Clues for: Languages

Question Answer Value Airdate
Most of the Coptic language alphabet is adapted from the Greek, but 7 letters evolved from this Ancient Egyptian writing system Hieroglyphics 200 October 13, 2020
In this 2006 comedy film, Sacha Baron Cohen is actually speaking Hebrew, not Kazakh <i>Borat</i> 400 October 13, 2020
The Afrikaans language is also known as "Cape" this European language Dutch 600 October 13, 2020
Korean is an S.O.V. language, meaning this part comes after the subject & object in a sentence a verb 800 October 13, 2020
English, Mandarin, Tamil & Malay are official languages of this island nation Singapore 1000 October 13, 2020
The west of this continent has about 50 million Hausa speakers Africa 200 February 18, 2019
Also known as Northern Chinese, this is the official language of China Mandarin 400 February 18, 2019
Spoken in the country next door, it's basically Dutch with softer sounds Flemish 600 February 18, 2019
Here's one way to write "thank you" in this Asian language Korean 800 February 18, 2019
This language has 2 main written forms: modern standard & classical, the language of the Koran Arabic 200 February 13, 2017
This language is spoken by about 11 million in Europe & about 200 million in South America Portuguese 400 February 13, 2017
Almost extinct, the Coeur d'Alene language is spoken by a few Native Americans on a reservation in this U.S. state Idaho 600 February 13, 2017
Standard Chinese is based primarily on this form of Chinese spoken by the educated in Beijing Mandarin 800 February 13, 2017
Before 2009 Greenland had 2 official languages: Greenlandic & this Danish 1000 February 13, 2017
The Mazovian dialect of this language is spoken mainly around Warsaw Polish 200 November 21, 2016
In Swahili hakuna means no, so matata must mean these worries 600 November 21, 2016
In Hebrew you use this word for both hello & goodbye <i>shalom</i> 800 November 21, 2016
Oikos means "house" (not "yogurt") in this language Greek 1000 November 21, 2016
It's the official language common to Belgium, Canada & Monaco French November 21, 2016
This language is the second most-spoken in the U.S. with about 35 million speakers Spanish 200 July 18, 2016
The region of Flanders is known as Vlaanderen in Flemish, which is a form of this language Dutch 400 July 18, 2016
On the dance floor I'm a klutz, from a word meaning "wooden block" in this Germanic language Yiddish 600 July 18, 2016
Dialects of English include this London one with distinctive rhyming slang Cockney 800 July 18, 2016
The name of this language of the Philippines comes from words meaning "of the river" Tagalog 1000 July 18, 2016
It's the official language of Qatar Arabic 200 June 9, 2011
Romansch, a dialect of the Central Alps, is the fourth national language of this country Switzerland 400 June 9, 2011
This dialect forms the basis of modern standard Chinese, usually called Putonghua, "common language" Mandarin 600 June 9, 2011
Tagalog is the basis for one of the official languages of this country the Philippines 800 June 9, 2011
L.L. Zamenhof grew up in an area of Poland where 4 languages were spoken, leading to ethnic animosity, so he created this Esperanto June 9, 2011
Yupik is a native language spoken by about 15,000 in Siberia & the western part of this state Alaska 200 December 14, 2010
(Kelly of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) Of France's many languages, Breton, introduced by the Celts, & Gallo, developed from Latin, serve this coastal region Brittany 400 December 14, 2010
Paul's letters in the New Testament were written in a version of this language called Koine Greek 600 December 14, 2010
In the 17th century Jesuit missionaries developed a written form of this Asian language known as Quoc Ngu Vietnamese 800 December 14, 2010
The semitic language of Akkadian was spoken in this land whose name means "between rivers" Mesopotamia 1000 December 14, 2010
The official languages of Wales are Welsh & this English 200 April 28, 2008
Related to Italian, it has about 5 million speakers in S. Italy & on a large Mediterranean island Sicilian 400 April 28, 2008
World Book says that only about 350 Gaulish words have become part of this modern language French 600 April 28, 2008
This language spoken in Reykjavik is also called Islenska Icelandic 800 April 28, 2008
The Chinese in Hong Kong & Macao mainly speak this Chinese dialect Cantonese 1000 April 28, 2008
Finland has 2 national languages: Finnish & this one spoken by its neighbor Swedish 200 January 31, 2005
(Jeff Probst, host of Survivor, gives the clue from Vanuatu.) The Ni-Vanuatu speak a pidgin language called Bislama. You might tell a local, "Me no talk-talk Bislama", which means this I don\'t speak Bislama 400 January 31, 2005
Wu & Hakka are among the many dialect groups of this language Chinese 600 January 31, 2005
Although Spanish is based on Latin, many of its words come from this language of the Moors Arabic 800 January 31, 2005
Portuguese is spoken by more than 150 million people; 80% of them live in this country Brazil January 31, 2005
Scholars agree that the oldest form of this language can be found in the song of Deborah in Judges Hebrew 200 March 19, 2003
This language is known by its speakers as Nederlands Dutch 400 March 19, 2003
Of Inka, Dinka or Doo, an actual language spoken in southern Sudan Dinka 600 March 19, 2003
More than 375 languages & dialects are spoken in this country's Madhya Pradesh state India 800 March 19, 2003
Gaspar Karolyi's translation of the Bible in 1590 was influential in the development of this as a national language Hungarian 1000 March 19, 2003
This country's official language, Tajik, is an Iranian language Tajikistan 200 October 17, 2002
This language's main dialect, Castilian, developed from the area of Burgos Spanish 400 October 17, 2002
Words in the English language taken directly from this language include flak, hinterland & kindergarten German 600 October 17, 2002
Important literary works in the Eastern variety of this language of India are written in Awadhi Hindi 800 October 17, 2002
Although Wolof is Senegal's most widely spoken language, this is its official language French 1000 October 17, 2002
"Hauoli makahiki hou" means "happy new year" in this language of the Pacific Hawaiian 200 May 17, 2002
(Sarah of the Clue Crew demonstrates with her ring finger and middle finger bent down to her palm.) It's the three-word phrase expressed here in American Sign Language I love you 400 May 17, 2002
Languages from this country include Assamese, Gujurati & Punjabi India 600 May 17, 2002
"Obrigado" means thank you in this Iberian language spoken by about 190 million people worldwide Portuguese 800 May 17, 2002
It's the only Central American country with English as an official language Belize May 17, 2002
Bavarian-Austrian is the form of this language spoken in such cities as Munich & Vienna German 100 July 10, 2000
World Book says that only about 350 Gaulish words have become part of this modern language French 200 July 10, 2000
The Chinese in Hong Kong & Macao speak this dialect that's the one most commonly spoken overseas Cantonese 300 July 10, 2000
Petronius wrote his "Satyricon" in the vulgar form of this language Latin 400 July 10, 2000
The Christian form of this Semitic language is called Syriac Aramaic 500 July 10, 2000
The official languages of Wales are Welsh & this English 100 April 14, 2000
Mazarec is the language of the Mazarec people of Oaxaca in this country Mexico 200 April 14, 2000
More than 40 million people speak Urdu as their native language, & most of them live on this continent Asia 300 April 14, 2000
This extinct Romance language has the same name as a spotted dog breed Dalmatian 400 April 14, 2000
This language spoken in Reykjavik is also called Islenska Icelandic 500 April 14, 2000
The Korean alphabet in common use today has 10 vowels & 14 of these Consonants 100 November 12, 1999
Austrians sing their national anthem in this, their official language German 200 November 12, 1999
This Scandinavian language is also known as Dansk Danish 300 November 12, 1999
Plautus wrote plays in the "Vulgar" form of this ancient language Latin 400 November 12, 1999
Balinese is an Austronesian language spoken on the island of Bali in this country Indonesia 500 November 12, 1999
The standard form of this language developed from that spoken in Amsterdam & nearby cities Dutch 100 October 13, 1998
The Finnish national anthem, "Our Land", is "Maame" in Finnish & "Vart Land" in this other official language Swedish 200 October 13, 1998
Among the many dialects of this language are Maine, Gallo & Bourbonnais French 300 October 13, 1998
This major language of the Canary Islands is spoken with what has been called a slight Andalusian accent Spanish 400 October 13, 1998
Of Latvian, Lithuanian, or Estonian, the language not closely related to the other 2 Estonian 500 October 13, 1998
The Neapolitan dialect of this language is noted for its singsong quality Italian 100 July 14, 1998
Spanish is closely related to this language spoken widely in Lisbon Portuguese 200 July 14, 1998
It's the official language of the country where we taped our International Tournament in 1997 Swedish 300 July 14, 1998
During the Middle Ages, this language spoken in Amsterdam was known as Diets Dutch 400 July 14, 1998
Messenian & Cretan are considered to be Doric dialects of this language Greek 500 July 14, 1998
Farsi is the official language of this Islamic republic Iran 100 May 13, 1998
Scholars say the oldest form of this language can be found in the fifth chapter of Judges Hebrew 200 May 13, 1998
Although there are many Berber dialects in Algeria, this is the official language Arabic 300 May 13, 1998
Galician, spoken in northwest Spain, is a dialect of the language spoken in this other Iberian country Portugal 400 May 13, 1998
Chalti-Bhasa is the spoken form of this official language of Bangladesh Bengali 500 May 13, 1998
The Roman Catholic church translates all of its principal documents into this dead language Latin 100 January 2, 1998
This official language of Liechtenstein is spoken by about 120 million people worldwide German 200 January 2, 1998
About 3/4 of the people of Singapore speak this Asian language Chinese 300 January 2, 1998
In Belgium the Flemings speak Dutch & the Walloons speak this language French 400 January 2, 1998
The language of this small Balkan country has 2 main dialects: Gheg & Tosk Albania 500 January 2, 1998
Lao, the official language of this southeast Asian country, is mostly monosyllabic Laos 100 January 20, 1997
The dramas of Seneca & the histories of Tacitus belong to this language's silver age Latin 200 January 20, 1997
Romansh is spoken in this country's canton of Graubunden Switzerland 300 January 20, 1997
This language whose name means "Jewish" arose between the 9th & 12th centuries in southwestern Germany Yiddish 400 January 20, 1997
The Formosan languages, spoken by about 200,000 on this island, belong to the Austronesian family Taiwan 500 January 20, 1997
Most people in Taiwan speak a Min dialect of this language Chinese 100 September 19, 1996
Ionic was a historic division of this European language Greek 200 September 19, 1996
It's the language in which the Koran was written Arabic 300 September 19, 1996
The dialect of Bucharest is the standard form of this language Romanian 400 September 19, 1996
"Bogurodzica", the oldest text in this language, has been ascribed to Wojciech in the 10th century Polish September 19, 1996
This language of the Netherlands is considered a West Germanic language Dutch 100 November 10, 1995
If you've ever gambled in Monte Carlo, you know this is the official language of Monaco French 200 November 10, 1995
Most of the people of Wales speak this as their native language; about 1/5 of them speak Welsh English 300 November 10, 1995
If you say "It's" this language "to me", you may be speaking in the Attic dialect of Athens Greek 400 November 10, 1995
Hans Christian Andersen wrote his fairy tales in this language--ask any mermaid Danish 500 November 10, 1995
Sardo is another name for this Romance language spoken on an Italian island Sardinian 100 January 27, 1995
Although Tibetan is the traditional language of Tibet, this is its official language (Mandarin) Chinese 200 January 27, 1995
Karamojong & Suk are 2 of the Nilotic languages of this continent Africa 300 January 27, 1995
In dictionaries this language is often abbreviated Fris. Frisian 400 January 27, 1995
In 1786 King Gustav III founded an academy to promote literature & writings in this language Swedish 500 January 27, 1995
About half of all English words are derived from this classical language Latin 100 July 12, 1994
The standard literary form of this language is the dialect of Florence Italian 200 July 12, 1994
This country's official language evolved from Pasar Malay, a dialect spoken on its island of Sumatra Indonesia 300 July 12, 1994
Although there is a Ryukyu language, most Ryukyuans speak this language Japanese 400 July 12, 1994
It's the official language of Suriname Dutch 500 July 12, 1994
Farsi, which is also called Persian, is spoken in this country once known as Persia Iran 100 May 14, 1993
In dictionaries, this language is often abbreviated Skt. Sanskrit 200 May 14, 1993
It's the language that gave us the words luau & lei Hawaiian 300 May 14, 1993
Ge'ez is an ancient language still used in this country whose capital is Addis Ababa Ethiopia 400 May 14, 1993
It was the native language of Pope John Paul I, but not of Pope John Paul II Italian 500 May 14, 1993
The dialect of this city gradually became the national language of France Paris 100 February 15, 1993
Sardinian is a distinct language; Corsican & Sicilian are dialects of this one Italian 200 February 15, 1993
Major language families on this continent include Khoisan, Niger-Kordofanian & Nilo-Saharan Africa 300 February 15, 1993
The oldest form of this language dates from Old Testament poems, like the "Song of Deborah" Hebrew 400 February 15, 1993
The standard form of this major language arose in the 9th c. around the town of Burgos in Old Castille Spanish 500 February 15, 1993
Estonian is closely related to this language heard in Helsinki Finnish 100 September 14, 1992
Aymara, which resembles the Inca language, is mainly spoken by Indians in Bolivia & this country Peru 200 September 14, 1992
In Esperanto the verb ami means to do this to love 300 September 14, 1992
Cebuano is spoken in this country, but it isn't an official language like Tagalog Philippines 400 September 14, 1992
The Nilotic languages originated on this continent Africa September 14, 1992
About 70% of the people of this nation speak a form of German called Schweizerdeutsch Switzerland 100 January 20, 1992
Castilian is the leading form of this Romance language Spanish 200 January 20, 1992
This Scandinavian country's language has 2 forms: Bokmal & Nynorsk Norway 300 January 20, 1992
Of Macedonian, Dalmatian or Slovene, the 1 that died in 1898 with its last known speaker Dalmatian 400 January 20, 1992
Although Dutch is official, most people speak Sranan Tongo in this South American country Suriname 500 January 20, 1992
More people in county Galway speak this language than in any other county Irish Gaelic 100 November 8, 1990
Gullah is still spoken by some blacks in this country the United States 200 November 8, 1990
The Ciceronian Age followed by the Augustan Age created the Golden Age of literature in this language Latin 300 November 8, 1990
R. Tagore, who won the Nobel Prize in literature, wrote in this language of Bangladesh Bengali 400 November 8, 1990
Hausa, Yoruba & Ibo are the principal African languages spoken in this country Nigeria 500 November 8, 1990
Chinese dialect spoken by more people than any other language in the world Mandarin 100 October 5, 1990
In the 10th century Menahem ben Saruq wrote a biblical lexicon & the first dictionary in this language Hebrew 200 October 5, 1990
Though Brussels is located within a Flemish linguistic zone, most residents speak this language French (or Walloon) 300 October 5, 1990
This single letter represents the usual Spanish word for "and" Y 400 October 5, 1990
Greek & Turkish are the official languages of this island country Cyprus 500 October 5, 1990
Differences in vocabulary & usage have evolved in the east & west of this country divided in 1945 Germany 100 May 1, 1989
In the Roman Empire, these 2 languages were most widely used Greek & Latin 200 May 1, 1989
Pre-Columbian languages were brought to America from this continent Asia 300 May 1, 1989
Used mostly in northern Africa, it's the most widely spoken language on the continent Arabic 400 May 1, 1989
The last letter in the Greek alphabet is equivalent to this letter, not Z, in English omega 500 May 1, 1989
Japanese & Slavic words usually have open syllables which means they end with this type of letter a vowel 100 December 23, 1988
It may not surprise you that this creator of Henry Higgins also created an alphabet that's still in use George Bernard Shaw 200 December 23, 1988
Until the 20th century, this was the international language of diplomacy French 300 December 23, 1988
With 800-1000, this continent has more languages than any other in proportion to population Africa 400 December 23, 1988
Pictish was spoken in this kingdom before Gaelic was used Scotland 500 December 23, 1988
The official language of Iraq Arabic 100 December 15, 1988
This country's constitution recognizes 15 languages, including Urdu & Punjabi but not English India 200 December 15, 1988
Johanna Spyri wrote "Heidi" in this language German 300 December 15, 1988
Guinness says the world's most multilingual living person is Georges Schmidt, former Chief of Terminology here United Nations 400 December 15, 1988
"Dank" in Dutch is this in Italian; you're welcome grazie 500 December 15, 1988
For centuries the Japanese language has used characters adopted from this language Chinese 100 November 1, 1988
The story in Genesis that explains man's diversity of language The Tower of Babel 200 November 1, 1988
In Shaw's "Pygmalion", it's the dialect Eliza Doolittle is trying to lose Cockney 300 November 1, 1988
Though heavily influenced by Italian, Maltese is a dialect of this Semitic language Arabic 400 November 1, 1988
In Spanish, the "tilde" goes above this letter N 500 November 1, 1988
How you would say "book" in Pig Latin ookbay 100 October 14, 1987
Audible up to 5 miles, one language of the Canary Islands consists of doing this, just like canaries whistling 200 October 14, 1987
Used by Julius Caesar, this system of writing was invented by Tiro to record Cicero's speeches shorthand 300 October 14, 1987
According to the Bible, the languages of the world began at this terraced pyramid at Babylon Babel 400 October 14, 1987
Rhyming slang like "jam jar" for "car", is the traditional language of these East Side Londoners Cockney 500 October 14, 1987
German speakers find it hard to understand Schwyzerdutsch, the variant of German spoken in this country Switzerland 100 May 21, 1987
While the official language of this small NATO country is French, the most commonly spoke 1 is Letzeburgesch Luxembourg 300 May 21, 1987
1 of 2 countries of Southern Africa whose official language is Portuguese (1 of) Angola (or Mozambique) 400 May 21, 1987
Croats use the Roman alphabet while Serbs writing this same language use the Cyrillic Serbo-Croatian 500 May 21, 1987
Language in which the following, the 1st foreign language song to top Cash Box charts, is sung: “[Instrumental opening plays] Eh cumpari, ci vo sunari?” Italian May 21, 1987