Clues for: The Civil War

Question Answer Value Airdate
"High-ranking" name of the Confederate locomotive hijacked by Union troops in 1862 the General 200 May 26, 2021
The Dictator, an enormous one of these artillery weapons that fire high-arcing shells, was used in the Siege of Petersburg a mortar 400 May 26, 2021
At Gettysburg James Longstreet was actually in command of the disastrous Confederate attack known as this Pickett\'s Charge 600 May 26, 2021
After this bloody 1862 battle, President Lincoln visited McClellan on the battlefield & urged him to pursue retreating rebels Antietam 800 May 26, 2021
U.S. Grant got his "Unconditional Surrender" nickname at the 1862 capture of Fort Donelson on the Cumberland River in this state Tennessee 1000 May 26, 2021
About 1,500 Union soldiers received this highest award for valor, instituted by Congress during the Civil War the Congressional Medal of Honor 200 February 13, 2020
The first amputee of the war, J.E. Hanger invented a prosthetic this that ones made today are still based upon a leg 600 February 13, 2020
With Atlanta burning in their wake, 62,000 soldiers under Gen. Sherman marched 300 miles to the sea in Nov. & Dec. of this year 1864 800 February 13, 2020
George Stewart called his in-depth study of this disastrous charge at Gettysburg on July 3, 1863 a microhistory Pickett 1000 February 13, 2020
Confederate troops used a high-pitched battle cry known by this 2-word name; it may have derived from fox hunting the rebel yell February 13, 2020
Lincoln made George Meade the leader of the "Army of" this river in 1863 the Potomac 200 January 10, 2017
"Goober grabbers" were Civil War soldiers who hailed from this state Georgia 400 January 10, 2017
(Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) General Winfield Scott wanted to blockade the South in a siege-like fashion, control the Mississippi River & strangle the Rebels in his plan named for this South American serpent the Anaconda Plan 600 January 10, 2017
Lincoln issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation 5 days after this 1862 Union victory in Maryland Antietam 800 January 10, 2017
U.S. Grant's initials came to stand for this after giving extremely limited capitulation terms to Gen. Buckner unconditional surrender January 10, 2017
The 9 1/2-month siege of Petersburg resulted in the fall of Richmond & this Virginian's surrender Robert E. Lee 200 September 30, 2016
In 1863 he published the article "Men of Color, to Arms!", urging black enlistment in the army Frederick Douglass 400 September 30, 2016
The 1862 Battle of Sharpsburg was fought over a Maryland creek that gave the fight this other name Antietam 800 September 30, 2016
In December 1864 William T. Sherman wired Lincoln that he was presenting "a Christmas gift" of this port city Savannah 1000 September 30, 2016
These mountains divided the war into 2 main theaters: east to the Atlantic & west to the Mississippi River the Appalachians September 30, 2016
Not a single person was killed in the April 1861 battle over this fort, but it did launch the Civil War Fort Sumter 200 November 3, 2015
2 half brothers of this First Lady died fighting for the Confederacy Mary Todd Lincoln 400 November 3, 2015
In mid-1861 Montgomery, Alabama was out & this city was in as capital of the Confederacy Richmond, Virginia 600 November 3, 2015
A favorite of Lee, this general actually favored preservation of the Union but went with Virginia after secession Stonewall Jackson 800 November 3, 2015
In November 1861 this Union man became general in chief of all armies; by March 1862, he lost the gig George McClellan 1000 November 3, 2015
Gen. Beauregard wrote that Gen. Bee actually said, "Look at" this man's "brigade! It stands there like a stone wall" "Stonewall" Jackson 200 June 25, 2012
Early models of the Gatling gun were manually operated using one of these a crank 400 June 25, 2012
A leader of Confederate guerrillas who were spookily hard to find & fight, John Mosby was aka the Gray this Ghost 600 June 25, 2012
In 1865 his pursuit hastened Lee's surrender; in 1866 he was sent west to deal with the Indians & passed into history (George Armstrong) Custer 800 June 25, 2012
This bloodiest 1-day battle of the Civil War stopped the first Confederate invasion of the North in 1862 Antietam 1000 June 25, 2012
In March 1864 he was appointed General-in-Chief of the Union armies Ulysses S. Grant 200 April 27, 2007
For the first couple of years of the war, the Confederacy purchased most of its ships from this country the United Kingdom (England accepted) 400 April 27, 2007
After many days of bombardment, it became the first Union fort surrendered to the Confederates Fort Sumter 600 April 27, 2007
Shortly after the war's outbreak, this famous cartoonist became a staff artist for Harper's Weekly Thomas Nast 800 April 27, 2007
This Confederate vice president was called "Little Ellick" because of his small stature; he weighed barely 100 pounds (Alexander) Stephens 1000 April 27, 2007
His first act after being sworn in as president of the Confederacy was to send a peace commission to Washington, D.C. Jefferson Davis 200 February 6, 2006
Tired of eating mule jerky, Vicksburg fell in July 1863 after a 6-week one of these military tactics a siege 400 February 6, 2006
Robert E. Lee saved this capital from capture with his June 1862 attack on McClellan's forces Richmond 600 February 6, 2006
In Feb. 2005 a reenactment was staged for this 140th anniversary of this fort's reoccupation by Union troops Fort Sumter 800 February 6, 2006
On Sept. 2, 1864 this general sent a wire saying, "Atlanta is ours, and fairly won" Sherman 1000 February 6, 2006
The First Minnesota Infantry lost 82% of its men on July 2, 1863, during this battle Gettysburg 200 April 29, 2005
This French emperor wanted to mediate the conflict, but England & Russia wouldn't go for it Napoleon III 400 April 29, 2005
Completes the names of two places where Lee & Grant met in different circumstances: Spotsylvania & Appomattox Court House 600 April 29, 2005
In November 1861 this future presidential candidate took charge of all Union armies McClellan 800 April 29, 2005
In area, Texas was the largest of the Confederate states; this was the largest of the 24 Union states California April 29, 2005
Until the first battle of this in July 1861, the North estimated that the war would last about 90 days (the first Battle of) Bull Run 200 January 6, 2005
The fatefully named Stapleton Crutchfield lost one of these limbs at Chancellorsville a leg 400 January 6, 2005
As chief of aeronautics, U.S. Army, Thaddeus Lowe organized a corps of 5 of these balloons 600 January 6, 2005
McClellan, Burnside, Hooker & Meade successively headed this army the Army of the Potomac 800 January 6, 2005
Troops under the command of this bottom-of-his-class grad from West Point made a disastrous charge at Gettysburg Pickett 1000 January 6, 2005
This federal fort was still under construction when attacked by the Confederacy on April 12, 1861 Fort Sumter 200 December 3, 2003
In July 1863 Union General George Meade defeated Robert E. Lee at this battle Gettysburg 600 December 3, 2003
On August 5, 1864 this Rear Admiral attacked Forts Morgan & Gaines, which guarded the entrance to Mobile Bay Farragut 800 December 3, 2003
The Battles of Bull Run were known by this name in the Confederacy Manassas 1000 December 3, 2003
It was the largest as well as the westernmost Confederate state Texas December 3, 2003
This Union General's troops averaged 12-15 miles a day on their 1864 march to Savannah Sherman 200 November 20, 2003
This state was in the Confederacy, but its western region remained loyal to the Union & formed a new state in 1863 Virginia 400 November 20, 2003
An 1860s song tells the story of "The Drummer Boy of" this battle site, also called Pittsburg Landing Shiloh 800 November 20, 2003
5 days after this bloody Maryland battle, Lincoln issued his preliminary Emancipation Proclamation Antietam 1000 November 20, 2003
It was the first Union fort captured by Confederate forces Fort Sumter November 20, 2003
On July 11, 1864 Jubal Early & his troops were dangerously close to this capital Washington, D.C. 200 October 17, 2003
George Custer's brother Thomas was the only person to receive 2 of these medals during the war Congressional Medal of Honor 400 October 17, 2003
This state's 54th, whose heroics are seen in the movie "Glory", was one of the first black regiments from the North Massachusetts 600 October 17, 2003
Joe Wheeler was the only Confederate leader to put a stumbling block in this man's march to the sea (William Tecumseh) Sherman 800 October 17, 2003
"The Battle Above the Clouds" was fought on this Tennessee mountain with a good view Lookout Mountain 1000 October 17, 2003
On March 12, 1864 he was promoted to commander of all Union forces Ulysses S. Grant 200 November 12, 2002
During the war this former slave & Underground Railroad conductor was a spy for the Union in South Carolina Harriet Tubman 400 November 12, 2002
This "Jayhawk State" reportedly sent the greatest percentage of its male citizens to the Union army Kansas 600 November 12, 2002
It was the easternmost of the 23 Union states Maine 800 November 12, 2002
This Confederate vice president was called "Little Ellick" due to his small size...90 pounds, to be precise Alexander Stephens 1000 November 12, 2002
(Cheryl of the Clue crew presents from Gettysburg.) Admitting defeat in the Battle of Gettysburg, this general told his men, "It's all my fault.". Lee 200 February 12, 2002
On April 12, 1861, Fort Johnson fired upon this fort, beginning the Civil War Fort Sumter 400 February 12, 2002
On May 11 1862, Confederates blew up this ironclad, their own ship, as they retreated from Norfolk Naval Yard the <i>Merrimack</i> (the <i>Virginia</i>) 600 February 12, 2002
Upon the Confederates' surrender of Vicksburg, the Union gained control of this river the Mississippi 800 February 12, 2002
It stated "All persons held as slaves" in states in rebellion against the U.S. shall be "forever free" the Emancipation Proclamation 1000 February 12, 2002
The eastern Union army came to be called the army of this river the Army of the Potomac 100 September 11, 1998
During the war this "Little Women" author served as a nurse for the Union Louisa May Alcott 200 September 11, 1998
Most of the battles in the west took place in Tennessee, most in the east in this state Virginia 300 September 11, 1998
Bombarded with some 4,000 shells during a 34-hour stretch, this fort surrendered to the South on April 14, 1861 Fort Sumter 400 September 11, 1998
In 1846 this Confederate general "charged" to the bottom of his graduating class at West Point George Pickett 500 September 11, 1998
This Confederate general's horse Traveller was originally named Jeff Davis Robert E. Lee 100 December 22, 1997
2 days after the war began, Union troops surrendered this South Carolina fort to the Confederates Fort Sumter 200 December 22, 1997
One objective of the Red River Campaign was the invasion of this Lone Star State Texas 300 December 22, 1997
In late 1864 this Union general vowed to "Make Georgia Howl" -- & he did William T. Sherman 400 December 22, 1997
On February 3, 1865 Lincoln met with this Confederate vice president at Hampton Roads, Virginia Alexander Stephens 500 December 22, 1997
The Confederates destroyed this ironclad May 11, 1862 in Norfolk Harbor so it wouldn't be captured the <i>Merrimack</i> 100 May 14, 1997
Not everyone in the Confederacy did this April 9, 1865; Stand Watie & his Native American troops did it June 23 Surrender 200 May 14, 1997
Sherman said of this general, he "stood by me when I was crazy, and I stood by him when he was drunk" Ulysses S. Grant 300 May 14, 1997
He once wrote his daughter, "Traveler is my only companion; I may say my only pleasure" Robert E. Lee 400 May 14, 1997
Alexander Stephens called this boss "weak and vacillating, petulant, peevish, obstinate" Jefferson Davis 500 May 14, 1997
The year before assassinating Lincoln, this actor organized an attempt to abduct the president John Wilkes Booth 100 April 14, 1997
In 1862 the Union captured this Louisiana capital; the Confederates moved the capital to Opelousas Baton Rouge 200 April 14, 1997
Before his troops' charge at Gettysburg, he told them "Don't forget today that you are from old Virginia" George Pickett 300 April 14, 1997
This Union commander's men in the field called him "Little Mac" George McClellan 400 April 14, 1997
Possibly from a snake's name, this term referred to northern Democrats urging compromise with the South Copperheads 500 April 14, 1997
General George B. McClellan's favorite one of these animals was named after Daniel Webster horse 100 February 23, 1996
At the war's end, a reward of $100,000 was offered for the capture of this Confederate president Jefferson Davis 200 February 23, 1996
Many soldiers wore a havelock, with a flap hanging down the back, over this item of apparel cap 300 February 23, 1996
Belle Boyd worked as a spy for Stonewall Jackson during his 1862 campaign in this Virginia valley Shenandoah 400 February 23, 1996
This prison camp was designed to hold 10,000, but at one time 33,000 soldiers were incarcerated there Andersonville 500 February 23, 1996
Paul Revere's grandson Colonel Paul Joseph Revere was mortally wounded at this Penn. battle Gettysburg 100 March 30, 1995
John Clem, who was one of these musicians in the Union Army at age 10, retired as a maj. gen. in 1916 drummer boy 200 March 30, 1995
On Sept, 2, 1864 Mayor James M. Calhoun surrendered this Georgia city to Union troops Atlanta 300 March 30, 1995
This state, home of the 1st capital of the Confederacy, was the 4th to secede from the Union Alabama 400 March 30, 1995
Southerners refer to these 2 battles as 1st & 2nd Manassas; northerners call them this Bull Run 500 March 30, 1995
Union Admiral Samuel Phillips Lee was a distant relative of this Confederate commander-in-chief Robert E. Lee 100 January 2, 1995
In this July 1863 Pennsylvania battle, the Southern lines were north of the Northern lines Gettysburg 200 January 2, 1995
Sam Houston was ousted as governor of this state when he refused to support the Confederacy Texas 300 January 2, 1995
Later U.S. Sec. of State, John Milton Hay served as asst. private secretary to this man during the war President Lincoln 400 January 2, 1995
The sympathies of his wife Varina were suspect because she had Northern ancestry Jefferson Davis 500 January 2, 1995
William Henry Fitzhugh Lee, this general's son, led a division through the Petersburg Campaign Robert E. Lee 100 February 23, 1994
After fleeing Richmond this president was captured near Irwinville, Ga. Jeff Davis 200 February 23, 1994
This man who succeeded Lincoln was the only senator from a state that seceded to keep his seat Andrew Johnson 300 February 23, 1994
In October 1861 Louisiana Gov. Thomas Moore stopped the shipment of this fiber to Europe cotton 400 February 23, 1994
In 1843 this captor of Vicksburg graduated 21st out of 39 in his West Point class Grant 500 February 23, 1994
Gen. Simon Bolivar Buckner, who unconditionally surrendered to this general, later was one of his pallbearers U.S. Grant 100 February 15, 1993
In June 1861 the New York Tribune was urging the Army "forward to" this Confederate capital Richmond 200 February 15, 1993
Though awarded for gallantry, this medal was offered to a Maine regiment to postpone its 1863 discharge Medal of Honor 300 February 15, 1993
This 22nd & 24th President was labeled a Civil War draft dodger; he had paid someone to take his place (Grover) Cleveland 500 February 15, 1993
In this first big battle July 21, 1861, each side had about 30,000 soldiers in the field Bull Run (First Manassas) February 15, 1993
The longest pontoon one of these erected during the war was 2,200 feet long & crossed the James River a bridge 100 May 12, 1992
Stonewall Jackson, a very religious man, preferred to die on this day of the week, & he did Sunday 200 May 12, 1992
Lincoln was shot just 5 days after this historic event the signing at Appomattox (Lee\'s surrender) 300 May 12, 1992
The Palmetto Armory, which made ammunition for the Confederacy, was located in this state South Carolina 400 May 12, 1992
This guerrilla leader who wreaked havoc in Kansas used the alias "Charley Hart" Quantrill 500 May 12, 1992
The sides can be divided North & South, Union & Confederacy or the Blue & this the Gray 100 February 12, 1991
While occupied by this general, most of Columbia, S.C. burned down the night of February 17, 1865 Sherman 200 February 12, 1991
One of the reasons this general failed at Antietam was McClellan had a copy of his invasion plan Lee 300 February 12, 1991
In a battle in this Alabama Bay August 5, 1864, Farragut forced the ironclad Tennessee to surrender the Battle of Mobile Bay 400 February 12, 1991
After "The Civil War" aired on PBS, this Memphis Civil War historian became a celebrity Shelby Foote 500 February 12, 1991
In 1975 Congress restored this Confederate general's U.S. citizenship Robert E. Lee 100 October 25, 1990
It was the first Union fort taken by the Confederates in the Civil War Fort Sumter 200 October 25, 1990
The North usually named battles after the nearest body of water, the South after these settlements 300 October 25, 1990
This ex-slave, known as the "Moses of Her People", helped more than 300 slaves escape to freedom Harriet Tubman 400 October 25, 1990
Although only 11 states actually joined the Confederacy, its flag had this many stars 13 500 October 25, 1990
After the war, Confederate general Nathan Forrest served as the first head of this supremacist group Ku Klux Klan 100 March 30, 1990
Lincoln was asked to make a "few appropriate remarks" here November 19, 1863 Gettysburg 200 March 30, 1990
The Confederates held this fort from April 1861 to February 1865 Fort Sumter 300 March 30, 1990
He earned his nickname at First Bull Run & led 25,000 Confederates at its sequel, Second Bull Run Stonewall Jackson 400 March 30, 1990
Due to rumors of his Southern sympathies, the U.S. Gov't didn't buy his new machine gun during the war Gatling 500 March 30, 1990
This explorer served on both sides in the war before he went looking for Dr. Livingstone Henry Stanley 100 October 13, 1989
General Meade's favorite one was named Baldy horse (or mount) 200 October 13, 1989
84 Union generals are buried in this cemetery in Northern Virginia Arlington National Cemetery 300 October 13, 1989
Lincoln offered this Italian leader of the "Redshirts" a command in the Union Army, but he refused it Giuseppe Garibaldi 400 October 13, 1989
The oldest of the Younger brothers, he & Frank James 1st rode together with Quantrill's Raiders Cole Younger 500 October 13, 1989
While it was the site of the 1st battle of the war, no one was killed during the fight Fort Sumter 100 November 23, 1988
Lincoln read a preliminary draft of this to his cabinet July 22, 1862 but didn't issue it until September Emancipation Proclamation 200 November 23, 1988
Ads showed this company's reaper emerged without a scratch from the Battle of Shiloh McCormick 300 November 23, 1988
Former Virginia Military Institute professor known for his rigid stance Stonewall Jackson 400 November 23, 1988
The day after the July 3, 1863 Rebel defeat at Gettysburg, this Mississippi River stronghold fell Vicksburg 500 November 23, 1988
Assassin-to-be who served in a militia unit which helped capture John Brown at Harpers Ferry John Wilkes Booth 100 March 10, 1988
Cmdr. Matthew Fontaine Maury tried to set up a Confederate colony here with Emperor Maximilian's help Mexico 200 March 10, 1988
Paul Revere's grandson, Col. Paul Joseph Revere, was mortally wounded in this Penn. battle the Battle of Gettysburg 300 March 10, 1988
Cherokee chief Stand Watie was the last Rebel general to do this, in 1865 surrender 400 March 10, 1988
When war broke out, this future president was selling leather in his father's Illinois store President Grant 500 March 10, 1988
Year in which the Civil War began 1861 100 June 18, 1987
It was euphemistically called the South's "peculiar institution" slavery 200 June 18, 1987
Union general who later said, "I will not accept if nominated & will not serve if elected" (William Tecumseh) Sherman 300 June 18, 1987
Due to the Fugitive Slave Laws, this last "stop" on the "Underground Railroad" was the safest Canada 400 June 18, 1987
Constitutional right from Article I, Section 9, which Lincoln suspended for duration of war habeas corpus 500 June 18, 1987
Loreta Velasquez, later a rebel spy, was wounded in action while disguised as 1 of these a man 100 December 24, 1986
The Living History display at Petersburg, VA.'s battlefield depicts this side's camp & point of view the North 200 December 24, 1986
On Richmond's Monument Ave., statues of war casualties Stuart & Jackson face this direction north 300 December 24, 1986
While occupying VA.'s Berkeley Plantation, Gen. Daniel Butterfield composed this bugle call "Taps" 400 December 24, 1986
Surprisingly, this historic document allowed slavery to continue in states within the Union the Emancipation Proclamation 500 December 24, 1986
Some on this side called the conflict "Our 2nd War of Independence" the South 100 September 26, 1986
The North's uniform wasn't standardized until this year, 2 years after the war began 1863 200 September 26, 1986
Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address at the dedication of one of these a (national) cemetery 300 September 26, 1986
Even before Ft. Sumter was fired on, troops from this state captured the Charleston Arsenal South Carolina 400 September 26, 1986
Lee conceded on April 9, 1865, which fell on this religious holiday Palm Sunday 500 September 26, 1986