Clues for: Weapons

Question Answer Value Airdate
This weapon that vaporized an island in a Nov. 1, 1952 test was Edward Teller's brainchild the hydrogen bomb 200 May 30, 2006
St. Rene Goupil was martyred in 1642 with this hand-axe for making the sign of the cross over a Mohawk child the tomahawk 400 May 30, 2006
(Jon of the Clue Crew reads from a field.) For defense & hunting, Lewis & Clark used this type of gun; named from the Latin for "little fly", it was one of the English words Indians knew a musket 600 May 30, 2006
This Medieval weapon, named for its wide blade, weighed about 3 pounds & was swung one-handed a broadsword 800 May 30, 2006
Calcium permanganate once powered the V-2 type of this weapon; it's now available as a disinfectant a rocket 1000 May 30, 2006
Einsteinium was discovered in 1952 in the debris produced by one of these a hydrogen bomb 200 March 17, 2004
Take a stab at this one; someone giving a threatening glare could "look" these weapons at you daggers 400 March 17, 2004
Technically, your AK-47s & M16s aren't machine guns, they're automatic these rifles 600 March 17, 2004
The Minuteman III is an ICBM, which is short for this intercontinental ballistic missile 800 March 17, 2004
This cavalry weapon was inspired by the Turkish scimitar sabre 1000 March 17, 2004
Most of us know it better as Excalibur; Geoffrey of Monmouth called this king's sword Caliburn King Arthur 200 January 7, 2004
When loading a musket, first put in the gunpowder, then the wadding, then this ball/bullet 400 January 7, 2004
After WWI the U.S. gave infantrymen the new M1 rifle; in the 1960s this newer model was given to GIs in Vietnam the M16 600 January 7, 2004
The arrangement of these on a shotgun may be side-by-side or over-and-under the barrels 800 January 7, 2004
Its name goes back to an Algonquin word for "an instrument to cut (it) off" tomahawk 1000 January 7, 2004
A person whose reckless behavior puts others in danger is a "loose" one of these cannon 100 June 21, 1999
The word howitzer may go back to the Czech word houfnice, this weapon carried by Dennis the Menace slingshot 200 June 21, 1999
Belgian Noel Godin masterminded a February 1998 hit on Bill Gates with one of these custard pie 300 June 21, 1999
Anthony Hopkins said he got so good with this weapon doing "Zorro" he could snap a twig off a tree with it a whip 400 June 21, 1999
A key issue of the 1998 attorney general's race in California was the ban on these semi-automatic weapons assault rifles 500 June 21, 1999
This barbed spear attached to a rope is used to kill or capture large fish & whales a harpoon 100 September 25, 1997
An onager is an ancient one of these devices used to hurl stones a catapult 200 September 25, 1997
An arbalest is this type of archery weapon a crossbow 300 September 25, 1997
The Spencer repeating rifle was this type, the opposite of a muzzle loader a breach loader 400 September 25, 1997
Battery operated, it fires electric darts to immobilize the person attacking you a stun gun 500 September 25, 1997
Weapon with the greatest "return" for your money, especially if your money is an Australian dollar the boomerang 100 November 7, 1995
Marvin Runyon said as of Aug. 1, 1995 any of these workers bringing a gun to the job would be fired postal workers 200 November 7, 1995
An encased explosive charge set on a wall or gate; you may be "hoisted by" your own if you're too close a petard 300 November 7, 1995
Sometimes made of a 15' length of hollow cane, it uses the force of one's breath to propel a dart a blow gun 400 November 7, 1995
Wayne LaPierre, an executive of this gun group, blamed the 1995 loss of 300,000 members on the dues increase the NRA 500 November 7, 1995
In names of weapons, it follows "long" & "cross" bow 100 October 2, 1992
A torpedo is often described as being shaped like this tobacco product a cigar 200 October 2, 1992
The name of this Aussie weapon is also a synonym for "backfire" a boomerang 300 October 2, 1992
This spear's name is from the Latin for "three-toothed" a trident 400 October 2, 1992
An instant breakfast drink, or the part of a blade that connects to the handle a tang 500 October 2, 1992
Iraq fired over 35 of these missiles on Israel during the Gulf War scud 100 January 16, 1992
The knife or sword fitted on the barrel of a gun, named for the region of France where it was invented a bayonet 200 January 16, 1992
The points of these long weapons were often blunted when used in jousting a lance 300 January 16, 1992
This kind of medieval bow was so strong, it could only be bent by mechanical devices a crossbow 400 January 16, 1992
A medieval spiked club, or a modern compound of chemicals which you can use to fend off an attacker a mace 500 January 16, 1992
A scimitar is one of these with a curved blade a sword 100 February 11, 1991
Ponce de Leon was struck by one during an Indian attack & died soon after an arrow 200 February 11, 1991
The simplest blow guns are made from this giant grass bamboo 300 February 11, 1991
This whip got its name when its blows were compared to the scratches of a feline a cat o\' nine tails 400 February 11, 1991
A knight might have spiced up his life by using this heavy clublike weapon to break armor a mace 500 February 11, 1991
It's hollow, has a mouthpiece, shoots poison darts & can be 25 feet in length a blowgun 100 November 7, 1990
From the Latin for "fly", this shoulder gun let fly with ammo throughout the 17th & 18th centuries musket 200 November 7, 1990
Built in the 16th century, the Czar Pushka is the world's largest one of these & is now in the Kremlin a cannon 300 November 7, 1990
Guy Fawkes was part of the conspiracy known as this the Gunpowder Plot 400 November 7, 1990
Also called onagers, the largest one could throw a missile weighing 60 lbs. a distance of 500 yards a catapult 500 November 7, 1990
Large-caliber weapons, they can be heavy, field or siege artillery 100 June 6, 1990
First weapon mentioned in "The Star-Spangled Banner" rockets 200 June 6, 1990
In the Marine Corps the next rank up from PFC has this weapon in its name lance 300 June 6, 1990
This cavalry weapon was inspired by the Turkish scimitar saber 400 June 6, 1990
Weapon that killed Achilles arrow 500 June 6, 1990
This light spear was once used to hunt wild boar, now it's thrown in the Olympics javelin 100 May 7, 1990
The name of this firearm can be used as a verb meaning to ransack or plunder rifle 200 May 7, 1990
These machines work like giant slingshots; medieval men used them to hurl stones at & over walls catapults 300 May 7, 1990
Some of these American Indian weapons had a bowl opposite the blade so they could double as pipes tomahawk 400 May 7, 1990
The arbalest, which often had a steel bow, was one of these medieval weapons crossbow 500 May 7, 1990
Contrary to popular belief, not all boomerangs do this return to the thrower 100 February 8, 1990
Guinness won't print any new records for swallowing these: "Count Desmond" is the champ swords 200 February 8, 1990
According to legend, you can destroy a vampire by driving one of these thru his heart stake 300 February 8, 1990
A weapon for Galahad's dad; it's a diminutive of his name lance 400 February 8, 1990
"Fishy" name for a spear used by infantry during the renaissance pike 500 February 8, 1990
Projectile common to British pubs & tranquilizer guns darts 100 March 31, 1989
Title of a 1987 Stanley Kubrick film; a bullet that has one keeps its shape when striking a target <i>Full Metal Jacket</i> 200 March 31, 1989
1959 was the 1st model year for the M60, one of these weighing 48 tons tank 300 March 31, 1989
Type of comedy named for a noisy board with which clowns or vaudeville comics whack each other slapstick 400 March 31, 1989
Slang for a small gun, it could also be a straw used as a blowgun peashooter 500 March 31, 1989
A weapon for battling gladiators, today one divides battling tennis players net 100 May 12, 1988
An AA gun is a weapon designed as anti- this aircraft 200 May 12, 1988
The oldest of all explosives, its formula appears in a 13th century book by Roger Bacon gunpowder 300 May 12, 1988
It's the thrown weapon most identified with the Gauchos bola 400 May 12, 1988
Amendment to the Constitution pertaining to your right to bear arms Second Amendment May 12, 1988
Varieties of these include concussion, smoke, tear-gas & hand grenades 100 April 20, 1988
A bunch of artillery shells shot off at once, or just one shot in tennis volley 200 April 20, 1988
In the Encyclopaedia Britannica, this weapons designer falls between poets Elizabeth & Robt. John Browning 300 April 20, 1988
Weapon pictured on the flag of Saudi Arabia sword 400 April 20, 1988
Weapon whose name is used to describe a stalk of asparagus spear 500 April 20, 1988
From the Germanic "hache", it's a small ax a hatchet 100 January 11, 1988
U.S. land-based long-range nuclear missile that shares name with type of Revolutionary War fighter a Minuteman 200 January 11, 1988
One might be fired "out of the blue"--from a crossbow a bolt 300 January 11, 1988
A type of sword, or a type of Oldsmobile a cutlass 200 January 5, 1988
Expendable soldiers are referred to in slang as fodder for this type of weapon cannons 300 January 5, 1988
This phrase, meaning "the whole of anything", is taken from the 3 main parts of a firearm lock, stock & barrel 400 January 5, 1988
This weapon is pictured on the seal of the Department of Defense arrows 500 January 5, 1988
Both the pole & battle variety of this can be spelled without an "e" an ax 200 October 29, 1987
Rank just above PFC in the Marine Corps, it includes a weapon in its name a lance corporal 400 October 29, 1987
It's an explosive device dropped in battle or a shocking surprise dropped in conversation a bombshell (bomb accepted) 500 October 29, 1987
1st 2 weapons mentioned in Hamlet's "To be or not to be" speech slings & arrows October 29, 1987
It was named after its co-inventor John Thompson, an American Army officer the Tommy gun (Thompson submachine gun) 100 September 14, 1987
Weapon that was the trademark of Lash LaRue a (bull)whip 200 September 14, 1987
They are also called "knuckle-dusters" brass knuckles 300 September 14, 1987
From the Czech "houfnice" meaning "catapult", it's a cannon that shoots with a high trajectory a howitzer 400 September 14, 1987
The instruments of murder in this 1978 Jacqueline Bisset film were all food related <i>Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe</i> 500 September 14, 1987
The Light Brigade found these "to the right of them", "to the left of them", & "in front of them" cannons 100 January 16, 1987
Weapon Don Quixote used to tilt at the windmill lance 200 January 16, 1987
Snappy nickname for congressional party leaders' assistants whip 300 January 16, 1987
The name of this large heavy knife is a diminutive of the Spanish "macho", meaning "hammer" or "ax" machete 400 January 16, 1987
Last names of old west gunmaking pair Horace & Daniel B. Smith & Wesson January 16, 1987
In submarine slang, they're called "fish" torpedos 100 October 3, 1986
1 of 2 common weapons that are also common dives in competition a jackknife (or the pike) 200 October 3, 1986
Shape of a ninja's shuriken, it's what "shuriken" means in Japanese star 300 October 3, 1986
To "speed up" the flying Dumbos at Disneyland, Timothy, the mouse on top of the ride, has 1 of these a whip 400 October 3, 1986
As part of plan to conquer the universe in a 1940 movie serial, he spread purple death dust over the earth Emperor Ming (the Merciless) 500 October 3, 1986
Originating in Holland in the 1700s, its name is corruption of Dutch "donderbus", "thundergun" a blunderbuss 100 March 5, 1986
Completes "Beneath the rule of men entirely great, the pen..." is mightier than the sword 200 March 5, 1986
Arnold Schwarzenegger was the weapon in this 1984 film <i>The Terminator</i> 300 March 5, 1986
Its handle contains matches fish hooks & line, a cable saw, & a compass a survival knife 400 March 5, 1986
In the 1600s, Phineas Fletcher called it "the coward's weapon" poison 500 March 5, 1986
“Weapon” Dorothy used to kill the Wicked Witch of the West water 100 November 15, 1985
21, or a thug's bludgeon blackjack 200 November 15, 1985
Curare is added to this projectile to give it that little extra shot blowgun dart 300 November 15, 1985
The weapon which killed this “1st murder victim” was never revealed Abel 400 November 15, 1985
Long, straight, 2-edged sword with a large cup hilt; some people have this type of wit rapier 500 November 15, 1985
To a thug, it's a shiv; to us, a utensil knife 100 September 23, 1985
Indication that a song has the right ammunition to make it to the top of the charts it has a bullet 200 September 23, 1985
Getting the 1st one from an Australian trainer; Batman now has 100 different kinds Batarang 300 September 23, 1985
Greek mathematician who invented a mirror to focus sunlight & set fire to enemy sails Archimedes 500 September 23, 1985
Military weapon which falls between flamenco & flamingo in the Funk & Wagnalls flamethrower September 23, 1985
Movie name given to the theory of weapons in space debated by Reagan & Mondale Star Wars 100 April 8, 1985
A bubble gum or a rocket launcher a bazooka 200 April 8, 1985
Said to have been created in Bayonne, France in 1641, soldiers have been stuck with it ever since the bayonet 300 April 8, 1985
Instrument of death used in the cult "Texas... Massacre" film chainsaw 400 April 8, 1985
The city of Damascus was noted for making this curved sword the scimitar 500 April 8, 1985