Clues for: Singers

Question Answer Value Airdate
This redhead is in the film "Yesterday", telling Himesh Patel's character to change "Hey Jude" to "Hey Dude" Ed Sheeran 200 November 7, 2019
Luke Hemmings is the lead singer of this Australian pop outfit known as 5SOS for short 5 Seconds of Summer 400 November 7, 2019
This singer won a Grammy for her 2012 album "Girl On Fire" Alicia Keys 600 November 7, 2019
Their adjacent home states gave country singers Brian Kelley & Tyler Hubbard this name for their country duo Florida Georgia Line 800 November 7, 2019
21st century hits from this Canadian crooner include "Home" & "Haven't Met You Yet" Michael Bublé 1000 November 7, 2019
This founding member of Destiny's Child tells people that her first name rhymes with fiance Beyonce Knowles 200 November 20, 2002
In 2001 Elton John courted controversy when he sang a duet with this rapper at the Grammys Eminem 400 November 20, 2002
On July 30, 2002 he gave a rare live TV appearance, broadcast from Asbury Park, New Jersey on the "Today" show Bruce Springsteen 600 November 20, 2002
In 2002 she delivered a new album, "Full Moon", a baby, Sy'rai, & an MTV reality series on her life Brandy 800 November 20, 2002
The parents of this R&B songstress named her in tribute to Mahatma Gandhi -- she was due on his birthday India Arie 1000 November 20, 2002
This Judd, whose real name is Christina, took her stage name from a line in the song "Route 66" Wynonna 100 November 23, 1998
In her teens this "Queen Of Soul" toured with the New Bethel Choir as a featured singer Aretha Franklin 200 November 23, 1998
She & husband Bobby Brown have "Something In Common": that was the duet they sang on his 1992 album Whitney Houston 300 November 23, 1998
The Talk of the Town Theatre in Branson, MO is named for these 2 singers whose initials form the word "town" Tony Orlando & Wayne Newton 400 November 23, 1998
Her father, Jose Fajardo, was once a bodyguard to Cuban president Fulgencio Batista Gloria Estefan 500 November 23, 1998
Rolling Stone named this "Piano Man"'s "River of Dreams" CD sleeve 1994's worst album cover Billy Joel 100 July 6, 1998
Singer heard here with a 1968 smash hit: James Brown 200 July 6, 1998
Singer seen here, boogeying with Courteney Cox: Bruce Springsteen 300 July 6, 1998
The 2 groups for which Stephen Stills was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on May 6, 1997 Buffalo Springfield & Crosby, Stills & Nash 400 July 6, 1998
This country superstar & Linda Davis won a 1993 Grammy for their hit duet, "Does He Love You" Reba McEntire 500 July 6, 1998
He called his second album "The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle" Bruce Springsteen 100 June 9, 1997
"Life Is A Cabaret" for this star who was 19 when she won a Best Actress Tony for "Flora, The Red Menace" Liza Minnelli 200 June 9, 1997
Steveland is the real first name of this singer who went on a "Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants" Stevie Wonder 300 June 9, 1997
There's a museum devoted to this "Snowbird" singer in Springhill, Nova Scotia, her hometown Anne Murray 400 June 9, 1997
She's been "A Little Bit Country" since she had her first solo hit with "Paper Roses" at age 13 Marie Osmond 500 June 9, 1997
Keith Richards & this singer once used the pseudonyms Wanker, Phelge when composing songs Mick Jagger 100 November 28, 1996
While a "Tracey Ullman Show" choreographer, she had 4 No. 1 hits, including "Forever Your Girl" Paula Abdul 200 November 28, 1996
From age 17 to 20, this lead singer of Eurythmics studied at London's Royal Academy of Music Annie Lennox 300 November 28, 1996
This "Vision of Love" singer's mother, Patricia, once sang with the New York City Opera Mariah Carey 400 November 28, 1996
After Led Zeppelin disbanded, Jimmy Page & this lead singer founded the Honeydrippers Robert Plant 500 November 28, 1996
This country music queen wrote her own hit songs "You Ain't Woman Enough" & "Coal Miner's Daughter" Loretta Lynn 100 July 11, 1995
Mac Davis told TV Guide Elvis wanted to appear on this TV show & ride a tricycle like Arte Johnson <i>Laugh-In</i> 200 July 11, 1995
Born in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania in 1912, his original first name was Pierino Perry Como 300 July 11, 1995
This star of "Your Hit Parade" got his famous nickname from the Irving Berlin song "Snooky Ookums" Snooky Lanson 400 July 11, 1995
Like Hank Snow, this woman who sang the 1970 hit "Snowbird" hails from Nova Scotia Anne Murray 500 July 11, 1995
After high school, this singer of "Sweet Caroline" attended NYU on a fencing scholarship Neil Diamond 100 December 20, 1994
Elvis Presley is "The King" & he's "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen 200 December 20, 1994
He had his first Top 10 hit when he re-recorded "Ida May" as "Maybellene" Chuck Berry 300 December 20, 1994
"Reflections" was the first single on which she was given top billing Diana Ross 400 December 20, 1994
In 1994 an asteroid was named for this late leader of the Mothers of Invention Frank Zappa 500 December 20, 1994
It's been said this late Broadway belter "could hold a note as long as the Chase Manhattan Bank" Ethel Merman 100 July 15, 1994
This singer known by one name said, "I was the first person to show her bellybutton on television" Cher 200 July 15, 1994
His real name is Arnold George Dorsey, but his fans call him Enge, not Arnie Engelbert Humperdinck 300 July 15, 1994
She recorded a new version of "White Christmas" in 1989 with daughter-in-law Debby Boone Rosemary Clooney 400 July 15, 1994
She co-wrote her 1948 million-seller "Manana" with her first husband, Dave Barbour Peggy Lee 500 July 15, 1994
Her detractors crushed a big pile of her music with a steamroller after she tore up a picture of the Pope Sinead O\'Connor 100 February 17, 1993
Her parents were half of The Mamas & The Papas & she's one-third of Wilson Phillips Chynna Phillips 200 February 17, 1993
The singers known as Rob and Fab used to perform under this name, but they had to give that back, too Milli Vanilli 300 February 17, 1993
Luciano Pavarotti angered the BBC by doing this in a 1992 concert; he should have consulted with Rob & Fab lip-synching 400 February 17, 1993
Harry Connick, Jr. was a little boy when his father defeated Jim Garrison & became D.A. of this Louisiana city New Orleans 500 February 17, 1993
He called his 1988 autobiography "Sweet Life"; he could have called it "I Write the Songs" Barry Manilow 100 October 30, 1992
The rappers known as Kris Kross kreated a kraze by wearing their oversized klothes in this unusual way backwards 200 October 30, 1992
During the 1992 Summer Olympics, this country singer, born Randy Traywick, was a spokesman for Coca-Cola Randy Travis 300 October 30, 1992
Peter Allen wrote "Quiet Please, There's a Lady on Stage" to honor this woman who was once his mother-in-law Judy Garland 400 October 30, 1992
She was nominated for a 1962 Tony for her Broadway debut in "I Can Get It for You Wholesale" Barbra Streisand 500 October 30, 1992
In the early '60s she & her sister Lucy performed folk songs as the Simon Sisters Carly Simon 100 October 2, 1992
His fourth wife, Marianne, used to be a regular on "Hee Haw" Kenny Rogers 200 October 2, 1992
Ella Fitzgerald has been a guest on several of his TV specials, including "A Man & His Music" Frank Sinatra 300 October 2, 1992
This female singer's albums include "Court and Spark" & "The Hissing of Summer Lawns" Joni Mitchell 400 October 2, 1992
Part of the film "Urban Cowboy" was set in this singer's Texas club (Mickey) Gilley 500 October 2, 1992
This rock singer born William Broad, allegedly said, "I can be an idol just by calling myself one" Billy Idol 100 March 9, 1992
He had a No. 1 hit in 1972 singing about a rat named Ben Michael Jackson 200 March 9, 1992
This rock group could be called Carnie, Wendy & Chynna Wilson Phillips 300 March 9, 1992
He owns a 110-foot yacht called the Big Bad John Jimmy Dean 400 March 9, 1992
In 1991 this lanky 32-year-old country singer married his 48-year-old manager, Lib Hatcher Randy Travis 500 March 9, 1992
This star of "Your Hit Parade" got his nickname from the Irving Berlin song "Snooky-Ookums" Snooky Lanson 100 July 10, 1991
This "Vagabond Lover" kept his love letters from Alice Faye, Hedy Lamarr & Dorothy Lamour in a safe Rudy Vallee 200 July 10, 1991
Her rendition of "Misty" earned her the nickname "Misty Miss Christy" June Christy 400 July 10, 1991
This Peruvian known for her incredible range claims to be descended from Inca kings Yma Sumac 500 July 10, 1991
He sobbed his way to stardom in the '50s with the following: "If your sweetheart sends a..." Johnny Ray July 10, 1991
This bald rock star topped Mr. Blackwell's 1991 list of the worst-dressed women Sinead O\'Connor 100 May 8, 1991
In 1991 his 15-year-old son, Sean, wrote some timely new lyrics for his song "Give Peace A Chance" John Lennon 200 May 8, 1991
This former Miss America sang "Some Wings", the theme of Paul Hogan's film "Almost An Angel" Vanessa Williams 300 May 8, 1991
"Smooth Operator" Helen Folasade Adu is known professionally by this name Sade 400 May 8, 1991
This vocalist heard in "When Harry Met Sally" starred in a PBS special called "Swinging Out with Harry" Harry Connick Jr. 500 May 8, 1991
"One More Try" was this singer's third No. 1 hit from his "Faith" album George Michael 100 May 1, 1990
In Sept. 1989 this English rock group introduced its own line of clothes The Rolling Stones 200 May 1, 1990
24 years after "I Want To Hold Your Hand", this ex-Beatle had a No. 1 hit with "Got My Mind Set On You" George Harrison 300 May 1, 1990
"Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car" was this singer's third No. 1 single with 8 words in the title Billy Ocean 400 May 1, 1990
Carrying on the reggae tradition of his father, this singer has released 5 albums Ziggy Marley 500 May 1, 1990
Under most No. 1 hits by a writer, Billboard lists this Beatle 1st with John Lennon 2nd Paul McCartney 100 February 19, 1990
The only million-selling album by this Queen of Soul was 1985's "Who's Zoomin' Who" Aretha Franklin 200 February 19, 1990
He wrote the song that begins "Trailer for sale or rent, rooms to let -- fifty cents" Roger Miller ("King of the Road") 300 February 19, 1990
She wrote the music & sang the themes for 2 of Mike Nichols' films, "Heartburn" & "Working Girl" Carly Simon 500 February 19, 1990
On June 27, 1989 at Radio City Music Hall, they were heard singing the following:"Did you ever see the faces of..." The Who ("Christmas" from the rock opera <i>Tommy</i>) February 19, 1990
She was sweet 16 when she started co-hosting a TV series with her brother Donny Marie Osmond 100 November 20, 1989
John Phillips fired her from "The Mamas and the Papas" on her 22nd birthday in front of a crowd of fans Michelle Phillips 200 November 20, 1989
This Beach Boy resurfaced in 1988 and recorded his first solo album Brian Wilson 300 November 20, 1989
Valerie Bertinelli is married to this hard rock hunk whose music might make you "Jump" (Eddie) Van Halen 400 November 20, 1989
His album "The Battle" dealt with the breakup of his marriage to Tammy Wynette George Jones 500 November 20, 1989
When he got his star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, this Welshman tossed garters to his fans Tom Jones 100 November 15, 1989
Katey Sagal of "Married... with Children" used to be one of the Harlettes, who sang back-up for this star Bette Midler 200 November 15, 1989
He played a sleazy TV evangelist in the James Bond film "Licence to Kill" Wayne Newton 300 November 15, 1989
Emmy-winning TV hostess whose hometown, Winchester, Tenn., renamed its main street in her honor Dinah Shore 400 November 15, 1989
This Aussie singer was once a commissioner of parks & recreation for the state of California Helen ("I Am Woman") Reddy 500 November 15, 1989
She recorded solo & with the Supremes on Motown, & now she owns part of the label Diana Ross 100 October 13, 1989
"Physical" by this singer was No. 1 on the charts longer than any other song in the '80s Olivia Newton-John 200 October 13, 1989
His new album is called "Mr. Jordan", but he's Mr. Lennon, John's son Julian Lennon 400 October 13, 1989
When this duo recorded "Hey Schoolgirl" in 1957, they used the names Tom & Jerry, not Paul & Art Simon & Garfunkel 500 October 13, 1989
He had a No. 1 hit with the following from the film "White Nights":"Say you, say me, say it for always..." Lionel Richie October 13, 1989
If you like this soul singer, you might enjoy his Christmas album, "Santa's Got a Brand New Bag" James Brown 100 September 22, 1989
He called his autobiography, "The Polish Prince" Bobby Vinton 200 September 22, 1989
Country music "Jr." whose 1989 video "There's a Tear in My Beer" features his late, legendary father Hank Williams, Jr. 300 September 22, 1989
He finished "Mystery Girl", his first solo album in almost ten years, shortly before his death in 1988 Roy Orbison 400 September 22, 1989
Her middle names are Louise & Veronica & her maiden name was Ciccone Madonna 500 September 22, 1989
This voluptuous blonde said, "I may be a country bumkin, but I'm a smart country bumkin" Dolly Parton 100 March 29, 1989
He was elected mayor of Palm Springs 1 day after his ex-wife won an Oscar Sonny Bono 200 March 29, 1989
Rumors said she wrote the song "You're So Vain" about ex-love Warren Beatty Carly Simon 300 March 29, 1989
Arne Naess Jr., described as a "Norwegian zillionaire", is married to her Diana Ross 400 March 29, 1989
Ken Curtis sang with the Sons of the Pioneers but is best known for this role on "Gunsmoke" Festus 500 March 29, 1989
In the People magazine poll for '88, she was voted favorite female singer for the 2nd year in a row Whitney Houston 100 February 22, 1989
In 1957 both Steve Lawrence & Harry Belafonte sang about this type of ship banana boat 200 February 22, 1989
In the '50s he made stars out of the Comets Bill Haley 300 February 22, 1989
Musical group led by sisters Ann & Nancy Wilson Heart 400 February 22, 1989
A big No. 1 hit in 1983, "Say, Say, Say" featured the duet of Paul McCartney & him Michael Jackson 100 December 9, 1988
She sang the title song in "Alfie" before she got "Moonstruck" Cher 200 December 9, 1988
In August '86 Peter Cetera dislodged this singer with the same first name from #1 spot on the pop charts Peter Gabriel 300 December 9, 1988
In the name of this 1985 group of 46 singers, the USA stands for "United Support of Artists" USA for Africa 400 December 9, 1988
Her latest album, "Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm", should chalk up a big success for this singer-painter Joni Mitchell 500 December 9, 1988
Though she lost her Miss America crown, she won big with her album "The Right Stuff" Vanessa Williams 100 December 1, 1988
This Spanish tenor made his opera conducting debut at the Met during the 1984-85 season Plácido Domingo 200 December 1, 1988
Current Biography called him the most famous British singer-drummer since Ringo Starr Phil Collins 300 December 1, 1988
He won a Grammy for "Truly" being the Best Male Pop Vocalist of 1982 Lionel Richie 400 December 1, 1988
Once an opener for Bette Middler at N.Y.'s Continental Baths, she got a "New Attitude" in 1985 Patti LaBelle 500 December 1, 1988
Country singer Lacy J. Dalton was vice president of the ACM, which is this the Academy of Country Music 100 November 17, 1988
Some stores refused to stock his "Lovesexy" album because he was nude on the cover Prince 200 November 17, 1988
He made his first tour of the U.S. as a solo performer in 1988, & wham!, he was a smash George Michael 300 November 17, 1988
The 1968 song about "Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay" was a posthumous No. 1 hit for him Otis Redding 400 November 17, 1988
Mrs. Andrew Lloyd Webber, she starred on Broadway in "Phantom of the Opera" Sarah Brightman 500 November 17, 1988
Lorna Luft said JFK liked to call this woman & ask her to sing "Over The Rainbow"- - & she always did Judy Garland 100 October 12, 1988
It's "so emotional" for her to have the most consecutive No. 1 singles in history Whitney Houston 100 September 28, 1988
After marrying a German, this disco singer Anglicized her last name by changing the "o" to "u" Donna Summer 200 September 28, 1988
His 2 biggest hits as a singer have been from movie soundtracks: "Footloose" & "Danger Zone" Kenny Loggins 300 September 28, 1988
"Hot Diggity", "Round & Round" & "Catch a Falling Star" were his 3 Billboard No. 1 hits Perry Como 400 September 28, 1988
This ex-Van Halen vocalist recorded his album "Eat 'Em & Smile" in both English & Spanish versions David Lee Roth 500 September 28, 1988
In 1955, Marian Anderson became the 1st Black singer to perform at this U.S. opera house the Metropolitan 100 May 13, 1988
One biography of this Ziegfeld star is appropriately titled "the Fabulous Fanny" Fanny Brice 200 May 13, 1988
He photographed the 1971 Life cover of Muhammad Ali & Joe Frazier "his way" Frank Sinatra 300 May 13, 1988
Country music fans cried when his "Cheatin' Heart" gave out at age 29 Hank Williams 400 May 13, 1988
Single-named songstress whose trademark long gloves have been displayed in the Smithsonian Hildegarde 500 May 13, 1988
She convinced a judge to cut 10 years off her legal age - perhaps by saying "coochi-coochi" Charo 100 March 13, 1987
As a Future Farmer of America he raised blue-ribbon hogs, but his Farm Aid raised funds for farmers Willie Nelson 200 March 13, 1987
Billed as "The Other Sheena", this singer's ex-husband impersonates her in nightclubs Sheena Easton 300 March 13, 1987
He not only wrote songs for Jim Henson's film "Labyrinth", but played the Goblin King David Bowie 400 March 13, 1987
Maybe "Monkee" business kept him away: he only joined the other Monkees once on their '86 tour Michael Nesmith 500 March 13, 1987
Bianca said marrying him "was like joining the Boy Scouts" Mick Jagger 100 January 29, 1987
He & his stepmother Shirley Jones sang leads on Partridge Family records David Cassidy 200 January 29, 1987
His new book, "Man in White", is about St. Paul; his autobiography was "Man in Black" Johnny Cash 300 January 29, 1987
Born Annie Mae Bullock in Nutbush, Tenn., in 1976, she told Ike to take a hike Tina Turner 400 January 29, 1987
1st husband Jack Webb co-starred her with 2nd husband Bobby Troup in TV's "Emergency!" Julie London 500 January 29, 1987