Clues for: Camels

Question Answer Value Airdate
Camels were first brought to this continent in 1840 & later transported goods between Adelaide & Perth Australia 200 July 1, 2003
From an earlier occupation, this prophet was known as the "Camel Driver of Mecca" Mohammed 400 July 1, 2003
Camels are widely used on farms in the Punjab region of India & this country Pakistan 600 July 1, 2003
(Sofia of the Clue Crew) Also a brand of blue jeans, it's the name for a handler of animals, like camels on a movie set Wrangler 800 July 1, 2003
This ethnic group, whose name is from the Arabic for "desert dwellers", uses camels for riding & racing Bedouins 1000 July 1, 2003
Contrary to popular belief, it's where a camel stores fat, not water its hump 100 July 8, 1987
Alternate name of the Arabian camel or a brand of cake mix, dates or pimientos dromedary 200 July 8, 1987
2 of the 4 New World relatives of the camel (2 of) the llama, the guanaco, the alpaca & the vicuña 300 July 8, 1987
Famous Egyptian leader whose 1st name meant "camel" (Gamal Abdel) Nasser 400 July 8, 1987
Camel was one of 1st brands of cigarettes combining domestic tobacco w/tobacco from this country Turkey 500 July 8, 1987