Clues for: Word Origins

Question Answer Value Airdate
The wearer of this wouldn't likely know that its name goes back to a Scottish scholar & his followers after he fell out of favor a dunce cap 200 June 22, 2022
Derived from a Russian word, it can mean immense, or a prehistoric elephantine beast mammoth 600 June 22, 2022
From Greek for "grace", it's a certain magnetism or charm shown by leaders or movie stars, for example charisma 800 June 22, 2022
As it was often used for upper-story bedrooms, the name of this 6-letter window style that projects out is from Latin for "to sleep" dormer 1000 June 22, 2022
Bad air was thought to cause this disease, so it was given a name meaning "bad air"; it's caused by parasites malaria June 22, 2022
This term for a vast collection of stars, gas & dust is from the Greek for "milk" galaxy 200 January 28, 2022
This synonym for agreement comes from Latin for "together" & "heart" concord 400 January 28, 2022
The name of this head covering for Muslim women comes from the Arabic for "to cover" hijab 600 January 28, 2022
The name of this popular pet comes from the Germans, who add "rad", meaning wheel, to describe a tedious routine a hamster 800 January 28, 2022
From the French, where it means "origin", it's the chain of ownership of an artwork provenance 1000 January 28, 2022
This fish & rice dish is derived from a Japanese word for sour sushi 200 January 27, 2021
Before it was used for a musical work, this 4-letter word meaning "work" was used by the Romans to designate construction opus 400 January 27, 2021
As Bill & Ted probably wouldn't know, one story says this 5-letter word originally described a device to create counterfeit coins bogus 600 January 27, 2021
This building material was once made with coal refuse & ash; hence its name a cinder block 800 January 27, 2021
Now meaning "behaving badly", this adjective comes from a word meaning "nothing" naughty 1000 January 27, 2021
Surdus, a word for "deaf", gave us this word that means "illogical" absurd 200 October 8, 2020
This adjective for mocking laughter comes from a word describing something from Sardinia sardonic 400 October 8, 2020
This 9-letter word for "assistant" meant someone who dealt with confidential material secretary 600 October 8, 2020
A voluntary action done by monarchs, this word originally meant to disinherit a child abdicate 800 October 8, 2020
This word for ill feelings between people originally referred to a bitter taste acrimony 1000 October 8, 2020
(Kelly shows an animation of the solar system on the monitor.) The name of this type of heavenly body comes from the Greek for "wanderer", because all eight wander during the year against the background of fixed stars planet 200 December 11, 2018
This word for a type of contest began in mock battles as groups rotated in unison to attack the opposition tournament 400 December 11, 2018
This term for a fool or jokester is from the Italian for "to puff" a buffoon 600 December 11, 2018
With its characters made up of wedges, this ancient writing system's name means "wedge-shaped" cuneiform 800 December 11, 2018
This word, from French words for "carry" & "cloak", is itself a compound rather than one of the things it describes portmanteau 1000 December 11, 2018
From French words meaning "defense against a fall", it slows your fall when you jump from a plane a parachute 200 November 9, 2018
It may be Greek to you, but this type of organization for female college students gets is name from the Latin for "sister" a sorority 400 November 9, 2018
With large reflective eyes that seem to glow in the dark, this primate has a name meaning "ghost" or "specter" a lemur 800 November 9, 2018
Jeans, blue or otherwise, owe their name to this Italian city Genoa 1000 November 9, 2018
From the name of a Germanic people, it's criminally destroying or damaging someone's property vandalism November 9, 2018
Cheers to you if you know that this potent potable derives its name from the Russian word for "water" vodka 200 May 17, 2017
From the Middle Dutch word for "ship" comes this term for the captain of a small ship or boat skipper 400 May 17, 2017
The name of this spirit is from the German for "rattle" & "ghost" a poltergeist 600 May 17, 2017
From the Arabic for "to make known", it's a tax imposed by a government on imported or exported goods tariff 800 May 17, 2017
Bacteria comes from a Greek word meaning "small stick"; this related word goes back to the Greek for "small" & "life" microbe 1000 May 17, 2017
This place where alcoholic drinks are sold is derived from a slightly shorter, "fashionable" French word saloon 200 June 10, 2016
From Latin for "cleanse", it's the place where one's soul is cleansed before entering heaven purgatory 400 June 10, 2016
Often eaten with eggs at breakfast, it comes from Latin for "dry" or "parch" toast 600 June 10, 2016
From a word for "apple", it's a bag of aromatic substances placed in a dresser drawer pomander 800 June 10, 2016
In Dutch it meant "household effects"; its meaning as goods taken by force during a war dates to the 1640s plunder 1000 June 10, 2016
From the Latin for "last", it's a final demand an ultimatum 200 March 30, 2016
The first "nerd" was probably the creature seen here, named by this author in his 1950 book "If I Ran the Zoo" Dr. Seuss 400 March 30, 2016
The Latin for "footprint" is related to this word in the name of a federal bureau investigation 600 March 30, 2016
A wealthy person who controls a government, it comes from the Greek for "wealth", not a dwarf planet plutocrat 800 March 30, 2016
In 1630 Governor William Bradford gave this group a name meaning "strangers"; it came into common use much later the Pilgrims 1000 March 30, 2016
From the Latin for "kidnapping", it's stealing the ideas or writings of another & passing them off as your own plagiarism 200 November 1, 2013
The name of this official Chinese language comes from the Sanskrit for "counselor" Mandarin 400 November 1, 2013
Before it had instrument readouts, it was a panel that kept mud from splashing into horse-drawn vehicles a dashboard 600 November 1, 2013
The name of this small magnifying glass used by jewellers is from a French term for a flawed gem a loupe 800 November 1, 2013
In mythology it's the shield of Zeus; it also means protection or sponsorship aegis 1000 November 1, 2013
This form of big-guy wrestling takes its name from the Japanese for "mutual strike" sumo 200 October 10, 2012
(Kelly of the Clue Crew presents the clue.) From the Latin for "piece of felt", it's the process of separating a solid out of a liquid using a membrane filter (or filtration) 400 October 10, 2012
This adjective meaning "evil" comes from the Latin for "left hand" sinister 600 October 10, 2012
This word meaning an hour to be home comes from the French for "cover the fire" a curfew 800 October 10, 2012
This condiment gets its name from the Chinese for "pickled fish brine" ketchup 1000 October 10, 2012
The name of this heavy hooded jacket favored by skiers & hunters is from the Russian for "pelt" a parka 200 May 1, 2012
A ship in the desert? No, it's just this optical illusion from the French for "to look at" a mirage 400 May 1, 2012
This term for one who willfully destroys another's property comes from the name of a Germanic tribe a vandal 600 May 1, 2012
Used to describe stately mansions of the old south, it's from the Latin for "before the war" antebellum 800 May 1, 2012
The general agreement is that this word meaning a majority of opinion is from the Latin for "to feel together" a consensus 1000 May 1, 2012
This adjective that can mean disrespectful or lively is an alteration of "saucy" sassy 200 December 20, 2011
This, from Middle French for "small ball", is stronger than the bullet, which is from modern French for "small ball" the ballot 400 December 20, 2011
First appearing more than a century ago, it means gutsy & is probably a blend of bold & audacious bodacious 600 December 20, 2011
This 19th century 2-wheeled cab was named for a Brit, not for its good looks a Hansom cab 800 December 20, 2011
This nickname for paper measuring 13 by 16 inches gets its name from an old watermark of a court jester's hat foolscap 1000 December 20, 2011
Aka hump day, it was named for a Norse god Wednesday 200 June 27, 2011
The Persian shaghal gave us the name of this dog-like African carnivore & scavenger the jackal 400 June 27, 2011
The word "drama" comes from the Greek for this verb, which as a noun also means one section of a drama act 600 June 27, 2011
The name of this gum tree comes from the Greek kaluptein, or "cover", & it covers more than 500 species the eucalyptus 1000 June 27, 2011
Peevish or unreasonably irritable, it's from the Latin petere, meaning "to assail" petulant June 27, 2011
This part of an egg gets its name from the Old English for "yellow" the yolk 200 May 16, 2008
This season gets its name from the Sanskrit for "half year" summer 400 May 16, 2008
The opposite of nadir, it's from the Arabic for "road above" zenith 600 May 16, 2008
The name of this element is from the Latin word for "lime", the chemical kind calcium 800 May 16, 2008
The name of this musical instrument comes from Greek words for "wood" and "voice" the xylophone 1000 May 16, 2008
The name of this, also called a fireplug, is partly from a word for "water" a hydrant 200 February 12, 2008
The name of this bread spread goes all the way back to bous, a Greek word for "cow" butter 400 February 12, 2008
These sparkly fake gems are partly named for a river that flows through Germany rhinestones 600 February 12, 2008
This 5-letter synonym of "question" comes from the Latin for "to ask" or "to seek" a query 1000 February 12, 2008
The name of this type of reference work is from the Greek for "cyclical" (i.e., well-rounded) & "education" an encyclopedia February 12, 2008
The name of these bones that form the spinal column comes partly from a word meaning "to turn" vertebrae 200 May 11, 2007
This, a personal view or belief, comes from the Old French for "to think" an opinion 400 May 11, 2007
The name of this class of cold-blooded creatures comes from a word for "to creep" the reptile 600 May 11, 2007
This dog breed's name comes from a German word for "to splash about" the poodle 800 May 11, 2007
Appropriately, this adjective that means the giving of one's name to something comes from the Greek for "giving name" eponymous May 11, 2007
This kind of dummy often displays women's clothes, though its name comes from the Dutch for "little man" mannequin 200 December 28, 2006
This musical instrument's name may be influenced by "hurly-burly", a Scots word meaning "uproar". hurdy-gurdy 600 December 28, 2006
This type of tower is usually seen in Asia, but its name comes from a Portuguese word for "temple" pagoda 800 December 28, 2006
The name of this almond paste confection is derived in part from an Italian word for "candy box" marzipan 1000 December 28, 2006
(Sarah of the Clue Crew helps with an image on a monitor.) The pair of Greek letters seen here inspired this eight-letter English word that's a cornerstone of the English language alphabet December 28, 2006
This lawn weed's name comes from the old French for "tooth of the lion", referring to its sharply indented leaves a dandelion 200 February 8, 2006
This word for a self-service restaurant evolved from the Spanish for "coffee shop" a cafeteria 400 February 8, 2006
Latin for "within the walls", it refers to athletic contests among students within a school intramural 600 February 8, 2006
The name of this foamy volcanic rock is an alteration of the Latin word meaning "foam" pumice 1000 February 8, 2006
Originally one who kept legal records for the crown, now it's a public officer who investigates deaths a coroner February 8, 2006
The name of these seeds probably goes all the way back to samassammu, Akkadian for "oil plant" sesame seeds 200 January 10, 2006
This fox-hunting cry may be an alteration of taiaut, a French cry used in deer hunting tally-ho 400 January 10, 2006
A Middle English variant of "plait" became the name of these folds found on skirts pleat 600 January 10, 2006
A Greek word for "sailor" gave us the name of this "chambered" sea creature nautilus 800 January 10, 2006
This term for a minor engagement in war traces its origins back to the old Italian word scaramuccia a skirmish 1000 January 10, 2006
This common term for a weak, ineffectual person may be derived from "whimper" wimp 200 September 26, 2005
This word said to sled dogs may be an alteration of the French marchons, meaning "let's go" mush 400 September 26, 2005
Billingsgate, a term for foul language, comes from the name of an old fish market in this world capital London 600 September 26, 2005
From the Latin for "mother", it's a female prison worker who may be less than maternal matron 800 September 26, 2005
Take a whirl on the dance floor under these lights whose name comes from the Greek for the "act of whirling" strobe lights 1000 September 26, 2005
The English borrowed this Tongan word for "forbidden" & made it a noun referring to the prohibition itself taboo 200 March 22, 2005
The name for this type of worker comes from the Latin for "lead worker" plumber 400 March 22, 2005
This word used in Roman Catholic theology comes from the Latin for "edge" or "border", not "dance" limbo 600 March 22, 2005
(Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Naxos, Greece.) Ostraka, broken pieces of pottery used as ballots to recommend exile gave us this word for banishment ostracism 800 March 22, 2005
This word for a prolonged state of sadness comes from the Greek for "black bile" (once thought to be it's cause) melancholy 1000 March 22, 2005
This light wood gets its name from the Spanish for "raft" because people in the tropics have used its logs for rafts balsa 200 November 22, 2004
The gigantic statue at Rhodes, one of the 7 ancient wonders, gave us this adjective meaning gigantic colossal 400 November 22, 2004
Originally used to designate an errand boy, it was introduced into Scotland by golfer Mary, Queen of Scots a caddy 600 November 22, 2004
The Greek word "iota" gave us this 3-letter word that means to write down hastily jot 800 November 22, 2004
They got their name from the wooden sandals worn by the French court to protect shoes on rainy days galoshes 1000 November 22, 2004
A masterful conductor is often called this, Italian for "master" maestro 200 October 5, 2004
The name of this bird is from the French version of Peter parrot 400 October 5, 2004
Make no bones about it, it's from a Greek expression for "dried-up body" skeleton 600 October 5, 2004
This Austrian physicist's name is now synonymous with a measurement of the speed of sound (Ernst) Mach 800 October 5, 2004
This 3-letter slang term for forbid or veto comes to us from the German for "nothing" nix 1000 October 5, 2004
The name of this colorless Russian spirit is a diminutive of the Russian word for "water", itself a colorless liquid vodka 200 April 19, 2004
It was derived from 3 German words that meant "secret state police", & that certainly describes it the Gestapo 400 April 19, 2004
(Sarah of the Clue Crew in Alaska) From the Old French for "crack", this V-shaped crack in a glacier may be up to 150 feet deep crevasse 600 April 19, 2004
First launched on October 4, 1957, its name is Russian for "fellow traveler" Sputnik 800 April 19, 2004
People who cultivated this fruit often used to make wine were said to live to a ripe old age; hence its name elderberry April 19, 2004
Once a carnival performer who bit the heads off chickens, today it often refers to a computer nerd geek 200 May 31, 2002
This snug-fitting one-piece garment used by dancers was invented by, & named for, a French aerialist leotard 400 May 31, 2002
This disease's name is from the Italian for "bad air"; it was first thought to be caused by foul swamp air, not mosquitoes malaria 600 May 31, 2002
From a word meaning "gift" Yale's passed the $10 billion mark in 2000 endowment 800 May 31, 2002
Self-examination; literally, "a looking into oneself" introspection 1000 May 31, 2002
This animal term for a football official is derived from the patterned shirt that he wears zebra 200 February 19, 2002
This word that can mean "scanty" comes from the Latin spargere, "to scatter" sparse 400 February 19, 2002
Urdu for "dusty", this olive drab cloth was first used in the uniforms of the British army in India in 1857 khaki 600 February 19, 2002
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from a sail boat.) Derived from Italian, this word refers to a boat race or series of races. regatta 800 February 19, 2002
This word often used as a toast comes from the Old Norse for "drinking vessel" skoal 1000 February 19, 2002
An old French word for "thicket" gave us this word for something tossed by a bride Bouquet 100 December 2, 1998
From a Provencal word for "witch", it's a sports team's good-luck symbol Mascot 200 December 2, 1998
This word for a swinging cot is derived from Spanish & from the Taino language of the West Indies Hammock 300 December 2, 1998
From middle English & Latin for "toward" & "to climb", one does it to a staircase or the throne Ascend 400 December 2, 1998
From old English for a male servant or a boy, it's a synonym for a jack in a deck of cards Knave 500 December 2, 1998
This word entered the English language in the 13th century as "sucre" Sugar 100 September 30, 1998
Jeans were named for this Italian city where a strong twilled cotton cloth was made Genoa 200 September 30, 1998
From the Greek nostos, "A return home", & algos, "pain", it's the pain you experience when remembering Nostalgia 300 September 30, 1998
Greek for "wood sound", this instrument's name refers to its tuned wooden bars Xylophone 400 September 30, 1998
Originally, it referred to a boisterous, rude lad, not a young girl who behaves like a lad as it does now Tomboy 500 September 30, 1998
The Middle French word for this freshwater crustacean was "crevice", which evolved into our English word crayfish 100 February 12, 1998
This 19th century vehicle seen here was named for its designer, not its good looks the Hansom Cab 200 February 12, 1998
This primrose's name comes from the Old English for "cow slime" & sounds pretty similar cowslip 300 February 12, 1998
This game in which players pick up sticks or straws is named for a leader of Wat Tyler's Rebellion jackstraws 400 February 12, 1998
Whether it's "English" or not, the name of this nut comes from Old English for "foreign nut" walnut 500 February 12, 1998
The name of this skirt isn't Scottish in origin; it may come from the Danish for "to tuck up" Kilt 100 December 13, 1996
This term for a broad street is French, but it goes back to bolwerc, a Middle Dutch word for bulwark Boulevard 200 December 13, 1996
The adjective vespertilian means resembling this winged mammal, whose Latin name is vespertilio Bat 300 December 13, 1996
This fruity condiment's name comes from the Hindi meaning "to be licked" Chutney 400 December 13, 1996
The name of this small magnifying glass used by jewelers comes from the French for an imperfect gem Loupe December 13, 1996
Local or general, this medical term comes from Greek meaning "insensibility" anesthesia 100 November 25, 1996
The name of this type of popular music combines "hillbilly" & "rock & roll" rockabilly 200 November 25, 1996
This word is derived from "self-contained underwater breathing apparatus" Scuba 300 November 25, 1996
This term for a chance spectator innocently came into our language by 1620 Bystander 400 November 25, 1996
This word for any of the 10 Arabic number symbols comes from the Latin word for "finger" Digit 500 November 25, 1996
This term for a policeman comes from the Latin comes stabuli, an officer of the stable constable 100 October 15, 1996
The name of this Florida site is an alteration of the Spanish cayo huesa "island of bones" Key West 200 October 15, 1996
From the Greek kubernao, "to direct a ship", it became someone who directs a ship of state governor 300 October 15, 1996
Thomas Jefferson helped coin this word for a certain coin; he got it from the French word for "tenth" dime 400 October 15, 1996
From the Latin per, "through", & ager, "field", comes this long word for wandering peregrination 500 October 15, 1996
This synonym for enormous comes from the name of a famous elephant exhibited by P.T. Barnum Jumbo 100 April 8, 1996
Llama & quinine are among the words derived from Quechua, the language of this ancient empire the Incan Empire 200 April 8, 1996
The name of this black & white bearlike mammal is believed to be a native Nepalese word panda 300 April 8, 1996
From Japanese for "flowers kept alive", it's the Japanese art of flower arranging <i>ikebana</i> 500 April 8, 1996
Popular sports equipment whose name is from Old Norse for "sticks of wood" skis April 8, 1996
A poem composed as a lament for the dead, its name comes from elegos, "mournful song" elegy 100 October 17, 1995
A keepsake, its name comes from meminisse, "to remember" memento 200 October 17, 1995
The name of this blue dye flows back to the Indus River indigo 300 October 17, 1995
This dance's name is derived from Polish meaning "from the province of Mazovia" mazurka 400 October 17, 1995
The name of this flowering plant may come from a name of the god Apollo, Paion the peony 500 October 17, 1995
Ukulele came to us from this language Hawaiian 100 September 28, 1995
An institution for the treatment of chronic diseases, its name comes from sanus, "healthy"' sanitarium 200 September 28, 1995
A place for storing food, its name comes from the Latin word for bacon, lardum larder 300 September 28, 1995
The Persian word isfanakh grew into our word for this leafy vegetable spinach 400 September 28, 1995
Enology comes from oinos, Greek for this beverage wine 500 September 28, 1995
This word for an old-fashioned person may come from an old British term for a ragged fellow, duddy fuddiel a fuddy-duddy 100 May 24, 1995
A marshy area in which peat is found, its name is akin to a Gaelic word for "soft" a bog 200 May 24, 1995
Cajole comes from cajoler, a verb in this language meaning "to chatter like a jaybird" French 300 May 24, 1995
The name of this kind of ray, also called the devilfish, is derived from Spanish for "cape" or "blanket" a manta ray 400 May 24, 1995
"Colorful" term for ladies with literary leanings, from the type of hosiery they once wore blue stockings 500 May 24, 1995
The name of this spider comes from the Italian city of Taranto a tarantula 100 May 3, 1995
The name of this style of Jamaican music comes from "rag" reggae 200 May 3, 1995
This word for a permanent body decoration is Polynesian in origin a tattoo 300 May 3, 1995
This term for a danger may come from az-zahr, Arabic for a gaming die hazard 400 May 3, 1995
Old Norse raptr, meaning "beam", gave us the name of this flat, floating craft a raft 500 May 3, 1995
The word nerd may come from a character in this children's author's "If I Ran the Zoo" Dr. Seuss 100 February 13, 1995
The Algonquin word pocohiquara gave us the name of this hardwood tree hickory 200 February 13, 1995
The Latin caedere, "to cut", gave us the name of this 2-bladed snipping implement scissors 300 February 13, 1995
This unit of length equal to 1,760 yards comes from the Latin for "thousand" the mile 400 February 13, 1995
This word for the science that deals with food & nourishment comes from the Latin meaning "to suckle" nutrition 500 February 13, 1995
This term for a flower worn in a buttonhole is literally French for "buttonhole" Boutonniere 100 November 24, 1994
Judo is Japanese for "soft way" & this self-defense form is Japanese for "soft art" Jiu-Jitsu 200 November 24, 1994
The word chime comes from the name of this other percussion instrument Cymbal 300 November 24, 1994
From a Greek word meaning "to speak ill of", it's irreverent talk of God Blasphemy 400 November 24, 1994
The name of this Russian urn used to heat water for tea is Russian for "self-boiler" Samovar 500 November 24, 1994
This type of kidney bean got its name because it was a staple food of U.S. sailors a navy bean 100 July 22, 1994
This name for an enclosed shopping center can be traced back to a 17th c. ball & mallet game a mall 200 July 22, 1994
The name of this house of Congress comes from the Latin for "old" the Senate 300 July 22, 1994
A type of Asian temple, its name goes back to the Sanskrit bhagavat a pagoda 400 July 22, 1994
This royal title comes from Ancient Egyptian meaning "great house" pharaoh 500 July 22, 1994
A synonym for labyrinth, it comes from the Old English word masian, meaning "'to confuse" maze 100 February 16, 1994
The Greek for "flat-footed" gives us the name of this duck-billed mammal the platypus 200 February 16, 1994
A partial wig used to cover baldness, its name comes from Old French for "tuft of hair" a toupee 300 February 16, 1994
The name of this bed pad comes from the Arabic taraha, meaning "to throw" a mattress 400 February 16, 1994
The name of this type of legislative body comes from French for "to talk" parliament February 16, 1994
Not surprisingly, the word koala comes from a native language of this continent Australia 100 May 20, 1993
This word meaning something not fully understood is from the Greek musterion, "secret rite" mystery 200 May 20, 1993
The name of this 2- or 3-toed mammal comes from Middle English for "slow" a sloth 300 May 20, 1993
This title of prince Siddhartha comes from Sanskrit for "awakening" Buddha 400 May 20, 1993
Lepos, meaning "scale", gave us this word for a pariah leper 500 May 20, 1993
The name of this raised platform where actors stand comes from the Latin meaning "to stand" the stage 100 May 4, 1993
Elly May Clampett might know that this word for an animal is an alteration of "creature" critter 200 May 4, 1993
The name of this Islamic month of fasting is from an Arabic word meaning "heat" Ramadan 300 May 4, 1993
This ballet term for a full turn of the body on tiptoe is from Middle French for "spinning top" a pirouette 500 May 4, 1993
The name of this bone extending from the elbow to the wrist is from Latin for "elbow" the ulna May 4, 1993
This word for a woman's handbag comes from the Greek for "leather", of which they are often made a purse 100 April 28, 1993
This type of cherry was named for a Chinese farmer in Oregon, not for a famous crooner a bing 200 April 28, 1993
The name of this weasel & its fur comes from Armenius mus, Latin for "Armenian rat" an ermine 300 April 28, 1993
This wooden cudgel takes its name from a town in southeastern Ireland a shillelagh 400 April 28, 1993
From the French for "something fried", types include apple, corn & clam a fritter 500 April 28, 1993
This term for a copy or reproduction is from the Latin meaning "to make similar" facsimile 100 April 2, 1993
December, decimal & decimate all come from the Latin word for this ten 200 April 2, 1993
Some believe the word gimmick began as gimac, an anagram of this magic 300 April 2, 1993
This sport derives its name from the word association, as in association football soccer 400 April 2, 1993
Meaning vain & above oneself, this adjective comes from the Middle French for "high" haughty April 2, 1993
The name of this small metal fingercap is derived from an Old English word for thumb Thimble 100 November 19, 1992
The name of this military horn comes from the Latin for "young ox" since the first ones were ox horns Bugle 200 November 19, 1992
From Arabic for "old man", it's the leader of an Arab family, tribe, or village sheik 300 November 19, 1992
This mammal's name comes from the corruption of a French phrase which meant "phony pig" Porcupine 400 November 19, 1992
This term for a person who bowls is derived from the German word for "bowling pin" Kegler 500 November 19, 1992
Motel is actually derived from two words: hotel & this motor 100 October 7, 1992
This unit of measurement abbreviated dB was named for Alexander Graham Bell a decibel 200 October 7, 1992
Originally a charity bequest, this word for a small amount of money comes from Latin for "piety" a pittance 300 October 7, 1992
From the Greek for "without bottom", it's a bottomless gulf or the ocean's depths an abyss 500 October 7, 1992
Palestine derived its name from this ancient people who lived in the region the Philistines October 7, 1992
It's the nickname of a $10 bill, because the Roman numeral X on it looked like a sawhorse sawbuck 100 September 15, 1992
The name of this breed of dog comes from the Low German for "puddle dog" poodle 200 September 15, 1992
This term for the poisonous secretion of a snake comes from Latin for "poison" venom 300 September 15, 1992
Grade of black tea whose name comes from Chinese meaning "white dawn" pekoe 400 September 15, 1992
The name of this dense-pile fabric comes from the Latin villus, meaning "shaggy hair" velvet 500 September 15, 1992
This lighter-than-air craft derives its name from the Latin word for "to direct" dirigible 100 July 6, 1992
This term for a person who travels on foot comes from the Latin word for "foot" pedestrian 200 July 6, 1992
This term for a crazy or foolish person comes from the Latin word for "moon" lunatic 300 July 6, 1992
From the name of Plato's school, it's a school that offers special instruction academy 400 July 6, 1992
This word meaning "of the utmost importance" comes from the Latin word "crux" or cross crucial 500 July 6, 1992
"Grenade" comes from the name of this fruit, which the Romans called an "apple with seeds" pomegranate 100 March 25, 1992
From Latin for "cookery", it's the characteristic manner or style of preparing food cuisine 200 March 25, 1992
It's from the Old English & originally meant a piece of carbon glowing without fire coal 300 March 25, 1992
From the name of a 16th C. hangman, this word is now used for any machine that hoists derrick 400 March 25, 1992
This flower is so named because it's "flesh-colored" carnation 500 March 25, 1992
Though it comes from a Latin word meaning "whitish", it refers to a reddish-brown hair color auburn 100 March 18, 1992
The term "Shavian" was coined by this writer to describe his life, works & ideas George Bernard Shaw 200 March 18, 1992
Because they were too young or inexperienced for the cavalry, foot soldiers came to be called this infantry 300 March 18, 1992
From the Latin word for "soul", it means to bring to life, like a cartoon animate 400 March 18, 1992
The two units of measure that derive their names from the Latin word "uncia" ounce & inch 500 March 18, 1992
Mark Twain should have known the name of this fruit may be an alternation of “hurtleberry” huckleberry 100 October 17, 1991
The name of this “tuxedoed” bird may come from the Welsh for “white head” a penguin 200 October 17, 1991
Evangelical Protestant sect named for its founder, Menno Simons the Mennonites 300 October 17, 1991
Almond paste confection whose name comes from a Medieval Italian coin marzipan 400 October 17, 1991
Sorority is derived from the Latin “soror”, which means this sister 500 October 17, 1991
From the Old French for "crib", it's a representation of a Nativity scene a crèche 100 September 26, 1991
From Old English for "One that breaks faith", it's a male witch a warlock 200 September 26, 1991
This term for a little angel often depicted as a rosy-cheeked child comes from Hebrew a cherub 300 September 26, 1991
From Sanskrit meaning "Great Queen", it's the wife of a Majarajah a Majarani 400 September 26, 1991
Our word "bog" probably came from this language; it helps if you think of peat bogs Gaelic 500 September 26, 1991
This insect's name may derive from a belief that witches shaped like them flew around stealing butter butterfly 100 July 3, 1991
The name of the marimba may derive from Kimbundu, a Bantu language of this continent Africa 200 July 3, 1991
This word for scowl is derived from the Old Irish "sron" which means nose frown 300 July 3, 1991
A Middle English word for a small horse gave us this term for a favorite pastime hobby 400 July 3, 1991
An Italian word meaning cool & fresh gave us the name of this art of painting on plaster fresco 500 July 3, 1991
This word for an obnoxious person or a troublesome animal is a variation of vermin a varmint 100 May 8, 1991
This Catholic celebration of the eucharist comes from the Latin for "to send" the mass 200 May 8, 1991
Type of toll road that comes from Middle English for "spiked barrier" a turnpike 300 May 8, 1991
Number of points for each team in a contest, it comes from Old Norse for 20 & also means 20 the score 400 May 8, 1991
Breed of chicken named for a famous American landing site Plymouth Rock 500 May 8, 1991
From the Greek "nostos", return & "algia", pain, it's the slight pain you feel remembering nostalgia 100 October 29, 1990
The Congolese word "nguba" gave us this nickname for a peanut a goober 200 October 29, 1990
Whiskey named for a county in Kentucky whose county seat is Paris bourbon 300 October 29, 1990
This term for the landing of a spacecraft on water came into vogue in the '60s splashdown 400 October 29, 1990
From the French for "man", it's a ceremony of paying or expressing respect for a person homage 500 October 29, 1990
From the Turkish word for towel, "makrama", it's the art of tying cords in a pattern macramé 100 September 7, 1990
From the Greek meaning "upon a tomb", it's an inscription upon a tomb an epitaph 200 September 7, 1990
This verb, meaning "to travel or roam for pleasure", may be an alteration of "gallant" gallivant 300 September 7, 1990
A fine goat skin leather tanned with sumac or the North African country for which it's named Moroccan (Morocco) 400 September 7, 1990
This word for a priest of an ancient Celtic religion is akin to an Old Irish word for "wizard" Druid 500 September 7, 1990
An alteration of triumph, don't do it to your partner's ace in a bridge game trump 100 July 17, 1990
The English word salary derives from the Latin "salarium", which was a payment of this seasoning to soldiers salt 200 July 17, 1990
This term for favoring relatives when assigning jobs is from the Latin for "nephew" nepotism 300 July 17, 1990
The African name we use for this insect that causes sleeping sickness means "fly that destroys cattle" tsetse 400 July 17, 1990
From the French for "petticoat", it's a lively dance with intricate steps, or a debutante ball cotillion 500 July 17, 1990
This flower, whose name is from Persian for "turban", was introduced to Holland in the 16th century tulip 100 May 30, 1990
This word for a little sin is a diminutive of the Spanish "pecado", sin peccadillo 200 May 30, 1990
This other name for the U.S. mafia is Italian for "our affair" cosa nostra 300 May 30, 1990
From German for "busybody", it's to look over a person's shoulder & offer advice kibbitz 400 May 30, 1990
The name of this delicate often lacy, design in metalwork came from the Latin for "thread" & "grain" filigree 500 May 30, 1990
This name for an earthenware beer mug is German for "stone" Stein 100 May 14, 1990
Italian for "first lady", it can refer to a temperamental woman or man Prima donna 200 May 14, 1990
From the Latin for "worm", it's defined simply as "animals obnoxious to man" Vermin 300 May 14, 1990
From the Latin for "hunger", it's a period when food is extremely scarce Famine 400 May 14, 1990
This Scottish cap was named for the hero of a Robert Burns poem Tam O\' Shanter 500 May 14, 1990
Many Roman emperors lived on the Palatine Hill, hence this word for a stately mansion palace 100 February 12, 1990
A skydiver who's prepared to fall might know the name of this apparatus means "to protect from a fall" parachute 200 February 12, 1990
The "berg" in "iceberg" is the German & Dutch word for this mountain 300 February 12, 1990
Meaning idealistic & impractical, this word comes from the name of Cervante's idealistic hero quixotic 400 February 12, 1990
From the French for "bundle", it's the bride's clothing & linens that she brings to her new household trousseau 500 February 12, 1990
"Saloon" came from this French word, which sounds more elegant salon 100 November 14, 1989
Shade of purple whose name comes from a word for mallow because it's the color of mallow petals mauve 200 November 14, 1989
Derived from the Greek for "to sell alone"; if you have one, you alone sell a product monopoly 300 November 14, 1989
The "chop" in "chopsticks" means this in Pidgin English, as in "chop-chop" hurry (or quick or fast) 400 November 14, 1989
This synonym for "gloomy" comes from a Medieval Latin term for "evil days" dismal November 14, 1989
The "acu" in acupuncture comes from the Latin for these instruments used in acupuncture needles 100 February 17, 1989
A large tomb is called this because of the majestic one built for King Mausolus in the 4th cent. B.C. a mausoleum 200 February 17, 1989
Originally made in Nimes, France, this fabric was called serges de Nimes denim 300 February 17, 1989
This rodent's name comes from Middle French for "spiny pig" a porcupine 400 February 17, 1989
From the Latinized form of his last name, a "Shavian" is a fan of this man Bernard Shaw 500 February 17, 1989
Frenchman Marcel Grateau's contribution to coiffures the Marcel Wave 100 January 11, 1989
The slang word "bodacious" was created by blending "bold" & this word audacious 200 January 11, 1989
Capricorn comes from "capri" meaning goat & "cornu" meaning this part of the goat the horn 300 January 11, 1989
From the old phrase "alack the day" came this adjective for lacking spirit lackadaisical 400 January 11, 1989
Preservation technique whose name comes from the Greek words for "arrangement" & "skin" taxidermy 500 January 11, 1989
This costume piece, worn by a stripper, may derive from "groin", which is where it's worn g-string 100 December 6, 1988
Will Rogers used this expression to mean "aw, it's nothing", like the outer covering of an ear of corn shucks 200 December 6, 1988
From Latin, "to crucify", it describes the kind of pain inflicted by that form of execution excruciating 300 December 6, 1988
Meaning "noise & confusion", it's a contraction of Bethlehem, a London lunatic asylum bedlam 400 December 6, 1988
An old name for flax prepared for spinning, it now refers to someone with very blond or flaxen hair towhead 500 December 6, 1988
The adjective "ruddy" comes from the Old English "rudig", meaning this color red 100 November 17, 1988
It's a French word meaning "Dutch," and in English it usually refers to a sauce hollandaise 200 November 17, 1988
From the Latin for shield, "scutum," it's a shield bearing a coat of arms escutcheon 300 November 17, 1988
An Arabic word for "poor" gave us this term for a Muslim or Hindu beggar said to have mystical powers fakir 400 November 17, 1988
Named for a town in France, this sheer net fabric is used to make bridal veils & tutus tulle 500 November 17, 1988
This piece of moviemaking equipment was named for electricians John & Anton Kliegl Klieg light 100 October 26, 1988
A church seen in the distance was the original finish site for this type of horse race steeplechase 200 October 26, 1988
Type of orange so named because Chinese officials wore robes of a similar color Mandarin orange 300 October 26, 1988
Tyrolean garment whose name is short for the German for "girl dress" dirndl 400 October 26, 1988
Accessory whose name comes from Old Italian, meaning "to shield the sun" parasol 500 October 26, 1988
Not surprisingly, this pink bird's name comes from Spanish for "flaming" flamingo 100 May 10, 1988
This word for a heathen comes from the Latin "pagi", who were just country folk pagan 200 May 10, 1988
The word for this fish is probably from the German "schurke", meaning rascal shark 300 May 10, 1988
Word classifying the Milky Way, from the Greek word for milky galaxy 400 May 10, 1988
From the Latin "proponere" come these 2 words, one an honorable offer, one an indecent suggestion proposal & proposition 500 May 10, 1988
Theatrical genre whose name is derived from a French valley known for its songs, Vau-de-Vire vaudeville 100 December 30, 1987
Cinderella probably never knew that this vehicle was named for a Hungarian village, Kocs coach 200 December 30, 1987
A masterful conductor might be called this from the Latin "magister" meaning master maestro 300 December 30, 1987
This consomme was named for the city of Madrid madrilene 400 December 30, 1987
The German name for these pipes means "sea foam", perhaps because they are white when new meerschaum 500 December 30, 1987
= = 100 December 15, 1987
= = 200 December 15, 1987
= = 300 December 15, 1987
= = 400 December 15, 1987
= = 500 December 15, 1987
It used to mean sweetheart, but now refers to that big fifth grader who picked on you bully 100 November 17, 1987
The word manage goes back to the Latin "manus", the word for this part of the body hand 200 November 17, 1987
This word for pal is said to be Oxford University slang for chamberfellow; a roommate chum 300 November 17, 1987
This word for boss or head is from a Japanese word meaning squad leader honcho 400 November 17, 1987
From Old English "nay", no, and "whit", thing, this word means zero naught 500 November 17, 1987
Anglo-Saxons called this animal a "coppe", & its web was known as a "copweb" the spider 100 September 10, 1987
Name of this shoulder ornament derives from "epaule", French for "shoulder" an epaulet 200 September 10, 1987
From Arabic verb "gharafa", meaning "to draw water", comes this word for a glass bottle a carafe 300 September 10, 1987
The Latin verb "colorare", to color, inspired this term for a musically colorful soprano <i>coloratura</i> 400 September 10, 1987
This word for someone with ESP comes from the Greek for soul, "psukhe" psychic 500 September 10, 1987
Blankets soldiers carried in these were made of wool from town of Duffel, Belgium duffel bags 100 June 4, 1987
Showing skin that looks like the undyed leather of, say, a buffalo, led to this term for naked stripped to the buff 200 June 4, 1987
Different levels of a building are called these because scenes of tales were painted on the various levels stories 300 June 4, 1987
Hybrid variety of cotton named for the Arizona county where it was developed Pima 400 June 4, 1987
A pandering politician, though in ancient Greece this person championed the common people demagogue 500 June 4, 1987
After appearing in a film based on Kipling's "The Vampire" T. Bara became 1st woman to be called this vamp 100 January 7, 1987
Consisting of many layers that make 1 sphere, this vegetable's name comes from "union" onion 200 January 7, 1987
Wives may be interested to know that this word is from Old English for "master of the house" husband 300 January 7, 1987
From Hebrew "shekar" meaning "strong drink", it's fruit juice that's become turned into strong drink cider 400 January 7, 1987
Our word "lumber" originally meant the collateral held by bankers from this part of Italy Lombardy 500 January 7, 1987
Imitation diamonds, they were originally gems obtained from a certain German river rhinestones 100 November 21, 1986
It's the pace at which pilgrims rode to Canterbury canter 200 November 21, 1986
The name of this game is Chinese for "house sparrow" a picture on one of the tiles mah-jong 300 November 21, 1986
An Irishman with this accent might be putting his foot in his mouth, because this word means "shoe" brogue 400 November 21, 1986
The name of this part of a camera was derived from its resemblance to a lentil seed lens 500 November 21, 1986
Brother Rezin, not Jim, invented this famous knife which carries the family name a Bowie knife 100 April 11, 1986
Some say this term for a kind of shopkeeper is from German for "Do you have that?", "Hab' ihr das?" a haberdashery 200 April 11, 1986
The English thought flavors of cinnamon, cloves & nutmeg were combined in the 1 spice they named this allspice 300 April 11, 1986
Plain cotton cloth used for sheets, originally made in Mosul, in what is now Iraq muslin 400 April 11, 1986
Describes someone important, based on the size of haircovering they wore a bigwig 500 April 11, 1986
Hot tub named for its inventor, Roy a Jacuzzi 100 March 27, 1986
One theory says it's an abbreviation for Martin Van Buren's nickname, Old Kinderhook OK 200 March 27, 1986
Though the Koran forbids its use, this liquid derives its name from the Arabic word "kohl" alcohol 300 March 27, 1986
From German "schlag", Yiddish word for merchandise of inferior quality schlock 400 March 27, 1986
From Latin "lacqueus", meaning a noose, a delicate fabric in an open pattern lace 500 March 27, 1986
The French "gauche" & Latin "sinister" both literally mean this disparaged direction left 100 March 10, 1986
Headache, from Greek "hemikrania" meaning "½ the head" migraine 200 March 10, 1986
From Latin for "the little book" Romans used to publicize enemies' faults, it's a term for defamation libel 300 March 10, 1986
Nickname for Flynn or Fairbanks that literally means "clashing" your "shield" a swashbuckler 400 March 10, 1986
Aimless scribbling, from German for "to play the bagpipe", which they considered an aimless pursuit doodling 500 March 10, 1986
= = 100 November 25, 1985
This "impertinent young person" once had nothing better to do than stand around snapping whips whippersnapper 200 November 25, 1985
"Chicanery" may have come from cheaters at "Chicane", a French variety of this Scottish sport golf 300 November 25, 1985
While Mr. is the abbreviation for mister, Mrs. is the abbreviation for this "lady of the house" mistress 400 November 25, 1985
French for "little park" it came to mean a special section of courtroom floor reserved for judges parquet 500 November 25, 1985
Though an insect larva, its name comes from French for “hairy cat” caterpillar 100 November 19, 1985
Word “slavery” comes from these eastern Europeans who were often enslaved by conquerors Slavs 200 November 19, 1985
Term for noisy dance or party which originally meant a kick in the shins shindig 300 November 19, 1985
From same root as “senile”, to Romans this body's name meant a council of old men Senate 400 November 19, 1985
Though John Duns Scotus was considered a great philosopher, his followers were later called this dunces 500 November 19, 1985
It means "dancing" in Hawaiian hula 100 September 10, 1985
Because they were taken down in small fast writing, notes of a meeting were called this minutes 200 September 10, 1985
From Spanish "juzgado", meaning courtroom, comes this nickname for jail the hoosegow 300 September 10, 1985
Meaning "cord fit for a king", it's now a fabric for us commoners corduroy 400 September 10, 1985
Scottish "twill" pronounced "tweel", was misread by a London cloth merchant & became this tweed 500 September 10, 1985
From French solider Nicolas Chauvin, who was steadfastly, loyal to Napoleon chauvinism 100 March 4, 1985
"Biblical" term for the thyroid cartilage that bulges in the throat Adam\'s apple 200 March 4, 1985
The tailor struck blind for having looked at Lady Godiva was 1st one of these peeping Tom 300 March 4, 1985
From Greek "kurpos", meaning "Cyprus", which was an ancient source of this metal copper 400 March 4, 1985
Term for total chaos derived from English asylum of St. Mary of Bethlehem bedlam 500 March 4, 1985
Hebrew word traditionally used to end the prayer amen 100 September 19, 1984
Running race named for battleground 26 miles from Athens the marathon 200 September 19, 1984
Though originally confused with Turkish guinea fowl, this bird's an American original a turkey 300 September 19, 1984
From the Arabic amir-al-bahr, meaning "commander of the sea" an admiral 400 September 19, 1984
The Irish call this drink uisce beatha, meaning "water of life" whiskey 500 September 19, 1984
Czechoslovakian for "Polish woman", both nations claim this dance the polka 100 September 17, 1984
The Dutch gave us the name for this drink the Chinese call cha tea 200 September 17, 1984
Early Indian word for a slow-burning stick, today a green-haired rocker punk 300 September 17, 1984
This Australian animal's name literally means "I don't know" kangaroo 400 September 17, 1984
Olympic participant, it means one who is naked while exercising gymnast 500 September 17, 1984