Clues for: Fictional Characters

Question Answer Value Airdate
This Carolyn Keene character has been solving crimes for more than 80 years; her latest books are her diaries Nancy Drew 200 July 24, 2014
For stealing a loaf of bread during the French Revolution, he ended up serving 19 years Jean Valjean 400 July 24, 2014
On the day of her wedding, she learns that her groom-to-be, Mr. Rochester, already has a wife Jane Eyre 600 July 24, 2014
This teen classic from the '60s features brothers Darry, Sodapop & Ponyboy <i>The Outsiders</i> 800 July 24, 2014
As this book begins, Santiago had "gone eighty-four days... without taking a fish" <i>The Old Man and the Sea</i> July 24, 2014
In a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Nick's neighbor is this wealthy title bootlegger Gatsby 200 November 17, 2009
Mrs. Danvers is Maxim de Winter's sinister housekeeper at Manderley in this novel by Daphne du Maurier <i>Rebecca</i> 600 November 17, 2009
Rhett Butler has a long-term affair with this Atlanta prostitute Belle Watling 800 November 17, 2009
In a Melville work, Billy Budd's last words are "God bless" this captain Captain Vere 1000 November 17, 2009
This inhabitant of 221B Baker Street had been a surgeon in the British army Dr. Watson November 17, 2009
What a happy ending: this title orphan of a Dickens novel is adopted by Mr. Brownlow Oliver Twist 200 March 31, 2008
This character in "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" is said to be the ghost of a Hessian trooper the Headless Horseman 400 March 31, 2008
She is the narrator of "To Kill a Mockingbird" Scout 600 March 31, 2008
2 names that follow Gerald, who speaks in weird sounds instead of words in a Dr. Seuss story McBoing-Boing 800 March 31, 2008
In a story by Rudyard Kipling, this mongoose protects an English family from snakes Rikki-Tikki-Tavi 1000 March 31, 2008
Spoiler alert:This March sister dies in "Little Women" Beth 200 May 14, 2007
This E.B. White character slept in a tiny bed made of "four clothespins and a cigarette box" Stuart Little 400 May 14, 2007
In "The Wizard of Oz", Dorothy lived with Aunt Em & this uncle, a farmer Uncle Henry 600 May 14, 2007
On Oct. 2, 1872 he & his servant leave London in an attempt to go around the world in 80 days Phileas Fogg 800 May 14, 2007
Playwright Clare Quilty is Humbert's rival for the love of this girl Lolita 1000 May 14, 2007
In book titles, this inquisitive monkey "Visits the Library", "Goes to the Beach" & "Goes to a Costume Party" Curious George 200 October 5, 2006
Please look after this bear from Darkest Peru, thank you Paddington Bear 400 October 5, 2006
This title girl lives at a convent school in Paris; she has her appendix out in the first story about her Madeline 600 October 5, 2006
In "Alice in Wonderland", it "vanished quite slowly... ending with the grin, which remained some time" Cheshire Cat 1000 October 5, 2006
The book about this title stuffed hare is subtitled "How Toys Become Real" the Velveteen Rabbit October 5, 2006
English schoolmaster Mr. Chipping is called this for short Mr. Chips 200 January 2, 2004
This mathematician gone bad is Sherlock Holmes' archenemy Professor Moriarty 400 January 2, 2004
Humbert Humbert usually refers to 12-year-old Dolores Haze by this name Lolita 600 January 2, 2004
With help from Helen Fielding, this 30-something singleton & diarist also has a published "Guide to Life" Bridget Jones 800 January 2, 2004
Tyrone Slothrop, an American Lieutenant, is the central character of this 1973 classic by Thomas Pynchon <i>Gravity\'s Rainbow</i> 1000 January 2, 2004
In "Interview with the Vampire", Louis tells a reporter of his initiation into the world of the undead by this vampire Lestat 100 June 22, 1999
Count Vronsky & the husband of this title character have the same first name: Alexey "Anna Karenina" 200 June 22, 1999
Migrant ranch hands Lennie & George dream of buying a farm in this Steinbeck work "Of Mice and Men" 400 June 22, 1999
In this Edith Wharton novel, Newland Archer marries May Welland but is tempted by Ellen Olenska "The Age of Innocence" 500 June 22, 1999
Constance Reid is the maiden name of this character mentioned in the title of a D.H. Lawrence novel Lady Chatterley June 22, 1999
In "The Grapes of Wrath", this matriarch says, "All we got is the family unbroke" Ma Joad 100 January 9, 1998
Sherlock Holmes described this foe as the "Napoleon of Crime" Professor Moriarty 200 January 9, 1998
He told Brigid O'Shaughnessy, "I'm going to send you over. The chances are you'll get off with life" Sam Spade (in <i>The Maltese Falcon</i>) 300 January 9, 1998
D.H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley plays around with a playwright as well as this gamekeeper Oliver Mellors 400 January 9, 1998
This Thackeray character is the orphaned daughter of an artist & a French opera girl Becky Sharp (in <i>Vanity Fair</i>) 500 January 9, 1998
Frederic Henry is wounded by a shell while eating cheese & macaroni in his "A Farewell to Arms" Ernest Hemingway 100 May 21, 1997
Dr. Pangloss teaches this Voltaire title character metaphysico-theologo-cosmolonigology Candide 200 May 21, 1997
This R.L. Stevenson story follows Mr. Utterson as he discovers these 2 characters are the same man <i>Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde</i> 300 May 21, 1997
The title of this 1987 Toni Morrison novel is what the ghost of Sethe's daughter calls herself <i>Beloved</i> 400 May 21, 1997
Rabo Karabekian, a minor character in "Breakfast of Champions", is the focus of his 1987 novel "Bluebeard" Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. 500 May 21, 1997
The name of this Mary Shelley scientist is often confused with his ghastly creation Dr. Frankenstein 100 January 25, 1996
Like Quincy on TV, Kay Scarpetta in novels by Patricia Cornwell has this profession Medical Examiner 200 January 25, 1996
In a Judith Krantz bestseller, Billy Ikehorn Orsini owns this title boutique Scruples 300 January 25, 1996
She's the matriarch in "The Grapes of Wrath" Ma Joad 500 January 25, 1996
Howard Roark, the central architect in this novel, was supposedly modeled on Frank Lloyd Wright "The Fountainhead" January 25, 1996
This boy was "lawless, and vulgar and bad" & Tom Sawyer "was under strict orders not to play with him" Huckleberry Finn 100 November 6, 1995
Charles Dickens considered calling this title character Spankle or Copperboy David Copperfield 200 November 6, 1995
This Bronte heroine uses the pseudonym Jane Elliott after she flees from Mr. Rochester Jane Eyre 300 November 6, 1995
This detective was modeled in part on Dr. Joseph Bell, one of Arthur Conan Doyle's teachers Sherlock Holmes 400 November 6, 1995
This D.H. Lawrence "lady" plays around with a playwright before she gambols with a gamekeeper Lady Chatterley 500 November 6, 1995
The first remark the Mad Hatter addresses to her is "Your hair wants cutting" — how rude Alice 100 February 6, 1995
In "Wuthering Heights", young Hindley Earnshaw calls him a "beggarly interloper" & an "imp of Satan" Heathcliff 200 February 6, 1995
Jonathan Harker is amazed to see him crawl down his castle wall face down, his cloak spread out like wings Dracula 300 February 6, 1995
This Oscar Wilde character says, "Oh, I am tired of sitting, and I don't want a life-sized portrait" Dorian Gray 400 February 6, 1995
In a Russian novel, Kitty Shcherbatsky & this title character both fall in love with Count Vronsky Anna Karenina 500 February 6, 1995
Her married name was Hedda Tesman Hedda Gabler 100 November 7, 1991
A 1962 Solzhenitsyn work describes one day in the life of this prisoner Ivan Denisovich 200 November 7, 1991
According to the title of a D.H. Lawrence novel, it's who Mellors is "Lady Chatterley\'s Lover" 300 November 7, 1991
In this Ray Bradbury novel, fireman Guy Montague has the job of burning books "Fahrenheit 451" 400 November 7, 1991
The murder of this perfumery girl occured about 2 years after the atrocity in the Rue Morgue Marie Roget 500 November 7, 1991
Dr. James Mortimer seeks his help in solving the death of his friend Sir Charles Baskerville Sherlock Holmes 100 June 18, 1991
Only Piggy and the twins, Sam & Eric, stick by Ralph in this William Golding novel the <i>Lord of the Flies</i> 200 June 18, 1991
For Philip Pirrip, the hero of "Great Expectations", this nickname was a natural Pip 300 June 18, 1991
Count Vronsky rides a thoroughbred named Frou Frou in this Tolstoy novel <i>Anna Karenina</i> 400 June 18, 1991
Sycorax was a foul witch who was the mother of this monster in "The Tempest" Caliban 500 June 18, 1991
After Mr. Hyde kills a member of Parliament, he reveals the secret of his dual identity to a friend Dr. Jekyll 100 March 25, 1991
The vicious Mordaunt beheads King Charles I in "Twenty Years After", Dumas' sequel to this <i>The Three Musketeers</i> 200 March 25, 1991
Wang Lung has a concubine named Lotus & a pretty slave named Pear Blossom in this Pearl Buck novel <i>The Good Earth</i> 300 March 25, 1991
Budgie, the title character of children's books writen by the Duchess of York, is one of these a helicopter 400 March 25, 1991
Clyde is sentenced to death after the pregnant Roberta drowns in this T. Dreiser novel <i>An American Tragedy</i> 500 March 25, 1991
The Lilliputians called him Quinbus Flestrin or great man-mountain Gulliver 100 October 10, 1990
In this M. Twain novel, Tom Canty & the future Edward VI trade places for a while <i>The Prince and the Pauper</i> 200 October 10, 1990
Henry Fleming is a Union soldier who must come to terms with his fear of death in this Civil War novel <i>The Red Badge of Courage</i> 300 October 10, 1990
Frederic Henry & Catherine Barkley escape to neutral Switzerland in this Hemingway WWI novel <i>A Farewell to Arms</i> 500 October 10, 1990
Prince Myshkin's childlike & gentle nature earns him this title nickname in a Dostoevski novel <i>The Idiot</i> October 10, 1990
This series of books featured Nan & Flossie & their twin brothers <i>Bobbsey Twins</i> 100 July 9, 1990
Tolstoy novel in which fictional Pierre Bezuhov considers assassinating Napoleon Bonaparte <i>War and Peace</i> 200 July 9, 1990
Though he didn't have a nose for poetry, Christian Fell in love with her, Cyrano's cousin Roxane 300 July 9, 1990
Mattie Michael & Etta Mae Johnson are 2 of "The Women of" this "Place", created by Gloria Naylor Brewster 400 July 9, 1990
Gustave Flaubert's 1857 novel about a dull country doctor & his shallow wife <i>Madame Bovary</i> 500 July 9, 1990
This F. Scott Fitzgerald character was born James Gatz The Great Gatsby 100 April 2, 1990
In "Ivanhoe" the black knight who rescues Wilfred & Rowena is really this king in disguise Richard the Lionhearted 200 April 2, 1990
For saving this little girl from the waters of the Mississippi, Uncle Tom was bought by her father Little Eva 300 April 2, 1990
John D. MacDonald used colors in the titles of all the adventures of this private investigator Travis McGee 400 April 2, 1990
Byron wrote an epic poem about this Latin lover whose mother sent him abroad at age 16 after an "intrigue" Don Juan 100 October 18, 1989
His sister Gretel won a pair of silver skates, but he didn't Hans Brinker 200 October 18, 1989
Her real name was Aldonza Lorenzo, but Don Quixote named her this Dulcinea 300 October 18, 1989
This Chinese detective made his 1st appearance in 1925 in "The House Without a Key" Charlie Chan 100 April 28, 1989
Morgiana, this man's female slave, killed the 40 thieves by pouring boiling oil on them Ali Baba 200 April 28, 1989
The villain of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" isn't a southerner, he's from Vermont Simon Legree 300 April 28, 1989
He created dapper Nick Charles & hard-boiled Sam Spade Dashiell Hammett 400 April 28, 1989
This Thomas Hardy heroine becomes the mistress of a fanatic preacher named Alec Tess (of the d\' Urbervilles) 500 April 28, 1989
Puerto Rico's Don Q rum is named for him Don Quixote 100 April 12, 1988
Mark Twain based her on Laura Hawkins, who lived across the street from him in Hannibal Becky Thatcher 200 April 12, 1988
This young stag is the title hero of Felix Salten's classic story Bambi 400 April 12, 1988
He stabs himself after admitting he "loved not wisely but too well" Othello 500 April 12, 1988
A real 19th c. French-Canadian logger may have inspired tall tales about this tall lumberjack Paul Bunyan 100 December 25, 1987
In the "Arabian Nights" tales, Prince Houssain had 1 that could transport him anywhere he desired magic carpet 200 December 25, 1987
In the epic Lord Byron poem named for him, this Spanish lover romances a harem girl named Dudu Don Juan 300 December 25, 1987
Clifford Hepzibah Pyncheon inhabited this hexed Hawthorne house the house of the seven gables 400 December 25, 1987
Name shared by Odysseus' father & Ophelia's brother Laertes 500 December 25, 1987
Novel which features the Joad family, Dust Bowl farmers who move to California <i>Grapes of Wrath</i> 100 December 17, 1986
During his 7 voyages, he was sold into slavery, met the cyclops, & got stuck on 2 desert islands Sinbad 200 December 17, 1986
Wilfred, son of Cedric the Saxon, is the title character of this Sir Walter Scott novel <i>Ivanhoe</i> 300 December 17, 1986
In 1925 Anita Loos novel, hair color of Lorelei Lee blonde 400 December 17, 1986
She helped grandfather to tend goats & Klara, an invalid child, to walk Heidi 500 December 17, 1986
Longfellow's Indian heroine whose name means "laughing water" Minnehaha 100 November 13, 1986
Margaret Mitchell originally called this character "Pansy" Scarlett O\'Hara 200 November 13, 1986
The grandmother of this Hans Christian Andersen heroine wore a dozen oysters on her tail The Little Mermaid 300 November 13, 1986
Rebecca Randall is better known by the title of this Kate Douglas Wiggin children's book <i>Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm</i> 400 November 13, 1986
In "A Midsummer Night's Dream", this was Tom Snout's occupation tho you may not give a "dam" tinker 500 November 13, 1986