Clues for: Americana

Question Answer Value Airdate
In 1954 Norwegian sailor Arne Pettersen was the last person processed through this immigration station Ellis Island 200 October 18, 2022
The USA's National Mammal is the majestic critter seen here, designated by Congress under this 5-letter name a bison 400 October 18, 2022
Nan, sister of this painter, is next to a pitchfork-wielding gent in "American Gothic" Grant Wood 600 October 18, 2022
This "Hymn" came about when James Clarke told Julia Ward Howe she should rewrite the lyrics to "John Brown's Body" "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic" 1000 October 18, 2022
This 1943 song helped give an iconic female factory worker her name "Rosie The Riveter" October 18, 2022
A bit confusingly, the first big attraction in the history of Florida's Gatorland was Bone Crusher, a 1/2-ton one of these a crocodile 200 January 28, 2022
A quarter-ton cow made of this (unsalted) is an icon of the Illinois State Fair butter 400 January 28, 2022
Young woman! It's fun to stay here & Julia Morgan, the USA's most prolific major architect, designed about 20 of them the YWCA 600 January 28, 2022
The original logo of this movie studio was likely inspired by scenic Ben Lomond in Utah, home state of W.W. Hodkinson, a studio founder Paramount 800 January 28, 2022
You didn't want to annoy the Catskill Witch, who in legend controlled the weather for this river valley the Hudson Valley 1000 January 28, 2022
This hero of a folk ballad says, "If I can't beat this steam drill down, I'll die with this hammer in my hand!" John Henry 200 July 6, 2021
El Yunque on this Caribbean island is the only tropical rain forest in the U.S. national forest system Puerto Rico 400 July 6, 2021
Santa Monica's Pacific Park has a taco stand punningly named "Whac-a-" this 2-syllable Mexican sauce mole 600 July 6, 2021
The USA's oldest continuously operating one, this building has linked Hinsdale, N.H. with the world since it opened in 1816 post office 1000 July 6, 2021
Unusually, one building of the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce in West Virginia is made of this flammable mineral coal July 6, 2021
The state motto of Oklahoma is Labor omnia vincit, "Labor" does this conquers all 200 May 7, 2021
After she beat professional marksman Frank Butler in a shooting match, she married him Annie Oakley 400 May 7, 2021
2021 marks the 90th birthday of this building which was already the world's tallest in 1950 when it added a 220-foot TV tower the Empire State Building 600 May 7, 2021
This single optimistic word is the official state motto of Rhode Island Hope 800 May 7, 2021
Boothill Graveyard is still a popular draw in this town about 30 miles from the Arizona-Mexico border Tombstone May 7, 2021
Valley Forge is 25 miles from this city where the British lived comfortably as the Continental Army froze Philadelphia 200 November 6, 2017
In the 1920s "Cave Wars", operators of smaller caves would falsely tell tourists about closures in this now national park Mammoth Cave 400 November 6, 2017
From 1934, Baker's Keyboard Lounge in Detroit claims to be the world's oldest club for this very American genre of music jazz 600 November 6, 2017
Head west from this Tennessee city over the De Soto Bridge and you're in Arkansas Memphis 800 November 6, 2017
The Wyoming national refuge for these 600-pound creatures holds an annual antler auction elk 1000 November 6, 2017
In 1948 this brand held its first home party to sell its plastic containers with airtight seals Tupperware 200 July 21, 2015
Its hand holding the torch was on display at the Centennial Exposition in Philly before it was completed the Statue of Liberty 400 July 21, 2015
Nudie Cohn, the custom tailor for Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, also made this singer's $10,000 gold lame suit Elvis Presley 600 July 21, 2015
A roller coaster called the Cyclone is a part of this amusement area in the southern part of Brooklyn Coney Island 800 July 21, 2015
The view from the summit of this mountain inspired the song "America The Beautiful" Pikes Peak 1000 July 21, 2015
This TV show is celebrating its 25th season of bringing us the real-life fun & follies of our nation <i>America\'s Funniest Home Videos</i> 200 February 6, 2015
This weapon named for a frontiersman has also been called the "Arkansas toothpick" a Bowie knife 400 February 6, 2015
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from Times Square in New York City.) This man, who became mayor in 1994, is credited with cleaning up Times Square (Rudy) Giuliani 600 February 6, 2015
Carroll Shelby had a dream that told him to use the name of this snake on the front of his roadster a cobra 800 February 6, 2015
Here's a piece of Americana, "Summer Party", by this folk painter Grandma Moses 1000 February 6, 2015
The America the Beautiful quarter that honors this Florida national park shows a bird with outstretched wings the Everglades 200 November 26, 2014
In 1930 Jimmy Dewar created this creme-filled sponge cake, which Hostess sold 2 for a nickel a Twinkie 400 November 26, 2014
Miss U.S.A. began in 1952; 3 decades later this word was inserted to start a new pageant Teen 600 November 26, 2014
This type of covered wagon used in the 19th century is named for a region of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Conestoga 800 November 26, 2014
This boy & his dog Tige were major cartoon characters before becoming mascots for kids' shoes Buster Brown 1000 November 26, 2014
George "the Gipper" Gipp died 2 weeks after being named to this team made up of the best from around college football All-American 200 January 10, 2013
This accused ax murderess was back in the news in 2012 after her lawyer's original journals were discovered Lizzie Borden 400 January 10, 2013
O. Henry called this fall holiday "the one day that is purely American" Thanksgiving 600 January 10, 2013
Sandy Hook Light, the USA's oldest standing lighthouse, still operates in this state New Jersey 800 January 10, 2013
A little bird told us this Tennessee city that's home to Dollywood got its name from a river & an ironworks Pigeon Forge 1000 January 10, 2013
In 1939 Superman made his first appearance as a balloon in this beloved parade the Macy\'s Thanksgiving Day Parade 200 January 31, 2012
One fifth of the about 400 species at this Washington, D.C. attraction are endangered or threatened the National Zoo 400 January 31, 2012
In 1877 the Philadelphia Univ. named for this 3rd president opened one of the first teaching hospitals in the United States Jefferson 600 January 31, 2012
"Oklahoma!" is a musical by Richard Rodgers & this lyricist Hammerstein 800 January 31, 2012
The Transylvania Co. hired Daniel Boone to blaze a trail through this gap to establish Kentucky as a 14th colony the Cumberland Gap 1000 January 31, 2012
In 1885 America got its first skyscraper, the Home Insurance Building, in this "Windy City" Chicago 200 December 4, 2009
Waterloo, N.Y. is the birthplace of this holiday, having first honored the Civil War dead May 5, 1866 Memorial Day 400 December 4, 2009
The Democratic campaign song in the 1932 election was these "Are Here Again" Happy Days 600 December 4, 2009
In the 1920s Shipwreck Kelly made a name for himself sitting high atop these flagpoles 800 December 4, 2009
This Panhandle State's Cimarron County borders 4 states Oklahoma 1000 December 4, 2009
This national memorial in the Black Hills is also called the "Shrine of Democracy" Mount Rushmore 200 February 16, 2009
The song "America, the Beautiful" says, "crown thy good with" this "from sea to shining sea" brotherhood 400 February 16, 2009
(Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from the Crayola factory in Easton, Pennsylvania.) In 1958, the 64-color assortment of Crayolas debuted; the box had this new built-in feature that later earned it a place in the Smithsonian a sharpener 600 February 16, 2009
This 4-word inscription first appeared on U.S. coins during the Civil War In God We Trust 800 February 16, 2009
She wrote the poem that says, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" Emma Lazarus 1000 February 16, 2009
His innovations include the first American newspaper cartoon (in 1754) & bifocals (around 1780) (Benjamin) Franklin 200 September 18, 2008
The first section of the boardwalk along this New Jersey seashore resort opened on June 26, 1870 Atlantic City 600 September 18, 2008
Alexander Hamilton was the first secretary of this government department the Treasury 800 September 18, 2008
Florida was named in honor of this holiday season, whose Spanish name includes the word florida Easter 1000 September 18, 2008
2 of the most performed songs in the U.S. after "Happy Birthday"; both were sung March 31, 2008 at Dodger Stadium the National Anthem & "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" September 18, 2008
A nickname for New York is "the Big" this fruit an apple 200 February 25, 2008
George Bush Intercontinental Airport is in this city Houston 400 February 25, 2008
In 1958 Crayola changed the name of its Prussian blue crayon to this "timely" blue midnight blue 800 February 25, 2008
The Caldecott is for illustrators; authors get this medal for the most distinguished American children's book the Newbery 1000 February 25, 2008
After getting lost crossing a California desert & suffering intensely, emigrants gave the area this name Death Valley February 25, 2008
Its state animal is the grizzly bear, & the state tree is a type of redwood California 200 February 13, 2008
Ironically, this symbol of America was cast in London in 1752 the Liberty Bell 400 February 13, 2008
(Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns delivers the clue.) My 1st documentary shown on PBS, and later nominated for an Oscar, was about this magnificent 19th century New York City structure the Brooklyn Bridge 600 February 13, 2008
Virginia City, Nevada & this nearby state capital are known as "Sisters in History" Carson City 800 February 13, 2008
If you want to go to the Texas State Fair, head for this "big" city, not the state capital Dallas 1000 February 13, 2008
Take your sweetie to see Sweetheart Rock, also known as Pu'u Pehe, in this U.S. state Hawaii 200 October 19, 2007
Many have reported seeing ghosts inside the governor's mansion in this Nevada capital Carson City 400 October 19, 2007
When Custer marched into Charlottesville in 1865, faculty leaders convinced him to spare this university (whew!) the University of Virginia 600 October 19, 2007
It's always "The Night of the Iguana" on Gasparilla Island in this U.S. state, home to 1000s of them Florida 1000 October 19, 2007
In 1995 this "Land of Opportunity" got a new official nickname, "The Natural State" Arkansas October 19, 2007
On July 8, 1776 it was rung to proclaim the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence the Liberty Bell 200 October 9, 2007
Suffragettes were women who wanted the right to do this (& got to with the 19th Amendement) vote 400 October 9, 2007
Check out exotic marine life at one of these, like the National one in Baltimore an aquarium 600 October 9, 2007
Tulsa's newspaper is called The World; Boston's is named for this object that depicts the world a globe 800 October 9, 2007
The name of this Texas city is Spanish for "yellow" Amarillo 1000 October 9, 2007
This restaurant's Original Recipe features a secret blend of 11 herbs & spices KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) 200 July 18, 2007
The logo of this theme park chain is seen here Six Flags 400 July 18, 2007
The first ad sign in the U.S. using these lights went up on a Los Angeles car dealership in 1923 neon 600 July 18, 2007
Company lore says that a shiny black bathing suit gave this clothing store its name Wet Seal 800 July 18, 2007
This Colorado ski resort was named for Buchanan's VP John C. Breckinridge 1000 July 18, 2007
The price of this iconic American item hasn't had a low rise; the low-rise type are $88 at Victoria's Secret jeans 200 May 31, 2007
Company whose symbol is seen here American Airlines 400 May 31, 2007
As in the title of a movie & a TV series, it's game night for U.S. high school football Friday night 600 May 31, 2007
(I'm master carpenter Norm Abram.) The 1st old house we renovated was a run-down Victorian in the Dorchester section of this city Boston 800 May 31, 2007
These creatures usually contributed the materials that early scrimshanders carved whales 1000 May 31, 2007
The yellowhammer isn't Alabama's official state tool, it's the official state this bird 200 May 10, 2007
It's round! It's red! It's Tennessee's state fruit!--though some might call it a vegetable tomato 400 May 10, 2007
A statue known as "The Strolling Professor" seems to stroll through the campus of this univ. in Raleigh North Carolina State 600 May 10, 2007
Appropriately, the city of Great Falls is the seat of Cascade County in this state Montana 800 May 10, 2007
Counties in this state named for people killed at the same site include Floyd, Travis & Bowie Texas May 10, 2007
When G.I. Joe was introduced, he had one of these on his face; today, plastic surgery would take care of it a scar 200 January 30, 2007
In 1903 the American yacht Reliance defended this trophy against the Irish yacht Shamrock III the America\'s Cup 400 January 30, 2007
The U.S. Postal abbreviation for this American territory is "AS" American Samoa 600 January 30, 2007
The Kansas Statehouse mural seen here is entitled "The Tragic Prelude" & depicts this pre-Civil War firebrand John Brown 800 January 30, 2007
The Wally Byam Caravan Club International is for owners of this distinctive-looking brand of trailer Airstream 1000 January 30, 2007
To get a close-up peek at Pikes Peak, you have to be in this state Colorado 200 December 7, 2006
Writing about his first voyage to America, Salvador Dali said that this city "looked like an immense Gothic Roquefort cheese" New York City 400 December 7, 2006
The motto of this 68-square-mile area is Justitia Omnibus, "Justice For All" Washington, D.C. 600 December 7, 2006
The von Trapp family of "Sound of Music" fame moved to this state in the '40s & built a ski lodge in Stowe Vermont 800 December 7, 2006
Appropriately, this river flows into Long Island Sound just below New London, Connecticut Thames River 1000 December 7, 2006
In Oklahoma, the scissor-tailed flycatcher is the official state one of these the state bird 200 May 17, 2006
Since 1962 it's been a tradition to dye the Chicago River this color for a special day in March green 400 May 17, 2006
Last name of the first family of feuding seen here in the 1890s Hatfield 600 May 17, 2006
The National Prisoner of War Museum is adjacent to the site of this notorious Civil War prison Andersonville 800 May 17, 2006
The bizcochito is this state's official cookie, so you can use it at Christmas as a "Santa Fee" New Mexico 1000 May 17, 2006
Rhode Island is nicknamed "Little Rhody", & this state is "Little Ida" Idaho 200 March 24, 2006
The fabulous Hawaiian estate of heiress Doris Duke is now a tourist attraction near Diamond Head on this island Oahu 400 March 24, 2006
This Chicago cemetery is the final resting place of Mies van der Rohe, but not--despite its name--of Elvis Graceland 600 March 24, 2006
You don't have to be in spitting distance to know that N.C. has 3 official festivals; 2 of them honor this fruit the watermelon 800 March 24, 2006
Love was in the air in 1969 when this state adopted the tourism slogan that says it "is for lovers" Virginia 1000 March 24, 2006
In the 1920s Alvin "Shipwreck" Kelly made a name for himself by sitting atop these, often for days at a time flagpoles 200 December 13, 2005
An air and space museum in Wapakoneta, Ohio is named for this Wapakoneta native Neil Armstrong 400 December 13, 2005
Robert E. Lee's wife, Mary Ann Randolph Custis, was the great-granddaughter of this first lady Martha Washington 600 December 13, 2005
In 1811 work began on the 1st national highway, the Cumberland Road, between Illinois & Cumberland in this state Maryland 800 December 13, 2005
Closed in 2002, this lavish NYC restaurant began as a place for immigrants to gather & drink tea the Russian Tea Room 1000 December 13, 2005
It opened its doors as an immigration station on January 1, 1892 Ellis Island 200 November 21, 2005
This missionary nurseryman did most of his work in Ohio & Indiana, where he died in 1845 Johnny Appleseed 400 November 21, 2005
Eli Bridge builds amusement rides like this one that's been making the rounds since 1893 a ferris wheel 600 November 21, 2005
In 1953 the Maryland Historical Society acquired an original 1814 manuscript of this for $26,400 "The Star-Spangled Banner" 800 November 21, 2005
(Hi. I'm Larry King.) This New York governor was the guest on the first "Larry King Live" on CNN June 1, 1985 Mario Cuomo 1000 November 21, 2005
He presided over the Senate in the first Congress John Adams 200 February 23, 2005
The Liberty Bell weighs about a ton; this similarly named bell in Charlotte, N.C. weighs 7 tons the American Freedom Bell 400 February 23, 2005
Nimitz' line "Uncommon valor was a common virtue" was about the World War II battle for this island Iwo Jima 600 February 23, 2005
Following 1912, it was the next year a star was added to the U.S. flag 1959 800 February 23, 2005
Robert Mills designed this structure that opened in 1888 & was built from 36,491 blocks the Washington Monument 1000 February 23, 2005
This South Dakota national memorial is also known as "The Shrine of Democracy" Mt. Rushmore 200 February 2, 2005
He wrote "The Tell-Tale Heart" when he lived in Philadelphia & a brick house he rented there is an historic site Edgar Allan Poe 400 February 2, 2005
This company makes more than 80 million kiss-shaped products every day at its chocolate factories Hershey 600 February 2, 2005
On May 14, 1804 this duo's Corps of Discovery started up the Missouri on a fact-finding mission Lewis & Clark 800 February 2, 2005
A Chicago doctor who made orthopedic foot products gave his name to this brand of wooden-soled sandals Dr. Scholl 1000 February 2, 2005
The theme park once known as Silver Dollar City got a makeover & in '86 was renamed this, in honor of a famous blonde Dollywood 200 January 5, 2005
New Mexico's state song, "O, Fair New Mexico", was written by the daughter of this man who killed Billy the Kid Pat Garrett 400 January 5, 2005
George Gershwin prepared to write this opera by studying Southern black culture on an island off the Carolina coast <i>Porgy & Bess</i> 600 January 5, 2005
At the Cabildo in New Orleans, you can see the death mask of this ruler who ceded New Orleans to the U.S. Napoleon (I) 800 January 5, 2005
(Hi, I'm Gretchen Carlson of the CBS Saturday Early Show.) As a former Miss Minnesota, I know that the Minnesota state motto is "L'Etoile du Nord", or this "of the North" star 1000 January 5, 2005
The cereal that Tony the Tiger thinks is gr-r-reat is Kellogg's Frosted Flakes of this corn 200 November 19, 2004
The total weight of copper in this statue is 31 tons, though the copper sheeting is only 3/32 of an inch thick Statue of Liberty 400 November 19, 2004
For McDonald's fries, this portion found in the name of a documentary translates to 610 calories & 29 grams of fat Super Size 600 November 19, 2004
A 2003 stamp honored the bicentennial of this, often called the greatest real estate deal in history Louisiana Purchase 800 November 19, 2004
This white school shoe is named for the shape of the black leather piece that's over the middle section of the shoe saddle shoe 1000 November 19, 2004
El Paso has a 459-foot lighted one of these, also in the nickname of its state star 200 April 26, 2004
In 2003 chef Daniel Boulud started shaving truffles onto this fast food favorite & charging $50 for it hamburger 400 April 26, 2004
The Nelson Knitting Co. made these pieces of apparel that people made monkeys out of socks 600 April 26, 2004
Mary Edna Fraser, whose work is seen here, had the first one-woman show at this Smithsonian museum The Air & Space Museum 800 April 26, 2004
2-word title of the artwork seen here; New Englanders might call it "Spa" "Soda Fountain" 1000 April 26, 2004
Inside the Cabildo in New Orleans, you can visit the room where the documents for this sale were signed in 1803 the Louisiana Purchase 200 March 18, 2004
Some call it the "Queen State" because it was named for Queen Henrietta Maria Maryland 400 March 18, 2004
(Sarah of the Clue Crew rides a carousel.) My beautiful steed was carved by Charles I.D. Looff, who designed the first carousel at this Brooklyn site back in 1875 Coney Island 600 March 18, 2004
The Western Meadowlark is one busy bird; it's the state bird of Kansas & of this state just north of Kansas Nebraska 800 March 18, 2004
This Northwest city's famed Repertory Theatre won a 1990 Tony Award for Outstanding Regional Theatre Seattle 1000 March 18, 2004
In an upset, this businessman was elected mayor of New York City in 2001 Michael Bloomberg 200 January 28, 2002
(Sofia of the Clue Crew presents from outside a mansion.) Elias H. Derby, who moved into this house in 1762, may have been America's first one of these; you could call him "Daddy Revolutionary War-bucks" millionaire 400 January 28, 2002
Arthur MacArthur, father of Douglas, was military governor of these islands form May 1900 to July 1901 Philippines 600 January 28, 2002
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from on a paddle-wheel boat.) While minister to France (1801-1804) Robert Livingston partnered up with this American to develop a paddle-wheel steamboat Robert Fulton 800 January 28, 2002
It's the official state insect of Arkansas -- how sweet! Honeybee 100 June 30, 2000
This Cambridge, Mass. university is named for a man who graduated from England's Cambridge Univ. in the 1630s Harvard 200 June 30, 2000
Race a Model T while holding a pig in your lap in the Pig-N-Ford race at this state's Tillamook County Fair Oregon 300 June 30, 2000
Roy Rogers once said his birthplace was roughly where second base at this city's Riverfront Stadium later stood Cincinnati 400 June 30, 2000
Want to see a 2,000-pound pillar of salt? Head for the New York State Museum in this city Albany 500 June 30, 2000
Johnny Cash once recorded a live album at Folsom Prison, just east of this state capital Sacramento 100 May 25, 2000
On its north, this state borders Tennessee; on its east, the Atlantic Ocean Georgia 200 May 25, 2000
With Hartford, this "New" city was joint capital of Connecticut from 1701 to 1875 New Haven 300 May 25, 2000
In 1860 this small Atlantic coast state had the highest percentage of slaves in the U.S. South Carolina 400 May 25, 2000
This "colorful" suburb of New York City on the Bronx River was settled by Puritans in 1683 White Plains 500 May 25, 2000
Idaho's official one is titled "Here We Have Idaho" State song 100 July 6, 1999
Nicknamed the "Bay Horse", it's the capital of the "Bay State" Boston 200 July 6, 1999
This Maryland city celebrated the 200th anniversary of its incorporation in 1997 Baltimore 300 July 6, 1999
The Actors Theatre of this Kentucky city is housed in a national historic landmark Louisville 400 July 6, 1999
In southern Florida, the "queen" type of this large sea snail is often found in chowder Conch 500 July 6, 1999
Literary magazine edited by O. Henry in 1894, or rock magazine founded in 1967 <i>Rolling Stone</i> 100 May 27, 1999
Pop Momond called his new comic strip in 1913 "Keeping Up with" this family The Joneses 200 May 27, 1999
A Confederate camp fire song about "eating" these called them "goodness how delicious" goober peas (or goobers) 300 May 27, 1999
The first Miss America he crowned was Lee Meriwether in 1954 Bert Parks 400 May 27, 1999
It was incorporated as a city May 3, 1802 with its mayor to be appointed by the president Washington, D.C. 500 May 27, 1999
This state's motto is "Wisdom, Justice and Moderation" -- no mention of peanuts Georgia 100 January 28, 1998
Appropriately, tar was one of the first products made in this "Tar Heel State" North Carolina 200 January 28, 1998
Instead of Oktoberfest, Carlisle in this "Keystone State" has an Octubafest Pennsylvania 300 January 28, 1998
Many a tall tale has been spun about this bruisin' & brawlin' "King of the Keelboatmen" Mike Fink 400 January 28, 1998
You'll find this author's boyhood home in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, 3 1/2 blocks west of Main Street Sinclair Lewis January 28, 1998
Shoppers, take note: the Potomac Mills discount mall is this state's No. 1 tourist destination Virginia 100 July 18, 1997
Midwesterners know it's the "Sioux State", as well as the "Flickertail State" North Dakota 200 July 18, 1997
Known for its Victorian homes, Cape May in this state celebrates Victorian Week every October New Jersey 300 July 18, 1997
Tahlequah, in this state, is the capital of the Cherokee nation, so it's home to the Cherokee national museum Oklahoma 400 July 18, 1997
The world's oldest Zydeco festival takes place annually in Plaisance, near Opelousas in this state Louisiana 500 July 18, 1997
During the 1800s, this Louisiana city was known as the "Paris of America" New Orleans 100 May 12, 1997
The Dock Street Theatre, one of America's oldest, was built in this South Carolina seaport in 1736 Charleston 200 May 12, 1997
"Freedom And Unity" is the motto of this "Green Mountain State" Vermont 300 May 12, 1997
It's the third largest of the Great Lakes; it's the third smallest, too Lake Michigan 400 May 12, 1997
He was the founder of Savannah as well as the founder of Georgia James Oglethorpe 500 May 12, 1997
A favorite spot for hikers, Pinnacle Mountain is 20 minutes from this Arkansas' capital's downtown area Little Rock 100 November 19, 1996
Now a social center, Lion House in Salt Lake City was the home of several of this man's wives Brigham Young 200 November 19, 1996
The District of Columbia's flag is based on this man's coat-of-arms George Washington 300 November 19, 1996
This Nevada mining city's camel races began as a fictitious newspaper story, then became an annual event Virginia City 400 November 19, 1996
Grace Coolidge was the 1st first lady born in this state; her husband was the 2nd president born there Vermont 500 November 19, 1996
Unofficially, it's the "Everglade State" Florida 100 July 20, 1995
Look for Buffalo Bill's grave atop Lookout Mountain near Golden in this state Colorado 200 July 20, 1995
It's state tree is the Black Hills spruce South Dakota 300 July 20, 1995
Historic lodgings in this state include the Old Riverton Inn, the Old Lyme Inn & the Old Mystic Inn Connecticut 400 July 20, 1995
1636, the date on Rhode Island's state seal, is the year he founded Providence Roger WIlliams 500 July 20, 1995
On December 19 the people of this U.S. state celebrate Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop's birthday Hawaii 100 July 7, 1995
In 1986 this New York capital celebrated the 300th anniversary of its charter as a city Albany 200 July 7, 1995
This U.S. First Lady once taught dance in Grand Rapids Betty Ford 300 July 7, 1995
Lancaster, which has the largest stockyards east of Chicago, was this state's capital from 1799 to 1812 Pennsylvania 400 July 7, 1995
This Connecticut city famous for its university is nicknamed "Elm City" because it once had many elm-lined streets New Haven 500 July 7, 1995
This state's unofficial nickname is "Little Rhody" Rhode Island 100 May 11, 1995
Franklin Pierce belonged to the Aztec Club, a society of veterans of this war Mexican-American War 200 May 11, 1995
She spent her last years in a Eureka Springs, Arkansas boarding house known as "Hatchet Hall" Carrie Nation 300 May 11, 1995
Originally, the Pennsylvania Dutch painted these signs on barns to protect against evil spirits hex signs 400 May 11, 1995
Virginia's Shenandoah River is the largest tributary of this river Potomac 500 May 11, 1995
A $100 bill shows a picture of Benjamin Franklin on the front & this building on the back Independence Hall 100 March 13, 1995
You can observe the big-sea-water of Lake Superior in a Michigan forest named for this Indian hero Hiawatha 200 March 13, 1995
Among Ivy League colleges, they're nicknamed "The Big 3" Harvard, Princeton & Yale 300 March 13, 1995
Airports in Barrow, Alaska & Renton, Washington are named for this pair who died in a 1935 plane crash Will Rogers & Wiley Post 400 March 13, 1995
The Bowery area of New York City was named for the farm of this Dutch colonial governor (Peter) Stuyvesant March 13, 1995
It became capital of the Colorado Territory in 1867 & capital of Colorado in 1876 Denver 100 February 17, 1995
In the late 1800s the Republicans became known as the G.O.P., which stands for this the Grand Old Party 200 February 17, 1995
O. Henry called this autumn holiday "the one day that is purely American" Thanksgiving 300 February 17, 1995
The nightly ghost tour of this 2nd colonial capital of Virginia visits popular local "haunts" Williamsburg 400 February 17, 1995
This first lady was vice president of her sophomore class at Georgia Southwestern College Rosalynn Carter 500 February 17, 1995
Nevada's Carson River is named for him Kit Carson 100 February 24, 1994
There's an exhibit devoted to this late Muppeteer in Leland, Mississippi, near his birthplace Jim Henson 200 February 24, 1994
This city is home to the Doo Dah Parade & the Tournament of Roses Parade Pasadena 300 February 24, 1994
Kellogg's cereals made this Michigan city the "Breakfast Food City" Battle Creek 400 February 24, 1994
The first English colony in what's now this state was the Popham Settlement near the mouth of the Kennebec River Maine 500 February 24, 1994
The annual Fiesta de las Golondrinas celebrates the return of the swallows to this California city San Juan Capistrano 100 November 15, 1993
Like mukluks, kamiks are these, worn by Eskimos Shoes/boots 200 November 15, 1993
Many men died searching for the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine in this southwest state's Superstition Mountains Arizona 400 November 15, 1993
In Douglas, Wyoming there's a 10-foot statue of this legendary animal that looks like a jackrabbit with antlers Jackalope 500 November 15, 1993
Pierre L'Enfant could have told you this famous hill was once known as Jenkins Hill Capitol Hill November 15, 1993
His family supplied the dueling pistols used July 11, 1804 by himself & Burr (Alexander) Hamilton 100 October 28, 1991
Originally a slang term for the ranch's cook, it's now a cattle thief a rustler 200 October 28, 1991
In the 1920s Shipwreck Kelly achieved fame for his endurance records in this fad flagpole sitting 300 October 28, 1991
Perturbed that his name was left out of the tittle of the new electric co., he sold his stock Edison 400 October 28, 1991
After Noah Webster's death his heirs sold the dictionary rights to this Springfield, Mass. company Merriam 500 October 28, 1991
They advise "Be all you can be" the Army 100 November 20, 1987
The U.S. flag code says red, white, and blue bunting should always feature this color on top blue 200 November 20, 1987
When Connecticut's Lieutenant Governor presides over the state senate, he sits in a chair made of wood of this tree Charter Oak 300 November 20, 1987
Signs urging tourists to stay in North Dakota say "Custer was healthy" when he left there bound for this state Montana 400 November 20, 1987
John Scott Harrison, an Indiana farmer, was the only man in U.S. history who was this a son and a father of a U.S. President 500 November 20, 1987
The 2 main streets of this Pennsylvania town are Cocoa & Chocolate avenues Hershey, Pennsylvania 100 June 22, 1987
Though not rich himself, he wrote 19th century rags-to-riches stories aimed at boys Horatio Alger 200 June 22, 1987
If you're down & out "down east", your in this part of our country New England 300 June 22, 1987
Name of the famous Archibald Willard painting that he originally called "Yankee Doodle" "The Spirit of \'76" 400 June 22, 1987
It's said Will Rogers called this huge Georgia boulder a pebble Calif. threw at Florida & missed Stone Mountain 500 June 22, 1987
This Stephen Foster song inspired a less famous one called "The Old Folks are Still at Home" "Swanee River" ("Old Folks at Home" 100 February 19, 1987
Jim Bowie may have picked his teeth with this weapon, the "Ark. toothpick", but we don't recommend it Bowie knife 200 February 19, 1987
In 1614, this kidnapped Indian "Princess" was baptized a Christian while being held hostage Pocahontas 300 February 19, 1987
Virginia's capitol building boasts the only 1 of these George Washington ever posed for statue 400 February 19, 1987
When Louisiana's governor offered $500 for pirate Jean Laffite's head, Laffite offered $5000 for this governor\'s head 500 February 19, 1987