Clues for: People

Question Answer Value Airdate
Some of this promoter's boxing extravaganzas included the Thrilla in Manila & the Rumble in the Jungle Don King 200 May 21, 2019
In 2013 this NSA contract employee leaked classified documents to journalist Glenn Greenwald Edward Snowden 400 May 21, 2019
This prime minister of Canada is the son of a longtime prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau 600 May 21, 2019
In 2012 the Mo Ibrahim Foundation gave this South African archbishop a special award for "speaking truth to power" Desmond Tutu 800 May 21, 2019
Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote to confirm her as Secretary of Education in 2017 (Betsy) DeVos 1000 May 21, 2019
People noted, "They were partying like it was 1999 at... Carnegie Hall for a concert celebrating the music of" him Prince 200 November 18, 2013
People named this movie star & provider the "World's Most Beautiful Woman" Gwyneth Paltrow 400 November 18, 2013
Unimpressed with Season 5's start of this Edie Falco medical drama, people said, "Stick out your tongue and say blah" <i>Nurse Jackie</i> 600 November 18, 2013
Her "shocking confession": Frank Sinatra, not Woody Allen, may have fathered her son Ronan Mia Farrow 800 November 18, 2013
In 2013 people reported "the new YouTube sensation" was "doing" this dance; "R.I.P. Gangnam Style!" the Harlem Shake 1000 November 18, 2013
With "prayers and blessings", he sent his first tweet in 2011, announcing the launch of an online Vatican news portal Benedict XVI 200 May 11, 2012
In Feb. 2012 New Jersey's governor ordered flags be flown half-staff during the funeral of this Newark-born singer Whitney Houston 400 May 11, 2012
Kim Jong Un has succeeded his father as the leader of this country North Korea 600 May 11, 2012
On his 2011 passing Apple said, "The world is immeasurably better because of" him Steve Jobs 800 May 11, 2012
This fashion designer created dresses worn in the movie "Bride Wars" and in the TV series "Gossip Girl". Vera Wang 1000 May 11, 2012
In July 2011 this former First Lady passed away in Rancho Mirage, California at the age of 93 Betty Ford 200 March 7, 2012
In 2011 this fashion designer's Double RL Ranch hosted the wedding of his son to a presidential niece Ralph Lauren 400 March 7, 2012
At Comic-Con 2011, Adam West, Burt Ward & Julie Newmar reunited for a panel on this TV series <i>Batman</i> 600 March 7, 2012
This husband of Gabrielle Giffords piloted the final mission of the space shuttle Endeavour Mark Kelly 1000 March 7, 2012
Once second in line to the British throne, today he's fourth Andrew March 7, 2012
In April 2010 People reported this daughter of Tom Cruise is turning 4 with a style all her own Suri 200 May 3, 2010
The magazine loves those "mid-life moms", like this actress who's "Pretty in Pink... and blue!" Molly Ringwald 400 May 3, 2010
A 2010 story informed us that Mike Sorrentino aka the Situation, is loving his new fame as part of this show <i>Jersey Shore</i> 600 May 3, 2010
A 2000 issue had Caroline Kennedy on the cover with the line "Profile in" this Courage 800 May 3, 2010
We believe the only Canadian political wife to make the cover was this one linked in the '70s to players like Mick Jagger Margaret Trudeau 1000 May 3, 2010
After the murder of Joseph Smith in 1844, he took over as leader of the Mormons Brigham Young 200 June 6, 2008
Seen here, this Spavinaw, Oklahoma native joined the Yankees in 1951 Mickey Mantle 400 June 6, 2008
John E. Franz was inducted into the Inventors H.O.F. for creating this trademark herbicide for sidewalk weeds Roundup 600 June 6, 2008
Not to be confused with the actress, she's alphabetically the last of Henry VIII's wives by first name Jane Seymour 1000 June 6, 2008
He was the U.S. Secretary of State between 2 female Secretaries of State Colin Powell June 6, 2008
To mark his 18th birthday in 2002, this prince visited the sick & homeless to carry on the work of his late mother Prince Harry 200 November 16, 2005
In 1996 he was "Livin' La Vida Loca" on Broadway, playing Marius in "Les Miz" Ricky Martin 400 November 16, 2005
The website of this tennis "goddess" told us that she's 6'2", loves to write poetry & wants to go to Croatia Venus Williams 600 November 16, 2005
Visitors to the Sundance Film Festival know that the Sundance Institute was founded by this man in 1981 Robert Redford 800 November 16, 2005
He wore a kilt when he married Madonna in a Scottish castle Guy Ritchie 1000 November 16, 2005
In 1964 he became the first African American to be named Time magazine's "Man of the Year" Dr. (Martin Luther) King (Jr.) 200 July 20, 2004
"I kid you not!" was the classic catchphrase of this early 1960s "Tonight Show" host Jack Paar 400 July 20, 2004
(I am NFL wide receiver and Stanford graduate, Ed McCaffrey.) The first Stanford player to win the Heisman Trophy was this quarterback who led the Raiders to victory in Super Bowl XV Jim Plunkett 600 July 20, 2004
Anita, Ruth & June are these singing sisters who hit the pop music charts with "I'm So Excited" The Pointer Sisters 800 July 20, 2004
Occult magician known as "The Beast" Aleister Crowley 1000 July 20, 2004
This mogul is the star of the reality show "The Apprentice" Donald Trump 200 May 20, 2004
In 1974 People magazine's first African-American cover subject was this actress who played Miss Jane Pittman Cicely Tyson 400 May 20, 2004
This "American Idol" judge lost about 100 pounds with the help of gastric-bypass surgery Randy Jackson 600 May 20, 2004
He worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation before joining "60 Minutes" in 1970 Morley Safer 800 May 20, 2004
In 1947 this Oklahoma faith healer began his Healing Waters Ministry Oral Roberts 1000 May 20, 2004
June 30, 2003:This royal vies with movie stars to top the list of the "25 Hottest Bachelors" Prince William 200 April 7, 2004
Nov. 6, 1978:This ex-urban guerrilla "From Inside Prison, the Exclusive Story of Her Romance with Her Bodyguard" Patty Hearst 400 April 7, 2004
May 8, 1989:Chemist Stanley Pons stirs up science "with His Stunning Claim to Have Achieved" this cold fusion 600 April 7, 2004
In 1997 People was on the crime beat with this victim (Gianni) Versace 800 April 7, 2004
April 2, 1990: Hollywood stars protest this pesticide "Which Comes in on Medfly Wings and a Sprayer" malathion 1000 April 7, 2004
The tribute issue to her sold over 2.5 million copies Princess Grace (Grace Kelly) 200 April 5, 2004
The headline on the 2002 cover seen here was this word "Renewed" Faith (as in Faith Hill) 400 April 5, 2004
Back in 1987 this TV star had the coveted "Sexiest Man Alive" title Harry Hamlin 600 April 5, 2004
In one cover story, this TV news personality discussed her new look Greta Van Susteren 800 April 5, 2004
He's the actor on the right in the "tropical" 1980 cover seen here Christopher Atkins 1000 April 5, 2004
George Bailey was his character's name in 1946's "It's a Wonderful Life" James Stewart 200 July 3, 2003
The subject of a bestselling "Autobiography", he was born Malcolm Little Malcolm X 400 July 3, 2003
Vinko Bogataj was the "agonizing" skier seen in the opening credits of this ABC series <i>The Wide World of Sports</i> 600 July 3, 2003
He wasn't an animal (well, technically he was) but John Merrick was better known by this beastly title The Elephant Man 800 July 3, 2003
The late, great caricaturist Al Hirschfeld was famous for always working this name of his daughter into his works Nina 1000 July 3, 2003
Don't call us with your research questions; call this U.S. first lady who has a master's degree in library science Laura Bush 200 March 25, 2003
In 2002 this former Clinton cabinet member ran for governor of Florida Janet Reno 400 March 25, 2003
He brought out his best when he introduced his pre-made mayo in jars around 1912 Richard Hellmann 600 March 25, 2003
Registered nurses take a pledge named for this woman Florence Nightingale 800 March 25, 2003
Erich Maria Remarque was a pen name; he came up with it by spelling this, his real last name, backwards Kramer 1000 March 25, 2003
Florida's governor John Ellis Bush goes by this 3-letter nickname Jeb 200 February 14, 2003
She's the second-generation rocker seen here Kelly Osbourne 400 February 14, 2003
Karrie Webb has been called one of the greatest players of this sport, male or female golf 600 February 14, 2003
He's the popular actor who's not quite seen, but is heard here Michael J. Fox 800 February 14, 2003
In 1970 this future actor showed some muscle & won the titles Mr. World, Mr. Universe & Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger 1000 February 14, 2003
This "thrilling" pop star told Vibe magazine he wishes there was a Children's Day Michael Jackson 200 July 11, 2002
He appeared on the February 8, 1961 "I've Got a Secret" with the secret "I've been hit in the face with 14,000 pies" Soupy Sales 400 July 11, 2002
In February 2002 Finnish-born Marutei Tsurunen became the first Caucasian in the country's Diet Japan 600 July 11, 2002
Spending most of his time alone, Richard Withers, by permit of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, is one of these a hermit 800 July 11, 2002
(All right, let's get the clue from Vanna.) I'm wearing a gown by this single-named designer who was often seen at Studio 54 with his friend Liza Minnelli Halston 1000 July 11, 2002
This wrestler nicknamed his daughter born in August 2001 Pebbles The Rock 200 May 10, 2002
Fatally, American groupie Nancy Spungen was this British punk rocker's girlfriend Sid Vicious 400 May 10, 2002
She owns the St. Louis Rams Georgia Frontiere 600 May 10, 2002
This actor gave a speech for Harvard roommate Al Gore at the 2000 Democratic Convention Tommy Lee Jones 800 May 10, 2002
M.C. Hammer earned his nickname from his resemblance to this "Hammerin'" home run king Hank Aaron 1000 May 10, 2002
This pair of illusionists has played to more people live in Las Vegas than any other performers Siegfried & Roy 200 January 17, 2002
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew at the Apollo.) Along with Diana Ross, Gladys Knight had a hand in discovering these singers after they appeared here in the late '60s Jackson 5 (Jacksons) 400 January 17, 2002
The Wall Street Journal has called this "Nightline" host the "pre-eminent TV interviewer in America" Ted Koppel 600 January 17, 2002
A sign on L.A.'s Sunset Blvd. marks the site where in 1975 he opened the first chocolate chip cookie store Famous Amos 800 January 17, 2002
She's the financial adviser who's showed us "The Road to Wealth" & "The Courage to Be Rich" (Suze) Orman 1000 January 17, 2002
In 1999 basketball mourned the loss of this legendary Laker nicknamed "The Big Dipper" Wilt Chamberlain 100 July 17, 2000
Many consider him the 264th successor of St. Peter Pope John Paul II 200 July 17, 2000
In 1939 this famous architect polished off his Johnson Wax Building in Racine, Wisconsin Frank Lloyd Wright 300 July 17, 2000
In 1919 mental illness ended the career of this Russian ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky 400 July 17, 2000
This astronaut who piloted the command module during the first moon landing was born in Rome, Italy Michael Collins 500 July 17, 2000
Her final answer?: On Feb. 29, 2000 she announced she's leaving Regis & her TV show to spread her "creative wings" Kathie Lee Gifford 100 June 13, 2000
For the November 1999 opening of his Notting Hill bookstore, owner Robie Uniacke had this actor friend clerk for a day Hugh Grant 200 June 13, 2000
(Hi, I'm Patrika Darbo of "Days of our Lives") In a 1994 TV movie I played this domestic goddess comedienne turned sitcom star Roseanne 400 June 13, 2000
This '70s diet doc returned to the weight-loss forefront with his 1999 "New Diet Revolution" Robert Atkins 500 June 13, 2000
Using a pack mule, David Jones delivers mail to Supai Village at the bottom of this landmark Grand Canyon June 13, 2000
This Guns N' Roses lead vocalist was born William Bailey Axl Rose 100 July 16, 1999
In "Blue Hawaii", this "Murder, She Wrote" star, then 35, played the mother of 26-year-old Elvis Presley Angela Lansbury 200 July 16, 1999
In the 1960s he founded a bricklaying business, pumping bricks, to finance his bodybuilding career Arnold Schwarzenegger 300 July 16, 1999
In 1998 this former "Entertainment Tonight" host apppeared on boxes of Kellogg's Oat Bran Flakes John Tesh 400 July 16, 1999
This director of the Vietnam War film "Platoon" was awarded a Bronze Star during his tour of duty in the war Oliver Stone 500 July 16, 1999
His trademarks were jeweled costumes & elaborately designed pianos topped by candelabra Liberace 100 June 10, 1999
In 1989 this sitcom star was reunited with the daughter she'd given up for adoption at 18 Roseanne Barr 200 June 10, 1999
In 1998 supermodel Rebecca Romijn married this former star of TV's "Full House" John Stamos 300 June 10, 1999
This "Fast Car" singer honed her style on the Boston circuit while a student at Tufts University Tracy Chapman 400 June 10, 1999
With dad in tow, this young royal took in a 1997 Spice Girls concert in South Africa Prince Harry (Henry) 500 June 10, 1999
Genesis printer:1450s Johannes Gutenberg 100 April 16, 1999
Great epic-writing Ionian:9th century B.C. Homer 200 April 16, 1999
2 moonwalkers:July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin 300 April 16, 1999
Inventive brothers at Kill Devil Hill:December 17, 1903 Wright Brothers 400 April 16, 1999
Vienna's first psychoanalyst:late 1800s Sigmund Freud 500 April 16, 1999
This media mogul & owner of the Atlanta Braves is the USA's largest private bison rancher Ted Turner 100 March 18, 1999
The youngest American billionaire ever at age 31, he now owns the Bettman Archive of photo images Bill Gates 200 March 18, 1999
The female lead in "Basic Instinct", she's definitely not a dumb blonde; her IQ is said to be 154 Sharon Stone 300 March 18, 1999
She wore bulky trench coats in episodes of "The X-Files" to hide her real-life pregnancy Gillian Anderson 400 March 18, 1999
In 1987 this director of "Taxi Driver" directed Michael Jackson's "Bad" video Martin Scorsese 500 March 18, 1999
This former CBS anchorman is affectionately known as "Uncle Walter" Walter Cronkite 100 November 18, 1997
Marilyn Tucker married this fellow Indiana Univ. law student after a whirlwind 10-week courtship Dan Quayle 200 November 18, 1997
He played a cab driver obsessed with government cover-ups in "Conspiracy Theory" Mel Gibson 300 November 18, 1997
This woman who married a Beatle attended elementary school with Emperor Akihito Yoko Ono 500 November 18, 1997
Congressman heard here, years before he entered politics:Babe, I got you babe... Sonny Bono November 18, 1997
"You Oughta Know" that her "Jagged Little Pill" is the best-selling debut solo album by a female in the U.S. Alanis Morissette 100 May 16, 1997
Yes Sir! In January 1997 this former Beatle & former leader of Wings was made a knight Paul McCartney 200 May 16, 1997
Dana Owens is the real name of this actress & "royal" rap star Queen Latifah 400 May 16, 1997
This retired cartoonist was recently quoted as saying, "I couldn't conceive of ever going back to 'The Far Side'" Gary Larson 500 May 16, 1997
Clyde Tombaugh, the man who discovered this planet in 1930, passed away in 1997; he was 90 Pluto May 16, 1997
In her divorce from Prince Andrew, she lost the title "Her Royal Highness" Sarah Ferguson 100 February 28, 1997
This "King Of Pop" & a Saudi prince launched Kingdom Entertainment, a joint venture, in 1996 Michael Jackson 200 February 28, 1997
Her estate went on sale at Sotheby's in New York April 23-26 1996 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 300 February 28, 1997
This daughter of Tony Curtis is now Lady Haden-Guest; husband Christopher inherited the barony Jamie Lee Curtis 400 February 28, 1997
This rapper, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, was acquitted of murder in February 1996 Snoop Doggy Dogg 500 February 28, 1997
This vice president quipped that he's so boring his Secret Service code name is Al Gore Al Gore 100 January 13, 1997
On Dec. 12, 1995, his 80th birthday, the top of the Empire State Building was lit with blue lights to match his eyes Frank Sinatra 200 January 13, 1997
The 1st Canadian journalist to arrive at the scene of JFK's assassination, he's now an anchorman Peter Jennings 300 January 13, 1997
Patty Hearst had a good laugh when this lawyer began serving a jail term in March 1996 F. Lee Bailey 400 January 13, 1997
After dropping out of the 1996 presidential race, this wealthy Republican guest-hosted "Saturday Night Live" Steve Forbes 500 January 13, 1997
In April 1996 this "Doonesbury" creator joined Time magazine as a regular contributor Garry Trudeau 100 December 10, 1996
This "Dr. Quinn" star's twins John & Kristopher are named in part for Christopher Reeve & Johnny Cash Jane Seymour 200 December 10, 1996
This son of A.A. Milne, the inspiration for Winnie-The-Pooh's human friend, passed away in 1996 Christopher Robin Milne 300 December 10, 1996
A vice-presidential candidate in 1984, she recently became co-host of CNN's "Crossfire" Geraldine Ferraro 400 December 10, 1996
In 1996 this Illinois Democrat pleaded guilty to mail fraud & was sentenced to 17 months in prison Dan Rostenkowski 500 December 10, 1996
In July of 1996 an era in baseball ended when this Dodgers manager retired after 20 seasons Tommy Lasorda 100 November 20, 1996
This Nation of Islam leader formerly went by the name Louis X Louis Farrakhan 200 November 20, 1996
This actress, who stopped traffic in "It Happened One Night", passed away in 1996 Claudette Colbert 300 November 20, 1996
After leaving China in 1935, this architect studied at M.I.T. & became a U.S. citizen in 1954 I.M. Pei 500 November 20, 1996
Bob Kerrey & J. James Exon, senators from this state, have also served as its governor Nebraska November 20, 1996
This current Bulls player holds the career NBA record for points scored per game with 32.2 Michael Jordan 100 November 15, 1996
The father of this actor best known as Lt. Frank Drebin in the "Naked Gun" movies was a Canadian Mountie Leslie Nielsen 200 November 15, 1996
William Daniels of "Boy Meets World" formerly played Dr. Mark Craig on this TV medical series <i>St. Elsewhere</i> 300 November 15, 1996
In July 1993 this Seattle outfielder tied a Major League record by hitting home runs in 8 straight games Ken Griffey, Jr. 400 November 15, 1996
John Beradino, who passed away in 1996, played Dr. Steve Hardy on this daytime soap for over 30 years <i>General Hospital</i> 500 November 15, 1996
According to Forbes Magazine, this talk show host is on her way to becoming America's first black billionaire Oprah Winfrey 100 October 2, 1996
In March 1996 a Johannesburg judge pronounced their 38-year marriage officially over the Mandelas 200 October 2, 1996
In 1995 Jordan's King Hussein eulogized this slain Israeli PM as "a brother, a colleague and a friend" (Yitzhak) Rabin 300 October 2, 1996
1995 DNA tests confirmed that a body exhumed in Missouri probably was this notorious outlaw Jesse James 400 October 2, 1996
Anchor of the "NBC Nightly News" 1970-1982, he passed away in 1996 John Chancellor 500 October 2, 1996
Legend says Norma Talmadge began a tradition by accidentally stepping in this at Grauman's Chinese Theater in 1927 cement 100 September 6, 1996
Judy Bayly's dog Lyric saved her by doing this when her oxygen mask slipped off & an alarm sounded dial 911 200 September 6, 1996
After spending an estimated $30 million, he backed out of the presidential race in March 1996 Steve Forbes 300 September 6, 1996
Her kids are Cody Newton & Cassidy Erin Kathie Lee Gifford 400 September 6, 1996
On March 26, 1996 this Interior Secretary deliberately opened the flood gates of the Glen Canyon Dam (Bruce) Babbitt 500 September 6, 1996
Friendly with his employees, this Wal-Mart founder preferred they call him "Mr. Sam" Sam Walton 100 September 19, 1995
In 1993 Alessandra, the actress granddaughter of this dictator, ran for mayor of Naples Mussolini 200 September 19, 1995
From 1969-1979 he was editor of Icarus, the international journal of solar system studies Carl Sagan 300 September 19, 1995
In the 1980s she began "Chimpanzoo", a program for volunteers to learn about chimp behavior Jane Goodall 400 September 19, 1995
In 1994 this Secretary of State under presidents Kennedy & Johnson passed away at age 85 Dean Rusk September 19, 1995
You could say Ellen Gordon's career is "on a roll"; she's president of this candy company Tootsie Roll 100 November 21, 1994
In 1983 he said, "We at Chrysler borrow money the old fashioned way: we pay it back" Lee Iacocca 200 November 21, 1994
This director of "Seven Samurai" is descended from the great 11th century samurai Abe Sadato Akira Kurosawa 300 November 21, 1994
This late "60 Minutes" reporter & ABC anchorman wrote a 1946 novel titled "Tell Me About Women" Harry Reasoner 400 November 21, 1994
At the age of 58, he became the youngest man elected pope in the 20th century John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla) 500 November 21, 1994
In commercials for Pizza Hut, this Queen of Soul sang "Deliver Me" to the tune of "Rescue Me" Aretha Franklin 100 March 22, 1994
His father's first name was Herbert but this general's first name is just the initial H. H. Norman Schwarzkopf 200 March 22, 1994
In 1976 Ludmila Pakhomova & Aleksandr Gorshkov won the 1st Olympic gold medals in this skating event ice dancing 300 March 22, 1994
This straight-shooting Texas governor called her autobiography "Straight from the Heart" Ann Richards 500 March 22, 1994
This former First Lady was president of the Dramatic Club at the Girls' Latin School in Chicago Nancy Reagan March 22, 1994
This New York governor is the son of immigrant parents from Salerno, Italy Mario Cuomo 100 November 16, 1993
As a child, he billed himself as "Davino, the Boy Magician"; now he uses this Dickens name David Copperfield 200 November 16, 1993
In 1993 Don Juan de Borbon y Battenberg, the 79-year-old father of this monarch, passed away King Juan Carlos 300 November 16, 1993
This "20/20" host got his start in television as the MC for "The Kukla, Fran & Ollie Show" Hugh Downs 400 November 16, 1993
This current chairman of the Federal Reserve Board was an ardent follower & friend of Ayn Rand Alan Greenspan 500 November 16, 1993
After Lou Costello died, this comic attempted a comeback with a new partner, Candy Candido Bud Abbott 100 November 11, 1993
In the 1950s fashion designer Ralph Lifshitz changed his name to this Ralph Lauren 200 November 11, 1993
Books by this celebrity chef include one on "French Cooking" & another that includes "Recipes from Spago" Wolfgang Puck 300 November 11, 1993
Newsweek said of this Irish flutist, he "can break your heart with his diminuendos" James Galway 500 November 11, 1993
In 1989 this first American woman in space became the director of the California Space Institute Sally Ride November 11, 1993
In a 1991 TV series Wolf Larson played this Edgar Rice Burroughs hero as an ecologist Tarzan 100 March 16, 1993
This "M*A*S*H" actor is a second cousin of Adlai Stevenson McLean Stevenson 200 March 16, 1993
In 1992 this British rocker & model-actress Iman were married in Switzerland David Bowie 300 March 16, 1993
This ex-Cleveland Browns fullback is founder of Amer-I-Can, a group that helps kids get out of gangs Jim Brown 400 March 16, 1993
This Reagan administration National Security Advisor had his Iran-Contra conviction reversed John Poindexter March 16, 1993
In May 1992 this former Beatle became the first recipient of Sweden's Polar Music Prize Paul McCartney 100 December 8, 1992
It's the adjective in the nickname of Canadian-born magician James Randi Amazing 200 December 8, 1992
Nicknamed "The Kraut" by Ernest Hemingway, this legendary actress died in may 1992 at age 90 (Marlene) Dietrich 300 December 8, 1992
Before becoming a Supreme Court justice in 1991, he served as chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Comm. Clarence Thomas 400 December 8, 1992
In 1991 this British mystery author whose books include "Devices and Desires" was made a baroness P.D. James 500 December 8, 1992
In the last week of July 1992, 3 books about this woman were on "The New York Times" best-seller list Princess Di 100 November 12, 1992
She had never held public office before she was elected governor of Alabama in 1966 Lurleen Wallace 200 November 12, 1992
Famed for his coverage of the Gulf War, this CNN correspondent was born in New Zealand in 1934 Peter Arnett 300 November 12, 1992
This showbiz agent is famous for throwing star-studded parties at Spago on Oscar night—think "fast" "Swifty" Lazar 400 November 12, 1992
Dian Fossey was murdered in this country in 1985 Rwanda November 12, 1992
At the tender age of 9, this newscaster had his own Canadian radio show, "Peter's People" Peter Jennings 100 October 6, 1992
She lamented, "People only want to remember me for that one shower scene in 'Psycho'" Janet Leigh 200 October 6, 1992
In 1989 Lee Haney became the 1st to match this man's record of 6 consecutive Mr. Olympia titles Schwarzenegger 300 October 6, 1992
This star of "McHale's Navy" was sworn in as honorary mayor of Universal City on his 73rd birthday Ernest Borgnine 400 October 6, 1992
20 years after they broke up their act, these 2 stars were reunited on the MDA Telethon in 1976 Martin & Lewis 500 October 6, 1992
This politician was named for James Danforth, a family friend who was killed during World War II Dan Quayle 100 May 12, 1992
A NYC paper gratified this circus founder by printing his obituary 2 weeks before he died P.T. Barnum 200 May 12, 1992
Dictionary Day, October 16, is celebrated, appropriately, on the birthday of this man Noah Webster 300 May 12, 1992
The Quill and Scroll, an honor society for high school journalists, was founded by this American pollster George Gallup 400 May 12, 1992
When the father of this James Bond creator died in WWI, Winston Churchill wrote his obituary Ian Fleming 500 May 12, 1992
Miss Mercouri's famous first name, it comes from the Greek word for "honey" Melina 100 April 20, 1992
He said of his career, "I've loved every minute of it... it's all been 'wunnerful, wunnerful!"' Lawrence Welk 200 April 20, 1992
This young prince is president of the Monaco Red Cross Prince Albert 300 April 20, 1992
The late jazz vocalist who recorded the albums "Sassy Swings the Tivoli" & "Sassy Swings Again" Sarah Vaughan 400 April 20, 1992
"In All His Glory" is a biography of this "Legendary" CBS "Tycoon and His Brilliant Circle" William Paley 500 April 20, 1992
She canceled her June 1991 wedding to Kiefer Sutherland & flew to Europe Julia Roberts 100 January 23, 1992
On her album "Unforgettable" she recorded 22 songs previously sung by her father, Nat Natalie Cole 200 January 23, 1992
This British royal consort became a septuagenarian June 10, 1991 Prince Philip 300 January 23, 1992
Banished by Gorbachev from the Politburo in 1988, he was elected president of Russia in 1991 Boris Yeltsin 400 January 23, 1992
On May 13, 1991 this South African woman was found guilty of the 1988 kidnapping of 4 youths Winnie Mandela 500 January 23, 1992
This "Wheel of Fortune" host called his new baby "my most successful late-night production" Pat Sajak 100 March 20, 1991
This father of Lynn & Vanessa defined an actor as "a man with an infinite capacity for taking praise" Michael Redgrave 200 March 20, 1991
Roger Rees played Nicholas Nickleby on the stage before playing Robin Colcord on this sitcom <i>Cheers</i> 300 March 20, 1991
On Oct. 27, 1989 she hugged Deborah Norville on the air & gave her an alarm clock Jane Pauley 400 March 20, 1991
This Spanish-born bandleader who died at age 90 in 1990 was a child concert violinist Xavier Cugat 500 March 20, 1991
Her name was supposed to be Orpah, but it was misspelled on her birth certificate Oprah Winfrey 100 December 13, 1990
This host of "20/20" said one of his greatest thrills was moving the South Pole marker in Antarctica Hugh Downs 200 December 13, 1990
This star of "Cat Ballou" is buried in Arlington National Cemetery next to Joe Louis Lee Marvin 300 December 13, 1990
In 1989 this "Odd Couple" star played half of an odd couple in "M. Butterfly" Tony Randall 400 December 13, 1990
This comic creator's hometown, Woodstock, Il., hosted 1 of the 1st showings of "Dick Tracy" Chester Gould 500 December 13, 1990
His daughter, Amy Dolenz, "Monkeed" around as Tony Danza's kid in the film "She's Out of Control" Micky Dolenz 100 September 14, 1990
She said, "Me and John Goodman are the hottest couple on TV, the total sex machine" Roseanne Barr 200 September 14, 1990
Every July he hosts Snoopy's Senior Hockey Tournament at his own ice arena in Santa Rosa California Charles Schulz 300 September 14, 1990
He was a pilot for Pan Am & an L.A. policeman before he created "Star Trek" Gene Roddenberry 400 September 14, 1990
When she resigned her job as Columbia Pictures president, one headline said, "Dawn with the wind" Dawn Steel 500 September 14, 1990
With plans uncertain, he told his E Street Band that they could pursue other projects Bruce Springsteen 100 April 18, 1990
In October 1989 someone socked this Ohio senator in the jaw during a TV interview John Glenn 200 April 18, 1990
In 1989 this 88-year-old British novelist dictated her 500th novel, "Spirit of Love" Dame Barbara Cartland 300 April 18, 1990
In "And the Walls Came Tumbling Down", this former SCLC head wrote about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Ralph Abernathy 400 April 18, 1990
He was extradited from Switzerland to the U.S. to face charges he aided the Marcoses Adnan Khashoggi 500 April 18, 1990
He played with a Dixieland band & a jazz band before he joined The Police Sting (Gordon Sumner) 100 February 16, 1990
Tai Babilonia was only 9 when she began skating with this partner, who was 11 Randy Gardner 200 February 16, 1990
Her maiden name was Marilyn Tucker, & she met her husband at Indiana University law school Marilyn Quayle 300 February 16, 1990
Olympic stars Florence Griffith Joyner & Jackie Joyner-Kersee are related this way sisters-in-law 500 February 16, 1990
Performer heard here talking about his craft; you may never have heard him before:"If I want to mime a flower, I take the shape of the flower..." Marcel Marceau February 16, 1990
Ginger Alden, Miss Memphis Traffic Safety, was this rock star's fiancee at the time of his death in 1977 Elvis Presley 100 January 26, 1990
In 1975 Mr. Blackwell called this "Cuchi Cuchi" girl "Carmen Miranda with cleavage" Charo 200 January 26, 1990
When Paramount asked him to tone down the ending of "Do The Right Thing", this director took it to Universal Spike Lee 300 January 26, 1990
This chief foreign correspondent for ABC was recently married for the 4th time Pierre Salinger 400 January 26, 1990
Michelle Pfeiffer & Jeff Goldblum starred in his '89 Central Park production of "Twelfth Night" Joseph Papp 500 January 26, 1990
Last year this man's son Robbie jumped his motorcycle over 22 cars & broke... his dad's record Evel Knievel 100 November 27, 1989
The N.Y. Times ran a correction when it misstated the shoe size of this Philippine first lady in November, 1988 Imelda Marcos 200 November 27, 1989
People Magazine called her 4 year-old daughter Athina "The richest little girl in the world" Christina Onassis 300 November 27, 1989
He says that Gerry Rivers is not his real name but admits he was sometimes called Gerry as a kid Geraldo Rivera 400 November 27, 1989
Mary Pickford's stepson; he made his film debut at 13 in 1922, & in in 1989 he was a guest star on "B.L. Stryker" Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. 500 November 27, 1989
This Atlanta mogul said he owned MGM for such a short time he never got to use the casting couch Ted Turner 100 October 20, 1989
Her 4th husband, Thierry Roussel, was the father of her only child, Athina Christina Onassis 200 October 20, 1989
This tennis great was named for the ski lodge in Czechoslovakia where she was conceived Martina Navratilova 300 October 20, 1989
This former Giants kicker knows the "true value" of his master's degree in Russian history Pat Summerall 400 October 20, 1989
This dancer defected in Paris in 1961 & became director of the Paris Opera Ballet in 1983 Rudolf Nureyev 500 October 20, 1989
She was crowned queen of England just 4 days after Edmund Hillary conquered Mount Everest Elizabeth II 100 May 29, 1989
In 1978 the duchess of Alba, one of the wealthiest women in this country, married an ex-priest Spain 200 May 29, 1989
Surprisingly, this man, Elvis' manager, was born in Holland, & his real name is Andreas van Kuijk Colonel Parker 300 May 29, 1989
When he auctioned off his wacky wardrobe, his Pinball Wizard boots sold for over $20,000 Elton John 400 May 29, 1989
This star of 1940s aquatic movie musicals is in the swim again with her own line of swimwear Esther Williams 500 May 29, 1989
This Chrysler executive said he was 11 years old before he learned he was Italian Lee Iacocca 100 February 28, 1989
The 2 men who faced off on October 5, 1988 in "The Omaha Showdown" Dan Quayle & Lloyd Bentsen 200 February 28, 1989
He played Cary Grant in "Sophia Loren: Her Own Story" before becoming ambassador to Mexico John Gavin 300 February 28, 1989
Johnny Carson's anniversary shows often feature a clip of this man throwing a hatchet Ed Ames 400 February 28, 1989
Barbara Harris recently became the 1st woman bishop of this religious denomination Episcopalian Church 500 February 28, 1989
New York state's budget director is the son of this actor whose "Dynasty" character is in the money, too John Forsythe 100 December 30, 1988
Supreme Court justice known as "Whizzer" Byron White 200 December 30, 1988
Rageshree Ramachandran, age 13, won the 61st edition of this competition; we hope we got her name right National Spelling Bee 300 December 30, 1988
Asked if she believes in this, Raisa Gorbachev said, "Not me...I practical things" astrology 400 December 30, 1988
You won't find Frank J. Zamboni in the Hockey Hall of Fame, but you will find his machine that does this clean the ice between periods 500 December 30, 1988
In 1987 a Pasadena, Calif. restaurant created an Ollieburger in his honor, made with shredded beef Oliver North 100 December 6, 1988
Miep Gies, who still lives in Amsterdam, is famous for hiding this teenager during WWII Anne Frank 200 December 6, 1988
This famous mountain climber is New Zealand's high commissioner for India, Nepal & Bangladesh Sir Edmund Hillary 300 December 6, 1988
Jane Wyman attended his 1971 wedding, but Ronald & Nancy didn't because Tricia Nixon's was on the same day Michael Reagan 400 December 6, 1988
The Freedomfest concert held in London in June 1988 celebrated his 70th birthday Nelson Mandela 500 December 6, 1988
Orson Welles was the 1st to call this comedian "The Great One" Jackie Gleason 100 October 27, 1988
Actor-director who said, "Even if I won the Nobel Prize, it would say 'Meathead Wins Nobel'" Rob Reiner 200 October 27, 1988
In 1952 this movie "Sherlock Holmes" hosted a TV game show called "Your Lucky Clue" Basil Rathbone 300 October 27, 1988
"Lion in Winter" star who said of himself, "I was sort of the Vanessa Redgrave of the '50s" Peter O\'Toole 400 October 27, 1988
In 1988 this "Big" star married Rita Wilson, his co-star in the 1985 film "Volunteers" Tom Hanks 500 October 27, 1988
Since leaving the vice presidency in 1973, he's become an international trade consultant Spiro Agnew 100 June 10, 1988
Of Babe, Yogi or Satchel, baseball player's name that Woody & Mia gave their child Satchel 200 June 10, 1988
The 2 regular 60 Minutes correspondents who might be seen spotting a pierced earring Diane Sawyer & Ed Bradley 400 June 10, 1988
The only Macy's Parade balloon ever made to resemble a real person was one in 1934 of this wide-eyed singer Eddie Cantor 500 June 10, 1988
(Video Daily Double)A soldier tried to tear off the T-shirt of a tourist in Tibet, thinking this man on it was the Dalai Lama: Phil Silvers June 10, 1988
This 86-year-old British "First Lady of Romance" published 26 more books in 1986 Barbara Cartland 100 May 18, 1988
This chairman of Occidental Petroleum has met with every Soviet leader since Lenin except Andropov Armand Hammer 200 May 18, 1988
When the B'way theater named for this actress, now 87, was razed, another was renamed for her Helen Hayes 300 May 18, 1988
Fathering a son at age 75, this Spanish guitarist reportedly said, "I had a grandson directly" Segovia 400 May 18, 1988
No lonely widow, this busy chairman of the board of the Washington Post says, "I wish I were lonelier" (Katharine) Graham 500 May 18, 1988
Choosing not to eat in homes of others, Mother Teresa said no to this NYC mayor's cookies & lemonade Koch 100 January 12, 1988
Michael Jackson tried to buy from a London College the remains of John Merrick, better known as this the Elephant Man 200 January 12, 1988
Model Paulina Porizkova said that due to a recent bonding job, she'll now show these on magazine covers her teeth 300 January 12, 1988
In June 1987, Gary Eugene Duda petitioned a Georgia court to have his name changed to this, my oh my Zippity (Duda) 400 January 12, 1988
According to Forbes magazine, distinction of Sam Walton of Bentonville, Ark. among all the people in the U.S. the richest 500 January 12, 1988
Fans used to get them confused, so this "3's Company" star signed autographs as "Beau Bridges" John Ritter 100 December 21, 1987
Born Maurice Micklewhite, he renamed himself for a film, "The Caine Mutiny" Michael Caine 200 December 21, 1987
Heritage USA sold 15" dolls in her likeness that not only talked but sang Tammy Faye Bakker 300 December 21, 1987
Truman Capote said this black "Hello, Dolly!" star once helped him escape the police Pearl Bailey 400 December 21, 1987
Deeming it "too ornate", this pope snubbed Imelda Marcos by refusing to stay in her Coconut Palace John Paul II 100 November 2, 1987
The 2 first ladies who've made the Best-Dressed Hall of Fame Jackie Kennedy & Nancy Reagan 200 November 2, 1987
Among reasons the Queen of Denmark knighted him was his portrayal of Hans Christian Andersen Danny Kaye 300 November 2, 1987
One of the 400 richest people in America, Richard Wagstaff Clark is better known by this name Dick Clark 100 June 8, 1987
A hot water bottle dressed as a doll was the favorite child-hood toy of this Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown 200 June 8, 1987
Nancy Sinatra's choice to play her father on film is this singer who once was Ziggy Stardust David Bowie 300 June 8, 1987
Richard Woodruff was the "little fat kid" on which restauranteur Bob Wian based this character Bob\'s Big Boy 400 June 8, 1987
After she fled, 500 imported black brassieres were found in this foreign 1st lady's closet Imelda Marcos 100 December 24, 1986
This "Lois Lane" was born so far north her birth certificate is in Eskimo & English Margot Kidder 200 December 24, 1986
Her American great-grandma was disinherited for marrying an Englishman; she became princess doing the same Princess Di 300 December 24, 1986
This "Colbys" star used to model nude for $1.25 an hour "plus a cup of coffee & a cookie" Charlton Heston 400 December 24, 1986
The "Center for the Strange" predicted this ex-president will write an erotic best seller Richard Nixon 500 December 24, 1986
This songwriter said, "I've got some brains under this wig & a heart beneath these boobs" Dolly Parton 100 November 24, 1986
Of 0, 3, or 28, number of children Arnold Schwarzenegger said he "always wanted to have" 28 200 November 24, 1986
"I learnt the way a monkey learns - by watching its parents," said this royal heir & polo player Prince Charles 300 November 24, 1986
He wrote "Princess Snip Snip & The Puppykittens" for kids & "Meeting of Minds" for PBS Steve Allen 400 November 24, 1986
Marilyn Mach vos Savant claims that, at 230, hers is the highest one on earth IQ 500 November 24, 1986
By wearing 1 instead of 2, Michael Jackson made it his landmark glove 100 March 4, 1985
Cher, Liz Taylor, & Boy George all switched to this hair color last summer blonde 200 March 4, 1985
Current princess of Monaco who dropped Jean-Paul Belmondo's son for Alain Delon's Princess Stephanie 300 March 4, 1985
Georgia couple who spent their vacation renovating a N.Y. Lower East Side slum building Former President (Jimmy) and Mrs. (Rosalynn) Carter 400 March 4, 1985
"Mr. Showmanship" whose Vegas museum's holdings include a $60,000 replica of George V's coronation robe Liberace 500 March 4, 1985
Baby Andrea Castiraghi's royal mom & Princess Stephanie's sister Princess Caroline 400 October 1, 1984
Type of fiction penned by presidential offspring M. Truman & E. Roosevelt mystery books 500 October 1, 1984