Clues for: U.S.A.

Question Answer Value Airdate
The public library of this Pennsylvania town is located at 701 Cocoa Avenue Hershey 200 November 7, 2017
It's the 2-word name of Vermont's state tree, valued for its wood & sap sugar maple 400 November 7, 2017
Yes, you are allowed to climb this monolith, the first national monument in the United States Devil\'s Tower 600 November 7, 2017
Mount Rainier is the highest peak in Washington state & in this mountain range the Cascades 800 November 7, 2017
90% of Las Vegas' water comes from this man-made lake that was created by Hoover Dam Lake Mead 1000 November 7, 2017
I'd like to "lei" around wearing nothing but a lei on Kapalua Beach in this state Hawaii 200 October 2, 2007
Caroling to the animals is a holiday tradition at the Lincoln Park Zoo in this midwest city Chicago 400 October 2, 2007
The state nut of Alabama isn't your kooky cousin, it's this thin-shelled pie ingredient pecans 600 October 2, 2007
Alphabetically, this southern state's counties run from Adams to Yazoo Mississippi 1000 October 2, 2007
Its state song says, "Follow the old Kit Carson Trail, until desert meets the hills" Nevada October 2, 2007
The ski resorts Alta & Snowbird are within 30 miles of this capital of Utah Salt Lake City 200 February 16, 2007
Oregon's major cities, including this state capital, lie in the fertile Willamette Valley Salem 400 February 16, 2007
Tell your mama, tell your pa, I'm gonna send you back to this state, maybe to Pine Bluff Arkansas 600 February 16, 2007
A conservatory of music in Boston is named for this 6-state region New England 800 February 16, 2007
In Pennsylvania, 2 rivers meet to form this third one that shares its name with a state the Ohio River February 16, 2007
Massachusetts' state rock is the Roxbury puddingstone; its state historical rock is this celebrated stone Plymouth Rock 200 October 27, 2006
You might want to wear your mackinaw to cross the Mackinac bridge in this state Michigan 400 October 27, 2006
If you're leaving Normal, you're leaving a university town near Bloomington in this "Prairie State" Illinois 600 October 27, 2006
On clear days, Seattleites are fond of saying, "The mountain is out", meaning this mountain Mount Rainier 800 October 27, 2006
The Great Falls of the Passaic are a sight to be seen in this state New Jersey 1000 October 27, 2006
Fillmore filled in as Utah's territorial capital until this city took over in 1856 Salt Lake City 100 June 19, 2000
The "American" breed of this dog is Virginia's official state dog -- Tallyho! Foxhound 200 June 19, 2000
Music lovers know this city is home to the Rhode Island Philharmonic Providence 300 June 19, 2000
Sounds fishy, but Mystic Aquarium is one of the top attractions in this state Connecticut 400 June 19, 2000
At 306 feet high, the Bennington Battle Monument in this state was once the tallest battle monument in the world Vermont 500 June 19, 2000
Val-Kill Cottage near Hyde Park was the main residence of this first lady after her husband died in 1945 Eleanor Roosevelt 100 March 7, 2000
The title of Alaska's official one is "Alaska's Flag" (& don't say state flag) State song 200 March 7, 2000
In 1982 architect Helmut Jahn designed a dramatic 23-story addition to this Midwest city's Board of Trade Chicago 300 March 7, 2000
Kids love to explore the Exploratorium inside this Northern California city's Palace of Fine Arts San Francisco 400 March 7, 2000
It may sound sappy, but St. Albans in this state is known for its maple festival Vermont 500 March 7, 2000
If you live in this city that was founded in 1718, you're an Orleanian New Orleans 100 February 17, 1999
Peter Demens, who built a railroad to this Florida city, named it for his hometown in Russia St. Petersburg 200 February 17, 1999
Stand atop the state capital steps in this city & you'll be exactly 5,280 feet above sea level Denver, Colorado 300 February 17, 1999
This California city's name anagrams to "No Serf", though "No Surf" would be more appropriate Fresno 400 February 17, 1999
The Fifth Avenue art museum named for this man opened a Soho branch in 1992 Solomon R. Guggenheim 500 February 17, 1999
Aloha Tower stands at the entrance to the harbor of this city Honolulu 100 October 16, 1997
The name of this state capital isn't pronounced like a French name, but like a synonym for "dock" Pierre, South Dakota 200 October 16, 1997
This monument is at the site where Colorado, Utah, Arizona & New Mexico meet Four Corners 300 October 16, 1997
"Rusticators" are city folk with a summer address in this Pine Tree State Maine 400 October 16, 1997
The Tatertwister & Chipshot are products from Presto, headquartered in Eau Claire in this state Wisconsin 500 October 16, 1997
If you visit this "colorful" Wisconsin city, "pack" in a visit to the National Railroad Museum Green Bay 100 July 9, 1997
This "Silver State"'s longest river, the Humboldt, is named for explorer Baron Von Humboldt Nevada 200 July 9, 1997
The Muscle Shoals area of this state includes the cities of Sheffield & Tuscumbia Alabama 300 July 9, 1997
You can keep the gems you find at Crater of Diamonds State Park in this "Land of Opportunity" Arkansas 400 July 9, 1997
The Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival is an annual event in this New England state Massachusetts 500 July 9, 1997
This state's motto is "Agriculture And Commerce", but it could be "The Home Of Country Music" Tennessee 100 January 22, 1997
The Jackson Zoo Blues is an annual music festival at the zoo in this state's capital city Mississippi 200 January 22, 1997
Built in 1876, the Flying Horses Carousel on this Massachusetts island is a national historic landmark Martha\'s Vineyard 400 January 22, 1997
Exeter, capital of this state during the Revolutionary War, has an American independence museum New Hampshire 500 January 22, 1997
Appropriately, this Pine Tree State has a pine tree on its state flag Maine January 22, 1997
"The Apotheosis of George Washington" appears on the domed ceiling of this Washington, D.C. building Capitol 100 October 14, 1996
Opened in 1861, the Charles Krug winery is the oldest winery in this California valley Napa Valley 200 October 14, 1996
Centennial Park in Nashville boasts a full-scale replica of this Athenian temple Parthenon 300 October 14, 1996
This Boston landmark was built in 1723 as a "house of prayer for all people" Old North Church 400 October 14, 1996
In 1989, to recapture the spirit of the old west, this South Dakota city legalized gambling Deadwood 500 October 14, 1996
Jim Boren, Earl Dodge & Isabelle Masters each received under 1,000 votes for this highest office in 1992 the president 100 April 3, 1996
Service academy football teams include the Air Force Falcons, the Army Cadets & this Navy team the Midshipmen 200 April 3, 1996
Great Lake with the greatest area within the U.S. Lake Michigan 400 April 3, 1996
In January 1995 the first U.S. area codes were allocated that didn't use either of these 2 center digits 0 or 1 500 April 3, 1996
This state has coastlines on 2 different oceans Alaska April 3, 1996
A city in Utah is named for this Virginia home of Thomas Jefferson Monticello 100 March 22, 1996
Bertha Raffetto wrote Nevada's official one, "Home Means Nevada" State Song 200 March 22, 1996
Some descendants of Jean Lafitte's pirate crew still live on Grand Isle in this state Louisiana 300 March 22, 1996
Every other year the people of Monroe in this state celebrate Cheese Days Wisconsin 400 March 22, 1996
This Ithaca, N.Y. school is the only Ivy League university established after the American Revolution Cornell 500 March 22, 1996
In 1978, this New Jersey city hit the jackpot with the opening of its first casino Atlantic City 100 January 15, 1996
The Wadsworth Athenium, America's oldest public art museum, is located in this Conn. capital Hartford 200 January 15, 1996
The visitor center at this fort offers a film of the writing of "The Star-Spangled Banner" Fort McHenry 300 January 15, 1996
A formation known as Half Dome rises more than 4,700 feet in this California national park Yosemite 400 January 15, 1996
What's thought to be the oldest log cabin in the U.S. is located on Vermont's Grand Isle in this lake Lake Champlain 500 January 15, 1996
This "Sunshine State" is also known as "The Alligator State" Florida 100 January 4, 1996
This Alabama capital is named for a Revolutionary War hero Montgomery 200 January 4, 1996
The Atchafalaya Floodway & the Bonnet Carre Spillway help control flooding in this state Louisiana 300 January 4, 1996
This state is the site of the annual Makawao Rodeo Hawaii 400 January 4, 1996
This city the starting point of the Santa Fe Trail & the home of President Truman Independence 500 January 4, 1996
This residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has approximately 6,000 visitors each day the White House 100 November 10, 1995
This praline ingredient is Alabama's state nut the pecan 200 November 10, 1995
This nickname for Iowa is believed to honor the Sauk Indian chief Black Hawk the Hawkeye State 300 November 10, 1995
A rich farming area, the Delmarva Peninsula is divided among Delaware & these 2 states Maryland & Virginia 400 November 10, 1995
Though Trenton is N.J.'s capital, Drumthwacket, the governor's official residence, is in this college town Princeton 500 November 10, 1995
A courthouse where this pres. practiced law was moved from Illinois to Michigan's Greenfield Village Lincoln 100 October 19, 1995
This southern state's oldest radio station, WBT in Charlotte, began broadcasting in 1922 North Carolina 200 October 19, 1995
This northeastern metropolis has been dubbed "The City of Brotherly Shove" New York City 300 October 19, 1995
The Old Spanish Trail ran from this city, now a state capital, to Los Angeles Santa Fe 400 October 19, 1995
The Hawaii campus of Brigham Young University lies on this island Oahu 500 October 19, 1995
The memorial to this man in Menlo Park, N.J. features a 13-foot light bulb Edison 100 May 25, 1995
The islands of Attu & Kiska in this Alaskan chain were occupied by Japan in WWII the Aleutians 200 May 25, 1995
Oceangoing vessels can travel this river as far north as the Troy-Albany area the Hudson 300 May 25, 1995
North Carolina's "Triad" is made up of the cities of High Point, Greensboro & this hyphenated one Winston-Salem 400 May 25, 1995
This is the second largest of the Great Lakes Huron May 25, 1995
A kona us a southwesterly wind that blows over this U.S. state Hawaii 100 May 8, 1995
Tar Heels know its state motto is "Esse Quam Videri" — to be rather than to seem North Carolina 200 May 8, 1995
In 1609 Henry Hudson explored the area of Sandy Hook Bay in what is now this state New Jersey 300 May 8, 1995
The Cherokee Advocate, the 1st newspaper in what is now this state, was printed in English & in Cherokee Oklahoma 400 May 8, 1995
Its official nickname is "The Bay State" Massachusetts May 8, 1995
Indian legend says that Bayou Teche in this state was created by a giant snake Louisiana 100 April 3, 1995
There's a museum in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin that's devoted entirely to this yellow condiment mustard 200 April 3, 1995
Hereford, Texas is known as the "Town Without a Toothache" because its water is high in this compound fluoride 300 April 3, 1995
The 2 presidents whose birthplaces, homes & final resting places can be visited in Quincy, Mass. John Adams & John Quincy Adams 400 April 3, 1995
A statue of this orator represents Nebraska in Statuary Hall in Washington, D.C. William Jennings Bryan 500 April 3, 1995
South Dakota's official one is "Under God the People Rule" its motto 100 February 25, 1994
The name of this state known for its derby may come from a Native American word for "meadowland" Kentucky 200 February 25, 1994
Founded in 1852, the Intelligencer of Wheeling is one of this state's oldest newspapers West Virginia 300 February 25, 1994
You'll find the University of this state in Missoula Montana 400 February 25, 1994
This state flower appears on Kansas' state flag the sunflower February 25, 1994
If you’re not up to climbing this NYC building’s 1,860 steps, you can take one of 73 elevators Empire State Building 100 December 31, 1993
Some of the trees still standing on this Virginia Estate were planted by George Washington himself Mount Vernon 200 December 31, 1993
For a couple of, bucks, you can visit a U.S. Hall of Fame for this sport in Eveleth, Minnesota hockey 300 December 31, 1993
Acadia & Evangeline are parishes in this state Louisiana 400 December 31, 1993
A memorial in Spillville, Iowa honors this composer who worked on his “New World” Symphony there (Anton) Dvorák 500 December 31, 1993
There's a macadamia nut festival in this state every year Hawaii 100 November 9, 1993
In the 1870s there were "rushes into the South Dakota area for land & for this gold 200 November 9, 1993
Though it's widely cultivated, the Monterey cypress is native only to this state California 300 November 9, 1993
This "Tar Heel State" is also nicknamed "The Old North State" North Carolina 400 November 9, 1993
The 50 states touch these 3 oceans the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Arctic Ocean November 9, 1993
Though Colorado's called a mountain state, less than half of it is in this mountain range Rockies 100 September 22, 1993
Palisades Interstate Park is in N.Y. & this state New Jersey 200 September 22, 1993
All of these in Maryland are artificially created & Deep Creek is the largest lakes 300 September 22, 1993
In the 1850s this "New" Massachusetts city was the whaling capital of the world New Bedford 400 September 22, 1993
U.S. Highway 26, offers close-up views of this mountain, Oregon's highest point Mount Hood September 22, 1993
The Vermeil room of this Washington, D.C. residence is noted for its golden plates & vases the White House 100 September 6, 1993
Once a month bargain hunters head for the Rose Bowl Flea Market & Swap Meet in this Calif. city Pasadena 200 September 6, 1993
The Cafe du Monde in this Louisiana city has been serving cafe au lait & beignets since 1862 New Orleans 300 September 6, 1993
Big Sky is a popular resort community in this state known as "Big Sky Country" Montana 400 September 6, 1993
This state's Odessa College hosts an annual Shakespeare festival in a replica of the Globe Theatre Texas 500 September 6, 1993
A 1991 railroad accident dumped 19,500 gallons of pesticide into this state's Sacramento River California 100 July 1, 1993
This phrase begins Kentucky's motto, which ends, "divided we fall" United we stand 200 July 1, 1993
This state capital is named for William Trent, a Colonial Chief Justice of New Jersey Trenton 300 July 1, 1993
In 1845 the town of Marthasville, Georgia was renamed this after the Western & Atlantic Railroad Atlanta 400 July 1, 1993
This is Washington, D.C.'s oldest college as well as the oldest Catholic college in the nation Georgetown 500 July 1, 1993
This background color of Washington's state flag represents the state's forests green 100 February 25, 1993
Its state fair is held in Harrington, not in Dover Delaware 200 February 25, 1993
Its state capital, Charleston, lies in the Kanawha Valley West Virginia 300 February 25, 1993
This state known for its dairy products is the birthplace of malted milk Wisconsin 400 February 25, 1993
The Grand Teton Music Festival is an annual summer event in this state Wyoming 500 February 25, 1993
Designated in 1975, Canaveral in this state is the newest national seashore Florida 100 October 2, 1992
The curve of this river through New Orleans gave it the nickname Crescent City the Mississippi 200 October 2, 1992
Waterloo in this state is the home of the Hawkeye Institute of Technology Iowa 300 October 2, 1992
This state's motto is Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono Hawaii 400 October 2, 1992
The "Lost Colony" of this island, established in 1587, was actually the second founded there Roanoke 500 October 2, 1992
= = 100 January 30, 1992
= = 200 January 30, 1992
= = 300 January 30, 1992
= = 400 January 30, 1992
= = January 30, 1992
It's the largest city in Maine & in Oregon Portland 100 October 23, 1991
In Washington State, the 90-mile-long Wonderland Trail encircles this mountain Mount Rainier 200 October 23, 1991
The Hudson River rises in this mountain range, which is often considered to be part of the Appalachians Adirondacks 300 October 23, 1991
Manteo, seat of North Carolina's Dare County is on this island Roanoke 400 October 23, 1991
Punchbowl, an extinct volcano in this capital city, contains a national cemetery Honolulu 500 October 23, 1991
The April 16, 1990 cover of Newsweek depicted this body of water, calling it "Huck's River" the Mississippi 100 July 15, 1991
The Dance Theatre of this area of Manhattan celebrated its 20th anniversary in 1989 Harlem 200 July 15, 1991
To see the National Museum of Women in the Arts, go to 13th St. & New York Ave. NW in this city Washington, D.C. 300 July 15, 1991
With some 12,000 students, Baylor University in this state is the largest Baptist university in the world Texas 400 July 15, 1991
Legend says pirate Jose Gaspar kept his female captives on Captiva Island in this state Florida 500 July 15, 1991
First generation Americans of this ethnic origin are Issei, 2nd generation are Nisei Japanese 100 May 17, 1990
It's named after Jonas Bronck, its first European settler The Bronx 200 May 17, 1990
This river made famous in an Edgar Lee Masters "Anthology" is a tributary of the Illinois River Spoon River 300 May 17, 1990
Montgomery C. Meigs, who was the first to suggest it to A. Lincoln as a cemetery site, is buried there Arlington National Cemetery 400 May 17, 1990
It was first surveyed to settle a dispute between the Penn family & the Calvert family Mason-Dixon Line 500 May 17, 1990
Dauphin Island, the largest coastal island in this state, lies at the entrance to Mobile Bay Alabama 100 September 8, 1989
Washington, D.C. residents did this for the 1st time in November, 1964 vote for president 200 September 8, 1989
This state is home to The National Fishing Tackle Museum & The 5 Civilized Tribes Museum Oklahoma 300 September 8, 1989
Smurfs frolic on Smurf Island at Carowinds, an amusement park on the border of these 2 states North & South Carolina 400 September 8, 1989
Appropriately, the magnolia is the state flower & the state tree of this "Magnolia State" Mississippi 500 September 8, 1989
The lyrics to its state song were written by King Kalakaua Hawaii 100 February 27, 1989
Most of us know the General Grant National Memorial by this name Grant\'s Tomb 200 February 27, 1989
City in which you'd find the hotel claimed to be America's tallest, the 72-story Peachtree Plaza Atlanta 300 February 27, 1989
As far as we know, it's the only city in the world with an 8 1/2-foot statue of Rocky Balboa Philadelphia 400 February 27, 1989
The banquet following the Iditarod Dog Sled Race is in this city, but we doubt they serve mush Nome 500 February 27, 1989
It's the state song of our smallest state; it's also the name of our smallest state "Rhode Island" 100 February 13, 1989
This Quaker who founded Pennsylvania was once imprisoned in the Tower of London William Penn 200 February 13, 1989
It's the standard 2-letter postal abbreviation for the state you're standing in CA 300 February 13, 1989
A New World Pavilion was built at this Virginia site in 1957 in honor of its 350th anniversary Jamestown 400 February 13, 1989
U.S. site at which Begin & Sadat held a peace conference in September 1978 Camp David 500 February 13, 1989
From 1980-87 this state's population rose about 31%, yet it now averages only 1 person per square mile Alaska 100 December 26, 1988
Postal abbreviations include NC for North Carolina, SC for South Carolina & DC for this District of Columbia 200 December 26, 1988
At the Julius Sturgis Company in Lititz, Penn. you can learn how to twist these pretzels 300 December 26, 1988
He said, "A penny saved is a penny earned," & it's traditional to throw a penny onto his grave Benjamin Franklin 400 December 26, 1988
The "Peace Garden" state, it shares an International Peace Garden with Manitoba North Dakota 500 December 26, 1988
Texas cracks down on fathers who refuse to do this by putting them on a "10 Most Wanted" list pay child support 100 December 23, 1988
Popular with vacationers, this S.C. island was named for an English captain, WIlliam Hilton Hilton Head Island 200 December 23, 1988
The 3 states that share the Delmarva Peninsula Delaware, Maryland & Viginia 300 December 23, 1988
A Mecca for hang gliders, Jockey's Ridge on the N.C. coast is the tallest one of these in the East sand dunes 500 December 23, 1988
The French named this oldest permanent settlement in Michigan in honor of the Virgin Mary Sault Ste. Marie December 23, 1988
Montana's tallest building, an 18-story bank, is in this city that sounds like "buildings" Billings (Montana) 100 May 28, 1987
It's rumored the buyer thought he bought a different bridge when he bought this 1 now at Lake Havasu, Ariz. the London Bridge 200 May 28, 1987
At "The Water Bar" in this affluent city surrounded by L.A., you can order 55 varieties of H2O Beverly Hills 300 May 28, 1987
Juarez, largest Mexican border city, lies across from this largest Texas border city El Paso 400 May 28, 1987
This "City o'Lakes", with 22 lakes inside city limits, is the largest in the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" Minneapolis 500 May 28, 1987
Total number of the heads carved on Mt. Rushmore that are wearing hats zero 100 December 12, 1986
Of J.C. Penney, the U.S. Coast Guard, & the L.A. Dodgers, one which doesn't ban beards J.C. Penney 200 December 12, 1986
It's what the Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association recommends in pamphlet titled "Get It On" your seat belt 300 December 12, 1986
100 years apart, Joseph Pulitzer & Lee Iacocca raised money for this the Statue of Liberty 400 December 12, 1986
In 1986, this state celebrated 150th anniversary of its admittance to the union Arkansas 500 December 12, 1986
Among the water stops along route of this city's 1st marathon was Frederick's of Hollywood Los Angeles 100 October 15, 1986
At over 70 million bushels in 1985, it's the #1 apple grown in the U.S., yum yum delicious 200 October 15, 1986
From its title, what the '86 concert hosted by Williams, Goldberg, & Crystal offered the homeless <i>Comic Relief</i> 300 October 15, 1986
The Supreme Court upheld the Air Force ban on wearing this Jewish clothing accessory with dress uniforms yarmulke 400 October 15, 1986
The NYC Ballet derives 1/4 of its annual ticket income from the holiday ballet <i>The Nutcracker</i> 500 October 15, 1986
Including the president, it's said only 291 of those living in Washington, D.C. in 1802 were this federal employees 100 September 29, 1986
After the Winter Olympics of 1980 were held here, the Olympic Village was used as a prison Lake Placid 200 September 29, 1986
From 1961 until it ended in 1975, this cost the U.S. about $28 million a day the Vietnam War 300 September 29, 1986
Of about 35, 50 or 75%, amount of U.S. population occupying the most densely settled 2.1% of the land 75 400 September 29, 1986
The 53 million acres "given" to the Indians contain 1/2 of the nation's supply of this element uranium 500 September 29, 1986