Clues for: Vocabulary

Question Answer Value Airdate
Run it up the pole & salute! Vexillology is the study of these a flag 200 February 18, 2019
The forklike runcible this utensil has several prongs spoon 400 February 18, 2019
French for "to awaken" gives us the word for this bugle call that says it's time to wake up reveille 600 February 18, 2019
This Latin phrase means a writer's or an artist's greatest work a magnum opus 800 February 18, 2019
Add a "Y" to the name of a cotton fabric to get this word meaning cheap or gaudy chintzy 1000 February 18, 2019
In Britain this word describes the younger of 2 brothers; in college it's a mini-major minor 200 February 7, 2018
Carl Sagan defined this word as "the opposite of chaos" cosmos 400 February 7, 2018
This word means "hidden" when it goes before "motives"; it can also mean "happening later" ulterior 600 February 7, 2018
Latin medeor, "to heal", gives us this word for a cure remedy 800 February 7, 2018
Describing a sharp tone, this 6-letter adjective is also a verb meaning "to scream" shrill 1000 February 7, 2018
Word for the result you get when you divide one number by another quotient 200 November 14, 2016
"Quixotic", meaning capricious or impulsive, goes back to a literary character created by this author Cervantes 400 November 14, 2016
From the Greek for "inscription", it's a short poem with a witty turn of thought an epigram 800 November 14, 2016
It's the correct name for a person who eats fish, but no other meat a pescatarian 1000 November 14, 2016
Don’t confuse these 2 words--one’s a substance that counteracts a poison & the other, a short amusing story antidote & anecdote November 14, 2016
Trace back the Greek roots & you'll find that heliolatry is the worship of this the Sun 200 January 31, 2011
Latin gets its name from "Latium", a region of this country Italy 400 January 31, 2011
Nimbus can refer to a cloud or to one of these seen around someone's head in art a halo 600 January 31, 2011
To musicians in a jam session, this edible item means to improvise in an idle, careless way & may precede "around" noodle 800 January 31, 2011
This word meaning "violently frenzied" is likely derived from ursine pelts worn by Old Norse warriors berserk 1000 January 31, 2011
From the Spanish estampar, "to stamp", it's a lot of hoof stamping by a lot of cows stampede 200 March 15, 2004
A 6th century misprint of this word meaning "the highest point" gave us acne acme 400 March 15, 2004
To the Greeks, chloros was a pale shade of this color; hence chlorine & chlorophyll green 600 March 15, 2004
Its old name was Blotmonath, the month of sacrifice; time to butcher animals for the winter November 800 March 15, 2004
From the Greek for "out of the center", it's an adjective for someone who acts a bit off the norm eccentric 1000 March 15, 2004
Perhaps because of the nursery rhyme, this word for what Little Miss Muffet sat on has come to mean "footstool" tuffet 100 October 22, 2001
German word appropriate after the following situation[Alex sneezing] Gesundheit! 200 October 22, 2001
This word given to a policy of segregation means "separateness" in Afrikaans apartheid 300 October 22, 2001
This synonym for an imaginary thing came from a mythical monster with a lion's head, goat's body & dragon's tail chimera 400 October 22, 2001
In grammar, this is the term for the noun to which a following pronoun refers antecedent 500 October 22, 2001
It's the 5-letter word for a large fluffy feather, or a column of smoke Plume 100 May 19, 2000
They're the cute little impressions on a golf ball Dimples 200 May 19, 2000
A gentle way to cook an egg, it also means to pamper a person, especially a child Coddle 300 May 19, 2000
Congratulations if you know this word derived from Greek means praise or credit (It's also a granola bar) Kudos 400 May 19, 2000
It can mean the ability to do something, or the body of teachers at a school or college Faculty 500 May 19, 2000
Sinitic is an adjective referring to these people, their language or their culture Chinese 100 July 2, 1998
If you're piscivorous, you eat this, which can "net" you some health benefits Fish 200 July 2, 1998
Imitable means capable of being imitated; this word, its antonym, is 2 letters longer Inimitable 300 July 2, 1998
From Portuguese for "a place for spitting", it's a synonym for spittoon Cuspidor 400 July 2, 1998
Of waxing, waning & decrescent, the 2 that are synonyms Waning & decrescent 500 July 2, 1998
A woman who practices this is called a yogini yoga 100 December 22, 1995
It's a "comfortable" name for a teapot cover a cozy 200 December 22, 1995
From the Latin mango, "salesman", this word can stand alone but usually follows "fish" or "gossip" a monger 300 December 22, 1995
Something that is flocculent resembles this animal fiber wool 400 December 22, 1995
As a verb it means to scurry or run hastily; as a noun, it's a pail in which coal is carried a scuttle 500 December 22, 1995
When used to mean a road, pike is short for this turnpike 100 July 5, 1995
Members of this military group are called leathernecks Marines 200 July 5, 1995
This word can mean a type of small deer or the eggs of a fish roe 300 July 5, 1995
This 3-letter word can refer to smoked salmon or liquid oxygen lox 400 July 5, 1995
The name of this common device for regulating the flow of a liquid comes from Latin for "false" a faucet 500 July 5, 1995
If you're a fan of someone or something, be advised that fan is short for this fanatic 100 February 17, 1995
Term for a dog's snout, or a device that fits over it to prevent biting a muzzle 200 February 17, 1995
A synonym for vagabond, it starts with the same 3 letters vagrant 300 February 17, 1995
It's the 9-letter term for an officeholder who's a candidate for reelection incumbent 400 February 17, 1995
From the Latin for "earth", it's another word for patio terrace February 17, 1995
Sleek is a variant of this word which also means smooth & glossy slick 100 May 2, 1994
On its own it's a mode of water transportation; at the end of a word, it indicates a rank or condition ship 200 May 2, 1994
This other name for a hazelnut is from a saint whose feast day falls during the nutting season Filbert 300 May 2, 1994
Cyborg, describing something that's part human & part robot, is a combination of these 2 words cybernetic & organism 500 May 2, 1994
This Latin word is used in college for an outline describing the contents of a curriculum syllabus May 2, 1994
It's the part of a movie ticket you keep as a receipt, or it can mean to strike your toe stub 100 February 22, 1994
It can mean of the mouth, or something spoken oral 200 February 22, 1994
It's what the R stands for in LASER & MASER radiation 300 February 22, 1994
Equine means horselike, feline is catlike & this is wolflike lupine 400 February 22, 1994
From the Greek for "self-acting", it's another term for a robot automaton February 22, 1994
It's what you call the punched holes on a sheet of postage stamps Perforations 100 November 25, 1993
It can describe a row of bushes that form a border, or it can mean to stall, as if hiding behind one Hedge 200 November 25, 1993
Term for the partial story between 2 main stories of a building, or, a low balcony in some theatres Mezzanine 400 November 25, 1993
One who seeks contributions, or another term for a lawyer Solicitor 500 November 25, 1993
This synonym for dunce originally referred to the piece of wood on which hats & wigs were made Blockhead November 25, 1993
It's also known as a ladybird, & it just might "fly away home" ladybug 100 September 27, 1993
The verb helenizing refers to adopting the speech & customs of this country Greece 200 September 27, 1993
A dignified, mature married woman, or the female superintendent of a prison matron 300 September 27, 1993
By definition, a Cornish person doesn't tel corny jokes, but comes from this English county Cornwall 400 September 27, 1993
It's a 6-letter synonym for "ghosts" as well as a slang term for sunglasses shades 500 September 27, 1993
The name of this continent may come from the word Ereb, meaning “land of the setting sun” Europe 100 June 16, 1993
This 3-letter term for a clumsy person may be derived from an old form of “elf” oaf 200 June 16, 1993
As a verb it means to coat with metal; as a noun it can refer to a piece of dinnerware plate 300 June 16, 1993
From the Greek for “universe” or “order”, it’s any of various beauty preparations cosmetics 400 June 16, 1993
When it refers to machines like the cotton gin, “gin” is short for this word engine 500 June 16, 1993
It sucks blood or precedes "tock" tick 100 May 7, 1993
"Pesky" is probably an alteration of this word for a nuisance pest 200 May 7, 1993
Smaze is an atmospheric mixture of smoke & this, hence its name haze 300 May 7, 1993
Umbra, Latin for "shadow", gave us this term for offense or resentment umbrage 400 May 7, 1993
The plural of this body part is pharynges pharynx 500 May 7, 1993
The plant & animal life of a certain region are given the corresponding terms flora & this fauna 100 July 15, 1992
An open-handed blow, or a turned-up fold on a trouser leg cuff 200 July 15, 1992
It's the name of the device that helps a musician keep the beat, like clockwork a metronome 300 July 15, 1992
It can describe a fast & furious courtship or a spiraling current of air a whirlwind 400 July 15, 1992
In business it's defined as the practice of giving better jobs & higher pay to relatives nepotism 500 July 15, 1992
As an adjective, it's slang for tipsy; in the name of a game, it precedes "winks" tiddly 100 March 26, 1992
An inhabitant of the Palmetto State, the Tar Heel State or the Caroline Islands Carolinian 200 March 26, 1992
A flexible tube found in your garden, or flexible coverings found on your legs hose 300 March 26, 1992
A natural or acquired ability or a unit of weight & money, used in ancient Greece talent 400 March 26, 1992
From the Latin meaning "suffering", it often refers to Christ's suffering passion 500 March 26, 1992
Derived from Gaelic for "enough", it means abundant & was Pussy's last name in "Goldfinger" galore 100 January 8, 1992
This type of booze was probably named because it was distilled or smuggled under lunar light moonshine 200 January 8, 1992
This dog's name may derive from a Chinese word for dog; it's dark tongue is its "mein" attraction a chow 300 January 8, 1992
A violent storm who name evolved from the Latin word for time a tempest 400 January 8, 1992
The name of this carnivore is derived from the Greek word for hog, which may make you "laugh" a hyena 500 January 8, 1992
A person who uses offensive epithets against a political opponent is said to be doing this with mud slinging 100 March 30, 1990
Meaning savage & cruel, it comes from the Latin "trux", which means fierce Truculent 200 March 30, 1990
This 3-letter prefix that precedes "goblin" can also mean goblin when it stands alone Hob 300 March 30, 1990
It can be a spokesman, part of your phone or a protective rubber device worn by a boxer Mouthpiece 400 March 30, 1990
This adjective meaning "of the earliest ages" appears in the first line of Longfellow's "Evangeline" Primeval ("This is the forest primeval, the murmuring pines & the hemlocks") 500 March 30, 1990
From "casa", it once meant "little house", but now refers mostly to a gambling house Casino 100 March 12, 1990
Once used as a formal title, it means "my lady" in Italian Madonna 200 March 12, 1990
To surrender, to give up all resistance, from the Latin word for "small head" Capitulate 300 March 12, 1990
Annuity plan in which the last survivor inherits all, named for Lorenzo Tonti, a Neopolitan banker Tontine 400 March 12, 1990
A word used for any lighthouse, from the island where a famous ancient one was located Pharos 500 March 12, 1990
A short British slang word for your mother, whether or not she's silent mum 100 March 7, 1990
Sylvanite is an ore named for this region of Romania; we don't know if it works against vampires Transylvania 200 March 7, 1990
It's a 3-dimensional scene or exhibit, not a Christian Dior fashion show a diorama 300 March 7, 1990
Fiddleheads aren't stupid violinists; they're the young fronds of these, & some people eat them ferns 400 March 7, 1990
Sometimes it's a pickled flower bud used as a garnish, & sometimes it's a prank or theft a caper March 7, 1990
This flower's name didn't come from just any old garden, but from a botanist, Dr. Alexander Garden the <i>Gardenia</i> 100 January 23, 1990
From the Greek, these 2nd year students are the "wise fools" of the academic world sophomores 200 January 23, 1990
Something producing rainbowlike colors is said to be this, after Iris, goddess of the rainbow iridescent 300 January 23, 1990
An ideal community, from the title of a Thomas More work Utopia 400 January 23, 1990
From the Urdu word for "dusty", cloth of this color was popularized during the Sepoy Mutiny in India khaki 500 January 23, 1990
The latex of a plant, or the juice of a coconut the milk 100 April 17, 1989
Add 1 letter to "funeral" to get this adjective that refers to funerals funereal 300 April 17, 1989
If you know Latin, you'll know pomology is the study of growing this fruits 400 April 17, 1989
From the French for "flat", it's a trite, banal remark a platitude 500 April 17, 1989
Mythical beast whose name is derived from the Latin for "having 1 horn" a unicorn 100 February 7, 1989
This "Dutch" flower's name comes from the Turkish for turban because it resembles a turban a tulip 200 February 7, 1989
This part of your anatomy was named for a 16th c. anatomy specialist, Bartolommeo Eustachio the Eustachian tube 300 February 7, 1989
Though its name comes from the Italian for "high" it's the lowest female singing voice (contr)alto 400 February 7, 1989
From the Malay words for "man" & "forest", it's the name of an ape the height of a small man an orangutan 500 February 7, 1989
A preparation for public performance whether or not you "dress" rehearsal 100 January 27, 1989
As Quincy could tell you, a necropsy is more commonly called this autopsy 200 January 27, 1989
Louis XIV might have told you this French phrase means "nobility obligates" noblesse oblige 300 January 27, 1989
From the French for "purse", it's the official in charge of funds at a college bursar 400 January 27, 1989
Shame on you if you don't know that a shaman is one of these witch doctor 500 January 27, 1989
A case for arrows, whether or not it shakes quiver 100 January 19, 1989
It means government by a small group, not government by men named Ollie oligarchy 200 January 19, 1989
If your hostess offers you a comfit, she expects you to do this with it eat it 300 January 19, 1989
Misogyny is the hatred of women, whereas misogamy is this hatred of marriage 400 January 19, 1989
From Latin for "to beg", it's a fancy 9-letter synonym for a beggar mendicant 500 January 19, 1989
Easterly's antonym westerly 100 July 5, 1988
In dictionary entries, this word is followed by fish, saucer & Dutchman flying 200 July 5, 1988
What an "upsilon" is the Greek letter "U" 300 July 5, 1988
Gullah, which has African roots, is a language spoken by some black inhabitants of this country the United States 400 July 5, 1988
A "valetudinarian" is constantly & morbidly concerned with this his health 500 July 5, 1988
Undergarment whose name, derived from Middle English, literally means "short coat" petticoat 100 April 4, 1988
Ovate, ovoid & oval all mean this egg-shaped 200 April 4, 1988
Something that is soporiferous induces this sleep 300 April 4, 1988
"Podia" is the plural of this podium 400 April 4, 1988
This word specifically means a person who tells, writes or makes up fables a fabulist 500 April 4, 1988
Zoolatry is the worship of these animals 100 January 13, 1988
From the Tamil word for roll, "curuttu", it's a cigar with square-cut ends a cheroot 200 January 13, 1988
A "toby" is 1 of these; often shaped like a hefty-man wearing a 3-cornered hat a jug (or drinking mug) 300 January 13, 1988
This Spanish word for a lace scarf literally means "little blanket" a mantilla 400 January 13, 1988
Technically, this adjective means "of, pertaining to, or located in a parish" parochial 500 January 13, 1988
Heliolatry is the worship of this heavenly body the sun 100 December 18, 1987
You shouldn't be listed in a necrology until you're this dead 200 December 18, 1987
Part of the body where a Scotsman wears his glengarry his head 300 December 18, 1987
A edentulous person lacks these, as Gabby Hayes could have told you teeth 400 December 18, 1987
Iridology is the study of this part of the body the iris 500 December 18, 1987
Of spring rolls, Eskimo rolls, or rollmops, the ones you don't eat Eskimo rolls 100 October 27, 1987
Of a dingus, dinghy or dingo, the animate object dingo 200 October 27, 1987
Of a conjugation, congregation, or conjuration, the 1 most likely to begin "amo, amas, amat..." conjugation 300 October 27, 1987
Of a sniffle, snaffle, or snuffle, the 1 that isn't a rhinal condition snaffle 400 October 27, 1987
Of goa, koa, or moa, the 1 that's extinct moa 500 October 27, 1987
Of a barnacle, binnacle, or carbuncle, the one you'd find most useful aboard ship binnacle 100 July 7, 1987
Of a witch, waterfowl, or way out, what you're looking for if you're looking for a egress way out 200 July 7, 1987
Of a buttock, futtock, or fetlock, the 1 not found on a horse futtock 300 July 7, 1987
Of ex parte, ex libris, or ex post facto, the 1 that's not a legal term <i>ex libris</i> 400 July 7, 1987
Of polydactyl, polydipsic, or polydemic, what you'd be if you were stranded in the desert without water polydipsic 500 July 7, 1987
Of an aardvark, an angel, or Hulk Hogan, the 1 most likely to have a seraphic countenance angel 100 February 23, 1987
Of relaxed, sickly, or lazy, what you are if you're indolent lazy 200 February 23, 1987
Of Sophistic, soporific or sophmoric, the 1 describing a soprano whose singing puts you to sleep soporific 300 February 23, 1987
Of epitome, nadir or pinnacle, the 1 that's an antonym of zenith nadir 400 February 23, 1987
Of mishap, mistake or mischance, the 1 that doesn't have a synonym in this answer mistake February 23, 1987