Clues for: U.S. Geography

Question Answer Value Airdate
The Pecos River is a major tributary of this river that it empties into in Texas the Rio Grande 200 December 10, 2021
It's about 130 miles long & in July 2021, it reached about 130 degrees Death Valley 400 December 10, 2021
The Three Sisters in Oregon is a trio of volcanic peaks in this mountain range the Cascades 600 December 10, 2021
In the 1800s this Michigan island was the headquarters for John Jacob Astor's American Fur Company Mackinac 800 December 10, 2021
This region of foothills between the Appalachians & the Atlantic coastal plain is named for a similar area in Italy the Piedmont 1000 December 10, 2021
Including Okaloosa & Escambia, there are 16 counties in the Florida region with this shapely name the Panhandle 200 October 28, 2021
The southernmost point that's U.S. territory is Rose Atoll, a part of this "American" Pacific possession American Samoa 400 October 28, 2021
The name of this northeast region was first used by John Smith, who published "A Description of" it in 1616 New England 600 October 28, 2021
2021 is the bicentennial year of this Missouri city, home to the first state university established west of the Mississippi Columbia 1000 October 28, 2021
Las Vegas & Joshua Tree National Park are both found in this 25,000-square-mile desert the Mojave October 28, 2021
If you've revisited Highway 61, you know it takes you into the heart of this city in the southwest corner of Tennessee Memphis 200 April 1, 2021
Virginia's largest river, the James empties into this body of water the Chesapeake Bay 600 April 1, 2021
Washington state is split by I-90 which goes through these mountains that form a curtain not as rigid as the Iron Curtain the Cascades 800 April 1, 2021
This hilly region of western Massachusetts is home to the Tanglewood Music & Jacob's Pillow dance festivals the Berkshires 1000 April 1, 2021
About 275 miles due west of the famous Four Corners, the Three Corners where Utah, Arizona & this state meet has its own monument Nevada April 1, 2021
The fittingly named Mount Sunflower shines as the highest point in this state Kansas 200 September 28, 2020
North Rim Country Store in Kaibab National Forest sits 6 miles away from this natural wonder the Grand Canyon 400 September 28, 2020
Cicero & Oak Park are western suburbs of this Midwestern metropolis Chicago 600 September 28, 2020
Perry, Maine has a marker for this latitudinal line signifying the halfway point between the equator & North Pole the 45th parallel 800 September 28, 2020
At its south end this 25,000-square-mile desert named for a people borders the Sonoran Desert the Mojave 1000 September 28, 2020
Apalachee Bay is the eastern edge of this section of Florida stretching 200 miles west the Panhandle 200 March 17, 2020
In a 1980 eruption, it lost about 1,000 feet off its top Mount St. Helens 400 March 17, 2020
Here's this California island and its famous Art Deco casino, used not for gambling but as an event venue (Santa) Catalina 600 March 17, 2020
Seneca is the deepest of this group of lakes in New York state the Finger Lakes 800 March 17, 2020
A tributary of the Ohio, the Wabash River forms a 200-mile section of the boundary between these 2 states Illinois & Indiana 1000 March 17, 2020
The Great Salt Lake desert covers about 4,000 square miles in this state Utah 200 January 22, 2019
This city that's home to the University of Colorado lies at the base of the Flatiron Range of the Rockies Boulder 400 January 22, 2019
Edgartown & Oak Bluffs are 2 of only a handful of towns on this island in New England Martha\'s Vineyard 600 January 22, 2019
It sounds like a daily paper but this port city is actually part of a metro area that includes Norfolk & Virginia Beach Newport News 800 January 22, 2019
Niagara Falls is made up of 2 falls, the American falls & these Canadian falls Horseshoe Falls 1000 January 22, 2019
This presidential retreat is located in a wooded area of Catoctin Mountain Park in Maryland Camp David 200 May 17, 2018
While rolling on to the Pacific, this river forms a boundary between Washington & Oregon Columbia 400 May 17, 2018
(Kelly of the Clue Crew presents an image of bodies of water.) Eleven narrow bodies of water, including the two longest, Cayuga and Seneca, make up the "digits" of this geographic group the Finger Lakes 600 May 17, 2018
This colorful group of eroded mountains contains South Dakota's Custer Peak the Black Hills 800 May 17, 2018
West Quoddy Head in this state is the easternmost point of land in the contiguous United States Maine 1000 May 17, 2018
The 3-mile-long Golden Gate Strait connects this bay with the Pacific Ocean San Francisco Bay 200 May 2, 2017
Sometimes called the "Panhandle State", it has 2 panhandles, with Wheeling in one & Martinsburg in the other West Virginia 400 May 2, 2017
The Jordan River rises in Utah Lake & empties into this one the Great Salt Lake 600 May 2, 2017
Though it's the fourth-largest state in area, barely 1 million people live there Montana 800 May 2, 2017
Waterfalls on this river include Shoshone Falls & Twin Falls the Snake River 1000 May 2, 2017
John Tyler, James Monroe, & Jefferson Davis are all buried in this Virginia city's Hollywood Cemetery Richmond 200 March 25, 2016
Name shared by the state where St. Joseph is located & the river it's on Missouri 400 March 25, 2016
If you want to cross this California range, the best way is to use the Donner Pass over 7,000 feet up the Sierra Nevada 600 March 25, 2016
In WWII 28,000 aviators trained in & around this Florida Panhandle city Pensacola 800 March 25, 2016
Billings, Montana is found on this "colorful" river that shares its name with a major attraction Yellowstone 1000 March 25, 2016
The Niagara River is the only natural outlet of this Great Lake Lake Erie 200 March 11, 2016
About 140 miles east of San Francisco, you'll find this national park Yosemite 400 March 11, 2016
The highest state capital in the U.S. at about 7,000 feet, it lies in the northern Rio Grande Valley Santa Fe 600 March 11, 2016
This mountain system stretches about 1,500 miles from Maine to Alabama the Appalachians 800 March 11, 2016
Ponce de Leon named these "Dry" Florida islands for the abundance of sea turtles in the surrounding waters the Dry Tortugas 1000 March 11, 2016
This river enters Idaho through the Palisades Reservoir on the Wyoming border the Snake River 200 May 15, 2014
Vermont's lowest point is 95 feet above sea level on the shore of this lake Lake Champlain 400 May 15, 2014
This Rockies ridge splits the waters of the western U.S. into westward & eastward flowing the Continental Divide 600 May 15, 2014
Pasca, a Native American word for bread, gave this Gulf Coast city its name Pascagoula 1000 May 15, 2014
The snowy dome of this tallest volcano in the lower 48 states is often shrouded in clouds Mount Rainier May 15, 2014
Whidbey Island, just north of Seattle, provides the northern boundary of this body of water Puget Sound 200 November 7, 2012
An outpost called Fort Raccoon was wisely renamed & became this capital of Iowa Des Moines 400 November 7, 2012
Prior to 1850 this Northern California peak was known by several names, including Sasty Mount Shasta 800 November 7, 2012
Awash in glorious lava, Mount Haleakala lies on this "Valley Isle" Maui 1000 November 7, 2012
The Sakonnet, Seekonk & Providence Rivers are saltwater arms of this bay Narragansett Bay November 7, 2012
Massachusetts' Barnstable County mostly consists of this hook-shaped cape Cape Cod 200 February 24, 2012
Saginaw Bay on the east coast of Michigan's Lower Peninsula is an inlet of this Great Lake Lake Huron 400 February 24, 2012
This river rises in Northern Pennsylvania, runs into Southwest New York & then flows into Pittsburgh the Allegheny River 600 February 24, 2012
El Paso, Texas was named because it was a major ford, or pass, across this river the Rio Grande 800 February 24, 2012
This waterfall in Yosemite National Park is the highest continuous fall in North America at 1,612 feet Ribbon Falls 1000 February 24, 2012
This state's largest county, San Bernardino, was divided in 1893 to form Riverside County California 200 May 5, 2011
Leadville in the Rockies in this state is the USA's highest incorporated city Colorado 400 May 5, 2011
At about 1,700 square miles, this saline lake is one of the largest lakes in the world with no outlet the Salt Lake 600 May 5, 2011
Nome, Alaska lies on this peninsula named for a 19th century Secretary of State the Seward peninsula 800 May 5, 2011
(Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) The northwest angle belongs to the U.S., although it doesn't look that way; it's the only part of the lower 48 that extends miles north of this parallel of latitude the 49th parallel 1000 May 5, 2011
The Potomac River feeds into this large bay the Chesapeake 200 February 25, 2011
On Aug. 12, 1901 the first auto reached the summit of this "peak" near Colorado Springs, Colorado Pikes Peak 400 February 25, 2011
This river's delta covers 13,000 square miles, about 1/4 of Louisiana's area the Mississippi 600 February 25, 2011
In 1847 the Michigan legislature chose this city to succeed Detroit as state capital Lansing 800 February 25, 2011
Vineyard Sound separates Martha's Vineyard from the southernmost part of this cape Cape Cod 1000 February 25, 2011
This state's highest point is Puu Wekiu, a cinder cone atop Mauna Kea Hawaii 200 November 27, 2009
The Columbia River Plateau lies to the east of this range, the Puget Sound-Willamette Valley Trough to the west the Cascades 600 November 27, 2009
The Peace Bridge spanning the Niagara River connects this city in New York with Canada Buffalo 800 November 27, 2009
Founded by Swiss immigrants, Switzerland County, Indiana lies across from Kentucky, along this river the Ohio River 1000 November 27, 2009
In the 1850s both California & Nevada called it Lake Bigler Lake Tahoe November 27, 2009
If they'd decided to call this town Shawmut, the native name for the area, we'd have Shawmut baked beans Boston 200 March 31, 2005
The Salt Lake Valley was once a part of the basin of this ancient lake Lake Bonneville 400 March 31, 2005
In 1942, people from the Manhattan Project set up shop at a boys' ranch school in this N.M. community Los Alamos 600 March 31, 2005
Though Delaware is the Diamond State, the Crater of Diamonds is in this state Arkansas 1000 March 31, 2005
Wisconsin is bordered by these 2 of the 5 Great Lakes Michigan & Superior March 31, 2005
Of Hawaii's 8 main islands, this one receives the lion's share of the tourist dollars Oahu 200 January 27, 2005
When the Russians owned Alaska, they referred to this tall peak as Bolshaya Gora Mt. McKinley 400 January 27, 2005
This river begins in Colorado & empties into the Gulf of Mexico near Brownsville, Texas Rio Grande 600 January 27, 2005
Florida's panhandle borders these 2 states Alabama and Georgia 800 January 27, 2005
This large lake on the New York-Vermont border is Vermont's lowest point Lake Champlain 1000 January 27, 2005
Louisiana's lowest point is 8 feet below sea level in this city New Orleans 200 October 27, 2004
The Wrigley family owns much of this resort island 22 miles off the coast of Los Angeles Catalina 400 October 27, 2004
This island, a NYC Borough, is separated from New Jersey by 2 narrow channels: the Kill Van Kull and the Arthur Kill Staten Island 600 October 27, 2004
The western part of this state's panhandle is the high plains, or llano estacado, "staked plains" Texas 800 October 27, 2004
This river joins the Columbia near Pasco, Washington, a little more than 1,000 miles from its source in Wyoming the Snake River October 27, 2004
The borders of 5 Utah counties lie within this lake The Great Salt Lake 200 February 7, 2003
Mapmakers named this Colorado mountain after its 1806 discoverer, who had called it Grand Peak Pikes Peak 400 February 7, 2003
This river flows through 3 state capitals: Bismarck, Pierre & Jefferson City Missouri River 800 February 7, 2003
It's the only U.S. state lying on the Tropic of Cancer Hawaii 1000 February 7, 2003
This Northwestern capital's name is derived from the Hebrew shalom, meaning "peace" Salem, Oregon February 7, 2003
The summit of this famous Colorado peak can be reached by horseback, auto, or a 9-mile cog railway Pikes Peak 200 January 9, 2003
Due to evaporation, the area of this largest Utah lake varies from year to year the Great Salt Lake 400 January 9, 2003
A point 5 miles northeast of Murfreesboro is smack dab in the middle of this "Volunteer State" Tennessee 600 January 9, 2003
This city of over a million people lies 30 miles from Fort Worth Dallas 800 January 9, 2003
This "lengthy" island forms the easternmost part of New York state Long Island 1000 January 9, 2003
The Chicago River flows out of this great lake; the Kalamazoo River flows in Lake Michigan 100 February 2, 2001
The Okefenokee Swamp covers nearly 700 square miles in these 2 states Florida & Georgia 200 February 2, 2001
Apprpriately, you'll find the Black & Funeral Mountains in this "mournful" region of California Death Valley 300 February 2, 2001
It makes sense that this is "The Mountain State" since it lies entirely within the Appalachians West Virginia 400 February 2, 2001
1 of 2 capes in North Carolina that have been designated national seashores Hatteras & Lookout 500 February 2, 2001
Principal port cities on this gulf include Mobile & Tampa Gulf of Mexico 100 January 26, 2001
Large ships can sail over 100 miles inland to Washington, D.C. on this river Potomac 200 January 26, 2001
Streams in the eastern part of this state flow into Lake Michigan & Green Bay Wisconsin 300 January 26, 2001
In 1833 this "holy" northwestern Ohio port arose from the consolidation of Port Lawrence & Vistula villages Toledo 400 January 26, 2001
The easternmost part of Rhode Island can't be reached by land without going through this state Massachusetts January 26, 2001
In 1874, a major rail crossing, the Eads Bridge, was completed across this river at St. Louis Mississippi River 100 July 10, 2000
California's highest peak, it was named for the geologist who was chief of the expedition that found it in 1864 Mount Whitney 200 July 10, 2000
Col. Thomas Baker founded this city, a produce center & California's country music capital Bakersfield 300 July 10, 2000
Virginia's Rappahannock River flows into this bay Chesapeake Bay 400 July 10, 2000
This state capital was founded in 1819 from 2 towns: East Alabama & New Philadelphia Montgomery 500 July 10, 2000
The city of El Paso in this state is a major gateway between the U.S. & Mexico Texas 100 June 7, 2000
This "stately" river carved the Black Canyon as well as the Grand Canyon Colorado River 200 June 7, 2000
If you want to sneak a peek at the landmark seen here, head to this Midwest state:(Mount Rushmore) South Dakota 300 June 7, 2000
Sounds morbid, but it's the lowest point in California & in all of the U.S. Death Valley 400 June 7, 2000
In Hawaii, Mauna Kea means "white mountain" & this volcano's name means "long mountain" Mauna Loa 500 June 7, 2000
This river's drainage area covers about 1.25 million square miles in 31 states Mississippi 100 June 2, 2000
The highest peaks in this colorful mountain range of the Appalachian system lie in North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains 200 June 2, 2000
Cape Mendocino in Humboldt County is the westernmost point of this state California 300 June 2, 2000
The 2 main branches of this inlet in Washington state are Hood Canal & Admiralty Inlet Puget Sound 400 June 2, 2000
Haleakala on this "Valley Island" of Hawaii has the world's largest dormant volcanic crater Maui 500 June 2, 2000
About 75% of all Hawaiians live on this island Oahu 100 April 13, 2000
The New York state barge canal system connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic via this river Hudson River 200 April 13, 2000
This mountain system stretches about 1,500 miles from Alabama to Canada's Gaspe Peninsula Appalachians 300 April 13, 2000
At an altitude of 6,225', this lake on the California-Nevada border doesn't freeze due to its great depth Lake Tahoe 400 April 13, 2000
Made famous in song, this river begins in Georgia's Okefenokee Swamp & empties into the Gulf of Mexico via Florida Suwannee River 500 April 13, 2000
This Texas city is the largest in the U.S. to have an African-American mayor Houston (Lee Brown) 100 March 14, 2000
Of 8, 12 or 18, the number of U.S. states that touch the Atlantic Ocean 18 200 March 14, 2000
2 of the 4 U.S. states that have capitals with "City" in their names Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma & Utah 300 March 14, 2000
(Hi, I'm Jason Elam of the Denver Broncos.) In 1998 I earned a trip to the NFL's Pro Bowl, held each year in this city where I played college ball Honolulu 400 March 14, 2000
Vancouver is the northernmost city represented in the NBA; this is the southernmost Miami 500 March 14, 2000
At 33 miles in length, the Kaukonahua Stream is this state's longest river Hawaii 100 October 26, 1999
Communities on this cape include Pilgrim Heights & Mayflower Heights Cape Cod 200 October 26, 1999
The name of this Iowa capital may come from an Indian word for "River of the Mounds" Des Moines 300 October 26, 1999
These beautiful New York mountains are associated with the area once known as the "Borscht Belt" Catskills 400 October 26, 1999
This state's "Northwest Angle" lies in Lake of the Woods County north of the 49th parallel Minnesota 500 October 26, 1999
This river's delta covers more than 12,000 square miles in Louisiana Mississippi River 100 May 28, 1999
This mountain system stretches from New Mexico to the Brooks Range north of the Arctic Circle Rocky Mountains 200 May 28, 1999
The Wichita Mountains are not in Kansas but in this state on its southern border Oklahoma 300 May 28, 1999
Although a mile wide in some places, this principal river of Nebraska is too shallow to be navigable Platte River 400 May 28, 1999
This state capital is known for a variety of oysters found primarily in Puget Sound Olympia 500 May 28, 1999
Over its 2,340-mile course, this river forms the boundary or part of the boundary of 9 states Mississippi 100 November 17, 1998
It's the largest body of fresh water lying entirely within the USA Lake Michigan 200 November 17, 1998
Colorado's Mount Elbert in the Sawatch range is this mountain system's tallest peak Rockies 300 November 17, 1998
Francisco de Ortega is credited with discovering this strait leading into San Francisco Bay Golden Gate 400 November 17, 1998
This 113-mile sand bar along Texas' Gulf Coast is the state's largest island Padre Island 500 November 17, 1998
Part of this 3,000-mile long mountain system covers the middle third of Colorado the Rocky Mountains 100 March 13, 1998
Texas County in this state's panhandle borders the state of Texas Oklahoma 200 March 13, 1998
This Washington volcano erupted on November 22, 1842; it blew its top again in 1980 Mount St. Helens 300 March 13, 1998
This Midwestern state's "Northwest Angle" is the northernmost point in the continental U.S. Minnesota 400 March 13, 1998
The Calendar Islands of this "Pine Tree State" are so named because there are 365 of them Maine 500 March 13, 1998
Whidbey Island in Washington state is the largest island in this inlet Puget Sound 100 December 5, 1997
This Texas island was named for a priest, Father Nicholas Balli Padre Island 200 December 5, 1997
With an average elevation of 6,800 feet, it's the highest of all the states Colorado 300 December 5, 1997
Look out for Capes Lookout, Hatteras & Fear when sailing along this state's coast North Carolina 400 December 5, 1997
Coeur d'Alene Lake in this state is at the heart of a popular resort area Idaho 500 December 5, 1997
Once the site of a famous prison, this California island was named for its large pelican population Alcatraz 100 June 12, 1997
All 5 Rhode Island counties have shorelines on this bay Narragansett Bay 200 June 12, 1997
This river that winds through Wyoming, Idaho & Oregon is the main tributary of the Columbia River the Snake River 300 June 12, 1997
The Connecticut River forms Vermont's entire border with this state New Hampshire 400 June 12, 1997
Waimea is a famous canyon on this "Garden Isle" of Hawaii Kauai 500 June 12, 1997
Carson City, the capital of this western state, is named for Kit Carson Nevada 100 June 4, 1997
It's Alabama's first permanent European settlement as well as its only seaport Mobile 200 June 4, 1997
Utah's Uinta Range is the only major range of these mountains in the contiguous 48 states that runs east & west Rocky Mountains 300 June 4, 1997
This state's least populous county, Grand Isle, lies mostly within Lake Champlain Vermont 400 June 4, 1997
Chief cities on the banks of this Hudson River tributary include Rome, Utica & Schenectady Mohawk River 500 June 4, 1997
This state's largest cities lie within its Bluegrass Region Kentucky 100 June 3, 1997
This state's Upper Peninsula has 2 land regions: the Superior Upland & the Central Lowland Michigan 200 June 3, 1997
Some ocean-going vessels can sail up the Connecticut River as far north as this capital Hartford 300 June 3, 1997
The parishes in this state's East Gulf Coastal Plain are called the "Florida Parishes" Louisiana 400 June 3, 1997
Cadillac Mountain, the highest peak on the Eastern Seaboard, lies in this Maine national park Acadia National Park 500 June 3, 1997
Galveston, Texas & Sarasota, Florida lie on this famous gulf Gulf of Mexico 100 May 1, 1997
NYC's Brooklyn Bridge spans the East River between Brooklyn & this island borough Manhattan 200 May 1, 1997
Name shared by Chicago's Great Lake & one of Chicago's major avenues Michigan 300 May 1, 1997
In area, this New England state roughly equals Vermont, N.H., Connecticut & Massachusetts combined Maine 400 May 1, 1997
Jefferson City is Missouri's capital & this "City" where the Royals play is Missouri's largest Kansas City 500 May 1, 1997
Idaho's largest city, it's almost 3 times as populous as Pocatello, the second largest Boise 100 February 28, 1997
The Pacific Ocean once covered this desert between the Sierra Nevada & the Colorado River Mojave Desert 200 February 28, 1997
2 of this state's largest lakes are Quabbin Reservoir & Wachusett Reservoir near Worcester Massachusetts 300 February 28, 1997
Algonquin Peak in this state is also known as Mount MacIntyre New York 400 February 28, 1997
It's the oldest city in Kansas; a federal penitentiary lies within the city limits Leavenworth 500 February 28, 1997
In 1905 a large searchlight was installed at the top of this Colorado peak Pikes Peak 100 October 4, 1996
Belleville, Illinois is part of this Missouri city's metropolitan area St. Louis 200 October 4, 1996
The largest lake in the western U.S., it's fed by freshwater streams but has a heavy saline content the Great Salt Lake 300 October 4, 1996
Wind Cave National Park is located in these eroded mountains in western South Dakota the Black Hills 400 October 4, 1996
Northern California's Mount Shasta & Lassen Peak are at the southern end of this mountain range the Cascades 500 October 4, 1996
This city is the seat of Washington's King County Seattle 100 September 2, 1996
The name of this state's Kennebec River is Algonquian for "long reach" Maine 200 September 2, 1996
The geographic center of this state lies in Wexford County, 5 miles north-northwest of Cadillac Michigan 300 September 2, 1996
The largest area of sand dunes in North America lies north of the Platte River in this state Nebraska 400 September 2, 1996
Over 3 dozen mountains in this northern New York range exceed 4,000 feet the Adirondacks 500 September 2, 1996
The straits of Florida connect these 2 large bodies of water the Atlantic & the Gulf of Mexico 100 July 5, 1996
Much of this largest California national park is below sea level Death Valley 200 July 5, 1996
This New York island's 1,723 square miles are divided into 4 counties: Queens, Kings, Suffolk & Nassau Long Island 300 July 5, 1996
Alenuihaha Channel separates Maui from this larger island to the southeast Hawaii 400 July 5, 1996
The Boise River flows into the Snake River at Idaho's border with this state Oregon 500 July 5, 1996
The Colorado Desert isn't in Colorado but in this state, where it runs south to Baja California 100 June 12, 1996
Iowa is nicknamed "The Land Between Two Rivers" because it lies between this mighty pair the Missouri & Mississippi Rivers 200 June 12, 1996
These mountains on the Tennessee-North Carolina border are named for the haze that hangs over them the Great Smoky Mountains 300 June 12, 1996
The boundary between Maine & this state passes through the Isles of Shoals New Hampshire 400 June 12, 1996
Saginaw Bay on the coast of Michigan is an inlet of this second-largest Great Lake Lake Huron June 12, 1996
Nevada's largest city, it grew from a population of 8,500 in 1940 to 258,000 in 1990 Las Vegas 100 April 11, 1996
This Maryland bay is the country's largest estuary Chesapeake Bay 200 April 11, 1996
Aroostook County in this state borders Quebec & New Brunswick Maine 300 April 11, 1996
At 95 feet above sea level, this lake is Vermont's lowest point Lake Champlain 400 April 11, 1996
This river for which a state is named drains much of Massachusetts' upland region the Connecticut River 500 April 11, 1996
This state has a Custer County as well as one named Big Horn Montana 100 April 5, 1996
This state's parishes began as administrative units of the Catholic Church under Spanish rule Louisiana 200 April 5, 1996
New Jersey's eastern border is formed by the Atlantic Ocean & this river Hudson River 300 April 5, 1996
This home of the U.S. Air Force Academy was founded in 1871 as Fountain Colony Colorado Springs 500 April 5, 1996
The Detroit, Huron & Sandusky Rivers are among those that flow into this great lake Lake Erie April 5, 1996
Galesburg, seat of this state's Knox County, was the site of a Lincoln-Douglas debate Illinois 100 January 24, 1996
A railroad president named Aberdeen, South Dakota for his birthplace in this country Scotland 200 January 24, 1996
This largest Oregon city is home to the International Rose Test Gardens Portland 300 January 24, 1996
Johns Hopkins University in this city is the home of the Lacrosse Hall of Fame Baltimore 400 January 24, 1996
This state's Acadia National Park includes parts of Isle Au Haut & the Schoodic Peninsula Maine January 24, 1996
Alaska's Pribilof Islands in this sea are noted as a breeding ground for fur seals the Bering Sea 100 December 22, 1995
Much of New Jersey's western border is provided by this river the Delaware River 200 December 22, 1995
Canada has a Baffin Bay, as does this state, near Padre Island Texas 300 December 22, 1995
Rhode Island, Connecticut & this state meet at a point in Fishers Island Sound New York 400 December 22, 1995
Mount Washington in this state's Presidential Range is New England's highest New Hampshire December 22, 1995
Chicago has been the seat of this county since 1831 Cook 100 October 23, 1995
The St. Johns River, this state's longest, flows about 285 miles, entering the Atlantic Ocean near Jacksonville Florida 200 October 23, 1995
Over half of all U.S. land more than 10,000 feet above sea level is in this state Colorado 300 October 23, 1995
About 75 of every 100 people in Hawaii live on this island Oahu 400 October 23, 1995
Since 1980 this volcano in the Cascade Mountains has erupted more than 20 times Mount St. Helens October 23, 1995
The salinity of this Utah lake ranges roughly between 15% & 27% the Great Salt Lake 100 April 22, 1994
This cape is the easternmost point of North Carolina's Outer Banks Cape Hatteras 200 April 22, 1994
The seat of government in Hawaii is one this island Oahu 300 April 22, 1994
Many of the Thousand Islands in the St. Lawrence River belong to Ontario, the rest to this state New York 400 April 22, 1994
Tributaries of this Indiana river include the Tippecanoe, Eel & Mississinewa the Wabash 500 April 22, 1994
This state's Seward peninsula includes the westernmost point on the North American mainland Alaska 100 December 22, 1993
In Virginia Cape Charles & Cape Henry mark the northern & southern sides of the entrances to this bay Chesapeake Bay 200 December 22, 1993
Lake Placid is located 1,860 feet above sea level in these mountains the Adirondacks 300 December 22, 1993
Port Townsend, one of Washington's oldest cities, is at the entrance to this inlet Puget Sound 400 December 22, 1993
Referring to its Spanish name, this chief Texas Panhandle city is nicknamed the "Yellow Rose of Texas" Amarillo 500 December 22, 1993
This state's Malaspina Glacier covers an area about the size of Rhode Island Alaska 100 May 10, 1993
Arlington County, site of the Pentagon, lies across this river from Washington, D.C. Potomac 200 May 10, 1993
Don't let its name confuse you, this Florida city is the southernmost in the continental U.S. Key West 300 May 10, 1993
Located along the Rio Grande it's New Mexico's largest city Albuquerque 400 May 10, 1993
Not surprisingly, this state's highest point is Mount Sunflower Kansas 500 May 10, 1993
Louisiana's most valuable fishing grounds are located in this gulf the Gulf of Mexico 100 December 2, 1992
The name of this city which hosts the Rose Bowl football game is Chippewa for "crown of the valley" Pasadena 200 December 2, 1992
This state's least populous county is Nantucket Massachusetts 300 December 2, 1992
Waikiki Beach is a popular tourist attraction on this Hawaiian island Oahu 400 December 2, 1992
The Red River of the North provides the boundary between Minnesota & this state to the west North Dakota 500 December 2, 1992
The Ten Thousand islands lie near the city of Everglades in this state Florida 100 October 13, 1992
At about 440 square miles, Red Lake is the largest of this state's "10,000 Lakes" Minnesota 200 October 13, 1992
Yuma, Arizona is the largest city lying on this 1450-mile-long river the Colorado 300 October 13, 1992
This bay nearly cuts Rhode Island in two the Narragansett 400 October 13, 1992
This twin-peaked volcano in northern California has 5 small glaciers on its slopes Mt. Shasta 500 October 13, 1992
Over half of this state's population lives in Providence county Rhode Island 100 November 28, 1991
Carson City, the capital of this state, is not part of any county Nevada 200 November 28, 1991
Mountain gap discovered in 1750, many years before D. Boone blazed the Wilderness Road through it Cumberland Gap 300 November 28, 1991
Sandusky Bay is an inlet of Lake Erie in this state Ohio 500 November 28, 1991
The name of this Florida city comes from the Spanish Cayo Hueso, "Bone Island", not its location Key West November 28, 1991
This city was founded near rapids on the Ohio River & named for Louis XVI of France Louisville (Kentucky) 100 November 8, 1991
In 1989 voters in this town where Wild Bill Hickok died legalized gambling Deadwood (South Dakota) 200 November 8, 1991
This city some 30 miles west of Dallas began as an army post on the Trinity River Fort Worth 300 November 8, 1991
A cog railroad, the first built in the U.S., runs up this New Hampshire mountain Mount Washington 400 November 8, 1991
This state borders two Canadian provinces: Manitoba & Saskatchewan North Dakota 500 November 8, 1991
The geographic center of this state is in Twiggs County, 18 miles from Macon Georgia 100 May 9, 1991
The Grand Canyon is one of many canyons carved by this river the Colorado 200 May 9, 1991
Major rivers emptying into this bay include the James, York & Potomac the Chesapeake Bay 300 May 9, 1991
The Pilgrims docked at Provincetown on this peninsula before going on to Plymouth Cape Cod 400 May 9, 1991
Descendants of Jean Laffite's men live on Grand Isle, just off the coast of this state Louisiana 500 May 9, 1991
This river that rises at Lake Itasca drains about 1/8 of the North American continent Mississippi River 100 May 14, 1990
Of New York City's 5 boroughs, the one that is New York County Manhattan 200 May 14, 1990
This lake was created when Hoover Dam was built on the Colorado River Lake Mead 300 May 14, 1990
In Kansas more people live in this city than in Topeka & Kansas City combined Wichita 400 May 14, 1990
The 1842 Webster-Ashburton Treaty fixed this state's border with New Brunswick Maine 500 May 14, 1990
Longer than the Mississippi, this river wasn't made navigable until the 20th century Missouri River 100 April 6, 1990
This 10-state region isn't flat; it rises from 2,000 ft. near Omaha to 6,000 ft. at Cheyenne Great Plains 200 April 6, 1990
The only state with areas that have a Mediterranean climate California 300 April 6, 1990
The lower valley of the Susquehanna & its tributaries have created this large Atlantic bay Chesapeake Bay 400 April 6, 1990
This western branch of the Appalachians runs from north central Penn. through Md., Va. & W. Va. Alleghenies 500 April 6, 1990
Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill are the 3 apexes of this state's famed Research Triangle North Carolina 100 March 14, 1990
State where you can visit Hot Springs National Park & Crater of Diamonds State Park Arkansas 200 March 14, 1990
All of Connecticut's port cities are on this arm of the Atlantic Long Island Sound 300 March 14, 1990
Glacier National Park & the Custer Battlefield are among this "Treasure State"'s treasures Montana 400 March 14, 1990
The most densely populated state; every one of this Middle Atlantic state's 21 counties has over 50,000 people New Jersey 500 March 14, 1990
The lower part of this New York river is an arm of the Atlantic ocean the Hudson River 100 November 8, 1988
Of desert, swamp or forest, the type of land composing almost one third of the U.S. forest 200 November 8, 1988
They are South Dakota's example of dome mountains, which are raised up by pressure in the Earth's crust the Black Hills 300 November 8, 1988
Only U.S. state above 54° 40' north Alaska 100 May 27, 1988
At 5 feet below sea level, this city is the lowest point in Louisiana New Orleans 200 May 27, 1988
State in which you'll find the Carson River, Carson Lake & Carson Sink Nevada 300 May 27, 1988
Originally called Eddy, this New Mexico city known for its caverns was named for a spa town in Europe Carlsbad 400 May 27, 1988
Conventioneers, take note: this city has 100,000 hotel rooms New York City 500 May 27, 1988
This state with a large Jewish community is the leading grower of temple oranges Florida 100 May 18, 1988
The son of Daniel Boone laid out this capital of Missouri, but it was named for a president Jefferson City 200 May 18, 1988
In 1742, merchant Peter Faneuil completed building his hall in this city Boston 300 May 18, 1988
98.3% of this U.S. state is owned by the federal government Alaska 400 May 18, 1988
Funk & Wagnalls says the farthest east you'll find U.S desert land is in this state east of the Rockies Texas 500 May 18, 1988
In 1980, this Cascade mountain peak was reduced from 9677' to about 8300' Mt. St. Helens 100 December 17, 1987
Complete with big toe projection into the Gulf of Mexico, this state resembles a boot Louisiana 200 December 17, 1987
Of about 8, 11, or 16%, the % of U.S. land area that Alaska represents 16% 300 December 17, 1987
This island is the only U.S. commonwealth outside the continental U.S. Puerto Rico 400 December 17, 1987
Though most of Yellowstone National Park lies in Wyoming, it spreads out into these other 2 states Montana & Idaho December 17, 1987
It's always been Pennsylvania's most populous city Philadelphia 100 February 12, 1987
Of California's Salton Sea, Ariz.'s Salt River & Utah's Great Salt Lake, the 1 that doesn't have salt water Salt River 200 February 12, 1987
This 7th-largest city in the U.S. is the 2nd-largest in California San Diego 300 February 12, 1987
This state name is Indian word meaning "great western river", by which they probably meant the Columbia Oregon 500 February 12, 1987
The 2 points farthest apart in the 50 states are in Florida & this state Hawaii February 12, 1987
State whose license plate reads "Land of 10,000 Lakes" Minnesota 100 March 4, 1985
Indian name for "sleepy ones", 95% of this "Corn State" is farmland Iowa 200 March 4, 1985
Only temperate zone rain forest in the U.S. is on this state's Olympic peninsula Washington 300 March 4, 1985
The only leper colony in the U.S. is on an island in this state Hawaii 400 March 4, 1985
These 2 states are "Cajun Country" Louisiana and Texas 500 March 4, 1985
Much of this largest Louisiana city is below sea level New Orleans 100 October 4, 1984
The leading dairy products state Wisconsin 200 October 4, 1984
This state's coastline is 2nd in length to Alaska's Florida 500 October 4, 1984