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Question Answer Value Airdate
Fans of this movie series can tour the London locales used in the filming, including the one seen here the Harry Potter movies 200 October 2, 2017
Several varieties of orchids can be seen while hiking the Inca trail from Cuzco to this "lost city" Machu Picchu 400 October 2, 2017
A snowman named Bonhomme is the official representative of this Canadian city's Winter Carnival Quebec City 800 October 2, 2017
For a panoramic view of this European capital, take the funicular up to the top of Lycabettus Hill, its highest point Athens 1000 October 2, 2017
This Alabama city's National Voting Rights Museum includes exhibits on Martin Luther King & Jesse Jackson Selma October 2, 2017
Every even year watch the world's top sailors in the Atlantic Cup, a 1,000-mile race from this S.C. port to Portland, Me. Charleston 400 January 31, 2017
One of the world's busiest airports is built on an island off this Chinese administrative region to avoid all the tall buildings Hong Kong 600 January 31, 2017
It's the French name of the Seine's Left Bank, home to the Sorbonne & intellectual life the Rive Gauche 800 January 31, 2017
The Ogoh-Ogoh parade is held on the eve of Nyepi, a Hindu holiday celebrated on this Indonesian island Bali 1000 January 31, 2017
While at this duo's Waterbury, Vt. factory, stop by the FlavoRoom to sample the ice cream flavor of the day Ben & Jerry\'s 200 March 17, 2015
In Kearney, Missouri you can visit the restored childhood home of this 19th c. bank & train robber Jesse James 400 March 17, 2015
Anne Hathaway's cottage in this British town features a butterfly trail & a floral garden Stratford 600 March 17, 2015
This city's La Ronde amusement park stands on the site of Expo '67 Montreal 800 March 17, 2015
Auto racing fans will delight in attending the Australian Grand Prix, a Formula One race in this 2nd-largest Aussie city Melbourne 1000 March 17, 2015
Double this letter to get a room in a private home with accommodations & a morning meal B (a "B & B") 200 May 16, 2014
Despite the last 4 letters they share, don't be afraid of killer whales on these 2 largest of Spain's Balearic Islands Majorca & Minorca 400 May 16, 2014
Here are the bright lights of Chuo-dori Street in this Tokyo shopping district the Ginza 600 May 16, 2014
When converting your dollars in Netanya, know that there are 100 Agorot in each one of this currency a Shekel 800 May 16, 2014
Only niches remain where two giant Buddhas once stood in this Afghan valley Bamyan 1000 May 16, 2014
Holders of the Schwarzwaldcard get discounts at more than 100 attractions in this German area the Black Forest 600 March 11, 2014
Looking for the Peacock Theatre in this city? It's under the foyer of the Abbey Theatre Dublin 800 March 11, 2014
A boat on Lake Powell gives great views of this Utah natural bridge that's over 200 feet in both length & height Rainbow Bridge 1000 March 11, 2014
(Sarah of the Clue Crew stands overlooking a waterfall.) I'm in this state, known for spectacular scenery such as waterfalls; Shoshone Falls, near Twin Falls, is 20 feet higher than Niagara Idaho 200 May 1, 2013
If you want to see the Book of Kells, it's on display at the Old Library at Trinity College in this city Dublin 400 May 1, 2013
(Sarah of the Clue Crew reports.) Here at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Orlando Resort re-created this wizarding village with the help of the "Harry Potter" filmmakers Hogsmeade 600 May 1, 2013
The Seahorse Sail & Snorkel Adventure gives you a different view of the harbor in this capital of the Bahamas Nassau 800 May 1, 2013
(Kelly of the Clue Crew walks along the beach.) It's the good life in the three beach cities south of Los Angeles--Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach & this one, whose name means "beautiful" Hermosa Beach 1000 May 1, 2013
The Murder & Mystery Tour in this Scottish capital begins at the Witchery restaurant at 352 Castlehill Edinburgh 200 September 29, 2010
In 2010 this worldwide network of vacation resorts founded by Gerard Blitz celebrated its 60ih anniversary Club Med 400 September 29, 2010
Key West, Florida has a Lighthouse & Keeper's Museum & a museum devoted to this novelist Hemingway 600 September 29, 2010
From the Arabic for "journey", this type of journey might take you to Botswana's Moremi Game Reserve a safari 800 September 29, 2010
The beach scene at Repulse Bay is one of the attractions in this south coast "Gateway to China" Hong Kong 1000 September 29, 2010
A Philadelphia post office museum that honors him offers his special "B. Free" cancellation Benjamin Franklin 200 December 1, 2005
While in Regina, Saskatchewan, visit the Centennial Museum of this law enforcement group the Mounties 400 December 1, 2005
In June 1943 Boston Airport was renamed this to honor a native son who served in the Massachusetts Legislature Logan Airport 600 December 1, 2005
Flavors to sample in this Atlantic island group, once the Somers Islands, include many dishes made from local onions Bermuda 800 December 1, 2005
This cruise line's flagship is its sixth to bear the name Rotterdam Holland America December 1, 2005
While vacationing in this city, you might stop by the Pere-Lachaise cemetery to pay your respects to Chopin & others Paris 200 November 1, 2005
Saskatoon has a museum devoted to the culture of this former Soviet republic, the largest country entirely in Europe the Ukraine 400 November 1, 2005
Excursions are available from this largest Greek island to Santorini, which some call the "Lost Atlantis" Crete 600 November 1, 2005
The Hofbrauhaus in Munich was once the royal court brewery of this German state Bavaria 800 November 1, 2005
About half of the visitors to this former Portuguese colony are mainland Chinese coming to gamble Macao 1000 November 1, 2005
Popularly called the Met, this museum's collections range from European armor to baseball cards the Metropolitan Museum of Art 200 July 20, 2004
This largest New Zealand city's museum has over 2,000 Maori artifacts, including an 1830s war canoe Auckland 400 July 20, 2004
This capital's O'Connell street, one of Europe's widest, was previously called Sackville street Dublin 600 July 20, 2004
Geyser Gulch, the world's largest tree house, is one of the features at Silver Dollar City in this Missouri tourist mecca Branson 800 July 20, 2004
In the 11th century, William the Conqueror ordered the construction of this fortress on the Thames the Tower of London 200 March 24, 2004
Lausanne in this country is home to the International Olympic Committee & an Olympic museum Switzerland 400 March 24, 2004
If people are parading through Copacabana playing their cuicas, it's this 4-day period Carnival 600 March 24, 2004
The history of St. Thomas in this island group is exhibited at Fort Christian, named for Denmark's King Christian V the Virgin Islands 800 March 24, 2004
The buildings in this Bermudan capital are commonly painted in pastels & the roofs are made of coral Hamilton 1000 March 24, 2004
On a clear day you can see 60 miles to Mount Rainier from the 520-foot observation deck of this Seattle tower Space Needle 200 April 18, 2003
In 2001 you could have taken in performances of "Il Grande Gatsby" & "Turandot" at this famous opera house in Milan La Scala 400 April 18, 2003
Sand on the floor of the Virgin Islands' St. Thomas Synagogue commemorates the Israelites' escape from this country Egypt 600 April 18, 2003
Caesars Palace, the Luxor & the Excalibur lie on this boulevard nicknamed "The Strip" Las Vegas Boulevard 800 April 18, 2003
The tossing of this very heavy, long wooden pole is a highlight of Scotland's Highland Games caber 1000 April 18, 2003
The Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour is a highlight of this Asian city's Disneyland Tokyo 100 December 18, 2000
The home of silk merchant Jim Thompson, who disappeared in 1967, is a tourist attraction in this Thai city Bangkok 200 December 18, 2000
We're not stringing you along: this capital of the Czech Republic is famous for its puppet theatres Prague 300 December 18, 2000
Andrea Palladio's 1554 book on "The Antiquities of" this city was the standard guidebook for some 200 years Rome 500 December 18, 2000
Jomo Kenyatta International Airport serves this world capital Nairobi, Kenya December 18, 2000
Plush accommodations in this city include the King David Hotel near the Tower of David Museum Jerusalem 100 February 3, 2000
This capital's O'Connell Street, one of Europe's widest, was previously called Sackville Street Dublin 200 February 3, 2000
Chinese New Year is greeted with dancing dragon parades & firecrackers in this largest B.C. city Vancouver 300 February 3, 2000
Launched in 1967, it's the only luxury liner now making regular transatlantic crossings QE2 400 February 3, 2000
This Salt Lake City home of Brigham Young is named for the item placed atop the cupola on its roof Beehive House 500 February 3, 2000
This site near Salisbury, England has huge boulders that may have come from southern Wales Stonehenge 100 June 9, 1999
Dow's Lake is probably the best place to view the tulips during this Canadian capital's May tulip festival Ottawa 200 June 9, 1999
This country's Tikal ruins were once a ceremonial center & the largest city of the Mayan empire Guatemala 300 June 9, 1999
The Prins Hendrick Museum in this Dutch port city houses exhibits devoted to the history & activity of the port Rotterdam 400 June 9, 1999
This stone pillar from Luxor stands 75 feet high in the Place de la Concorde in Paris Obelisk 500 June 9, 1999
To see a wax George Strait, go straight to the Country Music Wax Museum in this state capital Nashville 100 February 19, 1999
You may wander past wallabies when you bushwalk through this country's Blue Mountains Australia 200 February 19, 1999
You can ride the Jasper Tramway to over 7,500 feet up in this Canadian province Alberta 300 February 19, 1999
Hotels in this city include the Holiday Inn On The Bay, The Pan Pacific Hotel & the Balboa Park Inn San Diego 400 February 19, 1999
You'll find Gripsholm Castle on an island in Lake Malaren in this northern European country Sweden 500 February 19, 1999
Watch out for trolls when you ride Maelstrom in the Norway section of this Disney World theme park EPCOT Center 100 January 7, 1999
Steamboat Springs in this state calls itself "Ski Town, U.S.A." Colorado 200 January 7, 1999
You may be surprised to find casinos in this capital of Nepal; you'll find one at the Hotel Yak & Yeti Kathmandu 300 January 7, 1999
If you're in this country in the summer, you can see ancient plays performed at the theater of Epidaurus Greece 400 January 7, 1999
The Black Church, so-called because its walls were blackened in a 1689 fire, is in Brasov in this country Romania 500 January 7, 1999
Honeymooners might visit Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon in this state Utah 100 February 19, 1998
To rent a car abroad, you may need an "international" one of these, available at the AAA International driver\'s license 200 February 19, 1998
Adventurous travelers can trek across this country's Kangaroo Island on camels Australia 300 February 19, 1998
Fodor's says Americans stay in Ixtapa in this country because they can't pronounce Zihuatanejo Mexico 400 February 19, 1998
Game is served at Aranymokus Kertvendeglo (The Golden Squirrel Garden), a restaurant in this Magyar capital Budapest 500 February 19, 1998
Grumari has been called "The Most Beautiful" of these in Rio, & Ipanema, "The Most Chic" Beaches 100 February 6, 1998
You'll find this famous statue just a few hundred feet southeast of the Great Pyramid The Sphinx 200 February 6, 1998
The Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz is a good start for a tour of these South American islands Galapagos Islands 300 February 6, 1998
Watch your head when entering the Blue Grotto on this Italian island; the opening is about 3 feet high Capri 400 February 6, 1998
Zebras & leopards are among the wildlife found at Kruger National Park in this country South Africa 500 February 6, 1998
The James Joyce Cultural Centre in this Irish capital includes a library & a reading room Dublin 100 January 12, 1998
Palisades Interstate Park lies in both New York & this state New Jersey 200 January 12, 1998
You can visit this outlaw's boyhood home in Kearney, Mo. & the home where he was killed in St. Joseph Jesse James 300 January 12, 1998
In this city you can purchase a ticket allowing visits to 7 museums, including the Palazzo Vecchio Florence 500 January 12, 1998
Frommer's walking tour of this capital suggests visits to Ibsen's apartment & Munch's tomb Oslo, Norway January 12, 1998
When visiting this New England capital, stop at Charlestown Navy Yard to see "Old Ironsides" Boston 100 February 21, 1997
This Washington D.C. theater has been restored to appear as it did on the night of April 14, 1865 Ford\'s Theater 200 February 21, 1997
Open to the public, the U.S. Mint in this city stands near the site of its original 1792 building Philadelphia 300 February 21, 1997
This bronze symbol of Copenhagen, located in its harbor, was designed by Edvard Eriksen The Little Mermaid 400 February 21, 1997
The graves of Wild Bill Hickok & Calamity Jane can be seen at Mount Moriah Cemetery in this South Dakota city Deadwood 500 February 21, 1997
Pharaonic Village, on an island in this country, recreates life during the time of the pharaohs Egypt 100 July 2, 1996
If you rent a moped in Bermuda, remember to wear one of these -- it's required by law helmet 200 July 2, 1996
The Floating Market in this Thai capital is world famous Bangkok 300 July 2, 1996
Once a fad on Antigua, snuba is a combination of scuba diving & this sport snorkeling 400 July 2, 1996
You have to make a parking reservation before visiting this Malibu art museum J. Paul Getty Museum 500 July 2, 1996
The first stone arch bridge with this name was begun over the Thames in 1176 & completed in 1209 London Bridge 100 September 11, 1995
A Juneau, Alaska fish hatchery, which has guided tours, hatches about 150 million of this fish's eggs each year salmon 200 September 11, 1995
You can enter this national park from Cody, Wyoming, Gardiner, Montana or 3 other entrances Yellowstone 300 September 11, 1995
The Breakers Mansion in this Rhode Island resort city is open to the public from April to October Newport 400 September 11, 1995
Tourist sites in this Syrian capital include Saladin's Tomb & the Mosque of Sultan Suleiman Damascus 500 September 11, 1995
A replica of this ship is docked in Plymouth, Massachusetts the <i>Mayflower</i> 100 December 19, 1994
A 180-acre bird sanctuary named for this cereal pioneer is adjacent to Gull Lake near Battle Creek, Michigan Kellogg 200 December 19, 1994
While visiting this state, be sure to see the Indian cliff dwellings near Blanding, Kanab & Moab Utah 300 December 19, 1994
The Oklahoma cities of Duncan, Waurika & Kingfisher have museum displays on this cattle trail the Chisholm Trail 500 December 19, 1994
You'll find 73 golf courses in the area around this South Carolina "Beach" Myrtle Beach December 19, 1994
1993 was the 10th anniv. of the 10-year type of this document, so if you got one in 1983 we hope you renewed it passports 100 July 20, 1994
When your grandchildren fly this airline, they may munch on McDonald's Friendly Skies Meals United Airlines 200 July 20, 1994
Many a blueblood has made a "Pilgrim"age to the Mayflower Society Museum in this historic town Plymouth, Mass. 300 July 20, 1994
You have to climb more than 400 steps to get to the Temple of 10,000 Buddhas in this British Crown Colony Hong Kong 400 July 20, 1994
The Centers for Disease Control in this city will fax information on health risks abroad to travelers Atlanta 500 July 20, 1994
This city's CNN Center also houses the Omni Hotel Atlanta 100 October 5, 1993
Quirinal Palace, once the home of popes, is the official residence of this country's president Italy 200 October 5, 1993
The library at Eastern Montana College in Billings has a large collection of material on this Lt. Col. Custer 300 October 5, 1993
This Alberta city celebrates "Klondike Days" just after the Calgary Stampede Edmonton 400 October 5, 1993
The Mayan ruins at Tikal are a major attraction in this Central American country Guatemala 500 October 5, 1993
Each June brings the Will Rogers Stampede Rodeo & Parade to Claremore in this "Sooner State" Oklahoma 100 May 11, 1993
The world's tallest tree, a 365-foot redwood, stands in this state's Humboldt County California 200 May 11, 1993
This Paris landmark was due for demolition in 1909, but the development of the wireless saved it Eiffel Tower 300 May 11, 1993
You can get a free beer after touring this brewery on Stadhouderskade in Amsterdam Heineken 500 May 11, 1993
A good place from which to observe Vienna is an over 800-foot-high tower named for this river Danube May 11, 1993
Employees joke that the name of this part of Disney World stands for "Every Person Comes Out Tired" EPCOT 100 February 22, 1993
There's a restaurant named for Jules Verne in this tall Paris landmark, & the view is spectacular the Eiffel Tower 200 February 22, 1993
You have a pigeon's-eye view of this Italian city from the top of the bell tower in St. Mark's Square Venice 300 February 22, 1993
You'll find England's National Gallery & National Portrait Gallery on this famous square Trafalgar Square 400 February 22, 1993
The Westerkerk, where Rembrandt is buried, boasts the tallest church tower in this Dutch city Amsterdam 500 February 22, 1993
The home of Jonathan Corwin, a judge in the 1690s witchcraft trials, can be seen in this U.S. city Salem (Mass.) 100 December 10, 1992
The meeting of these 2 rivers is portrayed in "The Meeting of the Waters" fountain in St. Louis the Mississippi & the Missouri 200 December 10, 1992
The nation's 1st undersea park, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, lies just off the coast of this state Florida 300 December 10, 1992
The theme of this amusement park in Arlington, Texas is the history of the state Six Flags Over Texas 400 December 10, 1992
New England's last wooden whaling ship can be seen in this Connecticut seaport Mystic 500 December 10, 1992
Pierre Cardin makes a 6-piece set of this that comes with a 10-year/10-million-mile warranty luggage 100 October 19, 1992
You have to lean backwards over the edge of a castle if you want to kiss this Gaelic landmark the Blarney Stone 200 October 19, 1992
In 1991 the 20th annual International Fan Fair in this U.S. "Music City" was sold out before it began Nashville 300 October 19, 1992
Bruges in this country is known for its medieval atmosphere & Gothic architecture Belgium 400 October 19, 1992
This capital city boasts concert halls named for Smetana & Dvorak Prague October 19, 1992
Originally called the Grand Cours, it's Paris' most celebrated thoroughfare the Champs-Elysees 100 October 7, 1992
In this island group you can tour the tortoise hatchery at the Charles Darwin Biological Research Station the Galapagos 200 October 7, 1992
An annex of Italy's Basilica of San Francesco contains the tomb of this "divine" poet Dante 300 October 7, 1992
The Mozarteum is one site of this Austrian city's famous music festival Salzburg 400 October 7, 1992
In Beijing, just south of the Forbidden City, you'll find this square, the city's largest plaza Tiananmen 500 October 7, 1992
With over 1700 steps, it's quicker to take the elevator to the top of this Paris landmark the Eiffel Tower 100 October 14, 1991
To see a colony of wild barbary apes, just take a cable car that goes to the top of this "Rock" the Rock of Gibraltar 200 October 14, 1991
While in this country, you might want to attend a performance at the Royal Flemish Opera Belgium 300 October 14, 1991
One travel guide advises if you can only visit one of this country's islands, make sure it's Bali Indonesia 400 October 14, 1991
The world's oldest existing zoo is on the grounds of Schonbrunn Palace near this city Vienna 500 October 14, 1991
It's touted as "the land of the kookaburras, Drizabones, billabongs & contraltos Australia 100 September 20, 1991
In November 1990 this southern California studio announced "The fire is out!...Our show will go on!" Universal Studios 200 September 20, 1991
Salamanca in this country boasts 1 of the most beautiful squares in Europe, the Plaza Mayor Spain 300 September 20, 1991
The Sri Mahamariamman Temple in this capital city is 1 of Malaysia's most ornate Hindu temples Kuala Lumpur 400 September 20, 1991
Go to this country to see the "Lion of Belfort" sculpture Bartholdi carved in a hill France 500 September 20, 1991
You can take the Marrakesh Express to go to this country's Nat'l Folklore Festival in Marrakesh Morocco 100 July 16, 1991
In Tokyo to complement a meal, order "choshi" which is a small bottle of this alcoholic drink sake 200 July 16, 1991
The Raj Ghat in Delhi marks the spot where his remains were cremated in 1948 Mahatma Gandhi 300 July 16, 1991
Leningrad Museum built by Catherine the Great as a gallery for her art collection the Hermitage 400 July 16, 1991
From Zambia's Knife Edge Footbridge, you can view these magnificent waterfalls head on Victoria Falls 500 July 16, 1991
You can see a 2,500-year-old ski at the Ski Museum in this Norwegian capital Oslo 100 September 18, 1990
Kyoto is the home of this beverage ceremony & tourists can take classes there to learn it tea ceremony 200 September 18, 1990
Hey! hot stuff, Laredo in this U.S. state has a jalapeno eating contest in its Jalapeno Festival Texas 300 September 18, 1990
In 1990, this worldwide network of vacation villages celebrated its 40th birthday Club Med 400 September 18, 1990
This ancient Greek architectural wonder was the main temple of Athena the Parthenon 500 September 18, 1990
To vacation in this country, you can fly via its national airline, Olympic Greece 100 June 8, 1990
When traveling abroad, you may need this official endorsement from the country you desire to enter visa 200 June 8, 1990
San Remo is the leading resort town on this country's riviera Italy 300 June 8, 1990
Fluency in this language would be helpful in Tahiti since it's the official language French 400 June 8, 1990
Each year over 2 million tourists visit this national memorial near Keystone, South Dakota Mount Rushmore 500 June 8, 1990
Home to "Old Faithful", it's the oldest national park in the world Yellowstone 100 May 16, 1990
Guinness says, at $3,750 a night, the Astro Village in this city has the USA's most expensive hotel suite Houston 200 May 16, 1990
This California resort was named for the trees in the vicinity & its natural hot springs Palm Springs 300 May 16, 1990
Part of Paris whose name comes from the French for "Martyr's Hill" Montmartre 400 May 16, 1990
North American city where you can stay at the Chateau Frontenac on the Rue des Carrieres Quebec City 500 May 16, 1990
When visiting this country, why not try the cloudberry soup, the reindeer tongue or the sauna sausage Finland 100 January 8, 1990
The mode of transportation you'd be taking if you were "pushed" by some of Tokyo's "people pushers" subway 200 January 8, 1990
This "coast of the sun" is Spain's answer to the Riviera Costa del Sol 300 January 8, 1990
St. Moritz, where the jet set "winters", is in this country, not far from the Italian border Switzerland 400 January 8, 1990
Their ads say they're "The World's Favourite Airline" British Airways 500 January 8, 1990
= = 100 July 19, 1989
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= = 400 July 19, 1989
Rome has sealed off 25 acres for pedestrian traffic in the district named for this fountain Trevi 500 July 19, 1989
France's replica of this statue stands on an island in the Seine & faces west the Statue of Liberty 100 February 8, 1989
The West Edmonton Mall in this Canadian province has a submarine ride, a water park & a zoo Alberta 200 February 8, 1989
This Israeli airline's "Milk & Honey" vacations feature guided tours of Masada & Galilee El-Al 400 February 8, 1989
You can trek to the Virunga Mts. in Rwanda to see these animals Dian Fossey studied (wild mountain) gorillas 500 February 8, 1989
If you've been to the only nat'l military park in a Northern state, you've been to this 1 in Penn. Gettysburg February 8, 1989
You can climb it in Switzerland or ride through it in Fantasyland the Matterhorn 100 January 9, 1989
In St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, tourists can tour Davy Jones' locker in the Atlantis III, which is this a submarine 200 January 9, 1989
Stowe is one of the many ski resorts in this state that leads New England in skiing Vermont 300 January 9, 1989
Moosehead Lake is one of this state's most popular attractions for hunters & fishermen Maine 400 January 9, 1989
You can tour a museum at the S.F. mint or actually watch folks make money at mints in these 2 cities Denver & Philadelphia 500 January 9, 1989
You can visit this sport's hall of fame on PGA Blvd. in Pinehurst, North Carolina golf 100 November 2, 1988
Except when it's on tour, the most important King Tut collection is housed in this city Cairo 200 November 2, 1988
Type of place you'd be visiting if you were in Wind Cave, Lassen or Zion a national park 300 November 2, 1988
1 of 2 famous Danish breweries you can tour in Copenhagen Tuborg (or Carlsberg) 400 November 2, 1988
You can spend the night in a Victorian style railroad car at the Choo Choo Hilton in this city Chattanooga 500 November 2, 1988
You can visit Rossdhu, the historic home of the clan Colquhoun, on the bonny bank of this lake Lake (Loch) Lomond 100 March 24, 1988
In this state, once part of the French colony of Louisiana, you'll find Lincoln's tomb Illinois 200 March 24, 1988
Stops on this capital's Metro system's Linea Numero Uno include the Observatorio & the Aeropuerto Mexico City 300 March 24, 1988
While Australia wants you to "Come & Say G'Day", Quebec is inviting people to "Come Say" this bonjour 400 March 24, 1988
Munich's Hofbrauhaus, Am Eisbach & Augustiner Keller have this type of garden beer garden 500 March 24, 1988
During May in this state, you can attend "the 50th state fair" Hawaii 100 June 2, 1987
Capri's colorful cave the Blue Grotto 200 June 2, 1987
If you have a favorite chateau, odds are it's in this central French valley famous for chateaux the Loire Valley 300 June 2, 1987
2 of the better hotels in this country are the Yak & Yeti, & the Everest Sheraton Nepal 400 June 2, 1987
Junglelike in vegetation, this park is largest remaining subtropical wilderness in U.S. the Everglades 500 June 2, 1987
"Birnbaum's Europe" says while in Helsinki you should take one of these in a 200° F. room sauna 100 March 17, 1987
A Sept. '87 theme cruise with stars of this TV show will take place on the Azure Seas, not the Enterprise <i>Star Trek</i> 200 March 17, 1987
Rabbi Ovadya Yosef ruled religious law bars Jews from attending these sporting events in Spain bullfighting 300 March 17, 1987
For tours here, use the East Gate on East Executive Ave. & remember, no admission is ever charged White House 400 March 17, 1987
At this site where tourists could see a chicken farm in 1922, they can see a "Kongflict" today Universal Studios 500 March 17, 1987
To visit site of these 1892 trials you have to go to Danvers, 4 miles NW of Salem witchcraft trials 100 February 6, 1987
Film at this country's Expo '86 Pavilion featured their young stars, like Nastassja Kinski & Boris Becker Germany 200 February 6, 1987
Travelers to Thailand would use bahts & satangs for this currency 300 February 6, 1987
A popular stop in Bogota is the "Museo del Oro", which translates to this Museum of Gold 400 February 6, 1987
In Saudi Arabia, it's more diplomatic if you eat using only this "utensil" fingers (right hand) 500 February 6, 1987
Country that is home to Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Denmark 100 October 16, 1986
Of trains, buses, or taxicabs, the one you can't ride in Iceland because they haven't any trains 200 October 16, 1986
This country's ads invite you to "Come stay with friends" Israel 300 October 16, 1986
In Vatican City, the big toe of St. Peter's statue has worn away from tourists touching & doing this to it kissing it 400 October 16, 1986
Country where 1000s of tourists flock each year to a desolate region to look at the following: Australia October 16, 1986
If you were cruising from Guadeloupe to Grenada you'd be gazing at this sea Caribbean 100 April 4, 1986
Founded 1950, today this French "Club" has about 100 resorts worldwide Club Med 200 April 4, 1986
What you do with "Dos Equis" in Mexico drink it 300 April 4, 1986
2 shots most often required for foreign travel are yellow fever & this one for bad food & water cholera 400 April 4, 1986
2 of 4 modern-day countries you could be in when you're lost in Thrace (2 of) Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria & Romania 500 April 4, 1986
The Pocono Mts. have special resorts with heart-shaped tubs that cater primarily to this group honeymooners (newlyweds) 100 September 19, 1985
Not in Ohio but in this Spanish city can you visit El Greco's home Toledo 200 September 19, 1985
These ticket holders anxiously await no-shows & cancellations so they might board the plane standbys 300 September 19, 1985
CP Air's home country Canada 400 September 19, 1985
This large resort island off the Yucatan Peninsula was setting for movie "Against All Odds" Cozumel 500 September 19, 1985
Many motorists prefer to stay in these "B&B" places bed & breakfasts 100 March 5, 1985
The real name of the "Love Boat" the Pacific Princess 200 March 5, 1985
Hebrew for "mountain fortress", its ruinous site of last Jewish holdout against the Romans Masada 300 March 5, 1985
The country in which you find the famous "Spanish Steps" Italy 400 March 5, 1985
What you do to a "fado" in Portugal sing it, or dance to it 500 March 5, 1985