Clues for: Religion

Question Answer Value Airdate
One meaning of this word is any member of Christ's church, as in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day ones a saint 200 April 6, 2007
Christmas in December 25; this holiday around the same time starts on Kislev 25 on the Jewish calendar Hanukkah 400 April 6, 2007
In this religion, Sufism is mystical practice aiming at direct personal experience of God Islam 600 April 6, 2007
This religion of more than 850 million people evolved from Vedism Hinduism 800 April 6, 2007
Pope Benedict XVI's first of these was titled "Deus caritas est", "God is love" an encyclical 1000 April 6, 2007
The 3 branches of original Protestantism were Zwinglianism, Calvinism & this "ism" Lutheranism 200 September 27, 2004
The slanted bar on the Orthodox Cross may refer to these criminals flanking Jesus--one went to heaven and one didn't the two thieves 400 September 27, 2004
This sternly conservative Islamic movement named for an 18th century cleric is based in Arabia Wahhabism 600 September 27, 2004
In 1987 Hialeah, FL banned this religion's animal sacrifices; in 1993 the Supreme Court overturned the ban Santeria 800 September 27, 2004
After initiation as a Sikh, males add this 5-letter word meaning lion to their names Singh 1000 September 27, 2004
This archangel was the messenger between God & Muhammad Gabriel 200 March 31, 2004
The Unification Church was founded in this country in 1954 (South) Korea 400 March 31, 2004
(Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the front of the Temple de la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain) The facade named this, the word for Jesus' suffering & death, has sober design elements like columns that look like bones the Passion Facade 600 March 31, 2004
The Tenrikyo sect associated with this religion puts Japan at the center of the universe Shintoism 800 March 31, 2004
1 of the 5 symbols worn by members of this Punjab-centered religion is the kirpan, a sword Sikhism 1000 March 31, 2004
The Koran was revealed to him beginning one night on Mount Hira in 610 Mohammed 200 July 9, 2003
The Greco-Russian Church is another name for this family of Christian churches in eastern Europe Orthodox churches 400 July 9, 2003
Want to officiate at a friend's wedding? You can get ordained online in 3 minutes with this church abbreviated ULC Universal Life Church 600 July 9, 2003
In the novel "Shogun", it's defined as "Fate immutably fixed because of deeds done in a previous life" karma 800 July 9, 2003
In Judaism, "sitting" this 7-day mourning period is often done on low chairs or on the floor shiva 1000 July 9, 2003
A symbol of Judaism, the Magen David is a star of this many points 6 200 March 26, 2003
Biblically speaking, they're also called the Decalogue The Ten Commandments 400 March 26, 2003
Quakers is the popular name for members of the Religious Society of these Friends 600 March 26, 2003
The name of this religion means "the way of the gods" in both Chinese & Japanese Shinto 800 March 26, 2003
This book of the Bible was named for a prophet & son of Hilkiah the priest, not a bullfrog Jeremiah 1000 March 26, 2003
In the Roman Catholic Church fasting during Lent need only occur on Ash Wednesday & this day Good Friday 200 October 30, 2002
The untouchables were those who existed outside India's 4 main groups of castes in this religion Hinduism 400 October 30, 2002
This political & religious movement began in Jamaica in the 1920s Rastafarianism 600 October 30, 2002
This Christian religious minority group of Egypt once spoke Greek but now speaks Arabic in everyday life Copts 1000 October 30, 2002
After WWII the state form of this Asian religion was abolished; the sectarian form was unaffected Shintoism October 30, 2002
One who has memorized the complete text of this Muslim holy book is known as a hafiz Koran 200 May 17, 2002
Traditional marriages in this religion occur under a huppa, a canopy that symbolizes union of bride & groom Judaism 400 May 17, 2002
From 1512 to 1546, this leader of the Reformation taught theology at Wittenberg University Martin Luther 600 May 17, 2002
According to Buddhist belief, people who attain this, literally "extinction", have perfect peace & blessedness nirvana 800 May 17, 2002
We know this Chinese philosopher by his Latinized name, which means "great master Kong" Confucius 1000 May 17, 2002
"Mendicant" religious orders made their money the hard way, they did this to earn it Beg 100 September 27, 2000
Old traditions of the Jewish holiday Lag Ba-Omer include bonfires & 3-year-old boys getting this cut for the first time Hair 200 September 27, 2000
The "Oxford Dict. of World Religions" calls it "the reverse side of blessing" (Mom didn't like it either) Cursing 300 September 27, 2000
Sawm, the fourth pillar of Islam, is this & it's done at times for a whole month Fasting 400 September 27, 2000
Rastafarians have roots in 2 places: Ethiopia & this island Jamaica September 27, 2000
On Tisha B'Av, the 9th day of the month of Av, Jews observe the destruction of the first & second of these Temples 100 October 11, 1999
Legend says he spent 98 days beneath a large bo tree, 49 to solve the riddle of suffering & 49 more to meditate Buddha 200 October 11, 1999
Among the 6 schools of philosophy of this religion are nyaya & yoga Hinduism 300 October 11, 1999
The Japanese once worshiped their emperor as a descendant of Amaterasu Omikami. the top goddess in this religion Shinto 400 October 11, 1999
The sister of Moses & Aaron, she was the first woman given the title of prophetess Miriam 500 October 11, 1999
In this religion, prayer time is announced from a minaret by a muezzin, or crier Islam 100 May 24, 1999
Founded in Boston in 1879, this church maintains "reading rooms" across the country open to the public Christian Science 200 May 24, 1999
It's said that this founder of Methodism traveled 225,000 miles on horseback to preach the gospel John Wesley 300 May 24, 1999
Around 1154 the Carmelite religious order was founded on Mount Carmel in what is now this country Israel 400 May 24, 1999
Mahayana, the liberal branch of this religion, is practiced mainly in Korea, Taiwan & Japan Buddhism 500 May 24, 1999
From the Latin for "brother" comes this term for some mendicant monks; Tuck was one Friars 100 May 11, 1998
In Zoroastrianism, water & a liquid called haoma are sacrificed in the presence of this substance Fire 200 May 11, 1998
Between February 11 & July 16, 1858, the Virgin Mary made a reported 18 appearances at this site Lourdes 300 May 11, 1998
The Theravada school considers itself the closest to the original form of this religion Buddhism 400 May 11, 1998
The Hindu trinity is Brahma, Vishnu & this god Shiva 500 May 11, 1998
The Falasha Jews of Ethiopia claim descent from King Solomon & this woman Sheba 100 January 22, 1998
The Deseret News is one of several publications owned by this church Mormons (LDS) 200 January 22, 1998
The name of this Christian sacrament is from the Greek for "to dip" Baptism 300 January 22, 1998
Tradition says this central shrine of Islam, located in Mecca, was built by Abraham & Ishmael Kaaba 400 January 22, 1998
With more than 60 million members worldwide, it's the largest Protestant denomination Lutheranism 500 January 22, 1998
In Santeria, which combines Catholicism & African ritual, this apostle once named Simon is called Oggun Peter 100 July 7, 1997
Quaker gatherings for either business or worship are called these Meetings 200 July 7, 1997
In the 1500s this German movement claimed all people, not just Catholic priests, had access to divinity Protestant Reformation 300 July 7, 1997
In the 500s B.C. this religion claimed all people, not just Brahman priests, had access to divinity Buddhism 400 July 7, 1997
This term for the Christian belief that denies the trinity lent its name to a denomination Unitarianism July 7, 1997
The first translation of this book printed in America was John Eliot's 1661-63 Algonquian one the Bible 100 June 12, 1997
In October 1996 the Pope told scientists this theory was sound if they accept it as God's work evolution 200 June 12, 1997
On June 14, 1992 this world leader returned to the Russian Orthodox church after years as an atheist Boris Yeltsin 300 June 12, 1997
The Persian poet Rumi was a Sufi, a member of the mystic sect of this religion Islam 400 June 12, 1997
This "Tao Te Ching" author attracted many admirers, including a young Confucius Lao-Tzu 500 June 12, 1997
The Dome of the Rock, an Islamic shrine, is in this city Jerusalem 100 November 29, 1996
The man with this title is the immediate spiritual father to a Benedictine monastery Abbot 200 November 29, 1996
It's the number of books in the Torah 5 300 November 29, 1996
The Mandir Mahotsav, which opened in England in August of 1995, is this religion's largest temple outside India Hinduism 400 November 29, 1996
The Bodhi tree, a type of Indian fig tree, is sacred to followers of this religion Buddhism 500 November 29, 1996
The title of this leader of a Jewish congregation means "my master" in Hebrew rabbi 100 November 15, 1996
This apostle who denied he knew Jesus 3 times is sometimes called the "Apostle to the Jews" Peter 200 November 15, 1996
Divided into 114 suras or chapters, this Islamic book is the earliest known work in Arabic prose the Koran 300 November 15, 1996
In about 500 B.C., this philosopher was appointed minister of justice in the Chinese state of Lu Confucius 400 November 15, 1996
The Golden Pavilion in Kyoto is an important shrine of the zen form of this religion Buddhism 100 October 7, 1996
Artists depict Shiva, a major deity of this religion, wearing a garland of skulls around his neck Hinduism 200 October 7, 1996
It's the religion of about 85% of the people of Bangladesh Muslim (or Islam) 300 October 7, 1996
Followers of this religion believe Moroni was the last of the Nephite prophet-historians Mormon 400 October 7, 1996
2 curved swords, a dagger & a circle make up the symbol of this religion founded in India Sikhism 500 October 7, 1996
He's the absolute ruler of Vatican City the Pope 100 November 8, 1993
The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi developed a type of meditation that he called this transcendental 200 November 8, 1993
It's the dominant religion in Peru Catholicism November 8, 1993
This term refers to abstinence from food for a period of time, such as during Lent for Christians fasting 100 July 12, 1993
While meditating in a cave on Mount Hira around 610, this prophet had the first of his many visions Mohammed 200 July 12, 1993
The dominant form of this religion in Burma is Theravada Buddhism 300 July 12, 1993
Amaterasu Omikami, the sun goddess, is an important deity in this religion Shinto 400 July 12, 1993
During prayer Jewish men wear this fringed shawl tallit 500 July 12, 1993
Each person elected to this highest Catholic office gets a new ring designed just for him pope 100 March 31, 1993
A hajji is a Muslim who's made a pilgrimage to this city Mecca 200 March 31, 1993
Artists often depict Durga, a goddess of this Indian religion, riding a lion or a tiger Hinduism 300 March 31, 1993
Members of this ancient Celtic order served as judges as well as priests Druids 400 March 31, 1993
The archbishop of Uppsala is the presiding bishop of the church of this country Sweden 500 March 31, 1993
American colony that was a "holy experiment" for the Society of Friends or Quakers Pennsylvania 100 July 19, 1991
1 of the 2 gospels in which a version of the Lord's Prayer appears Luke (or Matthew) 200 July 19, 1991
This Christian church is headed by the patriarch of Alexandria, Egypt the Coptic Christian Church 300 July 19, 1991
In Judaism it's the collective term for Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur the High Holy Days 400 July 19, 1991
A religious retreat or commune in India; Gandhi had one at Wardha an ashram 500 July 19, 1991
The angel Moroni told him about the golden plates from which the Book of Mormon was translated Joseph Smith 100 May 10, 1990
Officially, any practicing Roman Catholic male can be elected to this high office Pope 200 May 10, 1990
Dating from 1763, the oldest synagogue in the U.S. is in this resort town in Rhode Island Newport 300 May 10, 1990
House of worship in which prayer is led by an imam Mosque 500 May 10, 1990
John Calvin's followers in England were "Puritans"; his followers in France were called this Huguenots May 10, 1990
A recent N.Y. Times-CBS poll indicates a majority of U.S. Catholic priests would like to do this marry 100 April 6, 1988
Religion whose Bible begins with the Book of Genesis & ends with II Chronicles Judaism 200 April 6, 1988
The American Quakers' General Conference headquarters is in this city Philadelphia 300 April 6, 1988
The United Church is this large country's largest protestant denomination Canada 400 April 6, 1988
Common in Africa, it's not the worship of animals but of spirits animism 500 April 6, 1988
In October of 1986, South Africa's Dutch Reformed Church denounced this apartheid 100 November 20, 1987
The president of this Arab country must be a Maronite Christian Lebanon 200 November 20, 1987
English spellings of the names of all seven archangels of Judeo-Christian tradition end with these two letters E-L 300 November 20, 1987
At first, Jim Bakker claimed that this Louisiana-based Pentecostal preacher wanted to take over the PTL Jimmy Swaggart 400 November 20, 1987
On May 9, 1969, it was declared that 200 Catholic saints would lose these Feast Days 500 November 20, 1987
In 1915, the Religious Society of Friends tried to make this company change its name Quaker Oats 100 October 3, 1986
In Judaism, the Sabbath begins and ends with this astronomical event sunset 200 October 3, 1986
India's Taj Mahal is associated with this religion Muslim (Islam) 400 October 3, 1986
Denomination founded by a group of Oxford University students led by John Wesley Methodism 500 October 3, 1986
A hit in 1953, this song of faith made No. 3 on the charts when Elvis released in in 1965 <i>Crying in the Chapel</i> October 3, 1986
Country that is home to Parsis & Sikhs India 100 September 14, 1984
More common name for The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society Jehovah\'s Witnesses 200 September 14, 1984
Some 3 million pilgrims visit this small French town annually Lourdes 300 September 14, 1984