Clues for: Fruits & Vegetables

Question Answer Value Airdate
While many fresh plum varieties are clingstone, the type dried to make these is usually freestone prunes 200 March 16, 2018
Smooth cayenne, once the principal variety of this fruit grown in Hawaii, has been replaced by the hybrid MD2 pineapple 400 March 16, 2018
This green pod veggie used in Creole cooking & to thicken soups & stews is also known as lady's finger okra 600 March 16, 2018
Yellow crookneck & yellow straightneck are popular summer varieties of this veggie squash 800 March 16, 2018
In some countries this long-necked brown pear is known as the Kaiser Alexander a Bosc pear 1000 March 16, 2018
Maltaise sauce is made by adding the juice from the blood variety of this fruit to hollandaise sauce an orange 200 October 20, 2016
Hungarian wax is the hot variety of sweet banana these peppers 400 October 20, 2016
More accurately called crisphead lettuce, it grows in tight, dense heads similar to cabbage iceberg lettuce 600 October 20, 2016
This small green vegetable native to Mexico is the essential ingredient in salsa verde a tomatillo 800 October 20, 2016
Not as popular as the ruby red, the Duncan is believed to be the oldest variety of this fruit in the United States a grapefruit 1000 October 20, 2016
A veggie that comes in spears, or the genus it belongs to asparagus 200 September 29, 2015
In most U.S. grocery stores, you should assume you are purchasing these, even if the sign says "yams" sweet potatoes 400 September 29, 2015
The fruit sold under this name, from that of an Italian estate, is a muskmelon cantaloupe 600 September 29, 2015
Almost all California raisins are produced from this seedless grape named for an English immigrant Thompson seedless grapes 800 September 29, 2015
Pickled pods of this have been called "a standard hors d'oeuvre at... every Southern cocktail party" okra 1000 September 29, 2015
This stone fruit is fuzzier if bought by the roadside; supermarket varieties are mechanically brushed peaches 200 March 9, 2012
The Delicious apple was originally called this, after the nickname of Iowa, where its developer lived the Hawkeye 400 March 9, 2012
Edward Lear rhymed it with "mince"; if he'd eaten it raw, he might have used "wince" quince 600 March 9, 2012
The world record holder among these cucumber-like summer squashes was almost 6' long & weighed 65 pounds zucchini 800 March 9, 2012
George Washington Carver developed 118 products from this tuber related to the morning glory sweet potatoes 1000 March 9, 2012
Romaine & leaf, aka loose-leaf, are types of this salad starter lettuce 200 December 22, 2011
The fuzz-free baby type of this fruit named for a New Zealand bird is eaten whole, as one would eat a grape a kiwi 400 December 22, 2011
The name of this so-called artichoke isn't from a city in Israel but from girasole, Italian for "sunflower" Jerusalem 600 December 22, 2011
What we call this is actually the netted melon or muskmelon a cantaloupe 800 December 22, 2011
Prickly but edible, they're one letter different from the name of cities in Arizona & Mexico nopales 1000 December 22, 2011
Though it has curly leaves instead of a dense head, kale is thought to be the original version of this vegetable cabbage 200 June 17, 2005
In 1493 Columbus encountered this, Hawaii's most valuable fruit crop, on the island of Guadeloupe the pineapple 400 June 17, 2005
Gravenstein, which is green with red streaks, is a variety of this fruit an apple 600 June 17, 2005
This juice orange accounts for about half of the USA's yearly crop of oranges the valencia orange 800 June 17, 2005
This variety of grape is the USA's most important in making preserves & juice the Concord (grape) 1000 June 17, 2005
To retain its crispness, the sugar snap type of this should be eaten raw peas 200 February 25, 2005
If you like pina coladas, then you must like coconut & this fruit, the 2 main flavors pineapple 400 February 25, 2005
The Bosc variety of this fruit is excellent for baking or poaching pears 600 February 25, 2005
It's the leading agricultural product of the island nation of Dominica bananas 800 February 25, 2005
The scientific name of this garnish used in salads & sandwiches is Nasturtium aquaticum watercress 1000 February 25, 2005
Commercial growers usually brush most of the fuzz off this fruit prior to sending it to market peach 200 April 2, 2004
Canned pears are most likely to be this variety Bartlett 400 April 2, 2004
The white variety of this purplish-red root vegetable has the highest sugar content of any vegetable beet 600 April 2, 2004
Succotash is a Southern dish of lima beans, sometimes chopped sweet peppers & this veggie corn 800 April 2, 2004
Bok choy is also called a Chinese type of this, but has a longer, looser head than the red or white types cabbage 1000 April 2, 2004
The seeds of the Triple Treat pumpkin are easy to eat, as they don't have these like other seeds do shells 200 December 1, 2003
Cherry & Pear are types of these, as is Beefsteak tomatoes 400 December 1, 2003
This color asparagus is grown in the dark white 600 December 1, 2003
The cassava is used in cavim, a type of this snifter liquor popular in Brazil brandy 800 December 1, 2003
The Cortland, Spartan & Empire apples share their development from this one the McIntosh 1000 December 1, 2003
The sugar variety of this is preferred for pies, the Connecticut field variety for jack-o'-lanterns pumpkin 200 October 9, 2003
The scientific name of this veggie -- or is it a fruit? -- is Lycopersicon esculentum tomato 400 October 9, 2003
Unlike the green variety of this vegetable, the string on sugar snaps runs around both sides of the pod peas 600 October 9, 2003
In Italian cabbage is cavolo & this vegetable is cavolfiore cauliflower 800 October 9, 2003
Although this juice orange may have originated in Portugal, it bears the name of a Spanish city & region Valencia 1000 October 9, 2003
The egg-shaped plum variety of this makes a great spaghetti sauce the tomato 200 May 14, 2003
Many dieters eat helf of one of these, like the Star Ruby or Rio Red, before every meal the grapefruit 400 May 14, 2003
What the French call epinard we call this spinach 600 May 14, 2003
For cooking, popular ones of these include the Gravenstein & the Greening apples 800 May 14, 2003
Also called a Mexican potato, this crunchy vegetable can be baked, boiled or fried, or served raw in salads jicama 1000 May 14, 2003
Hey, cool! It's the more common name for crisphead lettuce iceberg lettuce 200 December 11, 2002
The name of this vegetable & pie ingredient may come from Latin for "root of the barbarians" rhubarb 400 December 11, 2002
A "pink" variety of this doubles as Arkansas' state fruit & vegetable tomato 600 December 11, 2002
The satsuma, a nearly seedless variety of this, is typically canned, & goes great with Chinese chicken salad mandarin orange 800 December 11, 2002
To improve his singing voice, the emperor Nero ate large quantities of this mild onion relative & symbol of Wales leek 1000 December 11, 2002
These large green banana relatives are usually available in Hispanic markets as platanos Plantains 100 April 6, 2000
It's said that Christopher Columbus introduced this "cool" veggie to the New World Cucumber 200 April 6, 2000
A serving of the butternut variety of this vegetable supplies over 100 percent of the RDA of beta carotene Squash 300 April 6, 2000
Varieties of this tuber include red pontiac, Katahdin & Finnish yellow wax Potatoes 400 April 6, 2000
This tropical fruit contains an enzyme called papain which is used to tenderize meat Papaya 500 April 6, 2000
One who is courting favor is a "polisher" of this fruit Apple 100 February 23, 1998
Peas come in these, & those of the snow pea are edible Pods 200 February 23, 1998
"Not worth" one of these means worthless Fig 300 February 23, 1998
Mustard family member that may be plain or horse Radish 400 February 23, 1998
To get its green flesh, cut lengthwise around the large seed, twist halves apart, remove seed & scoop Avocado 500 February 23, 1998
The usual color of the flesh of a honeydew melon Green 100 September 4, 1997
The scallion is also known as this "onion" Green Onion 200 September 4, 1997
It's also called a snap bean from the sound it makes when broken in half Green Bean 300 September 4, 1997
Term for the edible leaves of the turnip, beet & collard Greens 400 September 4, 1997
A mature Rome beauty apple has skin of this color Red 500 September 4, 1997
Maraschino liqueur is flavored with the pits & pulp of the marasca kind of these Cherries 100 February 27, 1997
The Yukon Gold variety of this vegetable has a moist texture & is good mashed Potato 200 February 27, 1997
To make Poile Helene, place a poached one of these atop vanilla ice cream & top with chocolate sauce Pear 300 February 27, 1997
The most common mandarin orange in the United States, it was named for a city in Morocco Tangerine (for Tangier) 400 February 27, 1997
Many consider the French fraise des bois the most flavorful type of this fruit Strawberry 500 February 27, 1997
The name of this vegetable comes from the Latin words caulis -- "stalk" -- & flos -- "flower" Cauliflower 100 February 4, 1997
This fruit is divided into wine & table groups Grapes 200 February 4, 1997
The acorn variety of this is often cut in half, deseeded & baked Squash 300 February 4, 1997
The rutabaga is related to this root vegetable; it's sometimes called a "yellow" one Turnip 400 February 4, 1997
This tropical fruit is sometimes called a pawpaw though the true pawpaw is an entirely different fruit Papaya 500 February 4, 1997
Two of these fuzzy-skinned fruits from New Zealand contain more potassium than a banana Kiwi 100 November 29, 1996
This creamy yellow squash is served much like the pasta it's named for Spaghetti Squash 200 November 29, 1996
The reddish stalks of this vegetable are often added to strawberry pie Rhubarb 300 November 29, 1996
In the South, this vegetable that thickens gumbo is also eaten fried Okra 400 November 29, 1996
In Europe, it's known as an aubergine Eggplant 500 November 29, 1996
The Royal Ann variety of this fruit is usually the type used to make maraschinos a cherry 100 September 20, 1996
Fruit you're most likely to find in a pandowdy an apple 200 September 20, 1996
Don't cry, but when its skin is "thick and tough, coming winter cold and rough" an onion 300 September 20, 1996
The English, a hothouse variety of this vegetable, can be 2 feet long & has few seeds a cucumber 400 September 20, 1996
This red-leafed Italian chicory is used as a salad green radicchio 500 September 20, 1996
When buying this vegetable, look for spears with tightly closed green or purplish tips asparagus 100 June 18, 1996
Some varieties of this vegetable have edible pods & are eaten in much the same way as green beans peas 200 June 18, 1996
If adequately fertilized, a good palm tree may produce 200 pounds of these little sweet treats each year dates 300 June 18, 1996
In 1792 Captain Bligh finally managed to get a load of these trees to Jamaica breadfruit 400 June 18, 1996
The citron is cultivated not for its acidic pulp, but for this, which is candied peel 500 June 18, 1996
About 75% of the U.S.crop of these "love apples" is processed into juice, ketchup, etc. tomatoes 100 April 30, 1996
The crisp-head types of this, like iceberg, have brittle, prominently veined leaves lettuce 200 April 30, 1996
You don't have to be a newton to know that the Smyrna, Adriatic & black mission are these figs 300 April 30, 1996
This fruit, including the Crenshaw & Santa Claus, belongs to the gourd family melons 400 April 30, 1996
These fuzzless fruits are generally sweeter than the peaches of which they're a subspecies nectarines 500 April 30, 1996
This vegetable can be "stuffed", or shredded to make sauerkraut cabbage 100 December 19, 1995
These sweet, heart-shaped peppers are usually sold in jars, either alone or stuffed in olives pimentos 200 December 19, 1995
A casaba is a melon & a Catawba is one of these a grape 300 December 19, 1995
Resembling overgrown scallions, they're an integral ingredient of vichyssoise leeks 400 December 19, 1995
Stripped of their reddish-brown shells, these fruity "nuts" often conclude a Chinese meal lychee nuts 500 December 19, 1995
The red & golden apple varieties with this word in their names are the most widely grown in the U.S. Delicious 100 November 24, 1995
Brabanconne is a garnish made with these miniature cabbages Brussels Sprouts 200 November 24, 1995
Ogden Nash said of this vegetable, "When it's raw, it develops the jaw, but stewed, is more quietly chewed" Celery 300 November 24, 1995
What we usually call this in the United States is actually the netted or nutmeg melon Cantaloupe 400 November 24, 1995
This bitter plum, the fruit of the blackthorne, is used to make jam & to flavor gin sloe berry 500 November 24, 1995
The leaves of this red root vegetable rich in sugar can be cooked & eaten like spinach beets 100 October 11, 1995
The Anjou is a popular winter variety of this fruit a pear 200 October 11, 1995
One book says "this cute little cabbage" is "a vegetable that you either love or hate" Brussels sprouts 300 October 11, 1995
Sugar loaf, grown in Mexico, is a popular variety of this tropical fruit pineapple 400 October 11, 1995
The Morello variety of this fruit is sometimes preserved in syrup cherries 500 October 11, 1995
This long, tapering, orange root vegetable contains more sugar than any vegetable except the beet carrot 100 April 26, 1995
The "heading" type of this green vegetable somewhat resembles the cauliflower broccoli 200 April 26, 1995
The red type of this berry grows on erect canes; the black type, on arching ones raspberry 300 April 26, 1995
Sir William Gage brought the greengage variety of this fruit to England around 1725 plum 400 April 26, 1995
Dwarf green curled is a variety of the Savoy type of this vegetable cabbage 500 April 26, 1995
This orange root vegetable belongs to the same family as celery & parsley a carrot 100 March 13, 1995
The Crenshaw is a type of this with green skin & salmon-colored flesh a melon 200 March 13, 1995
A compound called capsaicin puts the varying degrees of hot in different types of these a pepper 300 March 13, 1995
The new yellow pear variety of this is used in much the same way as the cherry type tomatoes 400 March 13, 1995
To make moussaka use one of these purple vegetables an eggplant 500 March 13, 1995
These cherries sometimes sold in green syrup are usually of the Royal Ann variety maraschino cherries 100 February 7, 1995
The limequat is a cross between a lime & this fruit the kumquat 200 February 7, 1995
A large one these fuzzy- skinned fruits from New Zealand has more vitamin C than a medium-sized orange a kiwi 300 February 7, 1995
The small, lantern-shaped habanero is one of the more-fiery types of this a pepper 400 February 7, 1995
The Bosc variety of this fruit is good for poaching & baking a pear 500 February 7, 1995
The Empire apple was developed in this state from the Delicious & McIntosh New York 100 November 30, 1994
Petit pois are small, tender ones of these peas 200 November 30, 1994
Blumenkohl is the German name for this vegetable cauliflower 300 November 30, 1994
Baba ghanoush is a Middle Eastern spread made with this purple-skinned vegetable the eggplant 400 November 30, 1994
In the U.S. Golden raisins are usually made from this variety of grape the Thompson Seedless 500 November 30, 1994
The Anjou & Comice varieties of this fruit originated in France a pear 100 March 22, 1994
This Italian summer squash is also called a small marrow zucchini 200 March 22, 1994
The name of this popular soul food vegetable comes from colewort collard greens 300 March 22, 1994
The cardoon, a type of thistle, is closely related to this "globe" vegetable artichoke 400 March 22, 1994
The "Japanese" persimmon was introduced to the U.S. by this commodore in 1855 Commodore (Matthew) Perry 500 March 22, 1994
With only 5 calories per stalk, some dieters claim you can burn weight while chewing this vegetable celery 100 February 25, 1994
This tropical fruit is a traditional garnish for ham pineapple 200 February 25, 1994
This purple skinned vegetable is popularly served parmigiana eggplant 300 February 25, 1994
California and New Zealand are among the major producers of this fuzzy-skinned fruit the kiwi 400 February 25, 1994
Up to 100 of these miniature cabbages grow on a single plant Brussels sprouts 500 February 25, 1994
A sauce made of this fruit is the traditional accompaniment for a Thanksgiving turkey cranberries 100 January 25, 1994
Before making ratatouille, this vegetable should be salted to reduce its bitterness eggplant 200 January 25, 1994
Celeriac is a type of celery grown for this part, not for its stalks the roots 300 January 25, 1994
This state produces over 80% of the strawberries grown in the United States California 400 January 25, 1994
The Japanese daikon is a giant, mild type of this vegetable a radish 500 January 25, 1994
The seedless navel is a sweet variety of this Orange 100 November 18, 1993
Alligator pear is another term for this Avocado 200 November 18, 1993
The plantain member of this fruit family, Musaceae, is also called Adam's fig banana 300 November 18, 1993
A wedge of this fruit is the traditional accompaniment for a shot of tequila Lime 400 November 18, 1993
Called a nut when dried, this is the fruit of the soapberry tree, native to China the lychee nut 500 November 18, 1993
To make sauerkraut, ferment this vegetable with salt cabbage 100 November 8, 1993
Though this fruit's name is in one of Ga.'s nicknames, Calif. & S.C. produce more of them peaches 200 November 8, 1993
The Muscat variety of this fruit is perfect for making raisins grapes 300 November 8, 1993
These were once called "love apples", perhaps because eating them was thought to make you fall in love tomatoes 400 November 8, 1993
This second-largest citrus fruit is believed to be a mutation of the largest, the shaddock grapefruit 500 November 8, 1993
The leaves of this relative of the scallion & shallot are commonly sprinkled on baked potatoes chives 100 July 23, 1993
Only this vegetable's heart & the soft flesh at the base of its leaves are eaten artichokes 200 July 23, 1993
White seedless types of this fruit are used to make fillets of sole Veronique grapes 300 July 23, 1993
The Greek kalamata & French nicoise are popular imported types of these olives 400 July 23, 1993
The yellow Cavendish is the most popular variety of this tropical fruit in the U.S. banana 500 July 23, 1993
Slices of this pickling vegetable are said to soften skin & soothe tired eyes cucumber 100 January 19, 1993
This vegetable may be named for the white, oval variety, but we know the purple one better an eggplant 200 January 19, 1993
The plantain type of this tropical fruit is almost always eaten cooked a banana 300 January 19, 1993
Loganberries are believed to be a hybrid of the blackberry & this red berry the raspberry 400 January 19, 1993
The Seville and bergamot are classified as bitter varieties of this fruit oranges 500 January 19, 1993
Like raisins, currants & sultanas are dried forms of this fruit the grape 100 September 9, 1992
Having large leaves, the Savoy variety of this vegetable is exceptional for stuffing cabbage 200 September 9, 1992
This legume is the No. 1 source of vegetable protein in the Japanese diet the soybean 300 September 9, 1992
Named for the capital of Veracruz, this hot chili pepper is a popular ingredient in Mexican cooking the jalapeño 400 September 9, 1992
This cranberry-like fruit is popularly used in Swedish pancake sauces, jellies & jams the lingonberry September 9, 1992
This tropical fruit is also called a pawpaw papaya 100 June 18, 1991
For a garnish, you might use a sprig of the curly leaf variety of this vegetable parsley 200 June 18, 1991
The Germans call this miniature vegetable "rosenkohl" or rose cabbage Brussels sprouts 300 June 18, 1991
The "Royal Anne" is a reddish-gold variety of this fruit a cherry 500 June 18, 1991
The freestone variety of this fruit is usually sold fresh while the clingstones come in cans peaches June 18, 1991
Don't tell Popeye, but the oxalic acid in this vegetable makes it difficult to absorb its iron spinach 100 May 9, 1991
This green citrus fruit is about half the size of a lemon a lime 200 May 9, 1991
This yellow string bean is an immature form of a kidney bean the wax bean 400 May 9, 1991
This pear, the most widely cultivated in the U.S., is actually the bon chretien of Europe the Bartlett 500 May 9, 1991
Miso, tamari & tofu are all made from this legume a soybean May 9, 1991
It's believed that this red berry grown in bogs was served at the first Thanksgiving a cranberry 100 February 20, 1991
Mangel-wurzel, used for cattle feed, is a variety of this red root vegetable a beet 200 February 20, 1991
The name of this fruit group comes from the Greek word for cedar, "kedros" citrus 300 February 20, 1991
Burpee ran a 1990 contest for the largest "prizewinner" variety of this; the deadline for entry was Oct. 31 the pumpkin 400 February 20, 1991
Except for grains, this tuber is the most widely consumed human food the potato 500 February 20, 1991
Cling peaches are called that because they cling to this Pit/Stone 100 January 17, 1991
The fruit of the nopal cactus is this kind of pear Prickly Pear 200 January 17, 1991
Citrus fruit named for the resemblance of its apex to a belly button Navel Orange 300 January 17, 1991
Wintercress is also called scurvy grass because of its high content of this vitamin Vitamin C 400 January 17, 1991
Maui & Vidalia, Georgia are famous for producing sweet types of this vegetable Onions 500 January 17, 1991
The head varieties of this vegetable are divided into butterhead & crisphead lettuce 100 November 7, 1990
Santa Claus, casaba & Crenshaw are types of this fruit melon 200 November 7, 1990
This root vegetable looks like, sounds like & is related to parsley parsnip 300 November 7, 1990
It's both a type of gourd & a small immature cucumber a gherkin 400 November 7, 1990
Ponderosa, Big Boy hybrid & Sunray are popular varieties of this tomato 500 November 7, 1990
They were once called "Saratoga Chips" after the town in New York where they were first made Potato chips 100 May 8, 1990
These red "berries" grown on the ground aren't true berries because the seeds are on the outside Strawberries 200 May 8, 1990
Of jams, jelly or preserves, the one that contains no fruit, only fruit juice Jelly 300 May 8, 1990
Thos. Jefferson is credited with introducing this vegetable, named for its ovoid shape, to the U.S. Eggplant 400 May 8, 1990
Supreme Court said this salad ingredient could be classified as a vegetable (but it's botanically a fruit) Tomato 500 May 8, 1990
The names of these 2 fruits are derived from "laimun", a Middle Eastern term for citrus lemon & lime 100 April 5, 1989
World Book calls these wide, flat beans the most nutritious member of the pea family lima beans 200 April 5, 1989
Only fruit specifically mentioned by name in the biblical account of Adam & Eve figs 300 April 5, 1989
Cole Slaw is made from cabbage, & the name of this cabbage-like vegetable is a variant of "cole" kale 100 January 9, 1989
Of the huckleberry, boysenberry or loganberry, the one not named after a person the huckleberry 200 January 9, 1989
We heard it through the grapevine that this is the top raisin-growing state California 300 January 9, 1989
Tomatoes & strawberries, as well as oranges, are primary sources of this vitamin vitamin C 100 May 13, 1988
Varieties of this fruit include the Bosc & the Anjou a pear 200 May 13, 1988
Type of cabbage used in "soul food", its name is a variation of its earlier name "colewort" collard (greens) 300 May 13, 1988
In the classic recipe for mayonnaise, the juice of this fruit may be used a lemon 400 May 13, 1988
"New" types of these greens being marketed in the U.S. are the Lollo Rossa & Red Oak Leaf lettuce 500 May 13, 1988
On the vine, the inside of this "cool" vegetable can be 20º cooler than the air outside a cucumber 100 March 2, 1988
Their pods are so tender & crisp they're cooked & eaten with the peas inside Chinese peas (snow peas) 200 March 2, 1988
True cantaloupes are hardly known outside Europe; what we call a cantaloupe is actually this a musk melon 300 March 2, 1988
The variety of lettuce called cos, after a Greek isle, is also commonly called this Romaine 500 March 2, 1988
1 of 2 fruits prescribed in the following Top 10 1972 hit:" called your doctor, woke him up /And said, Doctor, ain't there nothing I can take /I said, Doctor..." (1 of) lime (coconut) March 2, 1988
A variety of this vegetable was developed in Kentucky in the mid 19th c. by Jack Bibb lettuce 100 September 22, 1987
Produce the Fairy Godmother asked Cinderella to produce for her pumpkin 200 September 22, 1987
This nickname for the cowpea makes it sound like it's got a shiner black-eyed peas 300 September 22, 1987
In metric tons, it's the #1 fruit grown in both Afghanistan & France grape 400 September 22, 1987
Fermenting this vegetable w/flour in brine is commonest recipe for the sauce Japanese call "sho-yu" soybeans 500 September 22, 1987
Cultivating potatoes is thought to have originated in South America with this Indian culture the Incas 100 July 6, 1987
Broccoli, cauliflower, & Brussels sprouts are all related to this "heady" vegetable cabbage 200 July 6, 1987
1 of 2 vegetables listed in the World Book that begin with "E" eggplant (or endive) 300 July 6, 1987
Despite the name, you don't have to be a rabbi to get into one of these easy peeling oranges temple oranges 400 July 6, 1987
Other tropical fruit mentioned in 1st line of Rosemary Clooney's 1957 hit "Mangos" papayas 500 July 6, 1987