Clues for: Libraries

Question Answer Value Airdate
America's poet laureate is officially called a consultant in poetry to this library The Library of Congress 200 December 19, 2013
A small library named for this man at Cambridge's Magdalene College contains his 17th century diary Samuel Pepys 400 December 19, 2013
This university's Hesburgh Library is famous for its 134-foot-high "Touchdown Jesus" mural Notre Dame 600 December 19, 2013
Milan's Ambrosiana Library has the Codex Atlanticus, a collection of manuscripts & drawings by this Renaissance man da Vinci 800 December 19, 2013
The National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, MD began with the collection Dr. Joseph Lovell, this official Surgeon General December 19, 2013
Indiana University's Lilly Library contains many rare books including his 1450s New Testament Gutenberg 200 December 5, 2005
This railroad known as the AT&SF once had passenger libraries & reading rooms on its trains Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 400 December 5, 2005
The website for this country's Bibliotheque Royale Albert I can be read in French & Dutch Belgium 800 December 5, 2005
For aural thrills go to the Vincent Voice Library at Michigan State & hear a recording of this 23rd U.S. president Benjamin Harrison 1000 December 5, 2005
In 1598 Thomas Bodley began to rebuild the library at this university; it reopened in 1602 Oxford December 5, 2005
In Palo Alto, the USA's 1st free-standing public children's library has a "secret" this, named for the Burnett tale a garden 200 June 21, 2005
Galleries at his Iowa Pres. Library & Museum include "The Humanitarian Years" & "From Hero to Scapegoat" Herbert Hoover 400 June 21, 2005
The United Nations' library is named for this Secretary-General who was killed in a 1961 plane crash Dag Hammarskjold 600 June 21, 2005
In 1887 Melvil Dewey founded the USA's first library school at this NYC university Columbia 800 June 21, 2005
In 1451 Nicholas V founded this library "for the common convenience of the learned" the Vatican library 1000 June 21, 2005
Samuel Pepys' famous diary is housed at the Pepysian Library at Magdalene College at this university Cambridge 200 April 26, 2005
The community of Darby in this state claims the USA's oldest free library, founded in 1743 Pennsylvania 400 April 26, 2005
In the late 1700s this empress founded the M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin State Public Library in St. Petersburg Catherine the Great 600 April 26, 2005
Indiana University's Lilly Library hath a first edition of this, printed at London in 1611 the King James Bible 800 April 26, 2005
The Ralph J. Bunche Int'l Affairs Center is part of this Washington, D.C. university's library Howard April 26, 2005
A unique mobile library in Kenya is transported from place to place by these "ships of the desert" camels 200 April 26, 2004
Most of the books in the ancient library at Alexandria in Egypt were in this language Greek 400 April 26, 2004
The Morris, this type of library at the University of Virginia, has first editions of Coke & Blackstone law library 800 April 26, 2004
Amazonas state in this country has a floating library that brings books to children along the Orinoco River & its tributaries Venezuela 1000 April 26, 2004
The Laurentian Library in Florence, Italy was founded in the 15th century by members of this family the Medicis April 26, 2004
On May 30, 1998 a library devoted to this Confederate President opened at Beauvoir, his Mississippi home Jefferson Davis 200 November 12, 2003
The public library in Salinas, Calif. is named for this Nobel Prize-winning author born in Salinas in 1902 Steinbeck 400 November 12, 2003
The Family History Library at 35 N. West Temple St. in this state capital has archival info on more than 3 billion names Salt Lake City, Utah 800 November 12, 2003
Andrew himself dedicated this city's Carnegie Library in 1895 Pittsburgh 1000 November 12, 2003
The James Madison, Thomas Jefferson & John Adams buildings provide about 65 acres of floor space for this library the Library of Congress November 12, 2003
The Bancroft Library in Berkeley has issued a new edition of his "Huckleberry Finn" with all 174 orig. illustrations Mark Twain 200 June 27, 2003
In the 1520s Pope Clement VII commissioned him to build the Laurentian Library in Florence Michelangelo 400 June 27, 2003
This inventor's historical site library includes his Oscar for his work in motion picture technology Thomas Edison 800 June 27, 2003
This Malaysian capital's Rubber Research Institute Library has a comprehensive collection on rubber growing Kuala Lumpur 1000 June 27, 2003
In 1836 the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland began as this army official's library Surgeon General of the United States June 27, 2003
This city's Harold Washington Library Center is the USA's largest municipal library building Chicago 100 March 21, 2001
The Chapin Library of Rare Books at Williams College in this state's Berkshire Hills has a 1787 copy of the Constitution Massachusetts 200 March 21, 2001
2 marble lions named Patience & Fortitude guard the entrance to its central research building New York Public Library 400 March 21, 2001
The library at Cambridge's Magdalene College is named for this diarist who bequeathed it his books & diary Samuel Pepys 500 March 21, 2001
Under Ptolemy I, Zenodotus of Ephesus became its first librarian Library at Alexandria March 21, 2001
It's the central library of the Roman Catholic Church The Vatican Library 100 March 16, 1999
Developer of the decimal classification system, he directed the New York State Library, 1889-1906 Melvil Dewey 200 March 16, 1999
Only 2 presidential libraries are not administered by the National Archives: Hayes' in Ohio & his in Yorba Linda, CA. Richard Nixon 300 March 16, 1999
The life & career of this female senator from Maine is on display at a library in Skowhegan Margaret Chase Smith 400 March 16, 1999
The Lilly Library at Indiana University has one of this man's 1,453 printings of the New Testament Johannes Gutenberg 500 March 16, 1999
A Spokane library named for this "White Christmas" singer has many of the crooner's records & memorabilia Bing Crosby 100 October 22, 1997
The Greater Amman Public Library is one of the major libraries in this Middle Eastern country Jordan 200 October 22, 1997
The Theodore M. Hesburgh Library is located at this university Notre Dame 300 October 22, 1997
Founded in 1701, this university's library is Connecticut's oldest Yale 400 October 22, 1997
This Waco school's Armstrong Browning Library has items relating to poets Robert & Elizabeth Baylor 500 October 22, 1997
Marsh's Library in this country was founded c. 1702 by the Archbishop of Dublin Ireland 100 June 21, 1996
Architect Gordon Bunshaft designed this presidential library in Austin, Texas the LBJ library 200 June 21, 1996
Sterling Memorial Library in New Haven, Connecticut houses the archives of this university Yale 300 June 21, 1996
In 1602 this university's library reopened after restoration work by Sir Thomas Bodley Oxford University 500 June 21, 1996
Salinas, California, has a public library named for this novelist Steinbeck June 21, 1996
The Lincoln Center Library is a branch of this city's library New York City 100 March 28, 1996
In 1854 this New England capital opened the first major free public library in the U.S. Boston 200 March 28, 1996
The library of the university of this largest Scottish city has about 500 printed items from the 15th C. Glasgow 300 March 28, 1996
Woodruff Library at Atlanta's Emory University houses papers of this Uncle Remus creator Joel Chandler Harris 400 March 28, 1996
Herbert Putnam served as head of this U.S. library for 40 years, 1899-1939 Library of Congress 500 March 28, 1996
In 1991 the Huntington Library allowed public access to these 2,000-year-old scrolls the Dead Sea Scrolls 100 February 22, 1996
The LBJ Library & Museum in this state capital contains a 7/8 scale replica of the Oval Office Austin 200 February 22, 1996
The Laurentian Library has a manuscript dating to the 5th century by this "Aeneid" poet Virgil 300 February 22, 1996
The Russian State Library was formerly named for this Communist leader Lenin 400 February 22, 1996
This D.C.-based Shakespeare library has 79 copies of the First Folio the Folger Library 500 February 22, 1996
The Black Hills State University Library in this state has porcelain representations South Dakota 100 May 26, 1995
The John Foster Dulles Library of Diplomatic History is located on the campus of this New Jersey school Princeton 200 May 26, 1995
In 1711 Philip V founded this country's national library Spain 400 May 26, 1995
The Theodore M. Hesburgh Library at this college has a 12-story granite mural on its outer wall Notre Dame 500 May 26, 1995
This public library was founded in 1895 by consolidating the Astor & Lenox Libraries & the Tilden Trust the New York Public Library May 26, 1995
This state's largest public collection of books is in the Fort Wayne library system Indiana 100 September 8, 1993
This country's Princess Grace Irish Lib. contains books about Ireland that she collected in the 1960s Monaco 200 September 8, 1993
This Illinois city's Newberry Library is world famous for its rare book & Indian culture collections Chicago 300 September 8, 1993
George Washington's collection of books is housed at the Athenaeum Lib. in this New England capital Boston 400 September 8, 1993
The first free library in the 13 colonies opened in 1698 in this South Carolina port Charleston 500 September 8, 1993
This state maintains a free library for the public & the legislature in the capital of Augusta Maine 100 February 10, 1993
This school in New Haven, Conn. is home to the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library Yale 200 February 10, 1993
This city's Enoch Pratt Free Library has Maryland's largest collection of books Baltimore 300 February 10, 1993
This city is the site of the Mayo Medical Library Rochester, Minnesota 400 February 10, 1993
Outstanding collections of William Faulkner & Stark Young can be found at the library of this university University of Mississippi February 10, 1993
The Department of Libraries in Montpelier has this state's best collection of early newspapers Vermont 100 July 14, 1992
This city's public library system is Wisconsin's largest with more than 1.5 million books Milwaukee 200 July 14, 1992
This organization's Dag Hammarskjold Library specializes in books dealing with international affairs the United Nations 300 July 14, 1992
Rare books & manuscripts are housed in the Sistine Room of this 1600-year-old library the Vatican library 100 October 14, 1991
In 1731 this printer became a co-founder of the Library Company of Philadelphia Ben Franklin 200 October 14, 1991
A large collection of medical works can be found in Rochester, Minnesota, at this clinic the Mayo Clinic 300 October 14, 1991
Nevada's largest book collection is at the University of Nevada's oldest campus, in this city Reno 400 October 14, 1991
This Midwest state's Old Cathedral Library in Vincennes is noted for its old manuscripts Indiana 500 October 14, 1991
This library's administrator is appointed by the President with the approval of the Senate Library of Congress 100 April 15, 1991
The Astor & Lenox Libraries formed the basis for this city's public library in 1895 New York Public Library 200 April 15, 1991
The Harvey S. Firestone Memorial Library at this N.J. school is the state's largest research library Princeton 300 April 15, 1991
This state's oldest library is the Wilmington Institute Free Library, founded in 1788 Delaware 400 April 15, 1991
His presidential library was dedicated on July 19, 1990 in Yorba Linda, California Nixon 500 April 15, 1991
These vehicles used in library outreach programs can be trailers, trucks & even boats in Louisiana bayous bookmobiles 100 September 12, 1990
In this system a book on the history of art in the U.S. would be found under 709.73 the Dewey Decimal System 200 September 12, 1990
Sam Rayburn Library in Bonham, in this state, features a replica of his office in the U.S. Capitol Texas 300 September 12, 1990
The libraries of ancient Assyria contained thousands of tablets made of this clay 400 September 12, 1990
One of the world's greatest collections of Celtica is in this country's National Library in Aberystwyth Wales 500 September 12, 1990
The T. Jefferson Building, John Adams Building & James Madison Memorial Bldg. house this Library of Congress 100 March 19, 1990
His presidential library was opened in Hyde Park, N.Y. while he was still in office Franklin Delano Roosevelt 200 March 19, 1990
The largest library in the Soviet Union is named for this revolutionary Lenin 300 March 19, 1990
The library at this Waco, Texas school houses the largest collection of works about Robert Browning Baylor 500 March 19, 1990
In 1889 a Braddock, PA library became the first in the U.S. constructed by this businessman Andrew Carnegie March 19, 1990
According to ancient rumor, Mark Antony donated 200,000 books to this city's library Alexandria 100 November 10, 1989
When the Library of Congress bought this president's private library, it doubled its collection Thomas Jefferson 200 November 10, 1989
In 1757 King George II gave his royal library to this London museum's library The British Museum 300 November 10, 1989
Pope Clement VII commissioned him to design the Medicean-Laurentian Library in 1523 Michelangelo 500 November 10, 1989
This D.C. Shakespeare library is named for the oil executive who founded it Folger Library November 10, 1989
The Soviet Union's largest library is named after this man, so he has tomes & a tomb in Moscow Lenin 100 May 12, 1989
Dedicated in 1981, this presidential library is located at the University Michigan the Gerald Ford Library 200 May 12, 1989
The James Madison Memorial Building is the largest of the 3 Capitol Hill buildings housing this library the Library of Congress 300 May 12, 1989
With over 80 branches & more than 11 million volumes, it's the largest public library system in the U.S. the New York Public Library 400 May 12, 1989
In 1731 the 1st library to circulate books in what's now the U.S. was founded in this city Philadelphia May 12, 1989
In 1939 his Hyde Park, N.Y. presidential library became 1st to be separate from Library of Congress Franklin Delano Roosevelt 100 January 16, 1987
This service began in the U.S. using a horse-drawn wagon bookmobiles 200 January 16, 1987
This university library w/more than 10 million books has just 1 of the 100s donated by its namesake in 1638 Harvard 300 January 16, 1987
You can get film strips from this branch of the L.A. Library or go next door & watch girls strip Hollywood 400 January 16, 1987
Under the Dewey Decimal System all books in this general class are in the 800s literature 500 January 16, 1987