Clues for: American History

Question Answer Value Airdate
In January 1996 Bill Clinton challenged congress to "Never, ever" do this again; cut to October 2013 shut down (the government) 200 April 8, 2014
In January 1996 Bill Clinton challenged congress to "Never, ever" do this again; cut to October 2013 shut down (the government) 200 April 8, 2014
Trying to cut the surplus in 1883, the government took the excise tax off everything but these 2 items tobacco and liquor 600 April 8, 2014
Trying to cut the surplus in 1883, the government took the excise tax off everything but these 2 items tobacco and liquor 600 April 8, 2014
The 1876 Centennial Exhibition in this city helped heal the wounds after the Civil War Philadelphia 800 April 8, 2014
The 1876 Centennial Exhibition in this city helped heal the wounds after the Civil War Philadelphia 800 April 8, 2014
He founded Rhode Island, the first colony in America to allow complete religious freedom Roger Williams 1000 April 8, 2014
He founded Rhode Island, the first colony in America to allow complete religious freedom Roger Williams 1000 April 8, 2014
In July 1960 the U.S. stopped imports of sugar from this country that was cozying up to the USSR Cuba April 8, 2014
In July 1960 the U.S. stopped imports of sugar from this country that was cozying up to the USSR Cuba April 8, 2014
In 1620 pilgrims established this colony, the first permanent English settlement in New England Plymouth 200 April 16, 2013
In 1620 pilgrims established this colony, the first permanent English settlement in New England Plymouth 200 April 16, 2013
At least 50 of the 85 letters making up the "Federalist Papers" were written by this future treasury secretary Hamilton 400 April 16, 2013
At least 50 of the 85 letters making up the "Federalist Papers" were written by this future treasury secretary Hamilton 400 April 16, 2013
For fiscal 2000, the U.S. had a $236 billion one of these, our largest ever a surplus 600 April 16, 2013
For fiscal 2000, the U.S. had a $236 billion one of these, our largest ever a surplus 600 April 16, 2013
"His name is" this & in 1869 this Doctor who had set John Wilkes Booth's leg was pardoned & freed from prison (Samuel) Mudd 1000 April 16, 2013
"His name is" this & in 1869 this Doctor who had set John Wilkes Booth's leg was pardoned & freed from prison (Samuel) Mudd 1000 April 16, 2013
Selling out early, this prospector who gave his name to a mother lode of silver ended up broke & took his own life (Henry) Comstock April 16, 2013
Selling out early, this prospector who gave his name to a mother lode of silver ended up broke & took his own life (Henry) Comstock April 16, 2013
On Nov. 9, 1906 Teddy Roosevelt left the U.S. to personally see the progress on this engineering project the Panama Canal 200 October 18, 2010
The British party of this name aimed to limit the king's powers; the U.S. party hoped to limit "King Andrew" Jackson the Whigs 400 October 18, 2010
(Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a map of New England on the monitor.) In May 1643, to discourage attacks by the Dutch & others, the United Colonies of New England was formed by 4 Puritan colonies: Massachusetts Bay, Connecticut, New Haven & this one Plymouth 600 October 18, 2010
On May 15, 1972 while campaigning in Laurel, Md., this Alabama governor was shot & paralyzed by Arthur Bremer George Wallace 800 October 18, 2010
In 1948 Whittaker Chambers implicated this State Department official as an espionage agent for the Soviets (Alger) Hiss 1000 October 18, 2010
You're in the Army now--in 1940 FDR instituted the first peacetime one of these in U.S. history the draft 200 October 15, 2009
This term for a mechanical device can also be an organization running city politics, like NYC's Tammany Hall a machine 400 October 15, 2009
Edward Brooke was the first African American to hold this post for a state; Eric Holder is the first federal one Attorney General 600 October 15, 2009
Buzz Aldrin & Jim Lovell do look like twins as they prepare for a mission in this 1960s program Gemini 800 October 15, 2009
This man's 1807 steamboat run up the Hudson led to an 1824 Supreme Court decision on interstate commerce (Robert) Fulton 1000 October 15, 2009
Between 1856 & 1860, 2,962 of this faith set out from Iowa & Nebraska to Utah in the Handcart Migration Mormonism 200 February 13, 2009
On April 2, 1917 President Wilson told Congress, "The world must be made safe for" this democracy 400 February 13, 2009
On April 20, 1971 the U.S. Supreme Court upheld this transportation method as a way to achieve school integration busing 600 February 13, 2009
John O'Sullivan, who later became a diplomat, coined this term for the USA's right to cover the continent Manifest Destiny 800 February 13, 2009
In 1798 Congress passed this collection of bills to control domestic dissent & conspiracy against the federal govt. the Alien & Sedition Acts 1000 February 13, 2009
This state's been "on my mind" since it entered the Union 3 times, in 1788, 1868 & 1870 Georgia 200 May 26, 2008
In 1913 the 16th Amendment was passed allowing Congress to collect taxes on this income 400 May 26, 2008
Fleeing the capital on August 24, 1814, she took a Gilbert Stuart portrait of Washington with her Dolley Madison 600 May 26, 2008
Guerrilla leader Francis Marion earned this nickname for his daring raids from the South Carolina marshes the Swamp Fox 800 May 26, 2008
Name that completed an 1856 Republican slogan, "Free soil, free speech, free men and..." Fremont May 26, 2008
Witchcraft trials held in this town in 1692 led to the hangings of 19 people Salem 200 February 13, 2007
Stonewall Jackson earned his nickname during the Battle of Manassas, also called the Battle of this creek Bull Run 400 February 13, 2007
These "Articles" served as the basis of our national government from 1781 to 1789 the Articles of Confederation 600 February 13, 2007
When the Mexican War began in 1846, the Army of the West used this trail to invade New Mexico the Santa Fe Trail 800 February 13, 2007
Cleanup of this Pennsylvania nuclear power plant following the 1979 meltdown didn't end until 1993 Three Mile Island 1000 February 13, 2007
This pact among the U.S., Mexico & Canada took effect in 1994 & aims to eliminate tariffs by 2008 NAFTA 200 May 24, 2005
In the 1880s the Knights of this gave way to the American Federation of this representing workers Labor 400 May 24, 2005
In 1849, Thomas Ewing, "The Logician of the West", became the USA's first Secy. of this Cabinet Dept. the Interior 600 May 24, 2005
This committee that once claimed 800,000 members was dissolved Dec. 11, 1941 the America First Committee 800 May 24, 2005
Gen. Charles Lee was relieved of command after ordering a retreat at this 1778 New Jersey battle Monmouth 1000 May 24, 2005
Escaped slaves in the 1850s & draft dodgers in the 1960s mainly headed to this country Canada 200 November 1, 2004
On Feb. 15, 1901 Carry Nation wrecked one of these establishments with a hatchet a bar (or a saloon) 400 November 1, 2004
A fire in 1851 destroyed some 35,000 volumes in its collection the Library of Congress 600 November 1, 2004
Seen here at a Senate hearing, he was the first U.S. Attorney General to be convicted of a felony John Mitchell 1000 November 1, 2004
In the first census conducted in 1790, this state, with nearly 692,000 people, was the most populous Virginia November 1, 2004
On Nov. 11, 1918, Pvt. Henry Gunther became the last American casualty in this war World War I 200 January 15, 2004
Remarkably, there were more than 60 survivors when this Zeppelin crashed in New Jersey in 1937 the <i>Hindenburg</i> 400 January 15, 2004
Elected the 19th U.S. president in 1876, Rutherford B. Hayes was a member of this political party Republican 600 January 15, 2004
(Sofia of the Clue Crew at the Ronald Reagan Library) This man awarded the Medal of Freedom to Ronald Reagan on January 13, 1993 George H.W. Bush 800 January 15, 2004
This Indian "king" for whom a war against American colonists was named was tracked down & killed in 1676 Philip 1000 January 15, 2004
A 1928 campaign slogan promised this "in every pot and a car in every garage" a chicken 200 November 18, 2003
Years of political rivalry led to the July 11, 1804 duel between these 2 men Alexander Hamilton & Aaron Burr 400 November 18, 2003
In 1776 this silversmith set up a mill to make gunpowder after the colonists ran out of it at Bunker Hill Paul Revere 600 November 18, 2003
The Confederate States of America were established in 1861 in this city, the first Confederate capital Montgomery, Alabama 800 November 18, 2003
This leader of the Green Mountain Boys was a champion for the creation of the Green Mountain State Ethan Allen 1000 November 18, 2003
On February 15, 1898 the U.S. battleship Maine blew up in this Cuban capital's harbor Havana 200 October 15, 2003
This "King of the Wild Frontier" once claimed to have killed 105 bears during a few months in 1825 Davy Crockett 400 October 15, 2003
The "War on" this, approved by Congress in August of 1964, included VISTA, Volunteers in Service to America poverty 600 October 15, 2003
What's known as the second of these programs began with FDR's January 4, 1935 message to Congress the New Deal 800 October 15, 2003
John Smith was among the early members on the Council of Seven that governed this Virginia colony Jamestown 1000 October 15, 2003
This 1876 battle in Montana is also known as Custer's Last Stand Little Big Horn 200 February 5, 2003
In the late 1600s this Asian grain became the main crop of the Carolina coastal lowlands rice 400 February 5, 2003
In 1972 George McGovern called this president's administration the "most corrupt" in U.S. history Richard Nixon 600 February 5, 2003
In 1813 this hero of Tippecanoe defeated Tecumseh at the Thames River in Canada William Henry Harrison 800 February 5, 2003
In 1664 the Duke of York granted land west of the Hudson River to his supporters; it was named this New Jersey 1000 February 5, 2003
In 1805 this territory was created from the Indiana one, with all or parts of the lower & upper peninsulas Michigan 200 February 25, 2002
In May 1980 at least 26 people were killed when this volcano in Washington erupted Mt. St. Helens 400 February 25, 2002
In September 1664 this governor of New Amsterdam surrendered to the British, ending Dutch power in the New World (Peter) Stuyvesant 600 February 25, 2002
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from Gettysburg Cemetery.) In 1863, Lincoln dedicated this cemetery by saying that "we cannot consecrate--we cannot" do this to "this ground" hallow 800 February 25, 2002
A 1963 treaty with Mexico settled a boundary dispute between Ciudad Juarez & this Texas city El Paso 1000 February 25, 2002
After his 1859 hanging, Civil War troops sang of this abolitionist's body "mouldering in the grave" John Brown 100 July 10, 2001
In 1913 the 16th Amendment was passed allowing Congress to collect taxes on this Income 200 July 10, 2001
Plessy vs. Ferguson, which upheld segregation, was overturned by this 1954 case Brown v. Board of Education 300 July 10, 2001
During WWII America won its 1st major victory over Japan in this naval battle, about 1,200 miles from Hawaii Midway 400 July 10, 2001
Bushrod, the favorite nephew of this president, became a Supreme Court justice in 1798 George Washington 500 July 10, 2001
I've had it "on my mind" that this state has joined the Union 3 times, in 1788, 1868 & 1870 Georgia 100 November 14, 2000
A federal law from 1950 prohibited the labeling of colored oleo as this Butter 200 November 14, 2000
The Dept. of Agriculture began a new version of this program in 1964; by 1975 it was helping over 17 million people Food stamps 300 November 14, 2000
This commodore became a friend to Japan in 1854, showing them the telegraph & a daguerreotype camera Matthew Perry 400 November 14, 2000
Name that completed an 1856 Republican slogan, "Free soil, free speech, free men and ..." (John C.) Fremont 500 November 14, 2000
In September 1964 the Warren Commission concluded that he acted alone in JFK's assassination Lee Harvey Oswald 100 September 14, 2000
On December 20, 1860, as a result of Lincoln's election, this state seceded from the Union South Carolina 200 September 14, 2000
Fleeing the capital on August 24, 1814, she took a Gilbert Stuart portrait of Washington with her Dolley Madison 300 September 14, 2000
In 1916 President Wilson sent this brigadier general into Mexico in pursuit of Pancho Villa John "Black Jack" Pershing 400 September 14, 2000
In 1932 this Republican was elected governor of Kansas; he won reelection in 1934 Alf Landon 500 September 14, 2000
In 1692 the Spanish regained control of this future New Mexico capital from the Pueblo Indians Santa Fe 100 March 29, 2000
In 1639 the Court of Massachusetts ordered that "The bee built at Cambridg" be called this Harvard 200 March 29, 2000
The political slogan "As" this state "goes, so goes the nation" dates back to the 1880s Maine 300 March 29, 2000
In 1857 antislavery forces were set back when the Supreme Court decided the case of this man vs. Sandford Dred Scott 400 March 29, 2000
On July 31, 1972 this Missouri senator withdrew as McGovern's running mate because of earlier psychiatric care Thomas Eagleton 500 March 29, 2000
On April 18, 1775 he was captured by the British but released; he had to walk back to Lexington Paul Revere 100 February 21, 2000
On September 8, 1974, he was granted "A full, free and absolute pardon" Richard Nixon 200 February 21, 2000
FDR's statement "The United States of America was...deliberately attacked by...Japan" was made on this date December 8, 1941 300 February 21, 2000
In 1824 Andrew Jackson received more popular & electoral votes, but the House declared this man president John Quincy Adams 400 February 21, 2000
Hostilities in the Spanish-American War ended when Manila surrendered to General Merritt & this admiral George Dewey 500 February 21, 2000
In May 1692 this village's jails were filled with witchcraft suspects, eventually totaling 150 Salem, Massachusetts 100 February 3, 2000
In 1900 Sanford B. Dole became the first governor of this U.S. territory Hawaii 200 February 3, 2000
During the naval battle for this Alabama bay, David Farragut uttered, "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!" Mobile Bay 300 February 3, 2000
In 1888 he won the presidency using the campaign song "Grandfather's Hat Fits Ben" Benjamin Harrison 400 February 3, 2000
During the War of 1812, he had command of 3 brigs, 5 schooners & a sloop on Lake Erie Oliver Hazard Perry 500 February 3, 2000
The Continental Congress approved this "game" to raise money for the army; it never hit $250 million (dollars) Lottery 100 December 9, 1999
After 3 previous acquittals, this reputed crime family boss was finally convicted in New York City on April 2, 1992 John Gotti 200 December 9, 1999
He shook up society in the 1960s & later published "Revolution for the Hell of It" & "Steal This Book" Abbie Hoffman 400 December 9, 1999
This Spanish explorer, not Ponce de Leon, claimed Florida for Spain in June of 1539 Hernando de Soto 500 December 9, 1999
Due to expansive pork processing facilities, this city on the Ohio River was once known as "Porkopolis" Cincinnati December 9, 1999
In 1787-88 the Anti-Federalists opposed the ratification of this document the Constitution 100 November 11, 1999
After a defeat in 1835 for reelection to Congress from Tennessee, this frontiersman moved to Texas Davy Crockett 200 November 11, 1999
A Ute legend says the Great Spirit created all life on this peak discovered in 1806 Pikes Peak 300 November 11, 1999
Nickname given in the 1930s to the area seen here in a famous Arthur Rothstein photo "Dust Bowl" 400 November 11, 1999
When he began his Progressive Party, Teddy Roosevelt said he felt as fit as one of these animals Bull moose 500 November 11, 1999
In 1791 this Treasury Secretary issued his "Report On Manufactures", a critique of American industry Alexander Hamilton 100 September 27, 1999
When West Virginia became a state in 1863, Wheeling was its capital; this city became the permanent capital in 1885 Charleston 200 September 27, 1999
In 1698, after an absence of 15 years, he returned to the colony named for his father William Penn 300 September 27, 1999
On Aug. 2, 1826 at Boston's Faneuil Hall, this great orator delivered a eulogy on Jefferson & Adams Daniel Webster 400 September 27, 1999
Completed in 1856, California's first railroad ran 22 miles between Sacramento & this prison city Folsom 500 September 27, 1999
Because of the potato famine, more than a million emigrated from this country to the U.S. in the mid-1800s Ireland 100 July 2, 1999
This 1803 land acquisition included area in what is now 13 of the 50 states the Louisiana Purchase 200 July 2, 1999
After winning the disputed 1876 election, he was inaugurated to cries of "Rutherfraud" Rutherford B. Hayes 300 July 2, 1999
Famous for his debates with Lincoln, he served as a U.S. senator from Illinois from 1847 to 1861 Stephen Douglas 500 July 2, 1999
In 1730 he assumed full ownership of the Pennsylvania Gazette Benjamin Franklin July 2, 1999
In January 1935 she became the first woman to fly solo from Hawaii to the U.S. mainland Amelia Earhart 100 June 16, 1999
His final regret was "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country" Nathan Hale 200 June 16, 1999
On April 22, 1889 "Sooners" staked claims hours ahead of schedule in Guthrie City in this territory's land grab Oklahoma 300 June 16, 1999
This 1,500-mile-long mountain system divided the Civil War into the eastern & western theaters Appalachians 400 June 16, 1999
In 1910 Victor Berger of Wisconsin became the first of this party of Eugene Debs elected to Congress Socialist 500 June 16, 1999
In 1833 this area asked to separate from Coahuila to become its own Mexican state Texas 100 June 9, 1999
In 1901 Buffalo Bill founded this town in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming Cody 200 June 9, 1999
Frances Willard, a president of the WCTU, was the first woman honored in this Capitol building hall Statuary Hall 300 June 9, 1999
In a March 1775 speech he also said, is "peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?" Patrick Henry 400 June 9, 1999
The change in the American flag on July 4, 1960 was its first change since July 4 of this year 1959 500 June 9, 1999
In 1850 it became the first state on the Pacific coast admitted to the Union California 100 February 19, 1999
The U.S. Marine Corps was first established to fight in this war The Revolutionary War 200 February 19, 1999
On Oct. 2, 1967 he was sworn in as the first African-American Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall 300 February 19, 1999
Jonathan Edwards was among the leaders of this "great" religious movement of the 1700s Great Awakening 400 February 19, 1999
In 1893 3 men serving prison sentences for this riot were pardoned by the governor of Illinois Haymarket Riot 500 February 19, 1999
During his first term as president, the Bill of Rights became law George Washington 100 July 15, 1998
In 1813 the U.S. defeated the British in the Battle of the Thames River in what is now this country Canada 200 July 15, 1998
In November 1689 Joseph Wadsworth hid this colony's charter from the British by placing it in an oak tree Connecticut 400 July 15, 1998
He earned his captain's commission by burning the Philadelphia at Tripoli in 1804 Stephen Decatur 500 July 15, 1998
In 1832 this president declared, "The bank, Mr. Van Buren, is trying to kill me; but I will kill it" Andrew Jackson July 15, 1998
Shrapnel from a 1916 munitions storage plant explosion in Jersey City, NJ damaged this famous statue Statue of Liberty 100 November 18, 1997
Frances Perkins was trying to improve working conditions in these in the 1910s, Kathie Lee in the '90s Sweatshops 200 November 18, 1997
The U.S. made this great buy from France in 1803 & would have been happy with just New Orleans Louisiana Purchase 300 November 18, 1997
If this act hadn't passed July 14, 1798, we would have had just the Alien Acts Sedition Acts 400 November 18, 1997
In 1844 John C. Fremont crossed the Sierra Nevada & this John C. became Secretary of State John C. Calhoun 500 November 18, 1997
Francisco Lopez found this precious metal in California in 1842, before the rush gold 100 October 20, 1997
In 1843 Congress allocated $30,000 to string one between Baltimore & Washington; it was completed in 1844 a telegraph wire 200 October 20, 1997
In 1873 President Grant proclaimed this city the site of the Centennial Exposition of 1876 Philadelphia 300 October 20, 1997
Before cotton became king, this plant that yields a violet dye was a popular southern crop indigo 400 October 20, 1997
When Thomas Jefferson took office in March, 1801, this river formed the western U.S. boundary Mississippi 100 September 8, 1997
In 1890 this GOP senator from Ohio sponsored an antitrust act & the Silver Purchase Act John Sherman 200 September 8, 1997
In 1997 this U.N. secy.-general became the first international guest of President Clinton's second term Kofi Annan 300 September 8, 1997
On Sept. 30, 1953, Pres. Eisenhower named this California governor as Chief Justice of the U.S. Earl Warren 400 September 8, 1997
Signed February 2, 1848, this treaty ended the Mexican War the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 500 September 8, 1997
While in the VA. legislature, this 3rd president introduced his religious freedom statute Thomas Jefferson 100 July 8, 1997
Founded in 1607, the Popham colony on the Kennebec River was this state's first English settlement Maine 200 July 8, 1997
In 1952 composer Stuart Hamblen was the presidential candidate of this anti-liquor party Prohibition 300 July 8, 1997
This soldier & frontiersman won important victories over the British in the Northwest Territory George Rogers Clark 500 July 8, 1997
On Dec. 23, 1921 President Harding pardoned this Socialist so that he could have Christmas dinner with his wife Eugene Victor Debs July 8, 1997
This amendment was 3 states short of ratification when its deadline elapsed June 30, 1982 the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) 100 June 27, 1997
In October 1867 Gen. Rousseau took formal possession of this territory that the U.S. had bought in March Alaska 200 June 27, 1997
In 1907 Charles N. Haskell of Muskogee became this new state's first governor Oklahoma 300 June 27, 1997
Because of his deist beliefs, this "Age of Reason" author died a social outcast in New York City in 1809 Thomas Paine 400 June 27, 1997
He was promoted to captain for burning the captured U.S. frigate Philadelphia in Tripoli Harbor Stephen Decatur 500 June 27, 1997
In 1912 this "Bull Moose" spoke for about 50 minutes with a would-be-assassin's bullet lodged in his chest Theodore Roosevelt 100 May 30, 1997
The siege of the Alamo gave this Texas general time to prepare for the Battle of San Jacinto Sam Houston 200 May 30, 1997
This Public Enemy No. 1 robbed Midwestern banks until 1934 when he was done in by the Woman in Red John Dillinger 300 May 30, 1997
Lawrence, Kansas was founded by people opposed to this practice Slavery 400 May 30, 1997
In 1960 black sit-ins at segregated lunch counters started in Greensboro in this state North Carolina 500 May 30, 1997
On July 9, 1776 this state's legislature met in White Plains & ratified the Declaration of Independence New York 100 April 9, 1997
On April 4, 1949, the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, France & 8 other nations signed this mutual defense pact NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) 200 April 9, 1997
8 Americans were killed April 24, 1980 in a failed attempt to rescue American hostages held in this city Tehran 300 April 9, 1997
After answering a NASA newspaper notice in the '70s, she became America's first woman in space Sally Ride 400 April 9, 1997
In 1919 this future pres. mobilized the Mass. Militia to restore order in the Boston police strike Calvin Coolidge 500 April 9, 1997
Though this president chose the general site for the executive mansion, he never lived there George Washington 100 April 4, 1997
In 1836 this republic asked to be annexed to the U.S. Texas 200 April 4, 1997
When asked in 1779 "Have you lowered your flag?" he reportedly said, "I have not yet begun to fight" John Paul Jones 300 April 4, 1997
A compromise allowed Maine's admission to the union in 1820 as a free state & this as a slave state in 1821 Missouri 400 April 4, 1997
The Kentucky & Virginia Resolutions were passed in opposition to these 1798 acts Alien & Sedition Acts 500 April 4, 1997
For their part in this 1770 Massachusetts riot, 2 soldiers were branded on the thumb Boston Massacre 100 January 10, 1997
This monument with a 19-foot seated statue was dedicated by President Harding May 30, 1922 Lincoln Memorial 200 January 10, 1997
The Supreme Court's 7-2 decision in this slavery case helped bring on the Civil War <i>Dred Scott</i> 300 January 10, 1997
Though elected to the senate in 1930, this Louisiana governor didn't take his seat until 1932 Huey Long 400 January 10, 1997
In September, 1971, 43 peole were killed during a 4-day riot at this New York prison Attica 500 January 10, 1997
Nickname given the WWII backyard vegetable patches "Victory Gardens" 100 November 18, 1996
In May of 1780, Gen. Benjamin Lincoln was forced to surrender this South Carolina port to the British Charleston 200 November 18, 1996
More than 200 U.S. Marines were killed in 1983 by a truck bomb at their barracks in this Mideast capital Beirut 300 November 18, 1996
He related the story of Pocahontas in his "General History of Virginia" in 1624 John Smith 400 November 18, 1996
The Battle of Palo Alto, fought May 8, 1846, was the first battle of this war Mexican-American War 500 November 18, 1996
In 1953, this island's first year as a U.S. commonwealth, 75,000 residents moved to the mainland Puerto Rico 100 October 7, 1996
This president collapsed September 25, 1919 & one week later suffered a stroke Woodrow Wilson 200 October 7, 1996
In 1609 Champlain reached the lake now named for him on the border of New York & this state Vermont 300 October 7, 1996
In 1903 this "Badger State" became the first to adopt direct primary elections Wisconsin 400 October 7, 1996
On December 2, 1863, ground was broken in Omaha for the construction of this railroad the Union-Pacific Railroad 500 October 7, 1996
In 1853 this future Confederate president became secretary of war in Franklin Pierce's cabinet Jefferson Davis 100 May 22, 1996
On Nov. 19, 1863 Abraham Lincoln gave this short speech after Edward Everett spoke for 2 hours the Gettysburg Address 200 May 22, 1996
On Lady Bird Johnson's urging, Congress voted funds in 1965 to beautify these highways 300 May 22, 1996
On March 23, 1965 a 2-man craft in this program became the first piloted spacecraft to change its orbit Gemini 400 May 22, 1996
In 1943 the U.S. built a nuclear energy center, the Hanford Works, in this state Washington 500 May 22, 1996
On August 29, 1877, this leader of the Mormon Church died Brigham Young 100 January 17, 1996
After aiding the U.S. in the Battle of New Orleans, this pirate was pardoned Jean Lafitte 200 January 17, 1996
In December 1952, this president-elect visited the front lines during the Korean War Dwight Eisenhower 300 January 17, 1996
After this waterway opened in 1825, freight rates between Buffalo & NYC were cut by more than 90% Erie Canal 400 January 17, 1996
This man who bought Manhattan from the Indians later served as governor of New Sweden Peter Minuit 500 January 17, 1996
On October 20, 1803, the senate ratified the treaty for this land acquisition Louisiana Purchase 100 November 23, 1995
Benedict Arnold & this man's Green Mountain Boys captured Ticonderoga, May 10, 1775 Ethan Allen 200 November 23, 1995
In 1866 he became general of the U.S. Army; the first officer so designated Ulysses S. Grant 300 November 23, 1995
The name of this anti-Jackson party was introduced to the senate by Henry Clay, April 14, 1834 Whigs 400 November 23, 1995
In 1843 Daniel Webster resigned as this president's Secretary of State John Tyler 500 November 23, 1995
He organized the corps of men who photographed the Civil War; poor eyesight limited his work Mathew Brady 100 September 4, 1995
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, a founder of the ACLU, was expelled in 1940 for being a member of this party Communist Party 200 September 4, 1995
Over half the value of U.S. exports from 1815-1860 came from this crop cotton 300 September 4, 1995
In 1930 Charles Evans Hughes left the World Court to take this position in the U.S. Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 500 September 4, 1995
The Bay of Pigs invasion plans were first drawn up under this president Eisenhower September 4, 1995
On May 22, 1906 they received a patent for an improved model of their airplane the Wright brothers 100 December 28, 1994
Samuel Adams referred to this April 19, 1775 battle when he said, "What a glorious morning for America!" Lexington, Concord 200 December 28, 1994
Prior to his election to the Tennessee legislature in 1821, this frontiersman was a Justice of the Peace Davy Crockett 300 December 28, 1994
1 of 4 freedoms FDR termed essential in a January 6, 1941 address to Congress 1 of (want, speech, religion, or fear) 400 December 28, 1994
Of the 3 writers of the Federalist papers, 2 were New Yorkers & he was a Virginian (James) Madison 500 December 28, 1994
This traitor took a cut in rank from major general in the U.S. Army to brigadier general in the British Army Benedict Arnold 100 November 16, 1994
In 1765 Dr. James Baker opened his first factory in Massachusetts to make this - how sweet! Chocolate 200 November 16, 1994
Mormons say divine intervention sent these birds to stop a cricket infestation in 1848 Seagulls 300 November 16, 1994
In 1949 the Senate ratified this treaty that joined the U.S. with 11 others in a mutual defense pact NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) 400 November 16, 1994
After losing his Senate seat to John F. Kennedy, he was made U.S. representative at the United Nations Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. November 16, 1994
In 1777 Vermont became the first state to abolish this completely slavery 100 November 12, 1993
It's the date on which America celebrated its bicentennial July 4, 1976 200 November 12, 1993
This American general who turned traitor during the revolution got over £6,000 for his efforts Benedict Arnold 300 November 12, 1993
At a 1954 hearing, this senator accused the Army of "coddling Communists" Joseph McCarthey 500 November 12, 1993
From 1680 to 1755, the colony of Pennsylvania was governed by members of this religious group the Quakers November 12, 1993
Under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Mexico relinquished all claims to this state above the Rio Grande Texas 100 July 7, 1993
This company was founded in 1852 to provide banking & mail delivery to the gold camps of California Wells Fargo 200 July 7, 1993
The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 repealed this compromise of 1820 the Missouri Compromise 300 July 7, 1993
In 1859 this vein of silver was discovered on the eastern slope of Mount Davidson in Nevada the Comstock Lode 400 July 7, 1993
This 1777 document said, "The stile of this confederacy shall be 'The United States of America'" Articles of Confederation 500 July 7, 1993
This statue got a new torch in 1986; the old one was 100 years old the Statue of Liberty 100 October 30, 1992
Term for the women of the 1920s who wore bobbed hair, short dresses & long strings of beads flappers 200 October 30, 1992
This Sunshine State once had east & west portions; the western part now belongs to Ala., Miss. & La. Florida 300 October 30, 1992
3 months after Congress authorized the Department of Foreign Affairs, it changed its name to this Department of State 100 May 4, 1990
He died in 1804 the day after his duel with Aaron Burr Alexander Hamilton 200 May 4, 1990
In 1945-46 the number of these government employees dropped from 12 million to less than 3 million Armed Forces/Servicemen & women 300 May 4, 1990
In 1932 Hattie Caraway of Arkansas became the first woman elected to this body U.S. Senate 400 May 4, 1990
After the original 13 colonies, this was the first state to enter the Union Vermont 500 May 4, 1990
In 1943 Georgia became the 1st state to lower the voting age to this 18 100 February 27, 1990
Black Friday, September 24, 1869, resulted from Gould & Fisk's attempt to corner the U.S. supply of this Gold 200 February 27, 1990
He was the last Dutch governor of New York, which was New Netherland at the time Peter Stuyvessant 300 February 27, 1990
At the Battle of San Jacinto, Sam Houston took this Mexican leader prisoner Santa Anna 400 February 27, 1990
Swedish-born John Ericsson designed this 1st of the ironclads with a revolving turret Monitor 500 February 27, 1990
In 1787 Delaware became the 1st state in the Union; in 1860 this became the 1st state to secede South Carolina 100 January 10, 1990
In 1952 this territory adopted its own constitution & became a commonwealth Puerto Rico 200 January 10, 1990
In 1926 Lindbergh had to parachute out of planes 4 times while employed to do this flying the mail 300 January 10, 1990
Wilson, Harding, Coolidge & Hoover refused to recognize this country's government, but FDR did Soviet Union 400 January 10, 1990
This New Deal agency was symbolized by a blue eagle & used the motto, "We do our part" NRA (National Recovery Administration) 500 January 10, 1990