Clues for: Tv Detectives

Question Answer Value Airdate
This show began by saying "Once upon a time, there were 3 little girls who went to the police academy" <i>Charlie\'s Angels</i> 200 November 8, 2007
Bing Crosby was an early choice to play this detective but said no, so Peter Falk got the role Columbo 400 November 8, 2007
Expecting cancellation, this Hawaiian eye was killed off in 1987 but oops! got renewed & resuscitated Magnum, P.I. 600 November 8, 2007
Top fashion model Maddie Hayes became a reluctant P.I. paired with David Addison on this show <i>Moonlighting</i> 800 November 8, 2007
"This is" this trailer-dwelling private eye. "At the tone, leave your name & message. I'll get back to you" Rockford 1000 November 8, 2007
A former homicide detective on "NYPD BLUE", he's now solving homicides on "CSI: Miami" David Caruso 200 October 30, 2003
2/3 of this title team that debuted in 1976 were played by a former Wella Balsam model & a former Breck Girl Charlie\'s Angels 400 October 30, 2003
On NBC William Conrad played this stout detective -- Rex Stout Nero Wolfe 600 October 30, 2003
City whose streets were the beat for the detectives in "Homicide: Life on the Street" Baltimore 800 October 30, 2003
In 1975 Tony Franciosa played this TV playboy detective played on film by Dean Martin Matt Helm 1000 October 30, 2003
Before "Alice", Linda Lavin worked under this captain of the 12th Precinct Barney Miller 100 April 9, 1990
He was Lieut. Tobias on "Mannix" at the same time he was playing Mike Brady Robert Reed 500 April 9, 1990
She's won 4 Tonys for her Broadway roles, but, so far, not one Emmy for "Murder, She Wrote" Angela Lansbury 100 May 3, 1989
This Raymond Burr character had been shot in the spine by a would-be assassin Ironside 200 May 3, 1989
Every show began with a murder that was neatly solved by this sloppy detective Columbo 300 May 3, 1989
This former Miss America played Buddy Ebsen's daughter-in-law on "Barnaby Jones" Lee Meriwether 400 May 3, 1989
In his 1st & last major TV role, he played Inspector Steve Keller on "The Streets of San Francisco" Michael Douglas 500 May 3, 1989
This series premiered on Friday, the 13th of September 1974 & starred James Garner <i>The Rockford Files</i> 100 November 23, 1988
Magnum's first name Thomas 300 November 23, 1988
Wojo, a character in this series, had flunked the sergeant's exam 5 times <i>Barney Miller</i> 400 November 23, 1988
David Janssen played this ex-cop who walked around with a bullet lodged in his back Harry O 500 November 23, 1988
[AUDIO DAILY DOUBLE] His favorite nightspot was "Mother's" & his theme was the following: [instrumental] Peter Gunn November 23, 1988
Jack Klugman starred as this crusading coroner with no apparent 1st name Quincy 100 July 6, 1987
Sales of these increased when Kojak started using them to stop smoking lollipops 200 July 6, 1987
This series featuring a trio of detectives was once described as "a skin & hair show" <i>Charlie\'s Angels</i> 300 July 6, 1987
Lt. Columbo was inspired by the characteristics of Petrovich, the policeman in this Dostoevski novel <i>Crime and Punishment</i> 400 July 6, 1987
Occupation of Fenton Hardy, father of "The Hardy Boys" a private detective 500 July 6, 1987