wife to hold this book while her husband took the oath of office the Bible 100 April 19, 1991
Her daughter Julie called her "the most widely traveled First Lady in history" Pat Nixon 200 April 19, 1991
George Cukor directed this future First Lady's MGM screen test Nancy Reagan 300 April 19, 1991
When she died in 1849, Zachary Taylor said, she was truly our First Lady for a half-century" Dolley Madison 400 April 19, 1991
The low-cut necklines worn by this 19th century Kentuckian sometimes shocked people Mary Todd Lincoln 500 April 19, 1991
This no-nonsense first lady admitted that her trademark pearls are fake Barbara Bush 100 April 1, 1991
She had 4 sons but only the oldest, Robert, lived to adulthood Mary Todd Lincoln 200 April 1, 1991
Zasu Pitts got this first lady her first professional role in a play Nancy Reagan 300 April 1, 1991
The only first lady whose given name was Claudia Claudia Alta Taylor (Lady Bird Johnson) 500 April 1, 1991
She didn't attend her husband's 1797 inauguration because her mother-in-law was ill Abigail Adams April 1, 1991
Jackie Kennedy's favorite First Lady was this down-to-earth native of Independence, Missouri Bess Truman 100 October 23, 1989
Her loyalty to the government was questioned because she was a Southerner Mary Todd Lncoln 200 October 23, 1989
She met her future husband while she was a teacher at Whittier High School in California Pat Nixon 300 October 23, 1989
When Claudia Alta Taylor was 2 years old, her nurse said she was as pretty as one of these a lady bird 400 October 23, 1989
In 1776 this future First Lady urged her husband John "to remember the ladies," or else... Abigail Adams 500 October 23, 1989
1950s first lady who was so fond of pink that in her day the White House was called "the Pink Palace" Mamie Eisenhower 100 July 18, 1989
A native of Independence, Missouri, she lived to be almost 98 years old Bess Truman 200 July 18, 1989
Her mother's maiden name was Elizabeth Quincy Mrs. John Adams (Abigail) 300 July 18, 1989
This neurotic 19th century first lady was disparagingly known as "The She-Wolf" Mrs. Lincoln (Mary Todd Lincoln) 400 July 18, 1989
Patty Duke played this first lady in a 1984 miniseries that starred Barry Bostwick Martha Washington 500 July 18, 1989
His wife, Louisa, was the only first lady born abroad, but she was buried in Quincy, Mass. John Quincy Adams 100 January 24, 1989
Tom Selleck said this first lady helped him overcome his fear of dancing with the Princess of Wales Nancy Reagan 200 January 24, 1989
Mrs. Nixon was nicknamed Pat because she as born on the eve of this holiday St. Patrick\'s Day 300 January 24, 1989
She was the only first lady born in Kentucky Mary Todd Lincoln 400 January 24, 1989
She co-wrote the 1988 book "Wildflowers Across America" Lady Bird Johnson 500 January 24, 1989
It's said Louisa, wife of J.Q. Adams, read the "Dialogues of Plato" to her sons in this language Greek 100 March 24, 1988
Her extensive traveling during WWII earned her the code name "Rover" Eleanor Roosevelt 200 March 24, 1988
"Lemonade Lucy", she was ruthless, not Rutherfordless, about not serving alcohol in the White House Lucy Hayes 300 March 24, 1988
Probably the "Bes"t First Lady athlete, she once shook 2483 hands in a single day Bess Truman 400 March 24, 1988
The $1 silver certificate issued in 1886 was 1st bill bearing a woman's portrait -- hers Martha Washington 500 March 24, 1988
Her marriage to a Mass. senator in '53 was Society's "Wedding of the Year" Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy (Onassis) 100 April 8, 1985
He was introduced to his future first lady, Dolley Todd, by Aaron Burr James Madison 200 April 8, 1985
From 1945 to 1951, Eleanor Roosevelt was a delegate to this U.N. body the General Assembly 300 April 8, 1985
Since she was raised in Kentucky, many accused her of disloyalty to the Union cause Mary Todd Lincoln 400 April 8, 1985
She was an extra in 1936's "Becky Sharp" & "Small Town Girl" Pat Nixon 500 April 8, 1985
She 1st met husband while complaining to S.A.G. about unwanted Communist literature Nancy Reagan 100 December 5, 1984
After 1st breaking the engagement, Lincoln went on to marry her Mary Todd Lincoln 200 December 5, 1984
Virginia Governor Charles Robb's mother-in-law Lady Bird Johnson 300 December 5, 1984
In '62 Adlai Stevenson eulogized: "She would rather light candles than curse the darkness" Eleanor Roosevelt 400 December 5, 1984
Only wife of 1 president & mother of another Abigail Adams 500 December 5, 1984
She talked to Arnold's class about drugs on TV's "Diff'rent Strokes" Nancy Reagan 100 September 20, 1984
One of her early suitors was her husband's arch rival, Stephen A. Douglas Mary Todd Lincoln 200 September 20, 1984
Teddy's niece, her married & maiden names were the same Eleanor Roosevelt 300 September 20, 1984
Her tough Texas husband preferred her nickname to calling her Claudia Alta Lady Bird Johnson 400 September 20, 1984
She was expelled from Society of Friends for marrying non-Quaker 4th president Dolley Madison September 20, 1984