Clues for: Mammals

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The pachyderms include this mammal whose skin secretes a moistening reddish fluid, which led folks to believe it sweated blood a hippopotamus 200 February 4, 2022
Unlike other vertebrates, in mammals this bone is hinged directly to the skull the mandible (lower jawbone) 400 February 4, 2022
Most mammals are either placental or these, like the bandicoot marsupial 600 February 4, 2022
Mammals believed to be monogamous include beavers, wolves & the dik-dik, a tiny variety of this African animal antelope 800 February 4, 2022
In mammals this muscle that aids in respiration separates the heart & the lungs from the abdominal cavity the diaphragm 1000 February 4, 2022
Seen here is a group of the most common North American bear, called this species even though they're brown a black bear 200 December 22, 2021
Baby echidna facts:1. Super cute2. Called "puggles"3. One of only 2 types of baby mammal to emerge from these eggs 400 December 22, 2021
The heaviest arboreal animals, these Asian apes can reach 285 pounds an orangutan 800 December 22, 2021
This seal gets its name from liking sheltered coastal sites, such as at California's Point Reyes & in the Shetland Islands a harbor seal 1000 December 22, 2021
Its milk, a popular Saharan beverage, has 3 times the vitamin C of a cow's a camel December 22, 2021
Muskrats & hamsters are both members of this order of animals rodents 200 February 17, 2021
Mammals are subdivided into placentals, monotremes & this group, like the wombat marsupial 400 February 17, 2021
Once valued for its fur, this member of the weasel family is at home in the snow a sable 600 February 17, 2021
Spelunkers often encounter chiropterans, these mammals bats 800 February 17, 2021
Take a Michigander at this mammal, but don't get too close a wolverine 1000 February 17, 2021
To ward off predators, it may feign death, hence the alliterative expression "playing" this marsupial a possum 200 April 6, 2020
The okapi & this tall relative are the only living species in their family a giraffe 400 April 6, 2020
The dewlap is a hanging fold of skin under the muzzle of this largest member of the deer family a moose 600 April 6, 2020
A desman is a type of this insectivore, but it hunts in water rather than by burrowing a mole 1000 April 6, 2020
The mnemonic device "D" has one hump, "B" has 2 helps us remember these 2 types of camels the dromedary and Bactrian camels April 6, 2020
With only about a thousand living in China & Mongolia, the wild Bactrian species of this is critically endangered a camel 200 November 12, 2019
Canis lupus is the scientific name for the gray this wolf 400 November 12, 2019
Here's this wooly rabbit, prized for its fur Angora 600 November 12, 2019
At 6 feet tall & weighing up to 2,000 pounds, the eland of Africa is the largest of these graceful mammals an antelope 800 November 12, 2019
Seen here is the collared species of this pig-like mammal of the U.S. Southwest and South America a peccary 1000 November 12, 2019
From the Spanish for "stray animal", it's a wild horse, or a sports car a mustang 200 February 23, 2018
The roar of this type of monkey can be heard 2 miles away, & also right here a howler monkey 400 February 23, 2018
The Chinese call this native animal da xiong mao, meaning "great bear cat" a panda 600 February 23, 2018
Descriptive moniker for this South Asian export a pot-belly pig 800 February 23, 2018
A porpoise with a purpose would know that along with whale & dolphins, they make up this mammalian order cetaceans 1000 February 23, 2018
In Tibet a cross between domestic cattle & this wild ox is called a dzo a yak 200 June 30, 2011
You could say this Arctic mammal, Odobenus rosmarus, has a Wilford Brimley mustache the walrus 400 June 30, 2011
This insectivore has a synonym for "pig" in its name a hedgehog 600 June 30, 2011
(Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Antarctica as a whale blows.)The characteristic shape of this whale, the only species in the genus megaptera, makes it the easiest great whale to identify the humpback whale 800 June 30, 2011
It's not a feline, it's not a reptile, it's the fossa, the largest carnivore of this island off Africa Madagascar 1000 June 30, 2011
Like mice, chipmunks belong to this order of mammals rodentia 200 February 3, 2010
Down Under, a male one of these is called a buck, Boomer or jack a kangaroo 400 February 3, 2010
Our domesticated hogs are descended from these "wild" mammals of Europe wild boars 600 February 3, 2010
The daily diet for this toothless mammal is some 30,000 termites & the insect in its name an anteater 800 February 3, 2010
One of 2 living water mammals, also called sea cows, that belong to the order sirenia manatees (or dugongs) 1000 February 3, 2010
It's the tallest of all land quadrupeds the giraffe 200 January 13, 2009
This horned mammal is the largest odd-toed ungulate the rhino 400 January 13, 2009
It's the largest living deer species in the world the elk (or moose) 600 January 13, 2009
This scaly mammal of the order Edentata is related to the sloth & the anteater the armadillo 800 January 13, 2009
This medium-sized, distinctly marked cat of Asia has the scientific name Neofelis nebulosa clouded leopard January 13, 2009
Grant's, a subspecies of this, is distinctly striped with black on a white background a zebra 200 March 5, 2008
The name of this group of mammals comes from the Latin for "pouch" marsupials 400 March 5, 2008
I'm a real stickler for this rodent whose name means "thorny pig" porcupine 600 March 5, 2008
2 genera of this mammal make up the order Proboscidea elephants 800 March 5, 2008
These monkeys with a religious name have several types of "habit", including brown & white-throated capuchin 1000 March 5, 2008
It's the more common term for a marsupial's marsupium pouch 100 November 15, 2001
You don't know jack if you think a jack rabbit is a rabbit; it's actually one of these relatives a hare 200 November 15, 2001
About 6 inches long & weighing about 6 ounces, the pygmy marmoset is one of the smallest of these mammals a monkey 400 November 15, 2001
It's the type of golden show horse seen here a palomino 500 November 15, 2001
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from the San Diego zoo.) Despite the length of the giraffe's neck, it contains only seven of these bones, same as humans vertebrae November 15, 2001
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew is at Sea World in San Diego.) Here comes the Asian small-clawed type of this, which is smaller than the river type of North America otter 100 October 17, 2001
The Malayan flying fox, with a wingspan of over 5 feet, is really one of these mammals bat 200 October 17, 2001
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew is at the San Diego Zoo.) The pacarana, which had an ancestor the size of a rhinoceros, is one of the largest of this order of mammals rodent 300 October 17, 2001
What we call a moose is known in Europe by this 3-letter name elk 400 October 17, 2001
One of these monkeys used in medical research was also the first mammal to go into space rhesus monkey 500 October 17, 2001
"Leave it to" this semi-aquatic rodent to cut down a tree over 100 feet tall a beaver 100 February 7, 2001
"Here Comes" this common species of rabbit named for the fluffy white fur found at one end cottontail 200 February 7, 2001
In French this curly-haired dog is called a caniche a poodle 400 February 7, 2001
The fellow seen here is native to this continent Africa 500 February 7, 2001
Common in Dixie, a razorback is a wild one of these a boar February 7, 2001
Much like human fingerprints, the stripes of this mammal in the genus Equus are individually different Zebra 100 December 20, 2000
This U.S. marsupial has 50 teeth, more than any other North American land mammal Opossum 200 December 20, 2000
This canine of Australia is that continent's largest wild hunting mammal Dingo 300 December 20, 2000
The pangolin is also called the "scaly" one of these sticky-tongued insect lovers Anteater 400 December 20, 2000
Whales belong to this group of mammals whose name is from the Latin for "large sea animal" Cetaceans 500 December 20, 2000
The fisher, a species of martin, goes after these animals, flipping them over to avoid the quills porcupines 100 September 22, 1998
Odds are that if you're a grazing antelope this continent is home to you Africa 200 September 22, 1998
Whales are divided into 2 groups, those that have baleen & those that have these instead teeth 300 September 22, 1998
The 2 main foods of the aardvark are ants & these mound insects termites 400 September 22, 1998
The bonobo is the pygmy one of these great apes chimpanzees 500 September 22, 1998
These range in size from the 3-foot-long sun to the over 9-foot long Alaska brown bears 100 June 17, 1998
The teeth of the animal seen here are different than yours; they have no enamel: an armadillo 200 June 17, 1998
Pottos & tarsiers are closely related to these small primates from Madagascar lemurs 300 June 17, 1998
Originally, it was a domesticated animal brought to Australia by the Aborigines; it then went wild the dingo 400 June 17, 1998
Young rabbits are bunnies; young ones of these are leverets hares 500 June 17, 1998
It's also called the white or ice bear Polar bear 100 December 3, 1997
Named for its short, fluffy white tail, it's the most abundant wild rabbit of the U.S. Cottontail 200 December 3, 1997
It has the largest mouth of any land mammal Hippopotamus 300 December 3, 1997
They're the only truly amphibious members of the weasel family Otters 400 December 3, 1997
Found Down Under, it's the sole member of the family Ornithorhynchidae Duck-billed platypus 500 December 3, 1997
This extremely tall African mammal usually has 2 skin-covered horns a giraffe 100 May 7, 1996
It's web-footed as well as being "duck-billed" a platypus 200 May 7, 1996
Each of the species of this equine has a distinctive stripe pattern a zebra 300 May 7, 1996
The tusks of a walrus are these teeth, elongated canine 400 May 7, 1996
This great ape of Borneo uses its throat pouch as a resonator for its calls an orangutan 500 May 7, 1996
A coydog is a mix of a dog & one of these coyote 100 January 26, 1996
While the lion may be taller, this is the largest cat in terms of weight tiger 200 January 26, 1996
A human does this about 15 times a minute; a dolphin about twice breathe 300 January 26, 1996
Once thought extinct, this back-floating, abalone-eating mammal has made a comeback Pacific otter (sea otter) 400 January 26, 1996
These tailless lesser apes usually travel by hand-to-hand swinging through the trees gibbons 500 January 26, 1996
Both African & Indian species of this mammal undergo periods of odd behavior called musth Elephant 100 January 11, 1996
Collisions with boats are the largest identifiable cause of death of these gentle Florida sea cows Manatees 200 January 11, 1996
In Sumatra they call this tree-dwelling ape mawas Orangutan 300 January 11, 1996
Though these "Earth pigs" eat ants, strictly speaking they are not anteaters Aardvarks 400 January 11, 1996
The fossa, a type of civet, is the dominant carnivore of this African island, the world's 4th largest Madagascar 500 January 11, 1996
This smallest breed of pony was once used to pull carts in coal mines the Shetland 100 November 10, 1995
This large rodent is also called a quill pig a porcupine 200 November 10, 1995
4 members of the camel family live in South America: the vicuna, guanaco, alpaca & this the llama 300 November 10, 1995
This monkey for whom the Rh factor is named was one of the first creatures sent into space a rhesus monkey 400 November 10, 1995
Impalas are among the most graceful & abundant of these mammals in Africa an antelope 500 November 10, 1995
These humped mammals once carried mail across arid parts of the U.S. camels 100 July 11, 1995
Unlike most marsupials, the murine opossum lacks this a pouch 200 July 11, 1995
In some species of this armored mammal, the tail is protected; in others, it's not an armadillo 300 July 11, 1995
Scrabble players know that the ai is a type of this "lazy", slow-moving mammal a sloth 400 July 11, 1995
This brown bear of Alaska rivals the polar bear as the largest carnivore a Kodiak 500 July 11, 1995
The jerboa, which resembles a kangaroo rat, belongs to this order of mammals the rodent family 100 May 8, 1995
A hippopotamus has this many toes on each foot 4 200 May 8, 1995
This 2-humped camel has shorter legs than the dromedary a Bactrian 300 May 8, 1995
Grant's, Speke's & Cuvier's are 3 African species of this graceful antelope a gazelle 400 May 8, 1995
The colugo, a forest mammal that glides from tree to tree, is also called this kind of "lemur" a flying lemur 500 May 8, 1995
Evidence suggests that these humped mammals no longer found here originated in North America Camels 100 November 18, 1994
Mammals that are currently endangered include the wild yak & this fastest cat of Africa Cheetah 200 November 18, 1994
The gray wolf is also called this, probably for the forests & wooded regions that it inhabits Timberwolf 300 November 18, 1994
The scientific name of this egg-laying mammal, ornithorincus, means "bird-snout" Duck-Billed Platypus 400 November 18, 1994
The hamadryas species of this large monkey was revered by the Egyptians as a companion of Ptah Baboon 500 November 18, 1994
The stripes that distinguish it from other members of the horse family may act as protective coloration a zebra 100 November 10, 1994
The largest species of this flying mammal is pteropus vampyrus, a type of "flying fox" a bat 200 November 10, 1994
These mammals can project their foul-smelling spray 12 feet & they always aim for the face a skunk 300 November 10, 1994
In rhinoceroses, this sense is the poorest sight (vision) 400 November 10, 1994
South America's giant species of this armored mammal is endangered by hunting & habitat loss armadillo 500 November 10, 1994
Some of the finest wool in the world comes from the rambouillet, a breed of this sheep 100 September 6, 1993
Once widely used to pull funeral cars, Friesian horses are always this color black 200 September 6, 1993
This lab animal is a member of the cavy family; its scientific name is Cavia porcellus a guinea pig 300 September 6, 1993
Some of these primates, such as macaques, can swim monkeys 400 September 6, 1993
Of the 4 members of the camel family found in South America, only these 2 are domesticated a llama and the alpaca 500 September 6, 1993
Contrary to its name, this mammal also dines on other insects like bees & termites an anteater 100 July 16, 1991
The black panther is not a separate species; it's just the black one of these a leopard 200 July 16, 1991
When threatened, a pangolin, like an armadillo, does this curls up (into a ball) 300 July 16, 1991
This aquatic weasel comes in both freshwater & "sea" varieties an otter 400 July 16, 1991
Mammals are the only class of animals that exhibit this outgrowth from the skin hair 500 July 16, 1991
This flying mammal is not blind; some can see almost as well as humans a bat 100 December 20, 1990
These "sluggish" tree-dwelling mammals rarely descend to the ground the sloth 200 December 20, 1990
Macaques, marmosets & mandrills are all varieties of this primate a monkey 300 December 20, 1990
The largest marsupial a kangaroo 400 December 20, 1990
Though called a honey bear, this mammal, native to Latin America, is a member of the raccoon family a kinkajou 500 December 20, 1990
The primate order is characterized by having these instead of claws fingernails 100 November 16, 1990
To reach really high foliage the gerenuk, an antelope, does this stands on its hind legs 200 November 16, 1990
The horn of the rhino is made of these packed together hairs 300 November 16, 1990
The largest & fastest members of the dolphin family, they're also known as orcas killer whales 500 November 16, 1990
Name given to both the smallest rabbit & the smallest shrew on the North American continent pygmy November 16, 1990
This bear has hair on the soles of its feet to protect it from the cold & facilitate movement on ice the polar bear 100 July 18, 1990
African & Sumatran types of rhinos have 2 of these; the Indian & Javan have only 1 a horn 200 July 18, 1990
World Book says the flesh of these bony-plated mammals is good to eat the armadillo 300 July 18, 1990
Native to Africa, this nocturnal mammal that feasts on ants is the only living member of its order the aardvark 400 July 18, 1990
The horny substance most large whales use to filter food from the sea is called this baleen 500 July 18, 1990
In 1978, the 1st giant panda conceived by artificial insemination was born in this Asian country China 100 June 30, 1988
It takes the wool from as many as 40 of these Kashmir animals to make a cashmere overcoat goats 200 June 30, 1988
Largest of the anthropoid apes, they weren't discovered by Europeans until 1847 gorillas 300 June 30, 1988
Red Sindhi, Red Danish & Red Poll are 3 types of this common farm animal cows (cattle) 400 June 30, 1988
"Musical" name of the adorable baby seals hunted near Newfoundland for their soft white coats harp seals 500 June 30, 1988
= = 100 April 26, 1988
= = 200 April 26, 1988
= = 300 April 26, 1988
= = 400 April 26, 1988
= = 500 April 26, 1988
Black & white western hemisphere animal famed for using scent as its prime weapon a skunk 100 January 1, 1988
San Diego Zoo says this desert animal can drink 35 gallons of water in 6 minutes a camel 200 January 1, 1988
The most abundant group of mammals are these gnawing animals including chipmunks & porcupines rodents 300 January 1, 1988
The fennec is smallest of these animals, but the common red is best known the fox 400 January 1, 1988
Lemurs are found naturally only on or near this island off the coast of Africa Madagascar 500 January 1, 1988
Bad news; rats now live on all continents, having finally spread to this 1 Antarctica 100 November 4, 1987
No, the bobcat wasn't originally called Robert; it got its name due to this (short) tail 200 November 4, 1987
While only humans pray, only these animals bray, says Webster's Third donkeys 300 November 4, 1987
Because its stomach has this many compartments, it's said a cow has this many stomachs 4 400 November 4, 1987
The only marsupials native to North America possums 500 November 4, 1987
Unlike large leopards, leopard cats have some of these arranged in rows spots 100 May 28, 1987
Nearly 25% of all mammal species are varieties of these, the only mammals that can fly bats 200 May 28, 1987
Since they never stop growing, the oldest of these pachyderms are usually the largest elephants 300 May 28, 1987
Elands, bongos & impalas are 3 types of this animal antelope 400 May 28, 1987
Their name is Greek for "river horse", & aptly, they give birth to their young in the water hippopotamuses 500 May 28, 1987
It's said these furry rodents were named for the Chincha Indians, who used to eat them chinchillas 100 May 11, 1987
Because of man, the zebra-like quagga & Steller's sea cow are both this extinct 200 May 11, 1987
Most mammals are homoiothermic, which means this is constant year-round body temperature 300 May 11, 1987
Monotremes are the only mammals which give birth this way laying eggs 400 May 11, 1987
All mammals of the order pinnipedia have this kind of feet flippers (webbed feet) 500 May 11, 1987
The black rhino's pointed lip lets it eat leaves, but the white rhino's square lip lets it graze on this grass 100 March 16, 1987
Hyraxes turn their feet into suction pads, allowing them to climb these objects among which they live rocks (and occasionally trees) 200 March 16, 1987
With males weighing up to a ton, some say the gaur is the largest wild variety of these farm animals oxen (cattle) 300 March 16, 1987
L.A. Zoo says this climbing great cat is, pound for pound, nature's most efficient killing machine leopard 400 March 16, 1987
Only 2 species of this family, "ursidae", are found south of the equator bear 500 March 16, 1987
Named for their canine-like bark, these rodents live in "towns" only burrows apart prairie dogs 100 February 3, 1987
Rikki-Tikki-Tavi & kin, they can now be brought into U.S. only for zoological or educational purposes mongooses 400 February 3, 1987
Monkey named for appearance when it hangs upside down with all 4 limbs & tail, tho that makes 5, not 8 spider monkey 500 February 3, 1987
The LAFD said, "Have you ever seen a... skeleton of this animal in a tree?", so they don't rescue them anymore cats 100 September 25, 1986
The Spanish Riding School in Vienna is known for training this breed of horse lipizzans 200 September 25, 1986
Common name of North America's Taxidea taxus, it also means "harass" badger 300 September 25, 1986
Number of horns on the common African black rhino 2 100 March 13, 1985
While Ben was a rat, Gentle Ben was this a bear 200 March 13, 1985
During a show, they compete for performance, breeding & equitation prizes horses 300 March 13, 1985
About 12,000 years ago, these probably became the first animals to be tamed dogs 400 March 13, 1985
Romans called this African beast a "tiger horse" a zebra 100 September 25, 1984
The only flying mammal a bat 200 September 25, 1984
A black panther is really the black version of this cat a leopard 300 September 25, 1984
Plays dead to escape predators, but one was close friends with an alligator an opossum 400 September 25, 1984
Weighing 1½ tons per foot, this mammal generates up to 500 H.P. with its tail the blue whale 500 September 25, 1984