Clues for: Anagrams

Question Answer Value Airdate
I seem to recall the old house having this room to store food over the winter a cellar (from recall) 200 November 13, 2020
This closed figure is integral to a branch of math triangle (from integral) 400 November 13, 2020
It's how the ladies got across the lake to the island sailed (from ladies) 600 November 13, 2020
In the southwest, a Native American abode was commonly made of this adobe (from abode) 800 November 13, 2020
It was quite an ordeal getting to this Texas city Laredo (from ordeal) 1000 November 13, 2020
A European legislature: APT IN REALM Parliament 200 September 29, 2020
An inferred kind of evidence: I CURST CLAIMANT circumstantial 400 September 29, 2020
A type of horse: TAN GUMS a mustang 600 September 29, 2020
A holiday item: SEARCH, SET, TRIM Christmas tree 800 September 29, 2020
A stone home for mummy: PUSH AS CARGO a sarcophagus 1000 September 29, 2020
An ancient reptile:AIR SOUND dinosaur 200 May 25, 2020
One part of a symphony: VENT MEMO a movement 400 May 25, 2020
Its orbit takes 165 years: TEEN PUN Neptune 600 May 25, 2020
A shoemaker for an Arabian or a trotter: THICK LAMBS a blacksmith 800 May 25, 2020
Food partly from Old French for "cabbage": WALL OF CURIE cauliflower 1000 May 25, 2020
An American symbol:BAGEL DEAL a bald eagle 200 January 7, 2020
"Heavenly" predator of the coral reef:FLAG SHINE an angelfish 400 January 7, 2020
Understanding:SPECIMEN HONOR comprehension 600 January 7, 2020
A type of embroidery:DELETE NO PIN needlepoint 800 January 7, 2020
Rock, solid:TEA RING granite 1000 January 7, 2020
It perks you up: FINE FACE caffeine 200 September 26, 2018
A reference work: CANDY ICE POLE encyclopedia 400 September 26, 2018
A Protestant denomination: BEST IN PRAYER Presbyterian 600 September 26, 2018
A world capital: SAUNAS Nassau 800 September 26, 2018
A playground game: BELL THREAT tetherball 1000 September 26, 2018
So, a man walked into a bar & said, give me this type of beer, & make it a large a lager 200 March 18, 2016
Without a telescope, you are unable to see the Crab one of these clearly nebula (for unable) 400 March 18, 2016
False alarm, Fido is free of these fleas (for false) 600 March 18, 2016
We raced up the hill to this type of tree & then back down cedar (for raced) 800 March 18, 2016
The writer sent out several of these to Esquire magazine hoping to sell an article queries (for Esquire) 1000 March 18, 2016
Chemical element:COIL SIN silicon 200 April 18, 2014
Unwanted facial feature:CHUB ON DELI double chin 400 April 18, 2014
Any temperamental diva:PIN ON DRAMA prima donna 600 April 18, 2014
California city:NO SERF Fresno 800 April 18, 2014
Doing things the easy but sloppy way:INCORRECT STUNG cutting corners 1000 April 18, 2014
Anthem ender:BEHAVE HOME FORT home of the brave 200 December 19, 2013
Relative by marriage:MENIAL WORTH mother-in-law 400 December 19, 2013
Serious injury:BAKER NORM broken arm 600 December 19, 2013
In cartoons she gets slipped a Mickey:NOISE IMMUNE Minnie Mouse 800 December 19, 2013
A small, out-of-the-way restaurant:LOW ETHANE HILL hole in the wall 1000 December 19, 2013
There should be a law regulating the use of this pointy tool awl (from law) 200 April 6, 2011
The way she rambles on nonsensically, she's truly lost these marbles (from rambles) 400 April 6, 2011
Take your coats--it's chilly along here the coast (from coats) 600 April 6, 2011
We rested up after a hot day in this environment the desert (from rested) 800 April 6, 2011
This character in mythology amused me more than she scared me Medusa (from amused) 1000 April 6, 2011
It might be the last thing you say to someone:OBEY GOD goodbye 200 June 16, 2009
Its diameter is 8,000 miles:HEART Earth 400 June 16, 2009
Soundless:LISTEN silent 600 June 16, 2009
2009 economic act:I LUST SUM stimulus 800 June 16, 2009
A synthetic fiber:EXPANDS Spandex 1000 June 16, 2009
For heartburn these are a must Tums (for must) 200 July 20, 2005
I'm sated after eating too many of these dates (for sated) 400 July 20, 2005
Please be quiet, everyone here is this asleep (for please) 600 July 20, 2005
It was the nationality of Sir Anthony Van Dyck, himself Flemish (for himself) 800 July 20, 2005
"Nowhere can I find this utopian novel by Samuel Butler" <i>Erewhon</i> (for nowhere) 1000 July 20, 2005
What you do to frozen meat before cooking thaw 200 October 27, 2003
My boss does it whenever he's upset; what a baby! sobs 400 October 27, 2003
How 'bout some melon with a squeeze of this? lemon 600 October 27, 2003
I find this type of band charming marching 800 October 27, 2003
I wonder if a senator has ever been accused of this treason 1000 October 27, 2003
Jay Leno's sticks out an inch or more chin/inch 200 November 12, 2002
Gary sees in shades of this gray/Gary 400 November 12, 2002
I praised my kids when they stopped wearing these diapers/praised 800 November 12, 2002
Before Tokyo, this was Japan's capital Kyoto/Tokyo 1000 November 12, 2002
You'll find 2 of them in the word "wolves" vowels/wolves November 12, 2002
Maybe she used a Swiss Army Knife to shear her little lamb's snow-white fleece Mary (ARMY/MARY) 200 March 14, 2002
Deer & antelope who make their home on it don't need anger management the range (ANGER/RANGE) 400 March 14, 2002
In 1980 this group dove onto the charts with its hit "Whip It" Devo (DOVE/DEVO) 600 March 14, 2002
Ring the doorbell to get into this house of ill repute a bordello (DOORBELL/BORDELLO) 800 March 14, 2002
In 2001 the Pope donned his raiment to visit a mosque topped by this kind of structure a minaret (RAIMENT/MINARET) 1000 March 14, 2002
Female found amid the household staff Maid (amid) 100 March 9, 2001
At dusk Merlin waved his wand & Poof! It was this start of the day again Dawn (wand) 200 March 9, 2001
I can't stop eating this company's Grape-Nuts Post (stop) 300 March 9, 2001
A Roman mansion? No, an English one Manor (Roman) 400 March 9, 2001
Drat, it's what I did at the slot machines in Vegas Lost (slot) 500 March 9, 2001
Silas does this on his boat every weekend Sails (for Silas) 100 January 28, 1997
I need a glass of this soft drink after I've been at bat TaB (for bat) 200 January 28, 1997
Olaf eats this amount of bread every day Loaf (for Olaf) 300 January 28, 1997
Della lost this utensil, so she had trouble stirring the soup Ladle (for Della) 400 January 28, 1997
This room might be at the end of a house Den (for end) 500 January 28, 1997
I like to eat a sub when I ride this vehicle a bus (from sub) 100 May 15, 1996
This Ms. Moore makes far more than a dime per film Demi (from dime) 200 May 15, 1996
Someone who helps change this baby garment should be repaid with a kindness a diaper (from repaid) 300 May 15, 1996
It's a good ole name for a lion or a pope Leo (from ole) 400 May 15, 1996
David Hyde Pierce knows all his lines as this character on "Frasier" Niles (from lines) 500 May 15, 1996
You don't have to be nosy to know "Jeopardy!" is taped at this studio Sony (Nosy) 100 April 12, 1996
Apes might enjoy eating these legumes Peas (Apes) 200 April 12, 1996
Lois painted a lovely picture of this barnyard structure in oils Silo (Lois & Oils) 300 April 12, 1996
It's a snap to wash these items of cookware if they're non-stick Pans (Snap) 400 April 12, 1996
The name of this Canadian province is an anagram of "main boat" Manitoba 500 April 12, 1996
If you hear a low hoot, this bird may fly by an owl (from low) 100 November 1, 1995
Milo the millionaire rides around in a long, black one of these a limo (from Milo) 200 November 1, 1995
A saint would look spectacular in a robe made of this fabric satin (from saint) 300 November 1, 1995
It's the only color Carol ever wears coral (from Carol) 400 November 1, 1995
Liam longs to take a trip to this West African country Mali (from Liam) 500 November 1, 1995
My pals & I went skiing in these mountains the Alps (from pals) 100 October 16, 1995
The furniture in this room tends to be dusty study (from dusty) 200 October 16, 1995
There's a remote chance a deadly one will hit the Earth a meteor (from remote) 300 October 16, 1995
Some of these gems look quite strange garnets (from strange) 400 October 16, 1995
It's what the teacher accused her pupil of being cheater (from teacher) 500 October 16, 1995
Yes, it is the Spanish word for yes si (from is) 100 May 2, 1995
The Bible's King Og might give this order to depart go (from Og) 200 May 2, 1995
Fe fi fo fum, I smell this preposition of (from fo) 300 May 2, 1995
Weird Al Yankovic would soon hit this singing the diatonic scale la (from Al) 400 May 2, 1995
Drama found on stages in Japan no (from on) 500 May 2, 1995
A spy might use the invisible type of this to send messages to his kin ink (for kin) 100 March 13, 1995
Many collectors file away copies of this magazine <i>Life</i> (for file) 200 March 13, 1995
Sidney won't watch any films that weren't made by this studio Disney (for Sidney) 300 March 13, 1995
If an artist doesn't own this kind of support, he should lease one easel (for lease) 400 March 13, 1995
Nina's hobbies are pressing petals in a scrapbook & collecting these items of tableware plates (for petals) 500 March 13, 1995
Willard made a sculpture of this animal out of tar rat (from tar) 100 May 4, 1994
Horst hates to be described by this adjective—he prefers diminutive short (from Horst) 200 May 4, 1994
Mary says it's her favorite branch of the service Army (from Mary) 300 May 4, 1994
Carole aspires to be this kind of medium; maybe she should move to Delphi oracle (from Carole) 400 May 4, 1994
Jay only drinks pure water from this country Peru (from pure) 500 May 4, 1994
You should never eat these fruits if they're covered with slime limes (from slime) 100 February 18, 1994
Karl keeps one of these small songbirds as a pet a lark (from Karl) 200 February 18, 1994
It's a good name for leonine tresses mane (from name) 300 February 18, 1994
A music dictionary will tell you it's another name for a note a tone (from note) 400 February 18, 1994
I'd love to fly a plane over this Asian country Nepal (from plane) 500 February 18, 1994
She lazed around with F. Scott Zelda (lazed) 100 November 18, 1993
We felt sorry for Megan when her dog had this skin disease Mange (Megan) 200 November 18, 1993
Ann never wears any gem paler than this one Pearl (paler) 300 November 18, 1993
Cilla redecorated her entire house in this shade of purple Lilac (Cilla) 400 November 18, 1993
Rose loves to read about this Greek god -- how romantic! Eros (Rose) 500 November 18, 1993
Elvis likes his pre-shrunk Levis (LEVIS/ELVIS) 100 May 13, 1993
It's hard to remove a stain from this fabric satin (SATIN/STAIN) 200 May 13, 1993
Thelma tried out for the role of Ophelia in this play <i>Hamlet</i> (HAMLET/THELMA) 300 May 13, 1993
Don flew to this Canadian province to give an oration Ontario (ONTARIO/ORATION) 400 May 13, 1993
To the king's dismay, this buzzing insect landed on his throne a hornet (HORNET/THRONE) 500 May 13, 1993
Matt Groening named one of the Simpsons this because it's an anagram of "brat" Bart (brat) 100 December 7, 1992
It's how Lil felt after eating rotten apples ill (Lil) 200 December 7, 1992
Our announcer Johnny Gilbert loves this beverage made from honey & water mead (made) 300 December 7, 1992
It's a synonym for average, as Marlon could tell you normal (Marlon) 400 December 7, 1992
It amuses us to know this name is an Irish variation of James Seamus (amuses) 500 December 7, 1992
The last seasoning to put on a dish Salt (Last) 100 November 16, 1992
Cathy wants to sail on one Yacht (Cathy) 200 November 16, 1992
Soon after I'd risen, I heard the wailing of this siren (risen) 300 November 16, 1992
Bob taught himself this low country language Flemish (himself) 400 November 16, 1992
Bill bargained for a suit made of it Gabardine (Bargained) 500 November 16, 1992
The material used by a Pueblo Indian to build an abode adobe (from abode) 100 July 7, 1992
Pancakes should be served with an ample amount of this syrup maple (from ample) 200 July 7, 1992
Stan drove his sedan in these mountains Andes (from sedan) 300 July 7, 1992
I wish I could float on one a cloud (from could) 400 July 7, 1992
There are two of these in the word "wolves" vowels (from wolves) 500 July 7, 1992
Emil puts a slice of this fruit in his cola lime (from Emil) 100 March 3, 1992
Olaf flew solo to this Norwegian city Oslo (from solo) 200 March 3, 1992
Nola needs one of these to buy her first car a loan (from Nola) 300 March 3, 1992
Petra reads by the light of this slender candle a taper (from Petra) 400 March 3, 1992
Princess Di's father is a real one of these earl (from real) 500 March 3, 1992
About 8 hours elapse during the night while you're this asleep (for elapse) 100 December 20, 1991
While eating a sandwich, Paul got a few crumbs of it in his beard bread (for beard) 200 December 20, 1991
The plot may not thicken, but the sauce does in this room kitchen (for thicken) 300 December 20, 1991
Before tossing one of these, McTavish takes a drink to brace himself caber (for brace) 400 December 20, 1991
One of these machines powers the press at the Tribune a turbine (for tribune) 500 December 20, 1991
The best place to play water polo is in one of these a pool (from polo) 100 June 17, 1991
Thelma told me this is her least favorite Shakespeare tragedy <i>Hamlet</i> (from Thelma) 200 June 17, 1991
Olaf wants a new colt so he's waiting for his mare to do this foal (from Olaf) 300 June 17, 1991
It would be stupid to bury one of these corundums a ruby (from bury) 400 June 17, 1991
Electra pours this sticky molasses blend on everything treacle (from Electra) 500 June 17, 1991
Ned is always hiding in this room the den (NED/DEN) 100 May 23, 1991
Nero never fiddled around in this Nevada city Reno (NERO/RENO) 200 May 23, 1991
The first name of a late, great Swedish actress Greta (GREAT/GRETA) 300 May 23, 1991
If you dared to look at this mythological monster, you'd be far from amused Medusa (AMUSED/MEDUSA) 400 May 23, 1991
1 of these is missing from my linen closet the sheet (THESE/SHEET) 500 May 23, 1991
When Lee broiled one of these creatures, it looked like a baked snake eel (Lee) 100 April 25, 1991
Ms. Abzug might put this name on a label inside her hat Bella (label) 200 April 25, 1991
Corky saw this movie 768 times Rocky (Corky) 300 April 25, 1991
I've never received fan mail from this South American capital city Lima (mail) 400 April 25, 1991
This feminine name is an anagram of Lloyd Dolly (Lloyd) 500 April 25, 1991
It plays an important part in catching a mouse a trap (from part) 100 February 11, 1991
Of our 40 presidents, he was definitely the "fat T" of the bunch Taft (from "fat T") 200 February 11, 1991
Linda Goodman says that if you were born in the 1st 3 weeks of this month, you have charm of manner March (from charm) 300 February 11, 1991
These are on the fringes of your palms fingers (from fringes) 400 February 11, 1991
Those planning to stage one would "love to ruin" the regime in power revolution (from "love to ruin") 500 February 11, 1991
Stan acts like he had these insects in his pants ants (from Stan) 100 September 10, 1990
A sheep noise one shouldn't make at the dinner table bleat (from table) 200 September 10, 1990
You'll be in danger if you want into this section of my yard a garden (from danger) 300 September 10, 1990
Sadie never has original ones ideas (from Sadie) 400 September 10, 1990
When I visited this Connecticut town it rained Darien (from rained) 500 September 10, 1990
Eric likes it fried Rice (Eric) 100 May 17, 1990
A hard-hearted person might find this musical inane "Annie" (inane) 200 May 17, 1990
Cameron needs more of it in his love life Romance (Cameron) 300 May 17, 1990
It's the only kind of poetry Cyril enjoys Lyric (Cyril) 400 May 17, 1990
To play her, Flip Wilson realigned his body shape Geraldine (realigned) 500 May 17, 1990
Sometimes Brian acts like he doesn't have one of these in his head brain (from Brian) 100 February 5, 1990
Teresa was born on this holiday Easter (from Teresa) 200 February 5, 1990
Miles looked disgusting when he was covered with it slime (from Miles) 300 February 5, 1990
Rosa doesn't have both of these in the water oars (from Rosa) 400 February 5, 1990
This popular guest host may not know that his name is an anagram of "Joy Lane" Jay Leno (from Joy Lane) 500 February 5, 1990
This czar wasn't just terrible, he was vain, too Ivan (from VAIN) 100 October 13, 1989
This cowboy movie title character turned ashen when I asked him to come back Shane (from ASHEN) 200 October 13, 1989
Ryan has a big ball of it in his bedroom yarn (from RYAN) 300 October 13, 1989
Wander over to England if you want to see this prince Andrew (from WANDER) 400 October 13, 1989
It's the only kitchen appliance Rosetta knows how to use toaster (from ROSETTA) 500 October 13, 1989
Mary wants to join this branch of the military the Army (from Mary) 100 February 10, 1989
Eric is so extravagant he bought a ton of it for his wedding rice (from Eric) 200 February 10, 1989
If you give May a big one, she'll candy it & serve it to you a yam (from May) 300 February 10, 1989
It's how Rose felt after she sat on a tack sore (from Rose) 400 February 10, 1989
Kate bought a table made out of this wood teak (from Kate) 500 February 10, 1989
You might find a flea on this part of your garden's foliage leaf (from flea) 100 January 12, 1989
Even when you throw dead flowers away you save this vase (from save) 200 January 12, 1989
What Isolde is when she gets dirty soiled (from Isolde) 300 January 12, 1989
It takes a lot of talent to do it well on ice skate (from takes) 400 January 12, 1989
Deeply engrossed in part of a book rapt (from part) 500 January 12, 1989
What you would send to Lima via correo aereo mail 100 September 28, 1988
Cooking's a snap when you have these pans 200 September 28, 1988
Type of sound a sheep might make while being sheared on the table bleat 300 September 28, 1988
This fancy layer cake might be the favorite dessert for an otter torte 400 September 28, 1988
In this Winter Olympic event, the rider must stick like glue to the sled luge 500 September 28, 1988
How you might address a sleeping Mexican man if you're tired of listening to him snore senor (for snore) 100 October 30, 1987
Usually, attending one of these somber affairs is not "real fun" at all funeral (for "real fun") 200 October 30, 1987
Pressing 100 pounds would be a mere this for a 300-pound weight lifter trifle (for lifter) 300 October 30, 1987
The motto for this company might be "no wire unsent" Western Union (for "no wire unsent") 400 October 30, 1987
It's how a deli delivery boy with nothing to do might be described idle (for deli) 500 October 30, 1987
No one would stick it under a chair except an uncouth mug gum (from mug) 100 October 22, 1987
When you're sentenced to jail for life, you might use this to get out file (from life) 200 October 22, 1987
1st name of the actress who was married to Harpo in "The Color Purple" Oprah (from Harpo) 300 October 22, 1987
It would stun you to know how many of these I can eat at one sitting nuts (from stun) 400 October 22, 1987
This "Star Wars" star has "genuine class" Alec Guinness (from genuine class) October 22, 1987
"Shingle" is a word in this language English (from "Shingle") 100 May 8, 1987
It's just the thing to follow day night (from thing) 200 May 8, 1987
My friends in the Alps pals (from Alps) 300 May 8, 1987
Planet found near the edge, not the heart, of the galaxy Earth (from heart) 400 May 8, 1987
A knight's weapon for a clean kill lance (from clean) 500 May 8, 1987